Haven’t Been To Paris? Here’s Your Ultimate Travel Guide To The City Of Lights

Poems and songs were written, films were shot, scenes were painted and photographed – and they all have one setting: the famed “City of Lights”, Paris, France.

More than the Eiffel Tower, this dynamic city has more than 1,001 pleasures to offer. Whether it is your first or 9th time to visit, there will surely be a new layer of Paris which is just waiting to be uncovered.

The Allure of the City

So what makes Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, different from all the other cities in Europe? What makes this unique and dazzling place the subject of a long-winded love affair with a city? Why does it bode such an inspiration to people that songs and poems are written, films are made and masterpiece paintings have been created?

Perhaps it is over 2 million residents who are occupying such a huge city. Or the monuments, museums, the famed Eiffel Tower – and the fact that Paris is one of the most romantic places to be in the world.

No matter which of these attractions hold an allure to you, there’s really no resisting the pull that Paris has as it tugs on your heartstrings.

What does every first-time tourist need to know?

So what is the basic Paris information that every first time tourist needs to know? Take a look at the following list from our Paris travel guide: There’s really no particular month of the year that can be considered a ‘tourist season’ in Paris. Visitors flock all year round – although if you want to enjoy a climate that is neither too hot nor too cool, the best place to go is during the autumn.

 Who should see Paris?

Honeymooners, loners, fashionistas, food lovers, jet setters, ‘cultural thrill-seekers’ – no matter which of these categories you belong to, there will surely be something that the city has to offer. There’s even room for family entertainment with the opening of EuroDisney, which is located within a stone’s throw away from the city.

Before packing your bags for a delightful visit to the city, make sure that you have your Paris travel guide on hand. This way, you can have a clear itinerary as to which part of Paris, France that you wish to explore.

Bus Tours

Paris France bus tours are the most popular way to get your first glimpses of the city’s myriad attractions, especially if you’re pressed for time or just need a bit of an introduction to the city.

There are literally dozens of tour companies in Paris offering both general and theme tours of Paris, though the most popular tour bus company is Cityrama. Along with various charter tour buses and special excursions and tours, Cityrama runs l’OpenTour: open-topped, double-decker tour buses that cover the majority of Paris’ highlights.

Paris France bus tours are the most popular way to get your first glimpses of the city’s myriad attractions, especially if you’re pressed for time or just need a bit of an introduction to the city.

When you buy a one- or two-day pass for l’OpenTour, you can hop on and off the buses as you wish, which, with 50 stops, allows you to discover all of Paris at your own pace. Your pass also gives you access to l’Opentour’s four routes: Paris Grand TourMontmartre-Grands Boulevards, Bastille-Bercy, and Montparnasse-St Germain.

As you ride around, you will have your own set of earphones which will provide you with information about all of the sights and attractions you see. The commentary is available in several languages.

You can also sign up for special – and, of course, pricier – packages, such as a morning Cityrama bus tour with a visit to the Louvre Museum, a half-day tour to Versailles or Chartres or a tour of nocturnal Paris.

Another option is to hop on the Balabus, the white-and-orange, big-windowed buses that are run by RAPT, which also operates the city’s regular public transportation. These buses are cheap, requiring between 1 and 3 bus/Metro passes and pass by all the major tourist sights between the Gare de Lyon and the Grande Arche de la Defense.

The only drawback is Balabus’ limited operating times, as these buses only run on Sundays and holidays between mid-April and mid-September. You can find Balabus buses by looking for the “Bb” symbol printed on the sides of the buses as well as on signs posted along the route of the Paris bus tours.

Paris Bus Tour Companies
Cityrama – Paris l’OpenTour

Walking Tours

If you have planned a trip to Paris, you should definitely think of signing up for Paris France walking tours. You can do this alone or with a group if you wish. This is the best way to get to know the city and its sights and sounds.

Getting around Paris is easy if you ride the Metro. The reason for this is because there are stops all over the place. When you get on a Metro, it is an efficient way to navigate around the city by yourself.

Furthermore, walking tours via the Metro also means a safe means of transport. You can simply pick up your free Metro map and be on your way. Ten tickets of the Metro will only cost you around fourteen dollars – a surefire pick in your budget, indeed! Of course, your Paris tours would not be complete without some fun. This can be easily achieved for a little fewer than twenty dollars. You can really spend wisely even in an haute couture place like Paris.

For example, visiting the Louvre Museum need not cost you much. There are reduced price tickets which can be had for only eight dollars. Of course, you have to visit the Louvre on Wednesdays to avail of the discount.

If not on Wednesday, then you always have Friday which means free admission. But take note – because this free admission is only for twenty-six years old and below!

Speaking of price drops, the Musee d’ Orsay also has cheap prices. On Sundays and Thursdays evening, it’s cheaper to visit it. And if you go on the first Sunday of the month, it is absolutely free of charge!

Aside from this, Centre Georges Pompidou is also free. You gotta love all those free first Sundays in Paris – a must in your Paris walking tours.

As a word of advice, get your copy of Periscope. This fifty-five cents weekly publication will amp up your walking tours. Here, you will see all the free events as well as exhibits and concerts.

While it is in French, it can be quite easy to translate. Paris walking tours include cheap seats at the Opera Garnier. You should also watch a free classical concert at a church to complete your Paris tour.

And also, you must never forget to include in your Paris tours to go up the Eiffel Tower. Try to walk up and not take the elevator. Doing so will enhance the experience for you all the more.

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