Highly Recommended Places To Stay When In The Big Apple – New York

Finding the perfect accommodation in New York significantly contributes to your experience in the city (whether they are good or bad). That is why, aside from planning your activities in the Big Apple, it is also important to research where you spend your nights in the city.


How much you are willing to spend on accommodation should be one of the first things to consider when picking a place to stay in New York. When money is not a problem, then you can go splurge in some of the city’s luxurious high-end hotels. With a lot of choices, you will definitely not have a hard time getting yourself that exclusive and glamorous feeling. If your cash, however, is just enough for a little treat, then are also several mid-range hotels in New York. For those who are on a budget, on the other hand, don’t worry, there are also many cheap alternatives in the city.


Manhattan is undoubtedly where the most expensive hotels in the city are located. The remaining four boroughs, house hotels that are more affordable. This doesn’t mean though that tourists in the tight budget will not be able to find cheap hotels in Manhattan anymore. In fact, with little research, one will find many inexpensive hotels even in the heart of Manhattan.


Peak seasons in New York are also the time when hotel prices are at its peak. Holidays will definitely bring these hotels to increase nightly rates. Winter in New York is relatively cheaper mainly for cold it brings that a number of tourists try to avoid.

New York City accommodation is flexible enough to suit your needs, budget, and planned activities while in the Big Apple.

Cheap New York Hotels

The city that never sleeps has always been a popular destination for tourists. While visiting New York can be expensive, one does not have to break the bank to travel in style. It is surprisingly easy to find a cheap New York hotel. These hotels are peppered around all of the popular areas of NYC such as Harlem and the Upper West Side. New York has some of the most fabulous restaurants and shopping in the country. Don’t think you can’t afford a trip to this wonderful city; it can be done and economically. We have found four hotels you can visit without breaking the bank:

1) Harlem
Harlem was once known as the epicenter of African-American history. From 1917 -1935 this area was full of artists and painters, today they have left behind their legacy. There are superb hotels to stay in like Efuru Guest House & Suites. This hotel is just a short walk to Central Park. This beautiful hotel offers a game room for children, free internet services and close proximity to all of Harlem’s attractions.

2) Upper West Side
The Upper Westside is located between Central Park and the Hudson River. It is mostly an upscale, primarily residential area. There are many cultural things in this area, like the American Folk Art Museum and the Vivian Beaumont Theater. When looking for cheap hotels in this area the Broadway Rooms should be considered. This hotel is in an amazing neighborhood and is very close to central park. There is a lounge area with a big-screen TV and a wonderful backyard area for BBQs. They also have internet and a laundry facility.

3) Upper East Side
This area is named after the East River which is located near. It is known as one of the most affluent neighborhoods. One can visit the Museum of the City of New York or the National Academy of Design while visiting here. While most hotels in this area demand high dollar, the Macaw Guest House can fit into your budget. Right in the center of the German-American community, this hotel has ample restaurants within walking distance. It is right in front of the river park and is perfect for a New York getaway. It is classy and decorated to fit the upper-class neighborhood it is in, but still remains economical in price.

4) Morningside Heights
Morningside Heights is known as an area for institutions. This neighborhood is packed with famous places like Manhattan School of Music, Barnard College and Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. The Morningside Inn can offer great rates while visiting here. This hotel is known to have comfortable beds. It is clean and has cozy décor with a laundry facility and internet. There are many coffee houses and restaurants close in proximity.

5) Clinton
Also knows as Hell’s Kitchen is the Clinton area. This area is the most economical in N.Y.C. Many aspiring actors have once resided here such as Jerry Seinfeld and Madonna. One of the best hotels to stay at on a budget is the Times Square House. This fabulous location is just three miles from Times Square. They offer private rooms within an apartment building, no frills just a great price.

There is so much to see and do in New York, that it can take a great deal of money to see all the sites. There is a selection of good-quality, cheap hotels that will leave one with extra money for exploring and still have a nice place to lay your head.

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