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Exploring Zagreb Without Getting Lost

Zagreb is a relatively new travel destination, thus exploring it would also give tourists a new and refreshing travel experience. Although located in the small country of Croatia, and to most people, a place unheard of heretofore, Zagreb is a city very accessible to travel to.

For those traveling by plane, it would be a delight to learn that the city is well linked by many airlines to and from almost everywhere in the world. However, low-cost flights come in a limited number, so those who are traveling in a budget must really be patient and resourceful enough to research cheap flights to Zagreb.

Although not as glamorous and as comfortable as those in other European cities, the buses in Zagreb are fast and not to mention, cheap. The daily buses travel from Belgrade in Serbia, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Trieste, and Saravejo in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The train station in Zagreb is considered by many to be a magnificent structure as it somehow recalls the days when the city used to be the Orient Express stop. Until now, the city is still linked well to other neighboring capitals.

Travel to Zagreb and get an experience like you never had in other travel destinations. Wherever you are in the world, there is no reason not to reach the city.


Zagreb transport is designed for everyone’s convenience; it is efficient and well-developed. Consisting of trains, buses, and trams, getting around Zagreb would not be a problem for everyone, particularly tourists.

The city’s tram network operates for 24 hours; there is what they call as the “day timelines” which serve passengers from 4 AM to 12 Am and the night lines operating from 12 AM to 4 AM. On occasional times, the city’s bus lines sometimes replace the tram’s night lines.

It would be good to note that trams in the city do not operate on weekends and public holidays. During these days, you can opt for buses instead. Every stop of the trams has a map to help you figure out the shortest and better route for you.

Buses in the city are also composed of day and night lines. However, there are more of the first (around 113) than the latter (just 4). Like the trams, it also uses the same system for ticketing.

Around the upper and lower towns of Zagreb, there is a historic funicular railway that is considered to be one of the world’s steepest. To get into this transportation, you can use the ticket for tram and buses.

A single ticket costs around 8 Kunas or about € 1.1; this is valid for 1.5 hours so make sure you get to your transportation right away upon purchase. You can buy the tickets in many of the city’s newspaper stands and the ZET ticket office. You can also get them from the tram or bus drivers, however, if you get it from these people, you must pay them with their local currency, the Kuna.

Many of the attractions in Zagreb can be explored on foot, but knowing the city’s transports will prove to be very convenient for many reasons.

Car Rental

Car rental in Zagreb is recommended for those who intend to explore remote areas or villages in the city; otherwise, the public transport would already be enough to take you around the major attractions and landmarks in the capital of Croatia.

Car rental companies in Zagreb are plenty and most of them have offices in the city’s major airport, the Pleso International Airport. Among these companies are Budget (800/472-3325), Hertz (800/654-3131), and Uni Rent (021/317-297) which is a local independent car rental company.

Many of these companies offer a wide range of auto choices, from economy models like Opel Corsa to luxury rides such as Volvo S80. Note that most of the cars for rent in Zagreb have manual transmissions. For those who prefer to use automatic, reservation is needed and expect to pay more for it.

To be able to rent a car in Zagreb, you must be at least 21 years old with proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license. It is also important to know that car rental in Zagreb is quite pricey, thus, those who are traveling on a budget are not recommended to do so.

If you get into car trouble on the road, tourists can easily call the rental agency for help or even the Croatian Automobile Club at 987.


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