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Here’s Why Everyone Is Talking About Visiting Stockholm: A Travel Guide

Stockholm Travel Guide

Every tourist should once in his/her life experience the magic and thrill of the city of Stockholm. The hypnotic beauty of this metropolitan would leave you speechless.  The city is not only synonymous with ageless beauty it is also a center for culture and adventure. It remains a mystic place to this day all these make the city an important part of a tourist itinerary when traveling Europe.

The Magic of Stockholm
The city was founded in 1200 and has long been Sweden’s center for media, culture, and economics. This fact is bolstered by the presence of two UNESCO world heritage sites in the area of Stockholm namely: The Royal Palace Drottningholm and The Woodland cemetery. In 1998 Stockholm was recognized to be the European city of Culture.

The city also prides itself with a lot of other wonders ranging from captivating architecture to fun-filled parks some of the most notable places of architecture are the Stockholm palace and the Storkyrkan Cathedral. The buildings depict a vivid Baroque architecture that can be traced back to the 13th century.  There are also other styles of architecture that are evident in the city. The influences of Art Noveau is clearly seen in Stockholm’s city hall and public library.

Stockholm is one of the cities flocked by a number of museums. The most renowned museum in the area is the National Museum which houses the country’s widest collection of artworks with over 16, 000 in paintings alone and about 30,000 handicraft products that date back to the 16th century. The place being a center of culture also has a lot of theatres, Two famous theatres would easily come to mind  The Royal Dramatic Theatre and The Royal Swedish opera.
What do tourists need to know? Here is a guide to things you should know when you plan to visit the city of Stockholm.
Why visit Stockholm? Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden being such it is the center for commerce, media, and the Swedish culture. It opens your eyes to all that you can learn about the country. It presents a beautiful collection of parks and architectural wonders and also it is a fantastic place for art appreciation. It also provides a lot of festivals for a tourist to witness.
When is the best time to come? The wonderful thing about Stockholm is that you can choose to spend either your summer or your winter vacation here because the place becomes magical during the winter with the city’s attractive parks and offers a lot of activities like skiing resorts to tourists the place is also lovely during the summer where tourists get to enjoy the flushing green trees of the city’s parks and woodlands
Who should see Stockholm? That’s the most beautiful part because the place has a whole lot to offer then the whole family would enjoy a visit to this city. The kids would have an awesome time in the parks and would get to learn a lot in museums.


Stockholm has a lot to offer for tourists staying for a longer period, just a day or for those who are planning in living in the city there is plenty to see and experience. There are so many sightseeing options to choose from.

The City has several sightseeing bus tours guided in several different languages. The bus tours take tourists from the center of the city and around different parts of Stockholm passing all interesting sights. Tourists can also avail of the Hop-on Hop-off Open Top busses tour wherein they can step off at sights that they want and continue with the tour anytime they want. There are three kinds of Hop-on Hop-off Open Top busses which are the blue, green and yellow. Tourists can avail of Hop-on Hop-off bus-3 days with Open Top Tours which is a combination of all three travel passes. With this in hand, you can hop aboard one of the open-top buses and explore Stockholm and its sights at your own pace. This buses stops at carefully chosen spots including the City Hall, the Wasa museum, Skansen and many other popular sights and can be bought with 350 SEK, 50 SEK for children 6-11 years old and free for those children under 6 years old. This can also be availed by a route that is cheaper or in a different combination which is just yellow and blue routes. There are also other land tours available examples of which are Stockholm Panorama and Old Town Walkabout.

Stockholm also offers plenty of sightseeing tours on the water which are mostly guided in several languages. These tours are the Stockholm Winter Tour which is held from December to April and can be bought for 200 SEK or 260 SEK if tourists will avail of the sightseeing tour plus lunch, for children 6-11 years old this can be bought half the price and is free for those under 6 years of age. Other tours are the Royal Canal Tour, Historical Canal Tour, Under the Bridges of Stockholm, Archipelago Race, Good Morning Stockholm and tourists can even avail of Stockholm’s Hop-on Hop-off boat.
Combination tours can also be availed by tourists who want to see the panoramic beauty of Stockholm as a whole from land tours to boat tours. These Tours can be booked or bought online from www.stromma.se. Here, you will find a sightseeing tour suitable for you and your family that will make your stay in Stockholm one of your most memorable experiences.

City Guide

Stockholm is not only a wonderful city it is also the home of beautiful and friendly people. It is not surprising because they have unique Swedish culture that has by large been drawn from its early Viking influence as a world power in the 17th century. They are also known to have developed a distinct culture free from outside influences and were able to sustain peace and neutrality throughout the centuries, increasing Sweden’s economic strength. At present, the city with the freedom and richness of its people, who speak English as a second language aside from being much like the Danish and Norwegian in speaking the Germanic language, can effectively communicate across country lines leaving their mark on the rest of the world. Swedish culture is also very visible in Stockholm’s people. They really know how to celebrate life. It is evident in their fun lifestyle, great food, colorful events, distinctive fashion, and many leisure activities. You’ll surely never be short of things to do in the city.

When you want to check more of the city’s top attractions, you can visit Djurgarden (Game Park) which you can easily reach by riding old-fashioned veteran-style trams built-in 1920-50 from wherever you are in the city is going to be a perfect location. The park which is a sort of cultural center and lushly wooded is an island right in the middle of Stockholm. This tourist spot is usually flocked in by visitors for its beautiful green spaces, many sights, events, and tourist attractions. The island is not just a home to locals for centuries but has now more than 10 million visitors each year. Moreover, when what pleases you is riding a boat then you can be off to Bjorko Island for the Birka archaeological site and museum that shows lots of Viking history.  You can then visit Ansgar Chapel and the Hemlanden Viking site before going back to Stockholm through a ferry.  Also, if you want family fun riding a Viking Ship in Scandinavian tradition there is the Tivoli “Grona Lund” Amusement Park.

There are other top attractions you can go to like the Royal Guard in Stockholm were watching free the 40-minute event of the changing of the 30,000 royal guards is an amazing experience, the Vasa Museum to find the highly-decorated warship Vasa now the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship and chosen to be one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden.  Moreover, since Stockholm is considered the “shopping capital of the North” you can shop for artwork and design shoppers, Ikea, great furniture and accessories, at the famous stores of Svenskt Tenn and Asplund in Stockholm’s inner city.


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