A Guide On Places To Stay In Oaxaca, Mexico

Having difficulty finding the right Oaxaca accommodation? There are some stages that you have to go through when you arrange your accommodation to make sure you make wise decisions. The first stage is choosing the accommodation that suits your needs. The second stage is finding the right location. And the third stage is finding the most competitive accommodation price. The following descriptions of Oaxaca hotels will help you decide where to stay in this charming city.

5-star hotels

Hotel Victoria (Calle Lomas del Fortin 1, Oaxaca 68070), Camino Real Oaxaca (Calle 5 de Mayo 300, Oaxaca 68000), Barcelo Resort Huatulco (Paseo Benito Juarez | Bahias de Huatulco, Huatulco 70989), and Casa Oaxaca (García Vigil 407, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca 68000) are the three top 5-star hotels in the city.

Offering breathtaking views and exceptional hospitality and comfort, Hotel Victoria is surrounded by gorgeous gardens on terraced grounds. The unique Camino Real Oaxaca, on the other hand, is perfect for you if you want to experience an ambiance of luxurious authenticity.

Bardelo Resort Huatulco is a good choice if you appreciate an all-inclusive beach resort. It provides excellent service, rooms with balconies and beautiful ocean view, and swimming pool amid lush palm trees. Casa Oaxaca is a simple luxury hotel in a very elegant colonial setting. It provides guests with the authenticity of 300-year-old architecture, unmatched hospitality, and an award-winning restaurant.

4-Star Hotels

Holiday Inn Oaxaca (Diaz Quintas 115 Col. Centro, Oaxaca 68000,) and Hostal de la Noria (Avenida Hidalgo 918 Centro, Oaxaca 68000) are two of the highly recommended Oaxaca accommodations. Holiday Inn Oaxaca offers an interesting mixture of Oaxacan charm and hospitality and modern comfort and convenience. Hostal de la Noria, on the other hand, is housed in a superbly restored mansion. It is a great choice for colonial ambiance and central location.


Traveling Oaxaca in a budget, then you might consider booking your stay in one of the city’s comfortable yet affordable accommodation option, its hostels. Here are some of them:

Hostel Don Nino

Pino Suarez 804 Oaxaca

This half dorm, half hotel facility is a colonial building promising luxury at its best value. It is a family-owned facility offering tourists with affordable accommodation. Among its offerings are cable TV on plasma screens, quality mattresses, bedding, and leather couches. It also provides free wi-fi, filtered water, and hairdryer. Nightly rates start at $13.

La Villada Inn

Felipe Angeles 204 Ejido Guadalupe Victoria Oaxaca

Although this hostel is set on the city’s far northern edge, its superb facilities matched with friendly and helpful service is are enough to make you want to stay. It has public areas, like a restaurant, bar with pool table, and swimming pool. Rates start at about $13.

Hostal Luz de Luna Nuyoo

Avenida Juárez No. 101 Zona Centro Oaxaca

At $10 per night, this hostel would be an economical choice for those who are in a budget. It is a sociable hostel offering fairly basic utilities, like separate bunk rooms for men and women.

Paulina Youth Hostel

Trujano 321 Col. Centro Oaxaca

This 92-bed hostel is ideal for those traveling in groups because its rooms and dorms will fit 4-11 people. It has a rooftop terrace for everyone to hang out in. It also offers made-to-order breakfast, clean bathrooms, and free internet access. Rates begin at $16.

Posada Don Mario

Cosijopi 219 Centro Oaxaca

Cute and warm, this courtyard guesthouse offers an intimate feel to its visitors. It provides you with the basic necessities and services you will need for a comfortable stay, like a library, yours, and language classes. Rates begin at $16 per night.


One of the first things that you should consider when planning for a trip to Oaxaca is your accommodation in the city. And if it’s the accommodation you are looking for, the hotels in the city would be a convenient, not to mention, comfortable option. There are quite a number of hotels in Oaxaca so choosing the best one for you would be easy. Here are some of them:


Some of the cheap hotels in Oaxaca are Hotel Casa Arnel (Aldama 404 tel. 951/515-2856), Hotel Casa Cue (Aldama 103 tel. 951/516-7786), Hotel Maela (Constitución 206 tel. 951/516-6022), and Las Golondrinas (Tinoco y Palacios 411 tel. 951/514-3298).

Hotel Casa Arnel is located less than 1km from zócalo. Its garden courtyard which has parrots and other birds will entertain travelers with kids. The rooms are plain but are nonetheless comfortable.

Hotel Casa Cué, on the other hand, is a modern hotel situated 2 blocks from the zócalo. Its good air-conditioning and good service make it an ideal accommodation for those who are in a budget.

Hotel Maela is a family-owned hotel offering economical yet comfortable accommodation. The rooms in these hotels range from medium to small, most of these have one double. The rooms also have a TV and free internet service.

Las Golondrinas is a charming hotel with one story. Its patios have roses, fuchsia, bananas, and bougainvilleas. Its rooms are simply furnished with tiled floors, a small desk, and chairs.


If you want to treat your self and your family with a little more comfort and luxury, you can choose some of Oaxaca’s pricey hotels, like Camino Real Oaxaca (5 de Mayo 300 tel. 800/722-6466), Hotel Victoria (Lomas del Fortín 1 tel. 951/502-0850), and Las Casona de Tita (García Vigel 805 tel. 951/516-1400).

The Camino Real Oaxaca is a magnificent hotel set in a 16th-century landmark. Its courtyards feature age-old walls that will remind you of the building’s original purpose. The service is good with facilities that make each penny you pay worth it.

Hotel Victoria is located high above the city’s downtown area. It features a rare combination of good proximity to the city while having a feeling of distance.

La Casona de Tita features simplicity with style as it blends colonial and modern themes. This is a good choice for those interested in the local art scene.


Apartments in Oaxaca allow you to customize your stay in the city. Although they are quite pricey, this accommodation option enables you to truly feel at home and be more personal while in Oaxaca. Below are just three of the apartments ready for rent in the city:

Alma de mi Tierra Apartments

Located at Aldama 205, Alma de mi Tierra has a fully furnished smoke-free apartment measuring 500 sq. ft. It already has 1 bedroom and bath as well as dining and living areas. The master bedroom of this apartment is already furnished with a king-size bed. The kitchen already comes with 4 burner gas stoves, oven, toaster, fridge, blender, and a coffee maker. The common patio area is adorned with plants on pots.

The privacy this apartment offers makes it an ideal option for couples (who should be above 21 years old).

Enjoy the free wi-fi access, basic cable TV, and other amenities in this apartment.

Estancia de Valencia

This 2-story smoke-free house features 3 bedrooms and baths located on its second floor which also provides a view of the living/dining room. Located in Margarita Maza 207, the apartment sits on Oaxaca’s historic center. For your convenience, the apartment’s kitchen is already equipped with a refrigerator, stove, and a full set of kitchen utensils. The house can accommodate up to 6 people. And although it may be perfect for families, those with children below 15 years old, will not be admitted.

Encanto Jalatlaco

Lying in Ninos Heroes 115, Encanto Jalatlaco is a 2-story house with a detached bedroom. It has 3 bedrooms and baths, a living room, dining room, and kitchen areas. The second floor is a master bedroom with a king-size bed and a large built-in closet (perfect for ladies with huge luggage). The kitchen in this apartment is already equipped with utensils and other amenities for your convenience. As it is a smoke-free area, smokers are not allowed in the apartment. Additionally, children below 15 and pets are also not admitted.

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