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Best Places to Stay In Budapest For Your Next Vacation

Budapest is a beautiful historical city that is beginning to draw millions of tourists each year. It has 20 million visitors to its city annually. If you are among these tourists that have been smitten with the beauty of the city then you are in for a treat. Start planning out your vacation and look forward to a trip that you will surely never forget.

Choosing an accommodation is perhaps the most important part of planning your vacation. You must be able to find the perfect place for you and your family or your friends to stay at while enjoying the city. Some say it is even the thin that can make or break a trip. After a long day of sight-seeing and spending you day outdoors, you would want to be able to relax at the end of the day and be safe while you recharge for yet another day of exploring.

You would also not want to spend your entire budget on your accommodation and would want to have extra cash to spend around the city. And if you are on for an extended stay, then an affordable place to stay at would probably be the best choice.

In Budapest, you will find all types of accommodation available. From the luxurious hotels to the inexpensive apartments and lodgings that are well within your means. The key factors in determining what type of accommodation is best for you, is the budget and length of stay.

If you want to indulge yourself in lavish accommodations, you can find a number on or along Castle Hill. These you will surely not only be able to enjoy the sight-seeing experience in the city but also enjoy the lush space after your trip to the city. If you are more of the backpacker that can go anywhere decent just as long as its within your budget range, then a number of good hostels are available in Pest.

Aside from these there are a number of other places you can stay at while in Budapest. Just know it does well to prepare ahead of time and to research about the area of the place you’re staying at.


Hotels are the most popular choice when it comes to accommodation. You get comfort, luxury and relaxation and sometimes you don’t even have to pay that much for all of that. Most people when they travel they just want to go out and enjoy the different attractions, then be able to sleep soundly when they get to the place their staying at. They don’t want to have to worry and be bothered about anything during their vacation except only on deciding what place next to go to and where to eat to next. And a hotel usually does this trick for them.

In hotels, you may have left your room messy, the bathroom unclean and your laundry unwashed. But if you just leave out an order for someone to clean your room, when you get back from a whole day of exploring you’ll go home to a very clean and livable room. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up and you can just immediately relax and recharge for the next day’s list of adventures.

Of course there may be other hotels wherein some of the service in 5-star hotels are lacking but basically you get the same feel in hotels. It’s a feeling of being serviced and of feeling relaxed. Just like how a vacation should be.

In Budapest, there are a lot of hotels where you can choose to stay at. There are the classy 5 star hotels like the Four Seasons, InterContinental and Hilton. These hotels are known worldwide and they are known to provide you with a top quality service that will make your stay a most luxurious one. There are also budget-friendly options where you can still have great comfort and experience great service but in a less expensive price. Radio Inn Hotel, Star Inn, Hotel Barros and Hotel Csaszar are among these.

Whatever your choice of hotel may be, just make sure you do your research first before hitting on the book button or before phoning in and placing your reservation. Finding out about the hotel of choice will give you a better idea on what you will be expecting to get from where you will be staying at.


You may be wondering what the difference is between a hotel and a hostel. Let me shed some light on the matter. While a hotel can be thought of when you think of the word luxury, a hostel can be most associated to the word budget. Sure there are a lot of hotels nowadays that are also on the more affordable side and you can get luxury, comfort and affordability in one. But a hostel is much more affordable and it is ideal for backpackers who just want a place to crash while they spend their whole day outside in the city exploring and enjoying all the sights and sound of the place.

Hostels can be likened to dorms. In Budapest, some of the dorms are even converted in hotels during the summer. So basically they follow the same set-up. A single room is usually occupied by a number of people. The number may depend on the type of hostel you are staying at. This calls for a more interactive environment as guests will be able to socialize with the guests staying in the same room as theirs. But of course the most important factor really is the budget.

With this type of set-up, the younger age group is the market that is much more drawn to it. Thus sometimes these are also called Youth Hostels. Don’t get worried though, if you are young at heart and would want to stay in a place where you can save up more for the actual trip around the city and would also want to have a more interactive and open environment, hostels can also be a place for you.

In Budapest, hostels are usually open 24 hours and there are no curfews and you don’t have to fear being locked out as these rules just don’t exist. So if all these things appeals to you, hostels is the best place for you to stay at. Learn about a good hostel in Budapest now and start planning that vacation.


When you are in for a long stay in Budapest, an apartment will be the best choice of stay for you. But this type of accommodation is so popular all over Europe that some even stay in apartments even if they are only there for the weekend. So, even if you’re just in the city for a few days, just keep your options open and consider staying in an apartment as one while enjoying the city of Budapest.

One thing’s for sure, staying in apartments just calls for greater flexibility. You can move more because it feels like your just home. If you want to cook, there is a kitchen where you can cop out your favorite dish and even try cooking a local cuisine yourself. You can also relax in the living room after a long day then retire to the bedroom when it’s time to get some shut-eye.

Apartments can be good for single occupants but also for a big group of 5. Some apartments even allow up to 7 persons to stay at one time. And you can have one room up to three rooms, depending of course on how many of your family/friends will be tagging along the trip.

If this type of accommodation has tickled your fancy, then you’re in luck because in Budapest there are a lot of apartments to choose from. If you have a lot to spend, then why not indulge in luxurious apartments. Some examples of these are the Adina Apartment HotelMamaison Residence Isabella and Locust Tree Apartments. If you are one that is more concerned with the budget then there are also a lot of affordable apartments that you can try out. The Inn City Center, TO MA ApartmentsKing Apartments and Leslie Apartments are some of these.


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