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So get that adrenaline pumping as you go woosh, woosh, woosh down snowy lanes.  Check out our different sections to find out all the buzz about skiing and find out why snow skiing is the most popular winter sport in the world.

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Okay… one of the first questions to ask when you want to ski is: where?

Now, here are some basic facts about ski resorts and ski areas.  A ski area is basically a recreational facility located near or on a hill or a mountain.  The ski area comes with the basic facilities one needs for skiing – ski trails, ski lifts, and restaurants.

A ski resort just went a step (or several steps father than that).  Aside from the facilities of a ski area, it invariably has facilities for other snow sports such as dog-sledding, snowmobiling and ice skating.  It also has equipment and facilities to make your experience more enjoyable.

Now, what are the things one must consider when choosing a ski resort?  We have to admit, with the many choices you have, finding the right one may be a hard exercise, or more like an overwhelming one! Here are some things you may want to think about before you make your decision:For beginners – look for a ski resort that has facilities that are especially dedicated to your needs.  Another consideration is that you would not want to be skiing in a slope where there are a lot of people zipping past you.

Kind of trails: there are different trails that suit your abilities, as well as the level of challenge you want to face.  (However, bear in mind that you should not bite off more that you can chew!)

Kind of snow: This depends on the area and also on the season or time you visit the ski resort.  Snow ranges from very wet (wet granular), starting to melt (slush) to hard at the top (crust).  The most popular kind is the powdery snow, which is fresh fallen snow.

Facilities – as much as possible, also look at how you can make the most of your skiing holiday.  Choose a resort that has facilities that can keep you entertained when you are not on the ski slopes.  Also, you should look at equipment such as ski lifts, shuttles to the slopes, a ski rental shop and so on.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of ski resorts for you to choose from.  And at first glance, the list may seem to be a case of severe information overload.  However, if you know what you want, you can well be on your way to find a resort that will give you the time of your life as you discover and learn to love the world of skiing.

Remember, the primary thing for you is to have fun.  That’s what’s important.  So select a ski resort that has all the potential for providing this.


When one speaks of Australia, the image that comes to mind is the billabong, and of course, the almost-ubiquitous koalas and kangaroos.  But you will be surprised that there is snow, snow, snow in Australia!

Every year, the months from June to October is the season for you to go ski, ski, ski in Australia!  The excellent thing is that since it is at the opposite of the northern hemisphere, just when you thought skiing is done, it is just about to start in Australia.

The scenery alone is a fair inducement to visit the ski resorts that call Australia their home.  Lush green forests, blended with snow-covered mountains, sheer cliffs and fabulous waterfalls – all these make for one unforgettably beautiful skiing holiday.

Australia boasts of the Victorian Alps (which is the place to go when skiing).  The Victorian Alps are actually a part of a bigger range – the Australian Alps, which span the length of central Victoria to northern Queensland.

Prepare yourself for wooshing across the clean powdery snow.  Take your pick – you can go ski boarding, downhill skiing and cross country skiing.  Even better, you can have a go at some night skiing, as well as glacier skiing.

This winter wonderland is home to quite a number of ski resorts – ranging from the posh and über classy to the simple, no-frills deal.  The skiing hotspots are generally clustered at Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria.  The “don’t miss this when you are skiing in Australia” checklist includes Mount Mawson, Bullocks Flat, Mount Blue Cow, Charlotte Pass, Smiggin Holes, Saint Gwinear and Mount Buller.

The ski resorts in Australia are imbibed with their own “personality” so to speak.  Each one has something to offer the discerning holiday skier.  And they also provide you with a wide range of services – shopping galore, scrumptious dining choices, quality childcare, ski lessons and more.

Aside from skiing, you can also enjoy the great outdoors and indulge in a wide variety of activities that let you commune with nature – boating, skiing, hiking (or bushwalking) and mountain climbing.  There are ski resorts that have just a straightforward set of trails up to full-service resorts set on a sprawling 1,000 hectares.

The great thing is that the ski resorts are just a few hours’ drive from Australia’s major cities – Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.  There are even bus services that leave at the crack of dawn to ensure that you have all the time you need to indulge in your passion for skiing.

As for charm, you will spy some of the ancient huts that still exist (some even are in use up until now) and add to the experience of skiing in Australia.


Ski resorts in the United States offer one amazing package – stunning scenic beauty, world-class amenities and infrastructure, warm and friendly service and a diverse climate.  Indeed, you can be prepared for an unforgettable ski holiday.

Now, let us name a few major areas you may want to consider when it comes to ski resorts in the United States.  There is the Alaskan Mountains, California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, as well as New Hampshire’s Appalachian Mountains.  Of course, let’s not forget Olympic locations such as Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort.  After all, Utah is dubbed as having “the greatest snow on earth”.  These are just some of the choices for terrains that promise adrenaline pumping adventure.

And the ski trails are wide and spacious – plenty of space for the horde of ski enthusiasts and beginners alike.  There are plenty of bumps, runs, steeps, off-piste, vertical rises to excite and push you to your limits.

And oh, the snow!  There is plenty of it to wallow in, most of which are the fresh powdery kind.  Yes, this makes for a great skiing experience.

Because of the United States’ natural gifts, the ski slopes are simply awesome!  You can have it any way you want – sedate and relaxed, or rough and tough.  What’s more, you can still entertain yourself after having had your day at the ski slopes.  There is a wide range of choices of activities you can indulge in – a tour of picturesque villages, a round of souvenir-shopping, sight-seeing and adventures in nature – hiking, fishing, and boating. Other activities you can do in the snow include snowmobiling, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

The villages are usually steeped with a culture and history that makes them worthwhile places to explore and enjoy a night out.  One example of a historic town would be Telluride, which is nestled in the San Juan Mountains.  It is not only known for its excellent ski trails, but also for the fact that this was where Butch Cassidy started his career of robbing banks.  Towns such as Telluride and many other US towns will take you back to an era that will form part of the holiday memories you will cherish.  Meanwhile, Jackson Town offers a Wild, Wild West vibe where you can be a ski cowboy, if that’s what you want.

One other thing you will enjoy when you are out relaxing at a U.S. resort is the extremely relaxed atmosphere typical of US ski resorts.  You can just “chill out” as you relax by the bar for a few drinks.

As for facilities, you can count on ski resorts to be well equipped.  You usually don’t have to line up for the ski lift, which also affords some of the best scenery.  For those who are bringing the whole family, there are excellent childcare services and child-friendly trails and adventure centuries.  There are also quite a number of excellent ski schools.  The accommodations are also varied – you can splurge and spend your vacation in the lap of luxury or just go barebones at a budget ski resort.


Banff, the Big White, the Rocky Mountains, Mont Saint Sauveur, Blue Mountain, Whistler and Sun Peaks are just some of the reasons for you to try and go get some skiing action in Canada.  Canada is where you go for real snow – you can be assured that snowmaking facilities don’t have their place here.

And the snow is absolutely nothing to be sneezed at.  White, pure and powdery snow is yours for the taking – you don’t have to worry about slush.  The snow will usually be a perfect joy to ski on.  Canada, after all, is known to ski enthusiasts as the world’s backcountry capital.

The ski resorts in Canada span the country from end to end.  Canada’s ski resorts cater to all – the family-oriented skiers, the experts who are looking for their adrenaline rush and even the extreme adventurers who want to go heli-skiing or cat-skiing.

Canada, of course, is known for its long and intense winters.  This is because Canada sits above the 49th parallel.  Mix this with a plethora of hills and mountains, as well as river valleys and glaciers, you are assured that skiing is one great experience.  You can breathe in the mountain air, which is generously mixed with the scent of pines.  You can listen to the shouts and laughter of people simply having the time of their life at the ski slopes.

An added bonus to Canada’s superb skiing opportunities is the awe-inspiring scenery that is a definite showcase.  This includes waterfalls, lush, green forests, frozen lakes and glaciers.

You will also be surprised at the warmth and friendliness that you will encounter at any ski resort in Canada.  Canadians, after all, are a very friendly people who can talk up a storm, even with new-found friends.  One ski resort even welcomes you with bear hugs. What’s a greater way to begin your morning than a great big hug to brighten your day.

Canada’s ski resorts also boast of excellent accommodations, superb dining and shopping.  Do try the west coast salmon – which is one of the best specialties in the country.  The cuisine has a distinct French flavor.  The good thing is you can enjoy great value for money when dining here, compared to dining in Europe.

You can also choose from among the luxury ski resorts, to the smaller and more private ski resorts.  Yes, ski resorts in Canada come in all shapes, sizes and budget range.  It all really comes down to what you want.  So go ski!  There are many places where you can indulge in this highly enjoyable sport.


Why ski in Europe?  Let me count the ways.

Europe is worlds apart from other ski hotspots such as the United States and Australia.  Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain and Austria boast of some of the world’s unforgettable skiing opportunities.  Of course, the fact that Europe is supremely blessed with dramatic mountain ranges spells all the difference.  You have to admit, the mountains in Europe are quite grand, soaring up to the sky.  Their jagged lines beckon the avid skier, challenging him to brave the heights for the ultimate skiing experience.

Imagine what you can do with vertical drops that soar to as high as 6,600 feet!  Oh, the excitement!  Start with St. Anton (in Austria) with 4,400 feet, Cortina (Italy), which has almost 6,000 feet, with Davos (Switzerland) and Les Arcs (France) going over 6,000 feet.  How’s that for getting the adrenaline pumping?

And when you need some downtime from skiing, you can sit, relaxed, as you sip a warm cup of cocoa or coffee. This is a perfect time to chat with old friends and meet new ones.

Now, let us look at where you can go when you want to have the ultimate of ski holidays in Europe.  Andorra has 65 mountain peeks, with kilometers upon kilometers of prepared ski tracks.  Austria will wow you with its fabulous alpine sceneries – great for unforgettable après-skiing.  Bulgaria, with its soaring mountains, offers one of the best conditions for alpine skiing, while you can chill out in the Chilean Andes in Chile, which also feature opportunities to ski volcanic peaks.

Now, Czech Republic, which has quite a number of national parks, has mountains upon mountains that offer an amazing backdrop to your skiing activities.  Finland is home to a number of ski races – Off-Trail Race World Championships is just one.  Because of Finland’s weather, you can be assured of excellent snow, even as other countries are just wrapping up the skiing season.  For the ultimate in luxury, of course, the place to go is in France, which is truly a standard of its own when in comes to ski destinations.   The Bavarian Alps in Germany is home to some of the country’s best resorts.  Now, if you are hankering for more adventure, Iceland has a lot of glaciers for you to ski on.  Take note, though, that this activity is quite dangerous, so if you are not that an expert, better hold it off until your skills are up to par with it.  For the best year-round skiing in choice destinations, Italy is the place to be, with the Calabria, Apennines and Abruccia regions.  After all, Italy is home to quite a number of top-notch Alpine skiers.

Yodelehoo!  The ultimate in skiing is in Switzerland, with its lakes and mountains, plus world-class facilities.

Whew!  How’s that for reasons?  You just know that you have never really skied until you ski in Europe.

Other Parts of the World

How about ski resorts in other parts of the world?  Let us give you the lowdown of what you can expect:

1.    Argentina: The snow-capped Argentinean Cordilleras have long played witness to many a skiing competition.  The steep slopes are perfect for you to master those daring turns and stems.  Learn Alpine skiing as you woosh through plains and valleys, along gorgeous mountain views.

2.    India: Others may think that with the summer heat, India would be the last place for one to indulge in skiing.  Thanks to its European heritage, India boasts of places such as Nainital, Manali, Mussourie and Shimla.

3.    Japan: Japan is skiing with karaoke on the side.  Japan is also blessed with an eclectic mix of the most modern and the supremely serene.  What’s more, snow-capped mountains are sprinkled with cultural opportunities (temples and historic sites) so you can get the chance to enrich your knowledge of this fascinatingly rich culture. When in Japan and you want to get into the best ski resorts there, visit Hokkaido, or the Hakuba and Nagano areas.

4.    South Korea: Since South Korea is another winter wonderland, you can expect lots of snow – the thick kind that is such a pleasure to ski in.  Keep in mind, though, that the skiing season is from December to March.  Most of South Korea’s ski resorts are centered in the Gyeonggi-do, Jeollabuk-do, Chungcheongbuk-do and Gangwon-do provinces.  Gyeonggi-do offers excellent opportunities for night skiing.

5.    Lebanon: Lebanon’s six ski resorts (The Cedars and Faraya-Mzaar, for example) are nothing to sneeze at, especially when you consider the fact that the 2009 Asian Winter Games are slated to be held there.

6.    Morocco: If you want to take the road less traveled, then Morocco is a good choice.  Morocco has two ski resorts, which are at their skiing best during the June to August.  Mind you, these ski resorts offer their ski facilities at very reasonable prices – a day at the slopes will only set you back $25, at most.  Atlas Mountains is the choice when you want to go cross-country skiing.  But you should bear in mind that accommodations minimal, so you may need to have your own camping and ski equipment.

7.    New Zealand: New Zealand’s Southern Alps provide much of the reason why New Zealand is renowned as a ski destination. One particular town to visit is the fabulous  Queenstown.  The good think about New Zealand’s terrain is that it is so varied that there is something for everybody here – the beginner, the intermediate skier, the expert along with the downright adventurous.

8.    Turkey: Turkey has since remained a well-kept secret among ski enthusiasts.  Well, until now.  Come October’s end, skiers flock to the Uludag Mountain, Antalya , Sarykamysh, and Palandoken massif.

Yes, in skiing, you are not limited to the US, Canada or Europe.  Others have enjoyed the ski scene at these places, so why don’t you as well?

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