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Is Culture & Entertainment The Most Trending Thing In Budapest Now?

Budapest has a very rich and colorful culture. – And this is something that you should not really miss to experience when in the Hungarian capital.

For one, your visit – whether it is long or short – should include a trip to one of the museums in Budapest. And while exploring it, pay attention to its architecture that’s hailed for its neo-classical feel. You will definitely be in awe with its architectural beauty!

At night, you can experience the city’s nightlife and check out some of its fabulous clubs and bars. If partying is not your cup of tea, then you can head to some of Budapest restaurants. There, you can enjoy authentic Hungarian cuisines that will really show you a big part of the city’s (food) culture. With a lot of good food in the city, you might have to also consider getting fit in Budapest.

After getting a taste of the party and food in the “Pearl of Danube”, you can catch a performance in one of the theaters in Budapest or watch a movie in its cinemas to complete your visit. And to truly experience its culture, you can also try listening to its music, learning some of its sports, and even shopping in the city!

A trip to Budapest is never complete without taking part in its various festivals. – Join in the fun and the merry making in the whole city! And don’t worry about spending too much; there are a lot of things you can enjoy in Budapest for FREE!  You can even bring in your kids to experience Budapest for kids.

The city’s culture will definitely make your visit to heights. Experience it and enjoy it!


Budapest is home to nearly a hundred magnificent museums of fine art. It would take someone weeks to explore every single one of them. But if you’re the type who likes going museum-hopping, by all means, be our guest!

There are the large, popular ones like the Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum), the largest museum in Hungary that houses several permanent exhibitions, including the Crown of St Stephen, the first king of Hungary and the Coronation Jewels, the History of Hungary from St Stephen to the Millennium and History of Hungary in the 20th century; the Museum of Fine Arts (Szépmuvészeti Múzeum); the Museum of Applied Arts (Iparmuvészeti Múzeum); the Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Történeti Múzeum); the Hungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galéria); the House of Terror (Terror Háza Múzeum), where you can learn about the Nazi and Communist regimes in Hungary; the Museum of Ethnography; the Hungarian Natural History Museum (Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum) and the Aquincum Museum.

The smaller lesser-known museums are the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Art (Hopp Ferenc Kelet-ázsiai Múzeum), the Kiscell Museum, the Béla Bartók Memorial House (Bartók Béla Emlékház), the Nagytétény Castle Museum (Nagytétény Kastély Múzeum), Bath Museum (Fürdo Múzeum), Underground Railway Museum (Földalatti Vasúti Múzeum), the Tomb of Gül Baba (Gül Baba Sírja), and the Jewish Museum (Zsidó Múzeum).

There are also museums for families and children, the Children’s Railway Museum (Gyermekvasút Múzeum), the Transport Múzeum (Közlekedési Múzeum), the Hungarian Railway Museum (Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park), the Fire Brigade Museum and the Museum of Trade and Tourism (Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum).

Every museum you go to is sure to boast of new and wonderful things you’ve never seen before. One simply cannot go to these places without a camera in hand! Shoot away and tell your friends about your experience in the magnificent city of Budapest.


When walking around its streets, one will notice that what is most breathtaking about Budapest is its architecture. The buildings and sights are thousands of years old, yet are well-kept. You simply cannot go to Budapest without a camera in hand.

Commuting or simply walking about the city will prove to enough to see the massively majestic architecture and sites of the place, since for a city it is just the right size— not too big, not to cramped. Most sites to see are close to each other, and all other places may be reached by public transport.

The structures are teeming with history and with such architectural beauty that one cannot help but wonder how these were made in the times that they were.

Structures that are sure to make architects and engineers alike drool are the Buda Castle, the historical palace complex of all the monarchs of Budapest; the Fisherman’s Bastion, a viewing terrace with many beautiful towers, which owes its name from the fishermen who protected the stretch of land it occupied in the Middle Ages; the Széchenyi Baths, one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe; the Hungarian Parliament building, the largest in Hungary and the largest parliament in Europe; the Great Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Eurasia; and many others.

Everywhere you look, a striking building, monument or bridge is bound to catch your eye. The sights are numerous: Andrássy Avenue, Castle Theatre, Liberty Bridge, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Vigadó Concert Hall, Vajdahunyad Castle, Saint Elisabeth Church… The list goes on and on. Even the railway station is a sight to behold! You’re sure to find a piece of architecture you like best, one that will strike you so much you’d want to explore every inch of it. You’ll be sure to tell your friends all about everything you’ve seen!


Budapest has several festivals all year ‘round, and if you find the time to get on a bus, plane or train to the capital city of Hungary, you might like to check these celebrations out.

First on the list is the Budapest Spring Festival, the largest cultural festival in Budapest. It offers a wide array of programs which include classical music concerts, dance shows, theatre performances, dance and other unique exhibitions that are sure to amaze you. This festival runs from the last week of March to the beginning of April every year.

Another festival you should see is the Budapest Fringe Festival, which is held on the last two days of the Spring Festival and aims to introduce lesser-known artists both from Hungary and foreign countries.

Next up is the Titanic International Film Festival. The first Titanic Film Festival was held in 1994. In 2006, Titanic became a competition-based festival. Every year, the movies shown at the festival are categorized according to certain themes and categories.

The aim of the Titanic Film Festival is “to collect a wide variety of daringly new, original, and trend-breaking motion pictures from every possible corner of the world; be it dark comedies, emotionally charged drama, genre films, or documentaries.”

The Breaking Waves, which is the film festival’s award was designed by artist Luca Görömbe. It is given to the festival’s most outstanding, innovative, and daring film of the year. This festival is a must-go for all film and art enthusiasts.

Another festival is the Museum Festival. More than 100 museums from all over Hungary will be present on this weekend festival in mid-May, which takes place in the garden and building of the Hungarian National Museum and showcases a craft fair, musical programs and folk performances.

Next up is the Night of Museums, which happens in mid-June, where all the museums in Budapest and Hungary give colorful performances all night.

More festivals are the Floralia Festival at Aquincum Óbuda, National GallopBudapest Summer Opera and Ballet Festival, Open Air Summer FestivalSummer Music Festival in Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest Space Film Music FestivalDanube Carnival (a must-see!), International Book Festival BudapestFestive Book Week, Summer on the Chain BridgeFestival of Folk ArtsJewish Summer FestivalBudapest Baroque Music Festival, Budapest Autumn Festival and so many others.

If you plan to live in Budapest, there is sure to be a festival every month to keep you entertained and fascinated by the city’s majesty.


After a long day out touring the beautiful city of Budapest, are you still eager to go out and experience the nightlife of the city? Then you have nothing to worry about because Budapest has a lot to offer when it comes to their nightlife. May it be partying until the wee hours of the morning or having a relaxed and lovely evening witnessing cultural entertainment, Budapest has it all for you.

If you would want to go out and party all night, there are a handful of bars and nightclubs open for everyone. You just need to be over 18 years old to be able to have alcoholic drinks served to you. Some clubs and nightclubs also require their guests to be 18 or you are advised to visit the next one.

Budapest’s party scene during the night is proven to be very vibrant and each guest will surely enjoy their night out in the city. Another past time that you can do, is to go to a casino. If you are one who would want to dip their hands in a little gambling before partying out into the deep night, then you can find good Casinos in luxury hotels around the city.

If you would want to experience a cultural night in the city of Budapest, there are also a number of places where you can go to. Budapest’s State Opera House is one such place. Not only can it be the venue for you to have your cultural entertainment in the city, it is also considered as the one of Budapest’s architectural gems. So you are in for a treat as you get to see a beautiful piece of architecture and get to be entertained in it too. Among the events held in the State Opera House are Operas and concerts or shows featuring classical music.


After spending the whole day out and about in the city touring, seeing beautiful architecture, experiencing local culture, getting a taste of some local dishes, and taking hundreds of pictures of the entire trip, you may want to unwind with some bottles of beer to officially end the day. In this case, you can choose from Budapest’s wide array of bars that you can visit. Took a look at our picks.

Pezsego Bar is one of the places in Budapest where you can enjoy some drinks. It is a place that is very cozy and you can really enjoy just a relaxing night with your family or friends while taking sips of your choice of drinks. If you would want to enjoy listening to some music, there is a DJ playing tunes in their lounge.

If you would be going to the place on weekends, it is best to reserve a table beforehand. This place is known to be packed on weekends. If you want though, you can also explore the other bars in the place. Pezsego Bar is surrounded with different other bars that have something different to offer to customers.

Menta Terasz is another bar in Budapest that is worth checking out. Aside from being a place where you can meet with friends for some drinks, it is also a place where you can enjoy good food and a nice view as they have a nice garden. The bar is located in Margit Körut, one of the busiest roads on the Buda side. You don’t have to worry though because despite its location, it is still a good place to hang out.

Bar Domby is considered as one of the classiest bars in the city. It can be likened to a bar that you would see in metropolitan cities like New York. They bar offers world class drinks so any tourist would enjoy their night out in this spot. The place also has a very nice interior so it feels very cozy. The place is usually crowded even during the weekdays, so be sure to come early or reserve a table beforehand.


There are different types of clubs in Budapest that you can visit. If you are a music lover and would want to listen to some bands play while enjoying drinks with your friends, there are a lot of clubs that you can choose from. There are rock clubs, jazz clubs and even Latin music clubs.

Rocktogon and Wigwam Rock Club are some of the rock clubs in Budapest that you can go to. They offer concerts on some nights and there is always a rock party afterwards. The Rocktogon have their concerts Wednesday to Saturday, while Wigwam Rock Club have it on weekends. You may not want to miss out on going to Wigwam. It is considered as the most prestigious club in the whole country of Hungary. It is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Latin music clubs are known not only for their great latin music but also for their invigorating dance performances usually from the crowd itself. If you don’t know that much about Latin dance however, then Trocadero Café is the perfect place for you. There are dance lessons available just before the party. The Palacio de la Salsa is also a place where you can learn latin dance and they even offer free salsa lessons.

If jazz if more of your type of music, then you can visit places like Cotton Club, Piaf, and Jazz Garden Club & RestaurantIn Cotton Club you get to enjoy live music from the famous jazz band with the same name, the Cotton Club. They play every night except Sundays so you don’t have to worry about having to catch them. In the Piaf on the other hand, you will enjoy piano music while having drinks with your friends. And in the Jazz Garden, you not only get to enjoy good music but also good food.


One of the greatest treats about traveling is getting to shop in a foreign city. This would mean new finds, new souvenirs, new shopping experience and basically just new stuff for you. Everybody loves shopping. Who doesn’t? Shopping in a city you haven’t been to, or a city that is for away from home makes it extra special because of a lot of reasons.

One, you’ll find stuff that you don’t normally see at shopping centers at home. Two, you are now one among the very few, perhaps the only one, among family and friends who have this little treasure. And three, you have something to remember your trip byWhen you are visiting Budapest it is best to keep yourself informed about the great shopping places where you can get the best souvenirs for you to keep or give away to loved ones.

For novelty items or products that Budapest is known for, there are key areas in the city where you can find all these. Most tourists visit the shopping spots in Pest which is in the center of the cityVáci utca is the place to be for great finds in Budapest. Historically it is known as the most expensive area of the city. But it definitely is worth it. Here you will find Hungarian pottery, lace, linens and other trinkets.

If you are looking for non-novelty shops or are looking for chain stores where you can buy usual products that you see in shopping centers, there are also shops in váci utca that cater to these. You will find shops like H&M, Estee Lauder, Clinique and C&A.

Another place to visit is the city’s plazas. Here you will see usual finds and these places offer many shops where you can buy good quality clothes. If you are more on shopping for gadgets and electronic items though, you must not fret. There are also a number of shops in Budapest where you can go to. Media Markt and Electro World are shops that are known to sell affordable items. The quality of the products sold may not be comparable as the expensive counterparts though.


When foreign acts visit your local theater, this is hugely attended and most of these are sold out. Especially if the company visiting is known worldwide you are lucky if you get a ticket to see the event. This is because these foreign acts give something new to the audience. They offer a something fresh and events like these are a great way for the local audience to get a glimpse of their culture. If you are visiting a foreign city then this is your chance to see all the foreign acts. You can even choose from the many theaters they have available and choose from all the acts that are to perform.

When you are in Budapest, there are a number of theaters and concert halls that you can choose from. It is good to know about your choices and read up on their upcoming shows so you can plan your schedule during your trip to the city.

The Liszt Academy of Music aside from it being one of the most prestigious music academy in Hungary is also the most prominent concert venue in the city. It was formerly known as the Royal National Hungarian Academy of Music. Aside from it being one of the best music schools and concert venues in the city, the façade of the building is also one reason to visit the place. The beautiful structure of the Academy of Music can be found Liszt Ferenc tér and Király utca.

Other theaters that are also worth visiting are: Örkény Színház, which is located in 1075 Budapest Madách tér 6 is known for its formerly cutting edge performances and strong ensemble. They have a company of 17 actors and do about 30 shows in a month; Artus Contemporary Arts Studiolocated at 1116 Budapest Sztregova utca 7 also offers regular shows every week. One great thing about the studio is whenever they have an event, you can take the Double Decker and it will take you directly there; and Bárka Szinhazwhich is a small theater in the 8th district, is a company of 16 actors that also offer regular shows. For you convenience, they have offered an online ticketing on their website.


Budapest is considered as one of the main cultural centers of Europe. Because of this you will be able to witness various cultural events if you are in the city. One of these events are classical music concerts.

The city has a rich musical history which includes famous classical composers Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók, Erno Dohnányi, and Zoltán Kodály and also opera composer Ferenc Erkel. Since before, the city has always played a vital part in the state’s music. This is partly due to the number of musical institutions available in the city. And not just ordinary music schools but prestigious schools that are not only known in the city but also known internationally. Among these are Nemzeti Filharmónia, Hungarian State Orchestra and the Hungarian State Opera.

The city also holds a number of music festivals that are sure shot crowd pleasers and draw out audiences coming from all around the world.

The National Táncház Festival and Fair or Táncháztalálkozó is one of these. It was given the title of Excellent Folklore Festival by the Hungarian Festival Association in 2010. This festival features traditional musicians and folk artists that showcase their local traditions. Several dance groups like neophyte folk dancers, dance-house bands and dance teachers also participate in the event. Aside from the performances the event features traditional music concerts and trade fairs that include traditional crafts as well as recordings and publications.

Performances from the Budapest Festival Orchestra are also greatly attended and eagerly anticipated in Budapest. It was originally formed by Iván Fischer and Zoltán Kocsis in 1983. It is known give quality performances from top notch musicians brought out by the festival’s intensive rehearsals and high standards. Because of their great contribution to Hungary’s music history, the orchestra was declared a national institution in 2003. You can catch several concerts all throughout the year in different musical venues around the city. Some of these venues where other orchestra and companies also perform are The Liszt Academy of Music, Almássy Square Leisure Centre and Petofi Hall.


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