Cordoba’s Recommended Places To Stay By Travelers

A place to stay is one of the priorities you have to consider before you go on your Cordoba trip. You would want to find the place money-wise but doesn’t compromise your comfort and access to the city. Cordoba has lots of various accommodations that offer you a wide range of services, from lodging houses, inns, and classy hotels, you just choose which best suits your budget and needs.

Remember to choose the best, if not the best then choose the Cordoba accommodation which makes you feel at ease and at home. There are some things that must be considered when you choose a place to stay.

1. Find a haven within the confines of the city. One that has easy access to the city, if you find it difficult to find a place within the city itself, then opt for one that has instant access to public transportation. The  Hospederia de El Churrasco, for instance, is within the city as with the  Hospes Palacio del Bailio, both are viewed as superb hotels with a great location. On the other side, the downside of not having an accessible location is that you have to wake up early to be on time for your activities. When it’s time for the festivities, for instance, you’d want to be in the frontline. You don’t want to spend half your time commuting before you get to the heart of the city because by then, you have missed out half the excitement of the ongoing merriment.

2. Find a place that suits your budget. When you want a luxurious stay, then go for the hotels, when you want cheaper accommodations, there are inns and lodging houses for you’re to stay in. The Hostal La Fuente is one of those specialty lodgings in the city, on the other hand, inns and hostels such as Santa Ana Hostal, Casa de Los Azulejos, Hotel de Los Faroles also offer cheaper prices, with good service and location. Be budget wise but never compromise your comfort, you’d want to have a soft mattress to lay-on after you have spent your day going around Cordoba. Your stay would be just temporary, so make the most of it, always find time to go outdoors and explore the city.

3. Go for accommodations that are already well-known for their service and convenience, do a little background check. You can find information on the internet; it has an array of information from hotels to inns; including their contact numbers and location. If you’re not satisfied then ask somebody who has gone out to Cordoba for a first opinion. It is best not to just choose randomly but rather opt for the one with the best reputation among other tourists. In that way, you can guarantee that their services are good and your stay will be worthwhile.

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