It’s About Time To Plan That Trip To Miami: A Travel Guide

Miami is a city packed with texture, color, and emotion. It is sizzling hot, irresistibly sexy, and arouses all the senses – a reflection of its booming Latin culture. It was earned the moniker America’s Crime Capital, thanks to the 1980s TV Series Miami Vice. But Miami today is a flourishing metropolis that has been dubbed the country’s Casablanca, America of the Millennium, and the Magic City.

These various designations touch on a major aspect of Miami that differentiates it from many other American cities – it is a truly multicultural city. Miami is the gateway to Central and South America and also the third most popular American city (after New York and Los Angeles) for international visitors. In fact, many people consider the city as more Latin American than American.

Famous for its spicy nightlife, fine dining, sunny weather, and sexy population, Miami had humble beginnings. It was founded more than a hundred years ago when a mogul named Henry Flagler expanded his railroad to transport citrus fruits from the frost-free south. Economic development was moving at a glacial pace until the land boom in Florida in the 1920s. When the heat was in Chicago during Prohibition, Al Capone came to Miami.

The Mafia moved in after WWII. Waves of Cuban refugees arrived later when Fidel Castro led Cuba in 1959. Before long, Miami became the US Latin capital. There was also mass immigration in the 1980s. The cultural climate the immigrants created in the city inspired residents from other Latin American countries (such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Dominica) to seek a better life away from the poverty and oppressive governments of their countries.

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most ultramodern cities in the US. Although it is the second-largest in the state after Jacksonville, it is easily Florida’s most cosmopolitan, exciting, and exotic. Much of its appeal is attributed to its diverse neighborhoods, ranging from the colorful Little Havana to the trendy South Beach to big-city and towering skyscrapers in downtown Miami. South Beach boasts of candy-colored art deco buildings amid an authentic South Florida panorama of dazzling blue ocean, cloudless skies, swaying palm trees, and pale sandy beaches.

Explore Miami

Miami is different from any other place you have ever been, it’s got its own kind of cool that you may encounter by exploring Miami. Miami is certainly not a city that has a pulse, so much as a pulsating rhythm.

Miami brings images of sexy appeal, stunning sunlight, and beaches whittling in the vast distance, while seaside accommodations and skyscrapers dot the landscape. The days are used to be on the poolside and the nights are recommended for touring down Collins Avenue, treating in the neon lights glowing from art deco structure.

Sports fans of every age and level of experience are utilized here to savor the year-round mild weather conditions and the opportunities to savor all the pleasure that Miami has to provide.

While providing a beautiful surrounding of Miami Beach is a blooming city as well. The different ambiance, fine dining, and other area attractions make the place one of the most popular vacation spots in Miami.

Downtown Miami is the heart of city prestigious by its luxurious skyscrapers, amazing government structures, and social companies and outlined by the Port of Miami, the biggest cruise ship port in the world.

The glitzy, interesting South Beach is the doubtless coolest part of town, the place to note and fame and an eye-catching function for celebrities and fun-lovers who develop on its sophisticated ambiance, designer shopping, cheerful dining places, and fast-paced nightlife.

Miami Beach is located on a long trim island associated with mainland Miami by four major causeways. It contains numerous coastal areas, each one with its own character containing Surf-side, the upmarket shopping section of BAL Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach, South Beach and Golden Beach.

After Fidel Castro believes the energy in 1959, refugees break free of Cuba colonized just western side of downtown Miami, in an area known as Little Havana. Today, with its 800,000-strong Cuban-American community, this vivid section possesses a clearly Latin ambiance with its Spanish signs, Cuban coffee cafes and dining places, small cigar factories, and street-side food stalls, selling such foods as boho (Cuban stew) and freshly squeezed juices.

Situated on the boundary of Biscayne Bay, south of downtown Miami, Coconut Grove is one of the most ancient neighborhoods of the city, with bohemian roots. Today, it is a modern district with a busy town ambiance, full of colorful gallery exhibits, theaters, nightclubs, fine dining places, hip street cafés, and shops.

All these and more make up Miami’s fascinating and diverse are worth exploring.


Miami is an exciting place to visit with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Miami Tours features a wide range of tours, activities, and attractions to make your visit special. With a great number of touring and expert tour alternatives available, tourists who want to get up close and personal with Greater Miami and the Beaches will have no problems doing so.

From the wide beach beaches in the east to the Everglades swamps in the west, discover a stunningly wide range of Miami tour and sightseeing options arranged by skilled, friendly professionals. From city tours of diverse Miami to shopping activities or eco-treks and outdoor activities, there are tours to match every taste and special interest. No matter which way you want to tour Miami – by air, water or land – you will be presented to an amazing world of natural and man-made delights.

Land Tours

For a more specific look at Greater Miami, go on a scheduled or customized group tour in a bus or van. Or ramp up the luxury level with a private guide in a car or limousine. Tours will take you from the glistening glass towers of Brickell Avenue’s business hub across the Miami River to Downtown’s cosmopolitan buzz, past historical and cultural sites, and on to some fascinating and different local communities.

City Tours

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to tour Miami is by bus. Miami Duck Tours claims to be “the best show on the go”. When you take a tour with them, you will ride in a Hydra Terra, this is a customized vehicle that island and water friendly. Tour includes places like Homes of the Rich & Famous, Millionaire’s Row, South Beach, Art Deco District, Fisher Island and many more.

Water Tours

From rivers and lakes to the exalted Atlantic Ocean, Mother Nature has blessed Greater Miami with many wonderful bodies of water. One of the most attractive ways to enjoy them is on a touring cruiser. With a number to choose from, tourists may decide to go on more than one tour.

Air Tours

Splashed by the sun, nuzzled by the ocean and filled with exotic plants, Miami and the Beaches’ tropical lushness is a gorgeous visual feast that is perhaps best valued from above. And an aerial touring trip from an airplane or helicopter is just the ticket for tourists wanting to explore Miami and its environments in a way that most people don’t.

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