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4 Small But Important Things To Observe In Sports Activities in Berlin

If you think that sports fans have no place in Berlin, you are sorely mistaken. Home to so many professional and amateur sports, Berlin has lived up to its reputation as one of the sports havens of the world beginning from when it hosted the Olympic Games way back in 1936.

The Berlin Olympic Stadium
Even though it was built for the city’s hosting of the Summer Olympics way back in 1936, the Olympic Stadium continues to be the pride of Berlin. Sports fanatics will be thrilled to watch live matches here, as this national structure has not only withstood the ravages of time but has adapted modern facilities and amenities to keep up with the changing times.

Of course, the highly popular German soccer league, the Bundesliga, calls the Olympics Stadium home. So if you are a big fan of soccer, just watching a live game of this national sport makes your trip to Berlin all worth it.

There are an abundance of indoor swimming pools in Berlin, and beaches of Wannsee and Tegeler See in West Berlin, or to the Grosser Müggelsee in East Berlin. All these are frequented by both locals and tourists alike during the summer, so you can enjoy the feeling of being immersed and cooled off in the summer heat.

If this racquet sport has always interested you, then you may also visit any of the city’s tennis courts and build up a sweat while hitting some balls with family, friends, or maybe even complete strangers.
And if you just prefer to be on the sideline, watching, then Berlin sports the German Women’s Open tennis tournament, so you may opt to time your trip to coincide with the matches and final games.

Other Venues
With over more than a combined 3,000 stadiums, sports halls, and playing fields scattered although out the city, you main problem might not be looking for a place to work out, but WHERE to go! There is even an indoor bicycle racing track here, located at the Velodrom, one of the biggest stadiums of Berlin.
There is also the indoor stadium O2 World, a multi-purpose sports stadium where Berlin sports fans gather in the thousands – as this stadium can seat up to 17,000 people – to watch basketball, ice hockey, or handball matches. At times, this sports venue also plays host to concerts from international stars like MetallicaAlicia Keys, and ColdplayO2 World is the second largest stadium in Berlin.


When you talk of sports in Europe, as well as in large parts of South America and Africa, as well as some countries in Asia, there is no sport more popular than football.

With the World Cup being an highly anticipated event, despite it being held only once every four years, and with Germany being the country with the third most number of championships won (with only Italy and Brazil being on the higher spots), it is not surprising that Germany’s (and Berlin) football culture and industry is easily the most powerful and moving spot in the country and the city.

The Bundesliga is Germany’s premier football league, with its home base located right in Berlin itself – the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Games are either on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, with the game starting at 8 pm, 3:30 pm and 6 pm respectively.

The league was established in 1963, with Hertha BSC Berlin as the city’s home team. They play at the Olympic Stadium every second week.

There are 24 soccer / football clubs in Berlin, all fiercely competitive and their matches are always a sight to see. There is nothing like watching teams duke it out on the field while thousands of fans cheer from the sidelines. The matches are especially jam packed with watchers when Hertha BSC Berlin plays Bayer Munich.

Tickets are easy to get and reasonably priced, but can prove difficult during matches between Hertha BSC Berlin and Bayer Munich.

Hertha BSC Berlin
The Hertha BSC Berlin is the premier club of the city, and Berlin football revolves around the successes and failures of this team.

The club was established way back in 1892, and was called BFC Hertha 92. The club was the top ranked in the country when the Bundesliga came into existence in 1963. It became the center, though, of many intrigues and scandals involving game fixing and the bribery of players during its early years in the Bundesliga. It also faced a massive financial problem in the mid 90’s but manged to get through. The team is slowly rising from the ashes though, which is why its games are well watched by many Berliners.

It is difficult to enclose the Berlin football culture in a nutshell, as the whole movement is very massive. Football is the premier sport in the city, and watching live games are always a great and unique experience.


Basketball is not actually the most famous sports in Germany. But if you do enjoy watching this very exciting game, then Berlin has something to offer you—the Berlin basketball!

Basketball the Berlin Way
Aside from seeing great museums and tracing the history of war, Berlin is also a nice place where you can see a heart-pounding game. Cheer all you want and shout as loud as you can with Berlin basketball! You may ask, what is the difference of watching basketball in Berlin compared in other countries?
There is actually no difference. Of course, the rules are still the same but you’ll get to watch your favorite sports in a very nice and perhaps a bigger sports complex. It is so nice also to observe how the Berlin people cheer for their basketball teams. Even if this is not as fascinating as the games in NBA, you’ll surely enjoy Berlin basketball too as long as you are a natural fan of the game.

The ALBA Berlin and the City’s Basketball

When the talk is about Berlin basketball, everyone will surely connect that to the ALBA Berlin. This is a very famous professional basketball club in Germany, which is also popularly called as Berlin Albatrosse. The team competes regularly in the Euroleague and the German League.

Not only that ALBA Berlin is popular, the team is also a good German team. In fact, they have won at least seven times in the German League. They also won five of the German Basketball Cups.
So if you happen to visit Berlin and want to watch the basketball in the city, consider watching the ALBA Berlin’s game.

Buying Your Berlin Basketball Tickets Online
It is best to reserve your Berlin basketball tickets online if you are still planning to go to the German city. You save some efforts falling in the long line and waiting for how many minutes before you can get your tickets. Besides, there are a lot of online stores for tickets where you can conveniently purchase your Berlin basketball tickets.

In buying your tickets online, identify first the match you want to watch. Then, check the website through using the major search engines in looking for basketball tickets. Check ticket prices from at least three different online stores and pick your best choice.

You can get the best deal if you buy your tickets in the earliest possible time. Try checking eBay also for some Berlin basketball tickets.

Some Online Ticket Buying Warnings
Although online transaction is convenient, you also need to beware. Make sure that the online store is secured and reputable. The site should have a seal of approval from VerisignBetter Business Bureau, or other similar organizations.

If you’re unlucky enough, you might end up getting a fake Berlin basketball ticket. Before you purchase, make sure you ask the event organizer on how you will know the authenticity of your ticket.


Berlin can be one of the most populous urban places in Europe. But hidden away from its center is a real paradise that will make you think if you are really in a city. Berlin golf courses share a portion of this paradise.

Berlin’s Nature and Berlin Golf

Golf is one of the few sports you can do to relax yourself, exercise your body, and meet with your business associates. So if you will visit Berlin for whatever reason, why not consider enjoying your favorite golf club in one of the city’s nice golf courses.

Europe is known for its mountainous, grassy, fresh, and full of trees places. And some of these were made to satisfy the hunger of golf lovers like you. Some forests were converted to be a nice flat grassy area where you can show off your good golfing skills.

Berlin Golf Courses
You can have a number of choices when it comes to Berlin golf courses. You can play in a golf course where you can also have a good view of high mountains or enjoy golfing near a river where a yacht is waiting for you. There are actually a lot of Berlin golf courses. Each of these offers a unique golfing experience for you.

But make sure you reserve your slot in a Berlin golf course before you go there. It is sometimes hard to just show up in the place with all your golfing things. You can’t assure that the place still offers some golfing space for you or not.

Try checking out the websites of some Berlin golf courses. You can also find their links from some Berlin travel agencies.

Avoiding Common Risks in Berlin Golf Courses
Berlin is safer compared with its neighboring places but danger chooses no place. It is better to avoid any risks while you enjoy playing golf in Berlin.

According to a certain study, accidents caused by fire is the most common in golf courses. Usually, the source of these fire incidents is a charger. That is why it is advised that you always use a proper charger for your thing. Also, make sure you read what you need to do in case of fire.
Moreover, the grass on Berlin golf courses may be so attractive. But this may also be the source of accident like slipping or tripping. Make sure your wear the most comfortable and safest shoes for golfing.
Don’t worry about other risks in Berlin golf courses. Most of these companies are providing signage giving warning to golfers. Read their warnings carefully and make sure to follow their pieces of advice.
Why spoil your Berlin golfing experience just because of an accident? Play safe always and everything will surely be fine and enjoyable.


There is no doubt that rugby is among the most famous sports in Europe. Even in the capital city of Germany, rugby is also a hit. In fact, many tourists who are also rugby fans will never want to miss the chance of seeing the Berlin rugby.

Get to watch rugby in Berlin and see its difference. But before you do, make sure you are prepared about everything. Expect all that you should expect because, after all, watching Berlin rugby is not at all times hassle-free, especially in getting your sports tickets.

Getting Berlin Rugby Tickets
You can find a lot of rugby ticket sellers once you are already in Berlin. Most of the time, they flock the streets when the game is near its date.

There are permitted ticket booths too where you can buy some Berlin rugby tickets. But if you want a more convenient way of ticket shopping, better do it online. Try some famous European online ticket stores. Aside from concert tickets, they also sell sports tickets including Berlin rugby tickets.

Just make sure that you will buy your tickets as early as possible. This way, you can save more, get better deal, and assure that you can watch the Berlin rugby.
However, always beware. There are some ticket scams in Berlin too.

Learning How to Avoid Ticket Scams
Berlin rugby is a famous event in the city. And some people abuse this chance by selling fake tickets. As a traveler, you are very vulnerable to this attack. But these deceitful people will not succeed if you know how to avoid being a scam victim.

If someone offers you a ticket price that is too good to be true, better walk away because it might be a scam.

Also, if you’ll pay for the tickets, choose to pay using your credit card. Never pay with a money order or cash because you can never trace the seller if you do.

Buying Berlin Rugby Tickets on Legitimate Sellers
Some ticket sellers on the street are legitimate while some are not. But just to make sure, don’t buy your Berlin rugby tickets from the sellers on the street.

eBay can be a good and cheap source of rugby tickets too. But many were victimized by free classified ads and auction websites like this.

Better purchase your rugby tickets from reputable and legitimate ticket sellers only.
You can check the official website of Berlin rugby and buy tickets from there. Tickets here may cost more but not if you get your tickets earlier. Also check the reputation of other ticket resellers and never buy from any reseller with a bad record.

Berlin rugby is always a good way to enjoy your Berlin vacation more. But if you are not careful when buying rugby tickets, your vacation may just become another disaster. So keep in mind all these warnings and have a safe, enjoyable, and scam-free Berlin rugby watching!


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