Hobbies Around the World

Do you have a hobby? I bet you do. What is it? I’m sure it’s something you are really interested in and is something you really enjoy doing and adds meaning to your life. Hobbies are considered an essential part of life and are sometimes what inspires us the most. In fact, for some people, their hobby becomes their career and life-sustaining profession. Aside from the fact that it keeps us productive during our downtimes, it is also a great way to ingest new skills and improve the current ones.

At simplytravelguide.com, which is not only a world travel guide platform that provides information about the world’s most visited and explored destinations, is also your guide to the diverse hobbies around the globe. With the different culture and entertainment of various countries, you will discover that there are a lot of things these differences have in common. That these different countries share the same interest in hobbies which invites more tourists and travelers to make their stay more meaningful and unforgettable. So, if you are a travel buff or is someone who’s into hobbies and wanted to try more, then this page is for you.

What to expect? There are numerous travel guides out there that claim to have the most comprehensive and the most detailed guides, reviews, recommendations, testimonials, and a lot more. But the majority of those websites presents such mind-blowing information that overwhelms travelers. Eventually, those kinds of websites put travelers off because they appear to contain more confusing information that does not interest visitors.

Here at Simply Travel Guide believe in simplicity and keeping things basic. Living in this “new normal” lifestyle, providing overpowering information is no longer essential, rather keeping it “simple” is the key. We are a travel guide that does not only provide you with information about amazing vacation destinations but as well as hobbies that you can do or learn from that country or city that you wanted to visit.

This is our way of keeping you informed about your trip and to give you more reasons to look forward to a wonderful experience. Destinations that have interesting hobbies are Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Istanbul, Madrid, Vienna, Paris, New York, Miami, Mexico, and a lot more.


Deemed as the treasure chest of the travel world, its rich culture, historical events, and world-renowned structures are not the only reasons why a lot of people visit this continent, but they also look forward to experiencing the different hobbies that this country has to offer. Europeans are proud to share the following hobbies with you: Golf, Reading, Listening to music, Playing Cricket, Cooking, Fishing, Dancing, Photography, and Skiing.

It is definitely a no brainer that Europe is not only packed with glorious and incredible destinations to discover but is also loaded with fun-filled hobbies that you can enjoy with not just family and friends, but the locals as well. In that way, you do not only gain experience but have earned bonding and friendship.

North America

From the tropical temperature of Mexico to the traditional and modern United States, and to the cold and breezy Alaska and Northern Canada, this continent is not only a favorite travel destination but is also a host to a lot of interesting hobbies and activities that will make your stay truly memorable.

You can enjoy and experience gardening, fishing, bowling, basketball, biking, swimming, walking, reading, listening to music, movies, shopping and so much more.

Canada can take you to a lot of amazing ski resorts, Florida will invite you to enjoy their beaches, Mexico will take you to a more exotic and authentic paradise and jungle adventures and the United States will give you the luxury of experiencing life in the exciting cities of the world.

South America and the Caribbean

This other beautiful side of the world is also waiting for you to experience not only the beauty and wonders of a paradise but to learn the various hobbies and activities that this popular holiday destination can present you with.

Central America

This region, on the other hand, also has a lot of options for you no matter how small this region is. It’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city where you can experience calmness and a more relaxing feel. You can savor an adventure into their magical rain forests and you can stay in their breath-taking beaches for as long as you want. You can splurge into dive trips, fishing, diving, camping, kayaking, wellness tours and so much more that will introduce you and expose you to nature.

These are just some of the many things you can do in various regions and cities that you wanted to visit not just for a holiday getaway but a new place to call home from some.

Simply Travel Guide is not just a vacation destination menu, so to speak, but is also a table of content of the many hobbies that these global destinations can offer you. Remember that we are not just a ‘travel guide’ but is also a ‘hobby guide’ to make your vacation and travel even more exciting and unforgettable.