Appreciate The Gorgeous Madrid Without Getting Lost

Madrid is considered the central hub because all roads lead into this city. In fact, there is even a sign in the center of Puerta Del Sol that says “Kilometro Cero.” Travel to Madrid is only simple; actually, this will depend on how you plan to travel interesting places here.

The City of Madrid

You will never plan to come here in Madrid if you were not attracted by the beauty of the place. Apparently, Madrid is the city that is filled with pulsating life—one of the most passionate and vigorous cities that you can see in the whole world. No wonder, the population of this city has also exploded today.

So, you will not also be surprised to know that you have no problem if you want to come to this place because there are a lot of ways for you to get here. Primarily, there are three options that you can choose from—airroad, and rail.

Flying to Madrid

Of course, tourists from distant countries will opt to come to Madrid by air. But this way is actually chosen even by those people that are near to this place because it is easier and the price can be low too. If you want to come here by air, you can take any commercial airline to reach Madrid.

Also, since Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is then connected to all the important cities of this country. You can also travel to Madrid by air from Europe, Latin America, North America, and the United Kingdom.

Travel to Madrid by Rail

Sure, it is also possible for you to get here in Madrid by catching the international, national, and regional trains. If you are not in the mood to drive, you can always catch any rail-bound to Madrid from the European cities such as Marseilles and Paris. You will surely enjoy your travel time too because the railway system of this city is also viewed as one of the finest in the world.

Travel to Madrid by Road

Of course, it is very possible for you to reach Madrid by taking the road. You can check out for the numerous highway numbers to get to Madrid via road. One example of these highway numbers is A-1 which tracks to the North, taking to Burgos Bilbao then to Bordeaux France.
So as you see, travel to Madrid is not really a tough thing to do because of the availability of the three modes of transportation. Choose your best option and arrive here in Madrid without stress.


During your trip to Madrid you can either resort to two things: walk around the city or take pleasure in Madrid transportation. Though both have significant values in your Madrid trip it is always important to know Madrid transportation if in case your feet get tired of walking or if you are going beyond the outskirts of the city.

By bus

Buses in Madrid are fast and efficient. Their schedules vary but they usually run around the city between 6:00 am and 11:30 pm. If you happen to miss a bus, another one (or even two!) will come after 5-20 minutes. Night bus service has an interval of 30 minutes starting from midnight, and every hour from 3:00 am-6:00 am.

By Cercanías Train

This provincial train service features 10 lines. It is a cheap transportation option that serves key towns in Madrid, including those going outward to the capital.

By car

Traffic in Madrid is quite congested, which makes it quite a nightmare, not to mention dangerous. Parking would be another problem too as it is quite impossible to find a good place to park in the city other than inexpensive garages. Probably the only time traffic is bearable in the city is when most of the locals head out of the city for a vacation; usually during August.

If you are planning to rent a car to get around and explore the city, you can think again and save it for excursions outside the capital.

By bike

Although it is not highly recommended to ride a bike around the city, there are some places and streets in the capital that are ideal for biking.
More of these transportation options in Madrid TaxiCoach Service, and Metro.

Car Rental

Touring around Madrid will be a difficult task without any means of transportation. And so, you should rent a car in Madrid so you can see it all and this is also a perfect choice if you are a confident driver in a strange city like Madrid.

In fact, car rental in Madrid services marked the city’s premier tourist services but the prices can vary a lot that is why you have to be careful in choosing your car rental provider. You have to determine your budget first so you will learn to stick to it.

Rent a car Madrid can offer you your desired itineraries while you are in Madrid. Say, for instance, you can start your trip in the center of the city where the centuries-old Plaza Mayor and then park your car somewhere before you shop to its neighboring flea markets.

The Services You Will Enjoy with renting a car in Madrid

After doing some shopping, you can ride in your car to go to your next destination: Madrid’s Royal Palace for instance. Afterward, you can go nearby to a place called Prado where you can see paintings of famous artists like Goya, Velasquez, and El Greco. And since there are lots of places to visit in Madrid, you can request from your rental car to pick you up at certain points that you find most convenient for you.

If you want to maximize your stay in Madrid, services from rent a car in Madrid would be very advantageous since you can jam your remaining time going to great attractions in Madrid. You can head north to Segovia or head east to Guadalajara.

You Can Go to Any Direction

There are also rent car Madrid services if you want to go south to Toledo or west to Avila. But wherever you head to you are sure that you will still find many cathedrals, striking vistas, and markets that are truly pleasures to your eyes. You just have to establish a clear and feasible itinerary so you can go to various parts of Madrid that you like to visit. So even if you decide to go in any direction, your rent a car in Madrid will really be indispensable.

It is easy to rent a car in Madrid because you can simply search the internet and find the best prices car deals, discounted car services, and cheap car rental that wouldn’t be any burden to your tight budget because once you are in Madrid, your car would be very valuable to you until you finish your trip.

Here are some of the car rental companies in Madrid:

  • Cityrentals.ES (Address: Calle Nicasio Gallego, 19 Madrid / Phone: +34 915 93 12 30)
  • Mtb Spain Alquiler de Bicicletas (Address: Av del Manzanares, 58 Madrid / Phone: +34 913 55 39 12)
  • Sixt Autovermietung Madrid Nuevos Ministerios (Address: Calle General Moscardó, 2, 28003 Madrid, Spain / Phone:+34 902 49 16 16)
  • Hertz Alquiler de Coches Madrid (Address: Calle de la Princesa, 14, 28008 Madrid, Spain / Phone:+34 915 42 58 05)
  • Biludlejning Avis Madrid Madrid (Address: Gran Vía, 60, 28013 Madrid, Spain / Phone:+34 915 48 42 04)
  • Blanauto SL (Address: Calle de la Virgen del Portillo, 37, 28027 Madrid, Spain / Phone:+34 914 04 63 07)

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