Enjoy Valencia: How To Travel Safe

The best way to travel around the Mediterranean region of Valencia, Spain is through your own ride.

You don’t need to bring your four-wheel drive or have it shipped to you halfway around the globe, what you need is a rental service. From a large selection of vehicles, you can always choose the best one to suit your style and need for speed.

These vehicle rentals also offer a variety of services. The company’s vehicles can pick you up from their designated pick up locations so it would be more convenient for you. With a vehicle rental, you have more access to the top attractions, saves you more time if you want to hop on from place to place. What’s even better is that Valencia car rentals have a very affordable rate and an even more excellent service to assure you that your tour around the wonderful city will be worthwhile.

Car rental suite those who want to cruise the main roads and coasts, who wants to ride the miles while having a great view of the city. Bike rentals are also available for those who want to tour the city at a slower pace for a more personal experience. Breathe the fresh air while cycling around the gardens and lush greens of Valencia. For those who want a more exhilarating experience, you can opt for the scooter rentals; it’s faster than the bikes but slower than the cars. It lets you take in the scene and go an extra mile or so. Whatever kind of rental service or vehicle you may choose; your trip to Valencia will always be a memorable one. Expect the best vacation ever with a trip around Valencia, Spain.

Car Rental

Travel to Valencia City without losing your touch of style and speed on the highway; rent a car to start your road trip around the area! Valencia has lots of established car rental companies, all with exceptional services and the best customer service for your car needs. They have a large variety of vehicles to choose from, so you can choose the best one that compliments you and you can go the extra mile around the beaches and the coasts. When you are up to explore Valencia, don’t just limit your self with the trains and bus rides, go your own way on the highway and you can get even better views of the city with your own ride! You don’t need to worry about stops and time schedules too; Rentals make it much more convenient and economical for you. Here are a few of the Car Rental services around Valencia:

Giraffe Car Hire Valencia

Location: Calle de la Sangre, 46002 Valencia, Spain
Phone number: 966 260 716?
Website: giraffecarrentals.com
Email: valencia@giraffecarrentals.com


Location: Xàtiva, 24, 46007 Valencia, Spain
Phone number: 96 351 90 55?

Car Hire Valencia Train Station

Location: Xativa, 24, 46007 Valencia, Spain
Phone number: 902 883 191
Email: info@3steps2rent.com

Europcar Avenida de Menéndez Pidal

Location: 13, 46009 Valencia, Spain
Phone number: 96 374 15 12
Website: europcar.com

Multirent Rent Car S.l. Calle de Linares

Location: 16, 46018 Valencia, Spain
Phone number: 96 382 27 26 – 963 822 785 (Fax) – 671 090 536 (Mobile)
Email: info@multirnet.net

Bike Rentals

Compared to other cities in Spain, Valencia is considered to be cycle-friendly. While those other cities have limited lanes for cyclists, Valencia has a number, along with green areas and streets that have slow traffic.

There are many advantages to taking a bicycle around the city. First, bicycles can easily immerse you into Valencian life. Cycling into the small streets and concealed places in the city will give you an instant feel of being one with the people. You can easily stop by and mingle with the friendly Valencianos or just enjoy the sight of the day to day life in the city. Another thing with bikes is the freedom of your own time and pace. – You can go slow and savor the views or go fast and get to explore more places.

Depending on your familiarity with the city, you can go have your Valencia bike tours guided or unguided. Guided tours are best if you are in the city for the first time and would need someone to lead you in your ride.

If you choose to go on an unguided tour on the other hand, then you can simply rent the bike you are going to use. Offering comfortable and quality bicycles, companies such as Solutionbike.com, Orangebikes.com, Doyoubike.com can offer your reasonable prices. You can even rent a bike even for the whole week.

So whether you want to ride with or without a guide on a bike tour, you are still bound to a memorable and exciting experience as you explore Valencia.

Some options for Valencia, Spain bike rentals are:

Valencia BIKES
(Address: Paseo de la Pechina, 32 46008 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 85 17 40 / Web: www.valenciabikes.com)

Orange Bikes
(Address: c/ Guillem Sorolla, 1 Valencia 46001 / Phone: (0034) 96 3917551 / E-mail: info@orangebikes.net)

(Address: Avda. del Puerto 141, 46022 Valencia / Phone: 963 374 024 / E-mail:puerto@doyoubike.com / Web: https://www.doyoubike.com)


There are a lot of things to enjoy and experience in Valencia, Spain. Whether you’re only spending a weekend or just holidays, there is something to discover in this magnificent city, especially when you have your own ride.

If you are in a tight budget and a car rental would prove to be impractical for a short stay in the city, then you might consider renting a scooter instead.

Especially great when you are strolling around on a sunny morning, scooters have both the advantage of speed and comfort. Because it is motorized, scooters can take you faster anywhere you want to be in the city. And since they are smaller, they have the capacity to squeeze into small streets and roads with heavy traffic. Add to that, you’ll be able to feel the wind blowing your hair and the sun on your face on a scooter. – Giving you a more genuine feel of the city.

Tourists like you can have several options to enjoy a Valencia scooter experience. When you are not too familiar with the city, you can opt for a guided tour, however, if you already have a little know-how of getting around Valencia, then go for an unguided one.

A number of companies in Valencia offer scooter rental services. The following are just some of them:

Cooltra Motos Valencia
Address: Calle Ribalta, 6 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 39 47 51 / Web: www.cooltra.com

Green Scooter Valencia
Address: Gran Vía de Ramón y Cajal, 61 Valencia / Phone: +34 961 33 50 55 / Web:www.greenscootervalencia.es

Wottan Motor (Especialistas en Scooters, Motos y Bicis Eléctricas)
Address: Av Cardenal Benlloch, 20 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 39 47 51 /Web:www.wottanmotor.com

Moto Rent
Address: C/ Juan José Sister, nº10 Bajo 46024 Valencia / Phone: 960 050 869 / Email: motoruedas-rent@hotmail.es / Web: https://www.motoruedas-rent.com/en

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