Discover Tallinn’s Culture And Entertainment That Will Make You Extend Your Stay

Visiting a new city is not just about sightseeing but also it’s about the experience. It means, there is a lot of things to do in Tallinn, by simply exploring and sightseeing the beautiful medieval city, to enjoy and have some fun.

A great way to get an idea of ​​Tallinn, when you first arrive – not to mention to see some unforgettable places – is to head to one of the many excellent views of the city. The most popular of these, and easier to access, are the view platforms on Toompea Hill. To blend your experience with a little overview of medieval history, try to climb the steep stairs of the Town Hall Tower.

As you make your way through the most amazing part of Tallinn, namely its medieval city center, why not explore every street carefully and adopt one as your favorite.

The longest street in the Old Town is Pikk, whose name simply means “long”.  Parallel to Pikk is Lai, whose name means “wide”. There is also the Viru, the most traveled old town street and commercially developed. Vene with its monastery, church, and restaurants.

The Old Town of Tallinn, which is much more living, a breathing entity for the local population and not just preserved for tourists, is both beautiful and fascinating. It has an excellent mix of churches, homes, palaces, parks, gardens and green areas, plus more well-preserved walls and towers, with a historical period of several hundred years.

A visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum is a colorful introduction to Estonian culture and a nice day for anyone interested in its history.

There are also many ways for thrill-seekers to experience Tallinn. There is the Skypark trampoline center and the Adventure Park Nõmme outdoors, which operate throughout the year. You can take one of the bike tours offered also to add a bit more of Tallinn flavor. Slip through Pirita, which is a playground weekend for the population of Tallinn, which is aimed to relax on its beautiful white sand beaches during the summer months.

If you want to rub elbows with the locals and pick up a bargain or two, you should visit one of the many outdoor markets in Tallinn. While in the markets, keep in mind that the Estonians did not haggle. The price they ask is the price they expect.

It is also a great center of culture and nightlife with the locals and visitors by making full use of its lovely eclectic mix of food and beverages.

Tallinn for Free

By visiting Tallinn, there is a lot to do by sightseeing, by getting around in a city by simply not burning or cost nothing in your pockets. Free Tallinn Tour is a great way for everyone, no matter what your budget is, to fully discover this wonderful city.

For Free in Tallinn

Take a stroll through the UNESCO-protected Old Town. And climb Pikk Jalg, or “long leg”, which winds up to Toompea hill. Standing proudly at the top is the flamboyant Russian Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, as well as several viewing platforms with wide views to the Baltic Sea.

From here, walk through the bustling Town Hall square to Katariina Käik (St Catherine’s Passage), filled with master craftsmen’s workshops. A favorite with the locals is Balti Jaama Turg, a wonderful daily Russian market just five minutes’ walk from Town Hall square. Stalls selling everything from antiques to locally-made jams at bargain prices.

If it’s sunny, take the tram to Kadriorg Park, a park full of oaks and lilac trees that surrounded by old-style wooden houses in Estonia. Kadriorg is one of the romantic places in Tallinn. It has a large park with ponds, gardens, and pathways, which are all there to surround the magnificent Kadriorg Palace.

It costs nothing to admire the impressive exterior of Kadriorg Palace, built by Peter the Great in the 18th century for his wife, Catherine I – though it will cost £ 3.70 for adults (£ 1.95 children) to move inside.

Go to the Open Air Museum which has a farm building, windmills and watermills from different periods and regions have been gathered here. Popular festivals are celebrated in traditional style in the museum, and often folk dance and music can be enjoyed here. It is an ideal place to have a picnic here to escape from city life.


Theatre has moved slowly toward the center of Estonia’s cultural landscape, from the standpoint of both the state budget and the value systems of ordinary people.

At present almost 30 theaters operating in Estonia. Estonia’s best theaters are definitely on part with the rest of Europe. A trip to the theater has become so common that it seems impossible to find someone who has never been there. The theater performed musical plays and dramas.


Drama studio Theater began the operation under the direction of the renowned producer Paul Joseph of Estonia. Young people who gathered under this name were the first who receive systematic education of the knowledge and skills necessary for the theater. The repertoire of this theater consisted of theater plays, from a selection of the classical, the symbolists and Expressionistic ones. These days the repertoire of the Estonian Drama Theatre consists of the plays written by Shakespeare, Moliere, Calderon and also Friel, Bergman, etc. Address: Parnu mnt. 5


Tallinn City Theatre, founded in 1965, is a repertoire theater, located in the heart of Tallinn. The theater is famous for its high artistic level as well as its unique medieval building, which houses seven different performance spaces and a large outdoor stage for summer productions. Repertoire Theatre of the city of Tallinn has been so approved by both the public and critics. It contains the world’s classical and modern theater. Address: Lai 23


The theater building is located in the center of Tallinn. In one of the theater halls is accomplished art gallery, which has exhibitions of Russian and Estonian artists. Over 50 years of existence of the theater has brought about 500 performances. These are statements of modern Russian and Western playwrights, Russian and international classics, Estonian drama art, and performances for children. Theatre had undergone a general reconstruction, resulting in restoration of the historic image of the interior of the building. At the same time, the theater became one of the most technically perfect theater venues. Address: Vabaduse Valjak 5


The building was designed by Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wiwi Lonn. Majestic White Hall of the National Opera of Estonia, with its grand chandeliers, is a great place for festive receptions, formal occasions, and dancing parties. The hall has removable chairs and tables. A bar is open for the guests. Estonia National Opera offers singers and musicians on your order. Address: Estonia Avenue 4.


The influence of Museums is the interesting historical heritage of Tallinn. There are plenty of museums in a historic alignment. There are several museums expose handicrafts and arts from Estonian ancestors to present artists.

Estonian Open-Air Museum – Located at Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12, Tallinn. This museum lets you travel back in time to rural Estonia of old. The museum presents a unique collection of farm buildings, water mills, windmills, a wooden chapel, and a village school, with staff demonstrating how people lived and worked in the past. Visitors can buy handicrafts and try to taste the traditional food served at the tavern.

Adamson-Eric Museum – Located at Lühike jalg 3. The main exhibition on the first floor displayed more than 500 artworks of Adamson-Eric, which contains paintings, ceramics, leather works of art, forms of metal, ceramic decorative plates and jewelry.

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design – Located at Lai 17, Tallinn. Consists of examples of contemporary Estonian applied art and design of prototypes and products. This Museum has a collection, with 15,000 exhibits, contains textile art, ceramics, porcelain, leather, glass, jewelry, metalwork, furniture, and product design. There is also a rare collection of photographs, negatives and slides, a small specialized library and an archive collection.

Tallinn City Museum – Located at Vene 17, Tallinn. The most modern and best-presented historical museum in Tallinn introduces all the vital aspects of the history of the city and its development. Various sectors of medieval society are explained by a combination of texts, objects, life-sized models and sound effects.

Kadriorg Palace – Kadriorg Art Museum – Located at A. Weizenbergi 37, Tallinn. A trip to Tallinn is not a trip to Tallinn without a visit to this magnificent northern Baroque palace. Surrounding the Palace are several interesting palace side buildings. For example, the kitchen renovated building is now occupied by an art museum called the Museum Mikkel, and the humble estate of summer is the Peter I House Museum. While here, do not miss the decadent, two-story main hall, with its elaborately painted ceiling and stucco work.

Estonian Maritime Museum – The museum focuses on the important aspect of the maritime history of Estonia, showing things as Neolithic fishing gear, antique diving equipment, and up to the wheelhouse from the 1950s a ship of the time. The exhibition on the history of Estonia’s maritime transport – ships and shipbuilding, ports, navigational aids on ships, lighthouses – is displayed on four floors of the museum. In the inner court historical anchors are exposed and from the roof of the tower is a magnificent view over the harbor and the Old Town.


Tallinn is a city that is always connected with its history, with many neighborhoods provide excellent snapshots at different periods of its past. To see where the city goes into the 21st century. However, take a stroll through the Rotermann Quarter, discover Tallinn’s new public meeting place, the Freedom Square or visit the museum of art leading nation.

Freedom Square

Located at Vabaduse väljak. This open space on the edge of the old town has been a place of national symbolism and civic pride, and a favorite place of public assembly. The Construction began in 2008, and after a year of intense work, the new Freedom Square was finally completed. It is now a sophisticated place to relax, full of benches and cafes, and faced with two art galleries.

Naval Officers’ House

It is Tallinn’s finest example of Stalinist architecture. The design is based on the great Empire-style St. Petersburg, and a hammer and sickle are still visible at the top of the facade.

The Residential Structure

It looks like a miniature copy of its colossal levels “wedding cake” buildings in Moscow, Riga and other Soviet cities. It is indeed impressive for its tower, topped with a Soviet star.

Song Grounds

It was completed in 1960, was considered an achievement in Modernism. Ironically, song festivals held here in the 1980s became an important part of Estonia’s independence movement.

Museum of Estonian Architecture

Located at Ahtri 2. Rotermann’s Salt Storage, the largest limestone structures in the Rotermann district, is the ideal place for a museum devoted to architecture. Its permanent exhibition presents Estonian architectural development through the ages, and a scale model of central Tallinn, while temporary exhibits focus on various architectural movements.

Rotermann Quarter

Located at Roseni 3. It is a complex of an old factory which is located between the old and the passenger port. It is now a bustling commercial and cultural center, whose modern architecture is presented as a powerful symbol of how far Tallinn has come to reinvent itself in recent years. It is now home to a number of shops and restaurants as well as an active cultural scene.

The Tallinn Synagogue

Located at Karu 16. Tallinn’s  Synagogue is by far the most modern house of worship in the city. With the opening of the synagogue, the Jewish community was given a new approach. In addition to hosting religious services and Jewish holiday celebrations in their 200-seat main hall, which oversees the preparation and distribution of kosher food, as well as hosting a Mikvah, and a Jewish museum.


When you’re going to visit Tallinn, it’s almost impossible you’re not to get involved in one of the many festivals held almost every week throughout the year. Whatever it is; a joyous celebration of Beer Festival, an enchanting opera, and ballet festival or cozy Christmas market in the old town, you should not be missed it when you are here. Many of the world-famous festivals and its unique comparison is not to be found elsewhere.

Birgitta Festival

This unique festival of music and theater first appeared in fascinating attractions of the capital, Tallinn, Estonia, the historic ruins of the Pirita (St. Bridgets) convent in the late summer of 2005. Birgitta Festival combines the dark charm of a medieval Pirita convent in Tallinn, Estonia with the latest in modern musical theater in all its variety and richness.

Black Nights Film Festival

The Black Nights Film Festival arrives in Tallinn in November-December of each year. The festival aims to present the Estonia public of world cinema in all its colorful delights, providing spiritual food for all tastes and ages. Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is a unique event that combines a film festival with the sub-festivals of animated films, student films, and children/youth films.

International Tallinn Flower Festival

The aim of the Tallinn Flower Festival is to bring together lovers of gardening and horticulture in Estonia and abroad, giving participants the opportunity to create striking garden plots and win positive publicity and offer aesthetic pleasure to the citizens and Tallinn visitors throughout the summer. This Festival happens during the month of June.

Ollesummer – Beer Summer Festival

The big event of the summer in Tallinn. It is one of the great social and cultural events in Estonia is the Õllesummer festival, having good music, beer, and a good atmosphere. Õllesummer offering over one hundred different types of tasteful chilly brewed beer.

Estonia Song and Dance Celebration – Laulupidu

If you like your Baltic folk music, large, loud and part of a crowd, then do not get much bigger than Laulupidu Estonia – Estonia’s Song and Dance Celebration. Local Estonians and a growing number of foreigners make the trip to Tallinn for this popular extravaganza held only once every 4 to 5 years.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market is an annual exhibition in the Town Hall Square streets of Tallinn, every December with the opportunity to find the perfect stocking fillers, with many markets selling their products. The event represents a medieval environment, with markets, street performers, and traditional music.


Unlike many other major cities, Tallinn does not have a shopping street. Visiting Tallinn is almost impossible not to shop. One reason for this is that the stores are very easily accessible from wherever you enter the city. The second reason is perhaps that it’s so cozy in Tallinn.

Tallinn is a consumer-friendly city. There are plenty of opportunities to spend money on Shopping in Tallinn. Most shops in the Old Town and department stores throughout the city are open seven days a week, and major credit cards are widely accepted.

Old Town is literally filled with dozens of souvenir shops, antique and specialty stores. The best places to find quality fashion, shoes, perfumes are in the elegant boutiques along Old Town Viru and Müürivahe streets, and the large, full-service department stores and malls that have recently been appearing around Tallinn.

Walking through the shopping streets you will find a lot of unique handicrafts and some very up to date fashion and designer labels in both domestic and foreign.

The most central shopping center is Viru Centre home also to the Kaubamaja department store. Stockmann offers Kaubamaja and everything from electronics to cosmetics as well as large sections of clothing.

Shopping for a Souvenir

  • Hand-painted marzipan
  • Original art like graphic prints, handmade jewelry, colorful glassware or fine ceramics.
  • Dark, bittersweet Estonian chocolate and other local sweets produced by the Kalev confectionery.
  • CDs are internationally renowned Estonian composer.
  • Handicrafts items such as hand-woven wool garments with traditional folk patterns of Estonia, woodcarving, beer mugs, fedoras fun, limestone candle holders and juniper coasters.
  • Soviet-era trinkets, sold in an antique shop.

Shopping of Books

Two of the largest bookstores are Rahva Raamat in the Viru Center and Apollo in the Solaris Center. More than just book shops, they otherwise also sell music and DVDs and even have a comfy Cafe. There are also shops like Raamatukoi that offer interesting used and antique books.

Handicraft Shops

The most uniquely Estonian souvenirs that you can bring home from Tallinn are examples of traditional Estonian handicrafts – beautiful, usually functional items created by hand, following centuries-old methods.

Shopping of Antiques

Tallinn antique shops selling a wide variety of items, from old Russian Orthodox icons to antique fire-heated clothing irons. There is a lot of china and glassware, antique clocks and even some decent jewelry available. But you will need patience and dedication to make you way through the dozens of antique shops scattered throughout the Old Town and city center.


Tallinn’s best restaurants are usually concentrated in the center of Old Town, offering Estonia city break tourists a wide variety of cuisine options, ranging from traditional values, romantic and even exotic settings. Also note that usually you will sit back by yourself, so do not expect like a mannequin – just grab a seat available and you will finally be brought a menu. Service center is almost always speak English and other languages ​​menus are the rule, though the words may not always be spelled correctly.

Here are some list of Tallinn’s Restaurant:


Located at Viru 2/Vanaturu 6. The menu is European-based and fun-loving, with intelligent choices as weakness with Lady Margaret (chicken fillet) and contemplation of the Lord Mansion (duck fillet). The fresh, warm bread are a nice touch. Every day at 8:00pm there is a theatrical sword fight on the staircase, on Friday and Saturday followed by belly dancing. Grand Terrace in the summer.


You will find this stylish and elegant restaurant housed in an old limestone building. The cuisine, artfully prepared by a son of Naples, is an innovative and fresh fusion of  world flavours.


Grandma’s Place offers guests a warm welcome and a cozy dining room filled with antiques. Be courage, thats there is no signs of the big bad wolf here, despite boar is occasionally on the menu. Elk Roast is a regular feature and the lamb with blue cheese is highly recommended. Reservations are a good idea for the nights of Friday and Saturday.


Located at Vana-Viru 14. You can find it here a good, lounge and restaurant. Perfect sushi place, lunch, dinner or just a drink. You can sit for a drink or coffee, and also food. Good casual place at the entrance of the old town. Many local business people enjoy this place.


Located at Vana turg 1. If you’ve ever wanted the experience of being at a party in the Middle Ages, then there is nothing more than a meal in the Olde Hansa Restaurant. Recipes and ingredients have been carefully studied to ensure that your food tastes exactly the same as in ancient times.


The “Garden” is a very elegant building with plenty of opportunities to relax while enjoying a fresh meal or light snack. The emphasis here is on healthy options and can choose between the mains involving the buckwheat, hemp seed and other interesting additions.

Estonian Cuisine

Cuisine in Estonia shows the ability in the culinary art of those Estonia people. Cuisine in Estonia is somewhat identical to that of the Finnish.

Estonia’s national cuisines are often intended as sauerkraut, black pudding, kama, kanepitemp, mulgipuder, meat in jelly and rye bread. The Estonian people used to perk up the flavor of their foods and drinks with honey, but today they have acquired a totally different way to improve the taste.

Traditional cuisine of Estonia has been substantially based on meat and potatoes, and fish in coastal areas and along the lake, but it is influenced by many cuisines today.

For a large number of foreign visitors, the traditional food of Estonia can be, frankly, daunting. People from most of the world are simply not used of eating marinated eel, or swallowing spoonfuls of meat jelly for that matter. And it goes without saying that many people flinch before trying anything called “blood sausage”.

Appetizers are not an important part of the Estonian cuisine. Its main objective is to improve ones appetite. Much of the appetizers are based on fish.

Most food in Estonia is very simple, and for a long time, cereals and bread were first, with potatoes that are added later. Milk, salt fish and pork have also been part of the daily menu.

Normally, the Estonians have a light breakfast before going to work or school. Between noon and three o’clock they have their main meal of the day, the lunch. Dinner usually takes place around six or seven p.m.

Soups are the most preferred among all other Cuisine in Estonia;

Sour sorrel soup,
Beer soup,
Sauerkraut soup with beans,
Milk soup with egg,
Milk soup with pearl barley,
Bean soup,
Baltic herring soup,
Lentil soup with smoked meat,
Sauerkraut soup with cold mashed potatoes,
Meat and dumpling soup,
Beetroot soup

Some cuisines made with meat in Estonia:

Pigs’ feet in aspic,
Blood dumplings,
Head cheese,
Blood sausage,
Veal slices in dough,
Blood pancakes,
Smoked lamb shank,
Blood bread,
Meat and potatoes

Other Cuisine in Estonia includes;

Cottage cheese,
Curd with caraway seeds,
Egg butter,
Sour milk crumbs,
Kama dumplings,
Russian salad,
Nott or thick sauce,
Oatmeal flummery

Typical foods in Tallinn

Verivorst– blood sausage
– cottage cheese-like dairy products, often used in cakes and pastries
– or black bread. Leib is almost assumed a sacred quality.
– a sweet, German-style bread, knotted and sprinkled with nuts and raisins, standard at Estonian birthdays.
– hamburger with onions
– or potatoes, were introduced here in 1700. They are now an integral part of virtually all genuine Estonia meals. They come either boiled or baked.
– jellied meat, similar to the Scottish haggis


Tallinn’s nightlife is vibrant, lively and fun with a number of trendy cafes, clubs, discos and pubs. Estonians have a reputation for being cool up until they start drinking. With more bars, pubs and clubs that you could shake a stick at, Tallinn is the secret capital of Eastern European party.

The nightlife in Tallinn is conveniently clustered around the compact old town and the streets are safe for walking at night.

Old Town is filled with a buzzing, having determined the day winds down and the after-hours crowd takes to the streets. Sports bars, lounges hip, crowd dives hold all life on any given Friday night. With so many bars, pubs and clubs squeezed into the same small area, it is easy for you to stumble happily from one place to another, compare notes and find a place that suits your mood.

When it comes for a freedom to enjoy, Tallinn makes a great escape, because here you can drown in beer and getting lost in the dance floor. Everything here is so bold and brazen, do not be shy when you are out for a nightlife.

Tallinn nightlife are awesome with very cheap alcohol and great atmosphere. There are different types of bars and suit that you will find comfortable. Tallinn is rich in Irish pubs, which can be done by name. Most are theme bars. Some are non-themed too.

The Old Town is the part where the bars are densely located. Take a guided tour of the different types of bars from traditional communist to trendier clubs to ultra-modern clubs to experience the diversity in the bar and club culture and its evolution in Tallinn.

Many Tallinn bars and clubs stay open until dawn and all free-flowing drinks, beer, vodka, and in winter, delicious warming mulled wine. Pub crawls are a must do to try the local beers. Some tour packages will give you free second round during the crawl. Strip clubs are scattered throughout the cities and are separate for men and women. Casino VIP clubs should definitely be see and try your luck at gambling.

Most nightlife activity is in the compact area in and around Old Town of Tallinn and therefore, you can check out more of the scenarios in one night without breaking a sweat. Tallinn is by far one of the best cities to have a memorable and exciting time in. You will not leave unsatisfied.


For a city that spends much of its winter in darkness, you’d expect an interesting bar scene, and Tallinn beyond doubt. Besides being the best places to rest during the night, the city’s bars and pubs also operate during the day, serving dishes at reasonable prices to the masses frugal.

Tallinn Bars and pubs where people go to relax, meet friends and socialize in general. Most establishments are located nearby compact Old Town of Tallinn, so instead of choosing a specific destination, you can look in several places, many of which are just meters away, to see which has the most interesting crowds and music.

Beer House

There is a great choice of beers and make sure you try the surprising in-house beer. It’s a fun place to eat, drink and be drunk without inhibitions, so you can soon feel yourself in cheerful, Stein-management of mood as you sits in Munich beer festival rows, or drink of your own 15 foot mug. There is also country food at very good prices. Located at Dunkri 5.

Hell Hunt 

Located in the elegant Pikk 39, Hell Hunt is usually a very lively bar with a great atmosphere. If you are planning to go clubbing in Tallinn and want a place to have a few drinks to get into the right frame of mood be sure to visit this bar. They also have their own beer, which is a good beer at good prices.

Depeche Mode Bar

If you want your night out a unique experience in Tallinn, be sure to visit this bar. More like a shrine or art installation than a drinking den, this is a fun place to visit for a quick dose of the real culture of Estonia. This is one of the Tallinn bars you are sure to remember. Located at Nunne 4.

Kompressor Bar

Popular with students, this minimalist, slightly industrial-looking pub is where people go sit around large wooden tables and have a beer with friends. Kompressor is locally famous for their excellent pancakes, which are both cheap and plentiful. Try the garlic cheese variety for something a little different. Located at Rataskaevu 3.

Ice Bar

This slick, little bar in the Merchant’s House Hotel near the Town Hall Square specializes in all things good, especially vodka drinks served in shot glasses made of ice. Located at Dunkri 4/6.

Black Taverna Lounge

A trendy bar is far from the center of the city is a rare find. Anyone near the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds will want to make a visit to see taverna’s cool, black interior or maybe try one of the grilled meat on offer. Located at Pirita tee 20.


Whether you’re a true wine aficionado in search of a particular crop, or you just want to enjoy with someone special, Tallinn has a number of wine bars to suit your bill.

Wine bars in the city tend to be subdued, unpretentious, and lit with candles, the perfect place for an appointment or a meeting with an old friend.


Tallinn has a lot to offer in the club scene. From tacky to cutting edge, you’ll certainly find something that meets your needs. The age of regular admission to most clubs is 18 +.

These are the places to go for high-energy mixing and mingling, not to mention dancing. In general, Tallinn nightclubs open their doors at 10 or 11 pm, but they actually only really get going shortly after midnight.

Most people stay in bars in the area until then. On Friday and Saturday clubs stay open until 4 or 6:00 a.m. Anyone who visits on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday should keep in mind that most clubs do not bother operating in the traditionally slow days.

Club Baila

The focus here is on fun, dance, Latin rhythms, cocktails, and a carefree attitude. The interior is colorful and whimsical to keep the mood light. Ideal for those who have tired of the big clubs full of aspiring fashion victims. Located at Sauna 1.


Which bills itself as “The Sexiest Nightclub in Tallinn, and certainly CatHouse asserts his claim in terms of the decadent, cabinet-like environment. Gold and upholstered furniture to fill its main floor lounge and dance area below are no less striking. In addition to DJs and live performances, the club occasionally puts on lingerie shows and other events with an erotic edge. Located at Viru Väljak 4.

Club Hollywood

One of the best nightclubs in Tallinn, Hollywood is always popular, full of energy and pulse. Expect different music and crowds depending on the events that are in everything from urban-style Bad Jam parties to the Jamaican rhythms of Blazing Beats. Located at Vana-Posti 8.

Nightclub Arena 3 

A young, local crowd flocks for this expanding space next to the passenger port to the party to the latest sounds. Managing to keep the energy level with a full schedule of theme nights, go-go dancers and VIP hosts from international DJs on the circuit. You will find the atmosphere quite reasonable, and the drinks are affordable prices. In summer, the club attendees will also have the opportunity to relax on a terrace on the roof. Located at Sadama 6/8.

Venus Club

There is an age restriction here. Age restriction is 21+. Rows of classical cherub statues added to an Arabian desert motif may give the impression of a decorator of the palace has gone mad, but the prevailing mood on Venus is a serious party and flirting with a mixed group of foreign and Estonian crowd. Located at Vana-Viru 14.


If your idea of ​​the perfect getaway is to hit a ball with a racquet, a few laps at high speed or fighting against your friends with the laser, then Tallinn is definitely the place for you.

There are many types of places to get your pulse up, from health and tennis clubs to ice skating rinks to the water parks. If relaxation is more your speed, you can visit one of the golf course for a round or two, or take a leisurely sail through Tallinn Bay.

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital is not only beautiful, but it is also one of the most advanced and promising destinations in the world of sports.

Rugby tours, hockey tours, cricket tours and football tours in Estonia are increasingly popular among teams of all ages. Estonia has a lot of cultures mixed with incredible nightlife and friendly people.

City Golf: There is a new practice field so that the golfers are no longer have to leave the town to practice their swings. It offers a lot of fresh air, and equipment rental and training programs.

Billiards: The pool hall in the sophisticated city center is a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a game of pool with your friends.

Baltic Balloons: There are some companies that offer hot air balloon rides that are guaranteed to fill you with a sense of romance and timelessness. Flights can be arranged in the mornings or evenings, weekends or weekdays, and can fly overdramatic, natural areas, a fairytale castle or in other places.

Go-karting Outdoor: If you like fast racing cars and love to tackle the adventure, then go-karting is one of the activities you love to participate in the weekend while spending in Tallinn.

White Water Rafting: For adventurous people, this activity is a great sport on the list of Tallinn. While you row in the flowing river and your boat begins to spin and shake, it’s really a feeling of a lifetime.

Paintballing: Do you want to make your friends bath with colors and will you like to have a color shooting war between your friends? Then the paintballing activities that take place here will be an ideal activity.

Soccer match: Soccer can not be of much importance in this part of the world, but participation in a friendly soccer match that takes place every weekend can be a lot of fun and adventure.

Tallinn for Kids

Arriving in Tallinn with kids? You are in luck. This is a great city for visitors of all ages, a city of secrets to discover, to explore a mysterious past and more than enough fun for the whole family entertained throughout your stay.

The Medieval Old Town itself is the most fascinating attraction for both young and old. It takes little imagination to picture the knights on horseback trotting past the castle gates or princess waving longingly from a high window.

There is also a lot to see and do for kids outside the Old Town. There is the beautiful Kadriorg district with its large park, ponds, fountains, and playgrounds. Pirita, for which where the families can spend a day at the beach or rent a rowboat.

To have some adventure in Tallinn, touring in the different parts of the city is an adventure itself at Tallinn. Whether you’re strolling or walking, skipping or taking a bicycle taxi, you’ll be passing through curious, winding streets, each one with its own secrets to discover.

Try the Toomas the Train, a festive little electric vehicle that brings smiles to children’s faces and relieves their parents’ weary feet as he takes them all on a 20-minute ride around the cobbled streets of Old Town.

There are plenty of museums in Tallinn that can be interesting for children. Don’t miss to visit the Children’s Museum. Located at Kotzebue 16. Kids would love it. As its name implies, this small museum is home to all kinds of dolls, teddy bears and toys ranging from traditional folk dolls to the more familiar Teletubbies. The rarest item is a doll collection, the 250 years of the old rococo fashion doll.

All kids love animals and the Zoo of Tallinn is the best place to find them.
There has a Big Zoo where you can see different animals from around the world. Today it houses more than 5,400 animals, representing nearly 350 species. During the summer petting zoo is also open. The zoo is located in Rocca Al Mare.

All children love water at every age. Take the swimming suites and delight the children by visiting the Kalev Spa Water park. Children will enjoy the children’s pool or slide down a tube, at the same time you can go swimming, use the saunas or just enjoy a frozen cocktail in the cafeteria.

This place offers a fun time for all children. The time spent in the Skypark will certainly memorable and fun. They have a huge and exciting climbing construction, big party rooms, gaming room, a cafe with free Internet connection, fun and active environment.

In Shopping malls, there are big playgrounds for children. Some of them are free, some not. There is always an adult to care for them.

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