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Do You Want to Learn Danish in Copenhagen?

The Danish language has a reputation for being a difficult language to learn, especially for foreigners. However, if you plan to spend more than a week in Copenhagen, learning the city’s language is a must. To do this, all you would need is a good school to learn the language – plus a lot of practice – and before you know it, you’ll be conversing like the natives of the city!

Facts about the Danish language

Like English, Danish is largely derived from Latin. Its alphabet has 29 letters, 26 of which are the English’s consonants and the remaining 3 are what we know in the English language as vowels.

If you are thinking about how difficult pronouncing Danish is, well, try saying “speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabiliseringsperiode”, which is a real Danish word, to give you an idea about the language.


If you are still beginning to learn the language, there are two words of warning that you may need. First, the Danes are known to be quite lazy as far as diction is concern as they have the tendency to both swallow some of the letters of their words and chain them together, which makes it hard to listen to. And second, the Danes tend to speak very quickly as well that will leave foreigners who are just practicing the language with a dropped jaw. This may be disheartening to know, but with the help of a qualified teacher and good practice, you will soon pick up the pace.

Learning the language

There are several opportunities to learn Danish in Copenhagen. One of these is to enrol in a language school in the city – for sure, there is one Danish course suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate-, or advanced-level foreigners. If you no longer have time (or money) to enrol in a language school, you can also turn to the internet to learn some basic Danish words and phrases. There are plenty of course online that you can try to slowly learn the language. If you have a friend or know of someone who speaks Danish, this can also be an opportunity for you to learn the language, if not for free, at least at a very cheap price.

Language School

There may be various ways to learn Danish in Copenhagen, but probably the most convenient and most effective way is to simply enroll in a language school in the city. Being frequented by tourists coming from all over the world every year, there are already quite a number of language schools in the Danish capital ready to provide language education to beginners, intermediate, and advanced level of learners. Some of them are the following:

Berlitz City Tel: 70 21 50 10
Belitz Lyngby Tel: 70 21 50 30
Aside from its usual language courses, this school is also offering cultural consulting programs which aims to bridge cultural gaps between learners and the locals. This program is ideal for international business travellers and those coming from non-European countries. The school’s website offers a free test to help assess which level and class is best for you.

Falstersvej 3-5
2000 Frederiksberg
With the complete name, VoksenUddannelsescenter – Frederiksberg, this school also features a counselling office for first-time learners, which include foreigners. There are also culture courses which can help prepare students for their experience in Copenhagen.

Norre Voldgade 94-96 1358
Tel: 70 26 89 26
This school specializes in providing training and consultancy for refugees and immigrants, labour market courses for those who wish to work in Danish companies, and bilingual education to young learners.

Sprogcenter – Hellerup
Bernstorffsvej 20 2900
Hellerup Tel: 39 46 30 50
The school offers flexible courses by combining ordinary and online classes.

Nørrebrogade 183 DK-2200
Cph Tel: 35 82 12 14
Business Language Services (BLS) has a speciality in providing language training to professionals and corporate clients. Its language courses are tailor-made to suit the Danish language needs of those in the corporate world.

Copenhagen Language Center
Valdemarsgade 16
1665 Copenhagen V.
Tlf. +45 33 21 31 31

These are just a few of the many language schools located in Copenhagen. Check out these schools and visit their websites for more information.


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