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Best Nightlife scene around the world

Like most of the travelers at heart, we also like to spend a fun time out, relax, and have a nice drink with friends in a fine bar, have a wild night out in a nightclub, or sample foods in different eateries. This is the main reason we came out with the idea to develop a website where we can share our travel experience with others.

We feature some of the best nightlife cities in the world. From the most reputed and exclusive spots to the most discrete but buzzing ones, you will find here nightlife cities that are worth a detour. But Nightlifeguide.org is more than just a simple directory of the best places to experience the nightlife. We also help you decide where to go, what to do, what to see, and what to eat for a truly memorable nightlife experience.

So what makes for an excellent party city? Based on our experience, a city a worthy of all tomorrow’s parties offers a chic and unique bars and nightclubs, cool and friendly people, happening restaurants, diverse music festivals, and exciting activities.

From London to Bangkok, Paris to Tel Aviv, New York to Rio de Janeiro, Montreal to Johannesburg, these nightlife hotspots provide you with a wide range of earthly reasons to attract your head in one tempting direction: toward the search of pleasure.

But we think that makes for a great nightlife city is highly subjective, and while having the distinction involves factors such as the number of options available, the indescribable but all-important city spirit is also central.

It is a place for travelers who party hard, enjoy good music, fine drinks, good food wherever they are.

When you accidentally find yourself in a night club chatting with Kevin Spacey about music, rubbing elbows with Paris Hilton, or hanging out with Josh Hartnett, it is easy to believe that you are in one of the best nightlife spots in the world.

Many excellent nightlife scenes are concentrated in some megacities. New York nightlife is only second to none. It is so full of life it is unbeatable. Try to experience it and you will get addicted to it. You must also experience the nightlife environment in Paris and London. You will find everything you want there – from top pubs, bars, and night clubs with all types of trendy music to theater to orchestra, ballet, opera, and other high culture.

So what makes a great nightlife scene? While celebrities and other famous personalities certainly add to the prestige and perceived quality of nightlife hotspots, there are many other factors that contribute to their popularity.

A great nightlife is characterized by people who always know how to have fun, spirited people who really know how to revel and party hard like there is no tomorrow. Another factor is music. A club that features the best DJ in the world is sure to get royal treatment. Architecture is another. Party animals want a nightlife establishment with good plan, lighting, ventilation, etc. Last but not the least, affordability.


Nightlife in many European cities is among the best in the world. It is so full of life that cities anywhere else struggle to beat it. You will find everything you want as night owl in this vivacious continent. From top pubs, bars, and night clubs with all types of trendy music to theater to high culture (orchestra, ballet, opera) worthy of the royals, Europe is the best place to have a nightlife blast.

Trendy pubs and bars
Major European cities like Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin have got the best when the sun goes down. They are teeming with age-old nocturnal tradition with a touch of ultimate trendiness. Excellent pubs and bars, from public hangouts to exclusive celebrity ones, dot every major city.

You can find the best wine and beer in Europe. Not only that, the nightlife in the continent has a very unique character, just go to a traditional Irish pub and you will see this special character. Entry to most pubs and bars is free, although you may be charged for nights when live acts perform.

Vibrant club scene
The Euro club scene is unparalleled. With hundreds of really lively venues, it has reached peak levels. Even Sunday nights will provide you with a wide variety of dance and music. The continent houses some of the globally famed night clubs.

Many nightlife establishments have been in Europe for centuries. They are filled with an aura of glamor as well as thriving gay scenes, especially in Amsterdam. So make sure to party all night long when you visit a European city.

World-class theater
The theatrical life in Europe, especially in London and Paris, has been buzzing long before the time of Shakespeare. Europe has many musicals playing, especially in the West End, the continent’s theater caoital.

What’s more, many theaters offer discounted tickets. Definitely, nightlife in Europe will interest those who crave for theater. If you are into high culture, Europe also has something in store for you.

North America

North America has some of the best cities when it comes to the nightlife scene. Here are our five top nightlife city in North America:

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is still the best city to party like a rock star. A decade ago, it was notorious as a gambling haven. But it has dramatically changed into one of the world’s nightlife capitals. Roughly 40-million people visit Las Vegas each year for all-night concerts, crazy bachelor parties, and quickie weddings, of course.

New York
The Big Apple swoops in at our list of the best cities to visit for a nightlife. With about 8 million people, New York offers more restaurants and bars than Paris Hilton has suitors. Nothing can rival that. New hotspot pops up almost every day. Given the latest “secret bar” trend, it is hard to keep up with the ever-evolving drinking scene in Manhattan. Perhaps, try something different. You may want to stretch your vocal chords at a karaoke bar since such type of entertainment is the rage these days. You can sing “My Way” without getting heckled.

Montreal is a city that couldn’t be any “cooler.” Okay, so the spot is freezing six months every year, but think about this: Montreal is the only “French City” outside the European continent. It is more convenient than visiting Paris and it will cost you much less. If you visit this Canadian city in the summer or spring, you may never want to leave. Montreal is easily one of North America’s hardest-partying spots where gorgeous night owls, raging parties, and sexy clubs are the nightly activity.

You know you are in a jamming party city when you see Brazilian models shooting Sambuca at local eateries. This brings us to one of the top nightlife hubs in North America, Miami. It offers perfect weather and really nice hotspots that boast gorgeous seaside views of South Beach hotties party hard. In fact, Miami has been considered “America’s Riviera.”

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the biggest playground for young people and sexy singles in the world. But before you sling on your Jimmy Choos, you need to learn two things. First, velvet ropes are what tie the City of Angels together. So either get close to the doorman or prepare your first month’s rent on entry. Second, bars in the city close at 2 in the morning. It really sucks but you are assured that there is always an after party, and an after-after party, and so on.

Central America

Vivacious and diverse cultures dance on this skinny land-bridge between North America and South America. Central America is dotted with majestic volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, and other natural resources, making it the one of the top destinations for nightlife activities and fun in all of Latin America.

Central America usually refers as Latin America, or at least the region’s northern part. It includes the countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and Belize. If you are looking for nightlife and adventures of a different flavor than North America or Europe, then this region is definitely the spot you should visit.

Many people who visit Central America start with upscale eco-lodges in Costa Rica or highlands villages with moonshine-drinking saints and Mayan ruins in Guatemala. The Caribbean side boasts pristine white-sand shores and the colorful cultures of Belize, the Corn Islands (Nicaragua), and the Bay Islands (Honduras). These are all great places not only for cheap dives with stingrays and sharks, but also for wild and crazy nightlife where visitors enjoy to booze and be merry all night long.

If you are into and nightlife and surfing, your best bet is to visit Central America’s rougher Pacific side, especially the surf villages in La Libertad in El Salvador, the breaks near Leon, Nicaragua, the Peninsula de Nicoya in Costa Rica. Colonial towns such as Antigua (Guatemala) and Grenada (Nicaragua) make nice kick-back spots with traditional handicrafts, local coffee brews, and hacienda-style B&Bs. Cities in this country also offer a nightlife scene that has its own character.

Central America offers world-class nightlife, given its diverse cultures and people. With a history that goes back thousands of years and the glorious days of the Aztecs and the Mayans, people in the northern part of Latin American really know how to party.

South America

One of South America’s charms is its beautiful people who love to party. So it is not surprising that the continent is home to some great nightlife. The question is: Where is the best place for partying with the gorgeous South American locals?

Brazilians are party animals, understandably so because Brazil is the continent’s most popular nightlife destination. Much of its coast offers great nightlife. Just consider Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Itacare, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, and Trancoso – all of which have a pulsating nightlife scene to boot. The country’s nightlife activities climax with the world-famous carnival, especially in Rio de Janeiro.

Mexico also has vibrant nightlife activities. While Acapulco and Cancun might appeal to tourists, all of Mexican cities have great nightlife – Guadalajara and Mexico City are especially trendy.

The Colombians also love to party. You can find the country’s most famous nightlife spot in Cali, where you can shake practice your dance moves 7 nights a week is hot salsa clubs filled with gorgeous locals without a Gringo in sight. One of the nightlife highlights in Colombia is the Barranquilla carnival at par with the colorful carnivals in Brazil. The beach resorts of Cartagena, San Andres, and Santa Marta also offer great nightlife.

Ecuador is blessed with an attractive nightlife only if you know where to look since it is often hard to find. Quito has very nice electronica and salsa clubs. But if you want to party with the locals, you will find that Guayaquil offer better nightclubs, fewer foreigners, and more beautiful people.

Elsewhere in the continent, Lima in Peru has Pisco based cocktails and trendy discos in the city’s Barranco and Miraflores districts. Buenos Aires boasts of a highly sophisticated nightlife scene made alive by the locals who love to party.

Many of South America’s best nightlife spots are mentioned here, but there is a nice and friendly nightlife atmosphere throughout the continent. Stumbling across a random village fiesta or small town unexpectedly often proves to be the most memorable of.


Asia is undeniably the most diverse and exciting continent in the world and it brims with great nightlife and entertainment scenes. If you are visiting this continent, you will be amazed at how vivacious its nightlife scene is. Five-star hotels in many cities feature high-end bars and nightclubs, where live entertainment is accompanied by immaculately put-together drinks. Asian cities offer a nice mix of upscale venues and establishments laced with a dash and sleaze of sauciness.

There are so many exciting and out of this world things to do in this colorful continent that you will suffer from severe headache just planning where to go. Well, there are million places to partay!

From the karaoke bars of Manila, the ritzy bars in Shanghai and Tokyo, the fashionable districts in Seoul, the go-go bars in Pattaya, the night markets and mouth-watering dim sum in Hong Kong, to late-night fun in Bali and bar top dancing at Kuala Lumpur – Asia is definitely the place to be if you are after unique nightlife entertainment.

Tourists can be found knocking back beers in many bars and cafes, popular because of their appealing prices and chilled-out ambience. Many spots in major cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are considered to be fashionable areas favored by trendy media types and hip young professionals.

If you want to experience nightlife in a beach, your best bet is to visit island provinces in Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as Thailand. Avoid major Asian cities if you want to fill your vacation with peace and serenity. But if you are game with all the craziness and loudness, then experience the authentic Asian nightlife in the big cities. Needless to say, there is no shortage of place with a huge concentration of live music venues, with jazz, ballads, grunge, soul, and classic rock bands.

Pubbing and clubbing and partying all night is a must if you want to feel the pulse of the Asian destination you want to visit; experience the place only by sunup and you get only half of the colorful picture.


With a population of more than 1000 million, Africa is a continent that offers tourists variety, where great nightlife activities are possible, a continent with cities that will surely give you a holiday of a lifetime. While Africa is an extremely diverse place with endless contrasts, from jungle to desert and from safari plains to beaches, there is something for every tourist who look forward to enjoying a night out.

Countries such as Libya and Tunisia on the Mediterranean coast, Morocco on the Atlantic coast, Egypt on the Red Sea, Kenya and Tanzania that border the Indian Ocean, and interior countries like the Congo and Sudan – the continent has something for everyone, with every destination offering tourist complexes and luxurious hotels that support thriving nightlife scenes. Each place from to Nairobi to Dar-es-Salaam and from Cape Town to Zanzibar has its full range of nightlife atmosphere ready to welcome tourists to the beyond beautiful African continent.

You can squeeze your nightlife activities in between exploring African gems, trekking the Namib or the Sahara Desert, going on safari, or climbing the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro. Each nightlife venue has its own personality to suit it, creating an amusing network of entertainment that suits every style, taste, and genre imaginable.

South Africa is one of the African countries with the liveliest nightlife scenes. Whether you find yourself in a township, in a city suburb, or in downtown, chances are there will be nightlife venues within easy driving (or walking) distance. You will find bars and nightclubs in every city and town. In Johannesburg, spend more time in enjoying the pubs, clubs, and restaurants, especially the ones located in Melville’s Seventh Street and inner city’s revived Newtown, which features museums, art galleries, and night clubs.

If Johannesburg is Africa’s nightlife capital in the South, Marrakech in Morocco is the nightlife capital of the northern part of Africa. Here, you will encounter young Europeans mixed with more affluent Moroccans at any of Marrakech’s major nightclubs and bars. The city’s heartbeats get wild and crazy when the sun sets, signaling the start of an exciting nightlife. Theatro and Le Comptoir Darna remain two of Marrakech’s most glamorous nightlife hotspots.


The Australian nightlife is really happening, considering the number of shows, events, and parties that are a regular feature over this sizzling hot place. If you are looking forward to letting your hair down and rocking the whole night, then Australia is definitely a nice place to be in.

Some of the world’s best nightlife events and parties happen in this country and tourists all over the world are more than prepared to travel to the Land Down Under and have their share of memorable nightlife and entertainment. So experiencing and enjoying the Australian nightlife scene is something that you should prioritize when you go there.

With many trendy nightclubs, bars, theatres, restaurants, and other hotspots that dot the major Australian cities, those visitors who are eager to breathe the nightlife in the country have many options to choose from.

People in Australia are well-known for their outdoorsy nature and jest for life coupled with a smudge of restlessness. Since time immemorial, Australians have always been very vocal about their love for fun, beach, and of course, beer. So when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in the country, you can certainly expect the best.

Speaking of the nightlife scene, Australia offers a good number of nightclubs and bars to choose from. Some of the most popular samples are the following:

  • Adelaide – The Exeter and The Austral
  • Melbourne – 20 Meyers Place, Afterdark, 6 Links, CBD Nightclub, Blue Bar 330, Platform 66, and E Fifty Five, and Volt.
  • Perth – The Church, Metropolis Concert Club, Club A, and The Jackal
  • Sydney – Fantastic Voyage, Essence, Flaunt, Booty Bar Fridays, DeJa Vu, Chocolate City, Sounds On Sunday, and RnB Madness

Shows and concerts are also featured regularly on Australia’s nightlife circuit. Some of the nice places to go to are the Sydney Opera House, the Adelaide Festival Center, Her Majesty’s Theatre, and the Arts Theatre are great places to head off to if you want to have a taste of nightlife in the Land Down Under.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations, Schoolies Week, the Harbour day celebrations in Sydney, and so on are only some of the many famous annual events that add taste and color to the Australian nightlife scene.


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