Book Your Trip Now To Rome: A Travel Guide To The Eternal City

Do all roads really lead to Rome? This is just one of the many quotations about this famous city that you may have already heard – and the answer is a resounding yes!

Also dubbed as the “Eternal City“, Italy’s capital is famous for being a romantic paradise, a charming city chock full of history, an artists’ haven, the world’s center of religion, and much more.

Discover the city

Rome is a sprawling city that is like a decadent cake with many delicious layers. No matter which cultural or historical attraction it is that you are looking for, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Sample the local drinks and cuisine.

Every bar, café, piazza, and pasticceria offers an abundance of drinks and cuisines that you can sample. For example, La Villeta dal 1940 is one of the best restaurants in the city which is already considered to be a Roman institution. This family-run business offers basic ingredients that combine to create mouthwatering flavors.

Participate in the annual events.

Film buffs would have a blast viewing high-quality films which are showcased during the Rome Film Festival, carried out every October. Another annual event to look forward to is spending New Year’s Eve in La Festa di San Silvestro, at the Piazza del Popolo.

Rome is a sprawling city that is like a decadent cake with many delicious layers. No matter which cultural or historical attraction it is that you are looking for, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Here are just a few parts of Rome waiting to be discovered: Ancient Rome, Medieval Rome, Christian Rome, and Renaissance Rome.

Discover the city

Now, your visit to the Eternal City will never be complete without basking in the sight of famous attractions like the Palatine HillRaphael’s Tomb at the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Castel Sant’Angelo, the Trevi Fountain or the Roman Forum Ruins.

When going on a tour of the Colesseum, for example, you will get a glimpse of what the heart of ancient Rome is all about. When you visit here, you will also get to see the Forum and the Capitoline Museum. Another sight to behold is the Castel Sant’Angelo which started way back in 123 A.D. as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian.

The one thing that you should not forget when visiting these places is comfortable walking shoes! Whether it is your first or nth time to visit Rome, you will never lack in interesting things to do.

Take a look at the following list on how you can have a taste of the sweet life, La Dolce Vita:

1. Sample the local drinks and cuisine

Every bar, café, piazza, and pasticceria offers an abundance of drinks and cuisines that you can sample.

For example, La Villeta dal 1940 is one of the best restaurants in the city which is already considered to be a Roman institution. This family-run business offers basic ingredients that combine to create rich, mouthwatering flavors.

2. Experience what the nightlife has to offer.
No tourist’s visit to Rome will ever be complete without experiencing the delights that the city has to offer during the night.

How about letting jazz music soothe your senses at the Alexanderplatz, one of Rome’s most popular jazz clubs? Those who want to dance the night away can visit Alien. Or, you can simply hang out at the Caruso Café de Oriente.

3. Participate in the annual events.

Film buffs would have a blast viewing high-quality films which are showcased during the Rome Film Festival, carried out every October.

Another annual event to look forward to is spending New Year’s Eve in La Festa di San Silvestro, at the Piazza del Popolo.

At the end of the day, there are about 1,001 things that both the locals and tourists can get to enjoy when in Rome, a history-laden city with many historical sites and cultural attractions to behold.

Explore Rome

Planning a holiday in Rome, Italy? If you’re sick and tired of the gloomy weather in your homeland and are excited to visit a warm, cozy, historic and romantic city – the Eternal City is your surest bet. As the seat of ancient Roman culture, Rome houses some of the most well-known paintings, architecture, and sculpture on earth. It has many attractions on offer so you need to have a well-planned vacation. As in any holiday to any city, planning is key to a fun and memorable Rome adventure.

As the political and spiritual center of Catholicism, Rome has more than 20 international relief and it is a popular destination for many Christian pilgrims. It is also a destination that will keep visitors entertained and busy at all times. If you’re interested in art, history, religion, and music, Rome is your best bet as no other city in the world offers more.

Knowing when to go and how to get around well ahead of time will definitely work to your advantage. Rome is more often than not agreeable all-year-round for all travelers. If you want to avoid the annoying crowd of tourists, then going there during the high tourist season may not be a very good idea. You may also want to avoid this season as low-cost accommodations are almost impossible to find and airfare rates will cost you a fortune.

Rome has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation: friendly people, centuries-old history, fascinating culture, magnificent ancient architecture, delectable delicacies, serious shopping scene, fun-filled activities, and a lot of must-see attractions. But traveling to the Eternal City is not at all that easy. Before you head to Rome, we suggest you contact hotels and restaurants. Do your homework will save you from any trouble.

The Planning Your Trip section gives you information that you need to know when coming up with a travel plan for your holiday in Rome: when to go, how to get there, getting around the city, finding the accommodation that suits your taste and budget, obtaining an Italy visa, and how to stay safe in the city.


Those who want to soak in the sights, sounds, smells and a bit of the local culture in Rome have a lot of sightseeing tours to choose from. If it is your first time in this gorgeous, romantic city, it is not advisable to tour Rome by driving a rental car.

Instead, you can take your pick from the many Rome sightseeing tours available in the “Eternal City”.

Travelers’ Advice:  Different Sightseeing Tours in Rome to Choose from

Whether it is your first time or nth time to visit the city – Rome has a lot of layers that you can peel away, one delicious treat after another.

So what are the types of sightseeing tours in Rome that you can choose from? Take a look at the following list to find out:

1.    Private Tours of Rome

Want to see the city of Rome illuminated at night?  You can definitely do so by booking for a private tour of the city.  There’s no need for you to suffer through long lines or fall for tourist traps which are laid out through the entire city.

With a private tour, you and a group of other tourists will get to enjoy a private tour of Rome.  Some of the highlights include touring the part of the city which is known as Ancient Rome.

Whether you liked the movie “The Da Vinci Code” or not, you will definitely be amazed at the Da Vinci Code tour which is led by a private tour guide. Catholic or not, you will most certainly appreciate a tour of the papal enclave.

History buffs will have a blast visiting Nero’s Golden HouseSubterranean RomeBernini’s Rome and other sights worth seeing in this living, breathing museum that is Rome.

Finally, there’s another part of Rome sightseeing tours wherein you can browse through the myriad of selections in one of Rome’s famous flea markets.  When it comes to private tours like these, the possibilities of the sights that you can explore are practically endless!

2.    Walking Tours of Rome

Rome is definitely a fun city to explore, even on foot. With a walking tour of Rome – you can also have a guided tour as you go through different tourist activities.  This includes enjoying Rome by night, joining guided tours of Rome, trekking through the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere area, or indulging in food and wine tasting tours.

3.    Enjoying Rome through Bus Tours

Another infamous way to enjoy a tour in Rome is by getting on an open bus, where you can enjoy the feel of that distinctive Italian breeze while having an unrestricted view of the city.

4.    Planning a Trip to Rome, then Soaking in the Sights for Free!

Finally, what better way is there to explore a famous, romantic and charming city than by exploring everything by yourself – without having to follow a set schedule or going through a guided tour? When you plan a trip to Rome, you definitely have the freedom to explore the city and soak in the sights at your own pace and your own time.

Take your pick from these unique ways to explore and discover the area through Rome sightseeing tours – and you’ll definitely have a memory of the city like you will never forget!


It is your primary responsibility to possess a proper Italian visa if you are planning a trip to the city.  Your tour or booking agent may refuse to travel if you cannot produce the required passport and visa for your trip to Rome.

Knowing the important travel requirements to Rome can make your vacation truly pleasant and hassle-free.

Travel Requirements for EU Residents

If you are a citizen of the European Union, Switzerland, San Marino, and Monaco, you are not required by the Italian government to have a passport to enter Rome.  However, you need to present your National Identity Card to the Italian authorities.

You will also not be required to have a visa to enter and visit Rome.  A Rome visa is also not required if you come from the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Requirements for Non-EU Residents

If you are not from the European Union, you will need a passport in order to visit Rome.  This will serve as your primary identification document so always take good care of your passport while in Rome.

If you come from the U.S.A., Japan, Canada, Australia, Israel, and New Zealand, you will not need a Rome visa in order to visit the city.  However, if you plan to stay for more than 90 days in Rome, you will have to apply for a visa.

Other citizens of countries not mentioned above should have a valid passport and travel visa to visit Rome.  Information about specific requirements in getting a travel visa is available in a country-specific Italian consulate or embassy.

How to Apply for a Rome Visa

You can apply for a Rome visa in any Italian diplomatic consular representation or embassy in your country.  You can get detailed information about documentary requirements from the website of the Italian embassy.

When you present the required documents for getting a visa, it does not automatically mean that your application will be granted.  You need to personally appear for an interview at the consulate or Visa Section of the Italian embassy in your country.

There are also fees you need to pay for the application process.  You can pay these fees at the consulate where you filed your application.

Important Reminders for Travelers in Rome

It is important to keep your passport and visa safe at all times.  Upon entering the city of Rome, immigration authorities will require you to present your passport and visa.

Always photocopy your passport and visa before you start traveling around Rome.  It is best if you can keep a copy of your travel documents, especially your visa, in a safe deposit box.  Always bring your visa and passport with you.

If you plan to extend your visit or vacation in Rome, you have to contact the nearest embassy of your country and seek specific advice.  In this way, you will know the rules and regulations for such extensions.

If you want to visit Rome, you must ensure that your travel documents are all in order.  There are specific Rome visa requirements you need to comply with so that the Italian government will grant your travel request.


Saving enough sums to take a trip to Rome? If you do; then, you should learn something about Rome’s geography. Informing yourself with the landmarks of Rome will certainly give you an edge to give yourself an unforgettable experience while you are on a trip. Through this, you would know the most beautiful sites to go to in the place and the most ideal season to take a trip to Rome.

To find the essence of this claim, try to answer this question first: what do you actually know about the Hadrian’s Wall? If you don’t know the answer; then, you have all the reasons to know more about the so-called Eternal City. And after you do, you are guaranteed to know the fundamental things you can expect as you travel to the grandiose City of Rome and to determine the best time to fly to this place.

The Seven Hills Found in Rome

The city of Rome is hilly. In fact, it is made up of seven hills: AventinusCaeliusCapitoliumEsquiliaePalatiumQuirinalis, and Virminalis. These hills were formerly named as the following respectively: Aventine CaelianCapitolineEsquilinePalatine, Quirinal, and Viminal.

When you go to Rome, you would see that among the seven hills, only the Capitoline remains distinct in the place. The rest of the hills were once noticeable; even Capitoline is not as distinct as before. Originally, the QuirinalEsquilineCaelian, and Viminal hills served as peninsulas of an early volcanic ridge. Meanwhile, the PalatineCapitoline, and Aventine hills were hills parted from the others; but they were not part of the same early volcanic ridge. Before, it is said that there were marshy ravines located in between the entire hills including the Tiber River. However, because of the olden times, the ravines are already succumbed by the remains of the past civilization this time.

Archeological evidence supports the claim saying there were actually walled cities on each of these hills before. Archeologists and historians also cited that they have found evidence of early antagonism between people dwelling on the Esquiline and Quirinal hills against those dwellers on the Palatine and Velian hills. It is for this reason why they claim that people before have chosen Romulus and Remus to be the leaders of the warring peoples dwelling on the Palatine and Aventine hills respectively.

Weather in Rome

Many Romans suggest that the best time to tour in Rome is from the middle of September to October. During this time, there is a little rain in the place and is a bit chilly too; but overall the temperatures turn out to be a lot better as compared to other months. On the other hand, no one suggests touring in the place in November; although some say it is still a bit okay to tour here in the first half of November.

Summer is also claimed as not an ideal season to visit Rome since it is really scorching in the place during such time. The weather here in March is variable and only becomes stable in the month of April. Meanwhile, during the month of October, the temperature is really cold at night but is still tolerable as compared to some other months.

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