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Have You Been To London To Visit The Queen? A Travel Guide

Explore London

There’s one hell of a lot to do in London. So having a London travel plan will help avoid hassles like staying at the wrong hotel or waiting forever for public transport. Planning your London trip well in advance will allow you to maximize your stay in the city.

We at Simply London design this Planning Your Trip section to help you in planning London trip and make the most of your vacation time. From airports and metro stations to finding a budget hotel and staying safe, we would not want to leave out the details of London information. Here are what you will see in these page:

1. When to Go

2. London Accommodations

London Apartments
Hotels in London
Hostels in London

3. Getting to London

4. City Transportation

London Metro
London Bus
London Waterways
London Taxi

5. London Sightseeing Tours

Bus Tour
Walking Tours
London Day Trips

6. Visas

7. Safety and Emergencies

It overflows with rich culture and history. It is trendy and fashionable. It beams with life. It’s in London. Simply London welcomes you to one exciting city. There are so many things to experience in this vibrant spot in the world, and we are very happy to be your London travel guide.

If you are planning to visit London, you’ve come to the right place. Simply London will help you with the latest online tourist information about the city.

As your London travel guide, we will help you plan your travel to London – from the best time to travel, getting to London, to finding the right accommodation that suits your need. The city is full of top-class romantic hotels perfect for those willing to spend a fortune. But there are numerous cheap hotel rooms, apartments, and hostels.

We will also give you information about how to get around the city (by metro, bus, taxi, and ferry) as well as the exciting London sightseeing tours (walking tours, bus tours, bike tours). We also have listings on the most popular restaurants, bars, clubs, and markets in the city.

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world as it offers a lot of great attractions. Visit the Houses of Parliament and see the famous Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, museums, and much more. Also have a dose of London cuisine, arts, and colorful nightlife.

As your London travel guide, we will give you everything you need to know about this pulsating city. Just visit our pages and we will transport you to one of the most exciting cities in the world.


Sightseeing in London is a great experience because the city offers a rich history and unmatched culture while still sustaining its signature cool and hip atmosphere. Here are some guided London sightseeing tours that will help you get that authentic city experience:

One way to witness the cultural and architectural magnificence of the city is to take an open-top live-guided sightseeing tours. See for yourself the color and richness of modern, pulsating London while imagining the days of the medieval grandeur that led to the rise of the largest empire in the world!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy London attractions by taking a double-decker open-top bus. Most bus tours in London let you hop on and off them at different points. This allows you to visit more sights, do some shopping, and sample some authentic London food.

Walking tours

Get haunted by Jack the Ripper, revel with the Romans, or Discover the Bard in London. The choice is always yours. London walking tours are a unique way to explore the secret and hidden parts of the city. You will have fun walking around as the center of London is smaller than one would think.

In addition, organized walking enables you to see many more attractions, whether you have three days, one day, or half a day. Guided walking tours happen all year round in London. There is usually no need to book in advance unless you have your friends or families or a large group with you. You can even just show up to join the walking tour.

Cycling tours

Bikes are also used in London sightseeing tours. Organized cycling tours allow you to see the most popular London attractions in just half a day. Many tourists have attested that biking is the best way to get around the city. Bike the tours are fully guided by Londoners who know their city very well. These guide will provide you with lots of information regarding the historical sights as well as tons of interesting anecdotes and stories.

Cycling tours usually last about three hours, including numerous rest stops and few hills. Such a tour is not straining, in fact, anyone can do it! The cost includes the use of a bike, cycle helmet as well as the services of the guide. An organized cycling tour is ideal for your first day in the city, which serves as your orientation. You can also avail of cycling tours on your last day in the city as a means of exercise.

You can always have independent London sightseeing tours if you want to explore the city all by yourself. But it is no walk in the park. Having an organized tour, a time-tested travel plan, a great tour guide, and pleasant travel companions can add a great deal of fun to your London experience.

United Kingdom visas

Before you decide to fly off to London, make sure that everything is well prepared. It is essential to know more about United Kingdom visas. Check UK government sites for updates on visa application for UK.

Holiday in London is less a hassle for citizens of Canadathe USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and certain Commonwealth countries since they are not required a visa to visit the city. Limitations are implemented, however, such as filling in forms to apply for entry clearance on arrival and staying in the city only for six months or less. But if they wish to work for the UK, a working visa is required.

UK is less stringent to citizens of the European Economic Area and Swiss nationals who want to enter, live and work in the UK. They are not required to apply for visas. The European Economic Area includes countries of the EU, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. New EU member states Romania and Bulgaria are exempted to this, their nationals must need to apply for permission to work in the UK.

There are frequent revisions in regulations in United Kingdom visas and so it’s highly recommended that you check the UK Visa website or inquire from your local British Embassy or other diplomatic representatives.

Tourists may get their visas extended under reasonable circumstance. But this must be checked with the Immigration and Nationality Enquiry Bureau on +44 (0)870 606 7766. Student visa extension is requested from the Public Enquiry Office in Croydon.

Privileged to study freely in the UK on the same basis as home students are nationals of EEA and Switzerland. Obtaining a student visa requires proof of enrolment if you are admitted for full-time course in a UK university with educational support from a institution or entity.

A six month-period is granted for people who wish to visit UK. Restrictions may be implanted based on age, nationality, and marital status. However, young people may be allowed to apply to work in the country as holiday-maker for only two years. Entry and residence of seasonal agricultural workers, language teachers on exchange placements, and those seeking training or work experience may be given special United Kingdom visa.


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