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Destination: Oslo, Norway: A Traveler’s Guide

A city within a paradise could best describe Oslo, Norway. You will get to enjoy a combination of city life and outdoor activities. The core of the city is compact with museums, galleries, castles, parks, and modern architecture that are easy to navigate by public transportation or by rentable city bikes that are very accessible within the city. The city is surrounded by vast forest dotted with little lakes and a fjord making Oslo a city in close contact with nature’s breathtaking sceneries.

The Allure of Oslo

If you want to unwind in a paradise that can cater to your modern lifestyle at the same time, Oslo is the best city for you. Oslo’s location gives the tourist a chance for a one of a kind city break. Stroll on castles, museums, and galleries; swim in the fjord and hike in the forest all in the same day can possibly happen in Oslo. If you’re a tourist, you can take a guided tour by bus or boat to see the city’s attractions and learning about the city’s history. And you don’t need to worry if what part of the year would you arrive since the tours are available all year round.

The city offers many attractions and events. Like historical artifacts that can be seen in the Viking Ship Museum and the Munch Museum; striking sculptures at the Vigeland Sculpture Park; skiing in the metro at the Holmenkollen; to the world-famous Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony every December 10th held at the Nobel Peace Centre and the Holocaust transport. In addition to these historical artifacts and modern architecture, the city also houses various flora and fauna in the mountains and forests that surround Oslo. And since the city is close to nature, opportunities for many outdoor recreational activities are never far away. Free parking, many museums with cheap to free admission and nature in the city’s doorsteps what more can you ask for.


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