Best Ski Resorts Around The World

There are quite a number of winter wonderlands one can go to.  The best way to choose the resort that’s right for you is to have a set of criteria.  Some ski resorts specialize in a specific area so you should know what interests you.

The great thing about today’s technology is that you can check out the different ski resorts through the internet.  And if you like what you see, you can book your ski vacation without even leaving your home.

Take note that when choosing a ski resort, it’s not just about the best in statistics such as the terrain, the type of snow and the level of elevation.  You also have to look at what the ski resort has to offer in terms of facilities, the crowd it attracts and other activities it has besides skiing.  Ask yourself, “Are there any avenues to enjoy myself in this ski resort?  Are there any creature comforts I will appreciate?”  Some specialize on great dining experiences, fabulous nightlife options, tourist attractions such as historic villages and museums or majestic views of the mountain.  You may want a ski resort that offers a lot of perks, such as a Jacuzzi after a day’s skiing, or a spa, where you can get a relaxing massage.  You may also want to consider the number of ski lifts it has and the lengths of the queues.   You don’t want to spend the valuable time you have waiting in line for your turn at the ski lift, when you can spend that time enjoying yourself as you speed down the slopes.

Of course, you should also factor in your budget and your schedule.  The cost greatly depends on the time of the year you choose to go. The accommodations you can have depend on how much you are willing to pay.

Popular choices include the following areas:
–    Aspen, Colorado: Aspen Mountain is famous for its terrain, which is replete with bumps and steeps.  Also, this is where you have a lot of chances to bump into the rich and famous.
–    Mont-Tremblant, Quebec: Luxury and beauty come together at this skier’s haven.
–    Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta: The sheer beauty of the place is incentive enough.  Couple this with excellent terrain and you are in skier’s heaven.
–    Vail, Colorado: This has the United States’ largest single ski area with acre upon acre of terrain for you to ski on.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  There are oh, so many ski resorts for you to choose from.  So to make the most out of your holiday, choose one that is the best ski resort for your needs.

For The Family

Planning to bring the whole family to a skiing holiday?

Imagine the opportunity to have some family bonding time!  It is also a great opportunity to bring the kids outdoors and for a change, pry them off their position in from of the tv or computer screens.

Yes, make a plan to bring the family, as this is the best way for you to introduce your children to the sport, which they will learn to love the way you do.  What’s best about bringing children is that they are still young and do not have hang-ups or fears they will have to struggle against when they grow up.  Your choice of ski resort will prove crucial in making the holiday an unforgettable one for your children.

Bear in mind that not all ski resorts are suitable for your family, especially if you have little ones.  You also want to have the best value and most affordable ski resort you can find.

What are the criteria you should use when choosing the right ski resort?

First, look at resorts that have bunny slopes or beginner slopes.  It should also have slopes for those who are looking to improve their skills.  These slopes should also be near the hotel so that you don’t have to use the ski lift a lot.  Remember that an easy walk for you may be tough for children.  If you do have to use the ski lift, ask about the queues in the resort.  You will want to avoid long queues, especially if you have children in tow.

Also, the ideal ski resort should have a lot of other activities available, so that there is something to keep the youngsters busy and out of mischief.  Opportunities for entertainment, such as snowboarding, ice skating, swimming pools, the cinema, a games arcade and other indoor fun and games would be great to have.  The children may not want to spend the entire holiday skiing so make sure that there are plenty of other fun things for them to do.

The service and staff should also be friendly as well as efficient.  Of course, another factor would be the distance, as you would not want to be inundated with the question, “Are we there yet?” several times during a long trip.  As much as possible, keep the transfer and trips short and sweet.

It will also be wonderful to go to a ski resort that is able to take care of your kids, which will give you some time to enjoy the adult slopes yourself.

One other thing you should consider is the budget.  You would want to go to the best yet most affordable ski resort available.  When computing for the cost, ask if children are given discounts for lift tickets.  Some resorts offer free rides to children ages 7 and below, while some specify a price band for a certain age group.  This would be important when you are preparing the budget for the skiing holiday.


Do you want to splurge and ski in style and luxury?  Luxury ski resorts promise a great skiing experience (a wealth of pipes, park runs and slopes of different levels of difficulty), as well as other perks – a chance to soak it up in the Jacuzzi, excellent dining choices and upscale amenities that are geared to pamper you.

Check out the five star ski resorts all decked out in splendor!  You will be amazed at what these establishments can think of just to give you all you have ever dreamed of in a luxury ski vacation.

Here is a list of some of the best known luxury resorts around the world:
–    Courchevel in France – Think up-scale chalets settled against the Alps.  This is the place if you want to ski directly from the doorstep.  The ski resorts in Courchevel, such as Byblos and Hotel De Charme Les Airelles offer Olympic-level skiing at all the posh amenities you want.  It is also where you can have the opportunity to scale and conquer the tallest icefall in the world as well as a number of Olympic Ski jumps.
–    Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada – With more than 200 trails that can suit all skill levels and ski trails and parks that are among the world’s best, nothing can beat the ski resorts in Whistler Blackcomb.  Other winter sports are also available, including snowshoeing, going out for sleigh rides, sledding and snowmobiling.  For the best luxury hotels this side of the world, go for the ones belonging to the Upper Village.  There are also a number of boutique hotels that can offer a cozy and intimate feel.
–    Badrutts Palace Hotel in St. Moritz Switzerland – St. Moritz is not called the original hometown of winter sports vacations for nothing and Badrutts is the most exclusive you can get here.
–    Ski Resorts in Vail and Aspen Colorado – Aspen has long been recognized as the place to be when you want to be able to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.  These luxury resort towns offer the best hotel amenities, five-star dining, day spas and other creature comforts to relax and pamper you.  You will say that the ski resorts in Aspen and Vail know how to treat you right.  As for the skiing, you are sure to have the time of your life in what is recognized as the one of the world’s finest places to ski.   .
–    Banff, Canada – The setting: Banff National Park with its unforgettably majestic beauty.  That alone is a great incentive to visit.  However, there still are plenty of creature comforts to be enjoyed here.
–    Zermatt, Switzerland – Ski along with the Matterhorn as your background.  This astoundingly beautiful sight is coupled with excellent ski terrain.  The Riffelalp Resort located in Zermatt boasts of being Europe’s highest alpine resort.

There are still a lot of resorts that offer the ultimate in luxury.  Get into the lifestyle of the rich and famous and pamper yourself in the best way possible.

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