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How Not To Get Lost When Exploring Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s transportation is more hectic than perhaps other cities in Europe. It is normal for motorists to be caught up in heavy traffic jams on rush hours making buses not at all advisable to ride on when you are on a tight schedule. Trains and trams are practical choices to make instead. There are trains around that leave the railway stations in intervals of only 20-30 minutes. If not you may take on the Tourist Trams or Tram 28 for a cheaper ride that trundles around the city center. If you are on your way to the districts of Alfama, Bairo Alto, and Baixa Chiado that consist of small cobbled alleyways and narrow streets it would be better that you walk but make sure you wear comfy shoes so you won’t get your feet hurt. You should know that Lisbon is built on seven hills.

Other than the trains and trams, buses and taxis, are ferry boats that you can ride on from five terminals of the Transtejo company that cross the river Tejo which is about 2 kilometers wide to the southern side, and four elevators of which Santa Justa is popularly known for it is built upon Eiffell’s plans and linking the street with its name to Chiado. This elevator is a “must-see” for tourists.

If you want a transport that will lead you immediately to the city area the train or plane may suit you as at the same time this allows you to spend not much or save from a high taxi fare. The international airport is located just about 6 kilometers north of the city center and is well-linked to major European cities and further afield from Ireland and TAP (Transportes Aereos Portugueses) Airline flies to more than 50 destinations. There are central and further north train stations with Santa Apolonia as the main station in the center.

What provides wholesome accessibility of transport in Lisbon is its metro network consisting of four color-coded lines of blue, yellow, green and red in which the city has significantly invested for its development to make it a useful transport system for visitors allured to the beauty of this sunny and pleasant city. Also, the two big bridges over the Tagus River: Ponte 25 de Abril and Ponte Vasco da Gama contributed to this development. On the other hand, this city is unfriendly to bikers and thus, bikes are not so much encouraged as a means of transport in Lisbon www.virtualtourist.com.

Airport Transfers

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