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Best Places to Stay In Copenhagen For Your Next Vacation.

When planning to explore Copenhagen, your accommodation in the city is one of the things you should carefully think about – whether you intend to stay for just a weekend or a week in the Danish capital. Deciding where to stay in Copenhagen should be based on several considerations. Among these are the following:

Budget. As a premiere European destination, Copenhagen does not come cheap. If you are coming to the city with just enough cash, do not book in hotels or in posh apartments, instead, try the hostels in Copenhagenas they are way cheaper than most hotels and apartments in the city.

Length of Stay. If you are intending to have a short stay in the city – and have more than enough to spend – then do try the luxurious and comfortable offerings of its hotels. If you are staying for a week or longer, then renting an apartment would be most ideal as it will give you a feeling of being at-home.

Itinerary. Your planned activities will also help you decide where to book your stay in Copenhagen. Consider the locations of the places you want to see and attractions you want to visit. Accommodation close to your itinerary will save you time and money.

Your Company. Who you are with when you explore Copenhagen will be a good thing to consider when booking accommodation. If you are traveling with kids, they would probably feel more comfortable in a hotel or apartment, but if you are coming with your best pals, then a hostel would do.

These are just a few things to think about when traveling to Copenhagen and look for a place to stay in. Hopefully, this will help you decide and eventually achieve a comfortable and convenient experience in the Danish capital.


If you are having a short stay in Copenhagen and are in a budget, the hostels in the city are an ideal accommodation option. Cheaper, they are good alternative to the pricey hotels in the Danish capital. Below are some of your options:

Danhostel Copenhagen City

In the city, the largest youth hostel is the Danhostel Copenhagen City. This five-star youth hostel is situated at the waterfront of Copenhagen with an overlooking view of the harbour and the city’s roofs. As it is centrally located, this hostel is just a walking distance from the city square, the Opera House, and the Islands Brygge. You can easily get to the Tivoli Garden and the main railway station on foot if you stay in this hostel.

Generator Hostel

The Generator Hostels is another backpacker hostel company in Copenhagen offering a budget-friendly accommodation. This hostel is new in the city and is targeting the younger market. It is located in the middle of the city and features a bar and a terrace.

Woodah Hostel

This hip and charming hostel is great for the health-conscious backpackers as it offers vegetarian and organic breakfast. If you wish, you can also avail of its free yoga offering.

Sleep-in Green

True to being part of a “green” city, this hostel is located in the Nørrebro district. Aroundit are cafes, shopping centers, and bars among others. Its location also offers a convenient access to the center of the city. It offers free coffee and tea in the morning along with free wifi access.

Hotel Jørgensen

This cheap accommodation is situated at the heart of the city, on Israels Square which is just a two-minute walk from the Nørreport Station.

These hostel choices are just a few of the inexpensive accommodation options in Copenhagen. They are best for backpackers and for those who are in a tight budget.


Although they are quite pricey compared to the hostels and some apartments in Copenhagen, the hotels in the Danish capital are all comfortable enough, giving you a feeling of really being on a vacation. There are many hotels in Copenhagen that you can choose from – plenty enough to meet your specific needs or requirements for a perfect hotel. Below is a list that may just help you get an idea where to book your stay in Copenhagen.

Design Hotels

Hotels of this type do not just offer a place for you to stay in. It promises to give you a whole relaxing experience in the city. Some of the top design hotel in Copenhagen include the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (located right by the Central Station and the Tivoli Gardens), which is the first of its kind in the world. Its architect, Arne Jacobsen was hands-on when it comes to everything that has to do with the hotel’s design and architecture – from its door knobs to silverware.

Hotel Fox is another famous design hotel in the city. Situated at the heart of the city, the unique and catchy design of this hotel is made possible by the 21 international artists whose forte range from urban art to graphic design and illustration. Hotel Skt. Petri is another design hotel strategically located at the city’s downtown. Aside from its detailed design, this hotel is also just a walking distance from the Round Tower and the Skt. Petri Church.

Spa Hotels

Spa hotels in Copenhagen are offered specially to those who are looking for a relaxing, energizing, and peaceful accommodation experience in the city. Among the facilities offered in this type of hotel are steam rooms, saunas, and Jacuzzis. Massage and pedicure are offered as well. Spa hotels in Copenhagen include Hotel Kong Arthur which is located near the Nørreport Station and the Skodsborg Kurhotel Spa at the north of the city.

Climate-friendly Hotels

Keeping its reputation of being one of the greenest cities in the world, Copenhagen too has hotels that are inclined to being environmentally friendly. These hotels have an environmental plan when it comes to their laundry, house cleaning, water, and food offerings. Smoking, waste, energy consumption, and indoor climate are also well-planned in this type of hotel. Some of the most recognized climate-friendly hotels in Copenhagen are the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Ørestad, Ibsens Hotel near Strøget, the 4-star Imperial Hotel at the central part of the city, and the Phoenix Copenhagen in the city’s financial district.

Disabled-friendly Hotels

Considering the special needs of specially-abled guests, there are also many hotels in Copenhagen that feature facilities and amenities designed especially for these people, this include lifts, wheelchair ramps, stairs with handrails, toilets for the disabled, and other necessities. Hotel Maritime next to Copenhagen Harbour, Radisson Blue Royal Hotel, and Scandic Front are just few of the hotels under this type.


If you want a relatively cheaper accommodation that at the same time will give you a feeling of being at home away from home. There are many apartments in Copenhagen ready to provide you with customized accommodation. To give you an idea, here are a few of the many good options:


This penthouse apartment provides amazing views of the city’s harbor. It has a large terrace that has an outdoor dining set good for 8 people (this is thus perfect for a group of travelers!). This apartment has 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are master bedrooms that both have a large double bed inside, the last bedroom has 2 sleeping sofas that can accommodate 2 guests.

Classic City Apartment

Located at the heart of the city, the apartments in Classic City Apartment are large and nice. Guests to book here will be delighted with the classic furniture pieces that date back in the 18th century used to furnish the structure. The bedrooms are located in the apartment’s opposite ends; the kitchen is already fully equipped to make cooking your meals more convenient.

Copenhagen City Loft

For those traveling alone or with a small family, this small apartment will be an ideal choice. Measuring 50 square meters, this apartment has two small balconies offering good view of the city center. Across it is Strøget, which is a shopping street in Copenhagen.

Christianshavn Penthouse

This beautiful apartment situated at Christianshavn is in proximity to Copenhagen’s canals, metro, Opera House, and cafes. Shopping freaks will also be delighted as it is also close to the shopping facilities in the city. This apartment has combined its kitchen and dining room to save space. Its small living room can also serve as the bedroom as well.


Those with more than enough cash can choose this luxury apartment for luxurious yet customized accommodation. With an area of 180 square meters, this apartment is furnished with a superb combination of luxury, style, design, and art. It has lots of space, which includes a dining room and a private balcony. The apartment has a large kitchen and a superbly-designed bathroom. It is WiFi ready for those with laptops or computers.

Depending on who you are with and the kind of accommodation you want, apartments in Copenhagen are all there to give you a comfortable stay in the Danish capital – like welcoming you to this special city!


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