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Feel At Home In These Places To Stay While Enjoying Minsk, Belarus

There are a lot of accommodations to choose from in Minsk. There are hotels that are in the city center and are close to famous city attractions. There are also those that offer Visa assistance. Before checking out your accommodation options though, it is important to note that if you are staying in Minsk for more than 5 days you would need to register with the local police department. Most hotels will do this for you but you will find that some apartment rentals will not be providing this service. So it will be best to ask them at check-in and if they don’t do this, best to go out to do this yourself.

Among the accommodation options that are available are hotels, hostels, and apartments. The best ones to choose if you are traveling to Minsk for the first time and if you want to visit the attractions the city is famous for are the rental options that are found at the city’s center.

Hotel Europe is one of these. It is found within the cultural and historical center of the city. It is a five-star hotel that has 7 stories and appears like an atrium. The building though carries a Modern Style architecture. The Crown Plaza Hotel is another five-star hotel that is at the heart of the city just within a few minutes’ walks from business spots, cultural centers, and shopping centers.

Other accommodation options are the Minsk Vacation Apartments, which is near major railway stations; Hotel Orbita, Hotel Belarus, Planeta, and 40 Let Pobedy.


If you are traveling in a group or with a small budget, you may be thinking of getting a hostel for your travel to Minsk. There are a number of good hostels in the city that you can try out. There are hostels found within the city’s center or some that are maybe a distance from the city’s main attractions but offer great accommodation.

Within the city’s center
There is a Minsk Accommodation found right at the heart of the city. You may find that some ticketing offices are even just downstairs from this hostel. You will find it in Nezavisimosti 18-15, at entrance number 3. They offer free Internet access, and also have maps and tourist information available. The Lido Apartment is another hostel that is found in the city’s center. You’ll find this at Yakub Kolas, Gikalo 18. There are a lot of business spots that can be found around the place and transportation is also accessible. The Palace Republik also is situated at the city’s center at Nezavisimosti 23, Lenina 5. This apartment-hostel has a metal door with a digital lock, plus a door intercommunication system so you know that your safety is very well taken care of here.

Other hostels found at the center of Minsk are the Lux Apartment in Nemiga str. 10 and a 1 Bedroom Central Apartment in Nemiga str. 12.

Other hostels in Minsk
If you need two rooms or more for your vacation in Minsk, the Village Guest House and Postoyalets Hostel are some of these. The Village Guest House has 3 bedrooms, where you can just rent 1 or the entire guest house. The Postoyalets offers up to rooms that can accommodate up to 8 persons. TV and Internet are provided.


When you are planning to travel to a certain place, the first thing you’d have to do is make a reservation for a stay in a hotel. Affordable or luxurious, Minsk has lots of hotels to offer that would suit each and every traveler’s taste and liking.

For a luxurious feel that is near the city center, the Best Eastern Hotel Minsk is what you’re looking for. Located in 11 F Skoryny Street, 22050, it’s just 1.2km from the city center. Regarded as the first four-star hotel in Belarus, they offer many amenities that make you take pleasure in your stay. Every room regardless of the type has a mini-bar and satellite TV. They also offer a service that can take you to the airport which is 31.5km away from the hotel for less than US$15. Room prices start at US$182.

If you’re traveling with a light budget and want to find a place to stay that’s just right for your pocket, you can take a look at the Oktyabrskaya Hotel Minsk which is in 13 Ul Engels, 220030; just 700m from the city center. With an affordable $62 per night, you’re sure to save a lot of money for a more pleasant vacation in the city. You can enjoy a delicious meal from a foreign to local cuisine in their restaurant along with a live music band.

Another is the Orbita Hotel located at 39 Pushkin Ave, 220092, 4.2km from the city center. They offer rooms that give a relaxing and positive mood with a hint of tranquility while the staff presents a professional and friendly feel so that you’ll be comfortable with them in no time. Another great feature for this hotel is the variety of delicious and mouth-watering breakfast they serve, wherever you come from, you will be served your own choice of a perfect breakfast.


Apartments are more ideal for tourists that will be staying longer at Minsk, as they provide a more spacious room, added amenities such as kitchen and cooking pieces of equipment, and fully furnished rooms. But there are also some tourists though only staying for a short time still want to stay in apartment rentals while on their vacation as they feel that they are able to enjoy their vacation more if they are staying in an accommodation where it feels almost feels like home.

You can choose from 1 to 2 room apartments available in the city. There are even apartments who offer up to four rooms. Depending on your purpose or budget you can find different apartments that will suit your needs.

There are also various apartment rental services that have a network of apartments that you can choose from depending on your needs and of course your budget. One option is to check out these services and choose from their list what apartment would suit you best.

You can also check out individually the apartments yourself instead of hiring rental services. Among the most, the areas that offer decent apartment options in Minsk are Nezavisimosti Street; Gvardeiskaya, Kalinka, and Krasnaya Ulica.


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