A Trip To Tenerife? When to Go & the Reasons to Visit

As part of Spain and the Canary Islands, Tenerife is an island that is one of a kind. Visiting it will give you an experience you can hardly forget. From its beautiful top attractions to its rich and diverse culture, you will see why the island is frequented by many tourists all over the world.

Learn about the history and discover how it came to be. You will be fascinated with its long and colorful past that simply adds to its uniqueness and character. Its top attractions will give you a glimpse of what awaits you in Tenerife. Check out the places that visitors explore the most and find out some of the island’s wonders.

Know when to be in Tenerife the best – and make the most of your stay on the island! Learn about weather to prepare you with your vacation or read on some basic information to allow you to navigate the island with ease and convenience. The facts and numbers to remember would come handy whether you are in an emergency or simply want to get a direction.

Aside from the attractions and the information to remember, find out about the people in Tenerife, too. See a list of famous personalities who came from the island.

These are just some of the things that will help you appreciate and enjoy the island of Tenerife more.

Things to do

There are a lot of reasons why tourists would give the interest to discover the culture of Tenerife. Being part of Spain and the Canary Islands add more color, spice, and uniqueness to the island’s culture.

Tenerife’s various museums would take you to the island’s rich past. It also showcases a wide range of unique and breathtaking collections that would offer you a lot of learning experience. The many art galleries on the island are a manifestation of the Canarians’ creativity, ingenuity, and appreciation for the art. The architecture, on the other hand, provides tourists a glimpse of the locals’ humble way of life, which includes its religious and leisure-loving nature.

Tenerife, Culture & Unesco

With much enthusiasm for food, Tenerife has a number of establishments that tourists with the same interest would appreciate.  Many of its dining places and restaurants offer sumptuous cuisines and native delicacies.

At night, the nightlife is vigorous enough to keep you entertained and awake all night long. Enjoy a good drink in one of its bars or parties with your hearts out in some of its top disco bars and pubs. Shopping will give shopaholics a wide option too. It has many malls and markets to get your souvenirs and stuff.

Aside from its establishments and attractions,  festivals define its culture as well. Check out its carnivals and see for yourself how Tenerife have fun and celebrate. If you are on the athletic side, sports and fitness venues would surely interest you. For your entertainment, there are theaters, cinemas, and music to cater to your needs. If you want to get a tan, then head on to its gorgeous beaches.

Tenerife’s culture offers you a whole lot of reasons to visit and fall in love on the island. Make sure to experience a couple or more of these to mark your visit on this island.

Top Attractions

Tenerife may not have the lights and glamour as in other cosmopolitan cities in Spain, but the island also has something that the preceding cities do not have – it’s beautiful natural attractions! And so if you are fond of nature and other breathtaking attractions, Tenerife would make as an ideal place to visit. Here are some of the top attractions in Tenerife:

Mount Teide

Known in Spanish asPico del Teide, Mount Teide is Spain’s and the Atlantic Islands’ highest peak. Like a volcano, Mount Teide is third of the world’s largest coming after Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. An active volcano, which last erupted in 1909, Mount Teide and its whole surrounding make up the Teide National Park which was recently recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Since the organization’s recognition of the place, Mount Teide was then included in Spain’s Twelve Treasures. Attracting over 2.8 million visitors every year, Teide is considered to be Canary Islands’ and the country’s most visited national park.


A small yet very picturesque village, Mascais often named as Tenerife’s second most famous destinations (next to Mount Teide). It is home to only around 150 people. Aside from its breathtaking views, Masca is also interesting mainly for the fact that it has never been attacked by pirates. The village lies in the Teno mountains which is just about 800 meters from Tenerife’s northwesternmost point.

Hells Ravine

A ravine lying in Adeje, a town on Tenerife southern part, Hells Ravine is known in Spanish as Barranco del Infierno. It has the deepest gorge not only on the island but the whole Canary Islands as well. To reach the area, one has to take a hike from Adeje for about 3-4 hours, thus, it is advised to wear strong footwear and additional clothes. Reaching the ravine, you will be in awe with its breathtaking sights which include an 80-meter high waterfall.

If you intend to visit the gorge, make sure to book early as only 220 people are allowed to check and explore it each day.


If you are someone who believes in bad luck, this place should interest you. Having suffered from plagues, pestilence, storms, and fires throughout the years, this place is officially one of the most unlucky places in the world. The eruption in 1706 destroyed the whole harbor and the whole town. However, it was able to raise itself from all the misfortunes and has made itself one of the most beautiful places to see in Tenerife.

Pyramids of Güímar

These pyramids may not be as impressive as that in Egypt, but the Pyramids of Güímar are still worth the visit for its intriguing past and ancient artifacts.

These are just among the places that you should visit in Tenerife. Once there, you will find out that there is actually more that await you in this magnificent island.

When to visit Tenerife?

Because the whole Canary Islands is often called as the “islands of eternal spring”, tourists can expect that as part of the island groups, Tenerife can be perfectly visited any time of the year. Despite being a certified year-round destination though, deciding when to visit the island would still have to depend on how visitors would like their vacation on the island to be.

Tenerife weather is mild and smooth, tourists can be assured that the temperature on the island would not go too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. Starting December up to the month of February, Tenerife is at its ‘high season’. Thus, if you want to enjoy the noise of the crowd, this should be the time to be in Tenerife. If you prefer enjoying the cool breezes of the sea by yourself, or with little distraction from other beachgoers in beaches, then pack yours between the months of May and October.

For those who are conscious of their budget, starting November up to mid-December, March to May, airfares are at their lowest – except on Easter. Those who want to catch the festivals would not have to worry when to set their visit to the island as celebrations and merry-making happen almost every month on the island.

Whenever you feel like visiting Tenerife, there is always something to look forward to and enjoy the island.

Short Stay

The uniqueness of Tenerife’s natural attractions and fine weather makes it one of the top destinations of tourists throughout the world. Whether your time is limited or has the luxury to enjoy the city for a longer period, it is important that you properly and carefully plan your activities on the island.

If you only have the weekend to be in Tenerife for instance, getting a little bit of everything on the island would help you make the most of your stay. Do an itinerary that will give you a glimpse of the Spanish territory’s beauty without taking so much time. Spend less staying in one area and spend more time doing sightseeing.

If you are lucky enough to get a long weekend, then prepare for more activities from sun up to sundown. Do not miss any of Tenerife’s prided attractions at day time and never go home without trying the island’s nightlife at least once.

Know where to be in Tenerife during the holidays. With its unique geography, tourists can easily customize their vacation. If you want a more pumped up exploration – with lots of visits to the beaches and party at night, then head to the island’s southern coast. But if you want a more quiet and close-to-nature trip, then Tenerife’s northern coast is for you.

There are various ways to do your Tenerife itineraries. By fixing the length of your stay on the island, you’d know how to fit your activities.

Weekend in Tenerife

Make the most out of a weekend stay in Tenerife. A sunny island all year round, Tenerife is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the globe. From beaches to parks to parties, you will definitely have a packed schedule filled with nothing but fun and relaxation at the same time. It will be perfect for a brief stay in this island paradise.

Here are some places to be on the island for a weekend:

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz De Tenerife in the Canary Islands

As the island’s capital, you can experience almost everything that Tenerife has to offer in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This wonderful capital boasts a bunch of eye-popping wonders, which include the Playa de Las Teresitas beach and the Parque García Sanabria public park; and architecture, such as the Santiago Calatrava-designed Auditorio de TenerifeTorres de Santa Cruz (Towers of Santa Cruz) and the 17th-century castle called Castillo de San Juan, that will certainly be one for the books and a weekend worthwhile.

You can spend the whole weekend going out and about Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

Los Cristianos

The focal point of this town is its harbor. It is one of Tenerife’s and the whole of Canary Island’s popular resorts as it is famous for its golden sun beaches and other natural attractions. For the weekend, a lot of activities can be done here, including fishing and diving.

Puerto de la Cruz

Located on the north coast of Tenerife, this historical town is famous among tourists as well, thanks to its lush gardens and friendly weather. If you are someone interested in history, this place on the island is where you should be heading for a weekend as it is surrounded by buildings with both historical and artistic value.

Santa Ursula

Although not as famous as the preceding towns, Santa Ursula has its own charm among tourists. It is a traditional Canarian town that offers visitors a glimpse of what the island used to be prior to its tourism fame.

Long Weekend in Tenerife

With tourism as one of its biggest assets, Tenerife is surely more than just the biggest landmass in the Canary Islands. Great beaches, a wonderful collection of forests and wildlife, and the magnificent view of the volcano Mount Teide will make your long weekend in Tenerife a memorable one, to say the least. Here is how you can spend a long weekend on the island:

Day 1

Start your day in the island getting to know its very rich history. Visit the historical towns of AdejeCandelaria and GarachicoAdeje is located at the south part of the island. Its sense of heritage is manifested in its historical buildings and Canarian culture. Candelaria on the other hand, is famous for historical artifacts and architecture. It is home to the Black Madonna and the Basilica. Garachico is a modest fishing port known for its cobbled streets and grand town houses.

Day 2

On the second day of your long weekend in Tenerife, do not miss to visit its lovely beaches. After all, it is what most tourists come here for. Among the famous beaches in Tenerife are the Las GalletasPlaya del AmericasEl MedanoLost Gigantes, and Los Cristianos. Of course, these are just a few of the beaches on the island. Once there, you will realize you will even have a hard time picking where to take a dip with the many breathtaking beaches to choose from.

Day 3

The third day of your long weekend in Tenerife should not be too strenuous anymore. On this day, try to chill and relax by trying out a number of delicacies and cuisines served in many restaurants. Do not miss to visit the shops in Tenerife for souvenirs.

A long weekend in Tenerife may still be considered short considering the many places to see on the island. However, spent wisely, this time would do get acquainted with its natural offerings.

Holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife is a perfect tourist destination for holidays for several reasons. One, it has moderate weather which gives mild summers and bearable winters. Second, it is surrounded by a lot of natural attractions which make you closer to nature – a perfect way to relax and unwind!

Here are ways to spend the holidays on the island:

Spend the holidays on the beaches and experience why tourists often visit the island. Clearwater, bright sun and sand are the main attractions on the island. A stay in resorts like Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos will definitely be time well spent as these are some of the world’s top resorts.  Both are located in the municipality of Arona. If you also want places to stay, these resorts also have hotels and apartments for all kinds of budgets.

Aside from the beaches, the night parties in Tenerife are entertaining as well. You can enjoy the modern feel of Playa de las Americas from sunbathing in the resort’s beautiful beaches to nightclubbing at the Veronicas strip. The center of nightlife also features good quality restaurants where you can dine with your family.

And what is a holiday vacation in Tenerife without exploring its architecture and museums with the family? Whether you have kids and teenagers, these offerings on the island will make them get a glimpse of the rich history of Tenerife. Take them to the festivals on the island, and you will also be able to understand while experiencing the colorful culture of the volcanic island.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group or family, a holiday in Tenerife would be worth it. Go relax and take a dip in its blue clear waters, party at night or visit its various structures!

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