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Dining In Brussels: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Food.

There is a variety of restaurants in Brussels. If you know what you want to eat and go to the right areas, there are some delicious options. The restaurant scene is lively and full of Belgians and foreigners working in Brussels every night of the week. Sundays are a little quieter. Gastronomic delights await a food lovers tour in Brussels. The local cuisine has a unique taste and style, but the city also pays homage to cuisines from around the world.

Good service is easy to find if you enter with a greet and a smile. There is no culture of tipping important because the service charge is already included, but if the service is very good, then a small tip of € 1 or € 2 is appreciated. You can leave this in the bill at the end or in a glass container at the counter. Bartenders usually can speak French or English and have English menus on request.

The style of the most recommended foods are French, Italian, Vegetarian and some Asian Restaurants.

French Restaurants
Brussels has a good selection of French food, as there are many immigrants and descendants of the Belgians from France and the French parts of Belgium, who understand how to serve French cuisine, with a very good Belgian touch.

Italian Restaurants
The best Italian restaurants are selling more than pizza and pasta. There is definitely more to Italian food.

Asian Restaurants
Indeed, the area’s best Chinese restaurants, Vietnamese and Thai are located near Bourse. The streets on both sides of the Bourse is full of Chinese restaurants and noodle shops that tend to casual dining. The street with the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants are in Jules Van Praet. Chinese restaurants seem to congregate around the Chinese food store at 2 Rue de la Veirge Noire. Japanese food is a bit more expensive and spread throughout different parts of the city.

Vegetarian Restaurants
In Brussels, only a small number of vegetarian restaurants, which are spread throughout the city, but many restaurants offer more than one vegetarian option and the dishes still very tasteful. If you want to find a lot of vegetarian and organic place, there is a healthy fast food chain started in Belgium that can be found throughout the city.

Try to avoid restaurants around the tourist spots like the Grand Place and Avenue Louise metro since they are normally designed for tourists. The menu items are cheap, but drinks are expensive and low quality. The biggest clue is how the tables are created with brilliant wine glasses, white table clothes and napkins origami luxury.


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