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When walking through the streets of Cracow, you will find good restaurants and food places of good quality throughout the city. The restaurants offer a wide range of foreign tastes, unique dishes, and special décor that totally give you the possibility of getting into the spirit of the place’s country of origin. Tourists can choose from restaurants specializing in Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Jewish cuisine, and many more.


Ariel – Located at Szeroka 18, Kazimierz, Cracow. Ariel is a popular Jewish restaurant. The food is not kosher, but it is a traditional European Jewish cuisine. Most of the famous favorites are available, from Pierogis, Dumplings, to Borscht, Cold Beet Soup.

Balaton – Located at UL Grodzka 37, Cracow. Balaton is one of the oldest restaurants on Grodzka Street and it has been functioning on the Royal Route since 1969. Balaton has moderately priced food in a setting that is pleasant, but not overwhelming. Most items could be classified as traditionally Polish or European, with a reasonable amount of variety of vegan, vegetarian and health-conscious lifestyles.

Cherubino – Located at 15 SW. Tomasza Street, Cracow. The restaurant is situated in a charming Alley of Doubting Thomas only a few steps from the Market Square. It tempts not only with excellent Italian cuisine but with the Polish one too, for which native Poles are longing as well. Both cuisines are equally well prepared and delicious.

Corleone – Located at Poselska 19, Cracow. Corleone offers great Italian food inspired by the Sicilian town. In this elegant yet cozily location, a wealth of delicious food is for the picking under the watchful gaze of Italy’s movie stars whose photos lining the walls. The menu is always adjusted to the seasons. The interior is lit with many candles and decorated with antiques.

Nostalgia – Located at Karmelicka 10, Cracow. Nostalgia was created out of nostalgia for good Polish food. This fabulous little restaurant in Cracow serves excellent Polish food at a quite reasonable price in an intimate environment.

Pod Aniolami – Located at Ulica Grodzka 35, Cracow. A pretty Shopfront glass window attracts passersby down into this cellar restaurant. It offers tasty Polish food, cooked on a fascinating grill. The kitchen is notably famous for its pickled meat grilled on the stove fire with beech wood. A beautiful restaurant decorated with traditional folksy knick-knacks, and it is also very popular.

Wentzl – Located at Rynek Glowny 19, Cracow. It is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Cracow. It is located on the second floor with a view of The Main Square and The Mariacki Church, which is really breathtaking. The food is excellent, and the service is of a predictably high standard.


The cafe culture of Cracow can be easily compared to that of Vienna and Paris. For coffee lovers and those fond of the laid back and relaxing atmosphere in cafes, the Kazimierz district in the city should be where you should be heading. Here are some of those celebrated cafes in this Polish city:

4D Gelato Caffe

UL. Pawia 5 (Galeria Krakowska)

This modern cafe serves gourmet Italian coffee as well as ice creams. With its over 30 flavors of fruit sorbets and gelato, this cafe will give you delicious coffee and ice cream treats.

Charlotte. Chleb I Wino

Pl. Szczepański 2

With furnishings inspired by Parisian back-street bistro with an air of the preppy fashion shoot, this cafe will amaze customers with their out-of-the-box servings. Feast of its unique offerings which include croissants and bread. Aside from its interesting menu, this cafe also boasts of its open and sociable atmosphere.

Słodki Wierzynek

Rynek Główny 15

This classy cafe is known for its gourmet coffee as well as chocolate concoctions. Its elegant atmosphere is brought by its well-thought setting composed of scarlet armchairs with ceilings painted with cherubs riding creatures from various mythologies.

Karma Coffee Roasters

UL. Krupnicza 12

You may believe in karma or not but this cafe will make you believe in good coffee. It presents itself to offer coffee made from “one of the best espresso machines in the world“. The coffee, despite being so good, is not as pricey as those offered in Starbucks. This cafe caters to the modern and alternative crowd.

Experience a good chat and good coffee altogether with this list of cafes in Cracow.

Polish Cuisine

Traditional Polish cuisine flows from the melting pot of diverse influences as the country at the world crossroads, inhabited by traveled and novelty-happy entrepreneurs, merchants, soldiers, and worldly gentry. In the city of Cracow is considerable contingents of immigrant Germans, Italians, Jews, Hungarians, Scotsmen, Czechs, Austrians, etc. And also left their mark on the city’s menu over the ages.

Traditional Polish cuisine at its best features is a variety of domestic herbs and exotic spices. As hunting was the Polish favorite pastime, game dishes proved overly popular. The same wild mushrooms. Freshwater fish and crayfish used to supersede seafood in landlocked Cracow. Polish traditional food features many soups, made with mushrooms, broth, and beets.

The cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Cracow is complete without tasting the local food.

Pierogies – This is the one you probably had been thinking of when you saw the title Polish cuisine. Probably this is the one you will go the most for as there are many kinds of Pierogi as sort of flavor, but also the difference from other countries. It is a much-loved dish consisting of ravioli-style dumplings that are filled with a variety of ingredients (sweet or savory) from spinach, cheese, potatoes or mushrooms to fruit.

Bigos – The one to try for sure in Poland when traveling around the restaurants. It is a combination of cabbage, mushrooms, and various meats – traditionally pork, bacon, and delicious Polish sausage, but today bigos may also contain venison or duck.

Zurek – Polish love their soup and it is a popular way to start a meal. Zurek is a delicious and popular ‘Zupa’ traditionally made from rye flour with key ingredients including hard-boiled egg, potato, and Polish sausage.

Zrazy – it is a Polish traditional food that will cling to your ribs. A filling of bacon, bread crumbs, mushrooms, and cucumber is rolled inside a seasoned slice of sirloin beef then fried or grilled to allow the flavors to mingle.

Fish dishes are also popular, especially in regional Polish traditional food. Carp, pike, perch, eel, and sturgeon are all popular and served in various ways. Pork is the most common meat in traditional Polish cuisine, but chicken, beef, venison, duck, and other meats are seen on restaurant menus today.

For dessert, Polish meals will include Polish cheesecake, or sernikapple tartsmakowiec (a sponge cake with a poppy seed filling), or eklerka.


The most defining part of Cracow’s nightlife is the amount of choice when it comes to picking a bar for a drink. From stylish cocktail lounges cellar student bars, Cracow bars have a lot to choose from.

Alchemia – Located at Estery 5, Kazimierz, Cracow. Alchemia brings a more bohemian crowd and is always loaded. If you want to meet people who actually reside in Cracow this would be an excellent option. It also the best place for regular live music options and theater events, and regular photographic exhibitions.

Baroque – Located at SW. Jana 16, Cracow. Baroque is a distinct, modern space that mixes the new with the old. Seductively attractive, its range of cocktails is consistently among the best in the city. This spot specializes in fantastic Mediterranean fare to go with the many choices of liquor. There are more than 200 different cocktails are offered on the menu.

Budda Drink & Garden – Located at Rynek Glowny 6, Cracow. To get the most out of Budda you need to visit in summer when adjacent courtyard gardens transform into an alfresco dance arena. Budda Drink & Garden is one of those hip bars that just make you feel sexier. The entrance serves a beautiful patio, complete with comfortable seating, a bar, and a view of Cracow.

CK Browar – Located at Podwale 6, Cracow.  Being on top of Cracow’s only microbrewery, serving rather tasty Light, Ginger, Dunkel and Weizen ales. CK Browar is the Royal Emperor’s Brewery as showed by the Habsburg House seal on the front entrance and other insignias throughout the space (CK stands for Austro-Hungarian in polish).

Pauza – Located at Florianska 18, Cracow. Pauza would be under the description of ‘alternative’. The artwork is modern and unique and the clientele are the same. One of the trendiest drinking dens in the Old Town. Despite a terrible queue for the toilet and typically trendy house music, this is one of the best hangout spots in the Old Town.

Singer – Located at Estery 20, Jewish Quarter, Cracow. One of the oldest bars in Kazimierz, this dimly lit den boasts tables made from old Singer sewing machines. One of the smokier, but more atmospheric of Cracow nightspots.


Cracow is one of the country’s oldest cities and the cultural capital of Poland. It has a unique atmosphere as well as a thriving and immersing nightlife and can offer many various entertainment options.

Nightlife in Cracow comes with a reputation that comes before it, and rightly so. Cracow is, without doubt, one of the party capitals in Europe and the city attracts many tourists from Poland and abroad, purely for the nightlife and partying scene.

There is no doubt that Cracow is famous for its amazing nightlife and many students take advantage of these pleasures. The combination of a large student population and an increasing number of tourist visitors means that the nightlife scene in Cracow has heated up significantly over the last few years. In summer clubs and discos are filled with many tourists who spend a lot of money on expensive drinks, entrance fees and many other things but as they say its money’s worth.

So think about a medieval old town adorned with traditional architecture and its narrow streets. Now it is packed the narrow streets with hundreds of lights up bars and nightclubs, underground taverns and drinking dens and you are starting to build a picture of the Cracow nightlife scene. In fact, according to urban myth, the Cracow old town has the highest density of bars and nightclubs in the world.

Therefore, there is no shortage of places to drink, eat, and stay late into the night in Cracow. Especially, the huge central Grand Square in the heart of the historic Old Town district and its environment looks like they never sleep; at least most of the year saves winter. And recently trendy new hangouts are launched also in the nearby Kazimierz quarter almost by the week. The differences between restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs tend to blur a bit, especially later in the evening when cozy cellar bars become party zones complete with flourishing dance music and sweaty dance floors.


You have spent the day wandering the city of Cracow, taking pictures of historical monuments and have tried some of Cracow’s cuisine, so what do you do when the sun is set and night has settled? Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the nightlife that can be found throughout the city. There are so many clubs around Cracow to party at night.

Baccarat Club – Located at Stolarska 13, Cracow. Baccarat is for those who prefer the quality things in life. A lot of money has been invested in making this arguably the most stylish and extravagant music club in Cracow. Not only disco balls will imply the classical dance theme, but exquisite chandeliers and high-end furniture and décor too.

Cień Club – Located at SW. Jana 15, Cracow. One of Cracow’s best-regarded clubs for several years running, and unlike most cubs of its kind, its novelty has yet to fade; it is by far one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists. You might feel slightly dirty after an evening in Cien’s medieval cellars, but the short skirts, inexpensive drinks, and commercial dance music keep luring travelers back. It is regarded as the hottest venue in Cracow, it has a strict door policy so put your glad clothes on and try to look sober.

Coco Music Club – Located at Szpitalna 38, Cracow. Coco is a big music club with big popularity. Fridays are Sexy Friday which is all about pop music, and Saturdays are Sexy Saturday, while Wednesday is Brilliant Chocolate which features all kinds of Hip-Hop and RNB. When the music is more exciting and challenging early on, the sexy crowd sometimes seems at a loss; however, this popular student club really takes flight after midnight, with a heady mix of locals and foreigners mingling on the dance floor and around the cubicles until early morning.

Gold Club – Located at Ksiecia Jozefa 71, Cracow. Gold Club is what makes Poland famous for strip clubs, as the clientele comfort is always the first priority. If you are looking to watch scantily clad ladies spin around poles, you have come to the right place.

Pozytywka – Located at Bozego Ciala 12, Cracow. It is a very sleek, moderate, modern club for people who have tired of bohemian lifestyles and the oddities to be found in their clubs. However, the music does tend to be housed, rave type music, in contrast to standard pop that many people seem to crave.

Shakers– Located at Szewska 5, Cracow. Shakers Club has an ever-evolving vibe, a classic Cracovian cocktail club. The deep purple paint and sensuous, velvety furnishings indicate a comfortable, soothing lounge in which you can cuddle up with friends and lovers for a drink and a chat on the first floor.


If you love to shop, then Cracow offers the tourists a huge choice of opportunities from small shops in the Main Square to large shopping centers.

Cracow’s Boutiques and Small Shops

If you are not particularly fond of big shopping centers and would rather do shopping in small and cozy boutiques, Cracow can fulfill your needs as well. You can make a shopping tour walking along the streets of the Old Town admiring its fine architecture on the way. There are a few lively shopping streets which should not be missed:

Florianska                         –Stradomska                      –Grodzk                                                –Karmelicka

Szewska                             -Dluga

They are plentiful with elegant boutiques with fine clothes and jewelry, high-quality shoes and leather goods of well known Italian brands, tempting you to stop by and shop.

Cracow’s Shopping Centers

There are a few large shopping centers with a wide range of shops where customers can find.

Bonarka – Located at 11 Kamienskiego Street, Cracow. It is the largest mall in the country. Boasting 234,000 square meters of floor space, the Bonarka is home to over 270 stores packed into its modernist and stylish interior complete with tall glass windows and bright wooden arches. With a number of brand names and familiar fashion labels, there is something for everyone at the Bonarka City Shopping Center.

Galeria Kazimierz – Located at Podgorska 34, Kazimierz, Cracow. Boasting a surface area of 38,150 square meters, the stylish Galeria Kazimierz guarantees to meet all your needs. Galeria Kazimierz is a perfect place to spend time shopping, entertainment, meeting in cafes and restaurants. This is one of a kind combination of old and new architecture, modern yet charming shopping mall has more character and atmosphere than most as it was built to blend into the renovated old houses that surround it giving a unique and distinctive design.

Galeria Krakowska – Located at Pawia 5, Cracow. The Galeria Krakowska is regarded as Cracow´s premier shopping complex. Shoppers looking for it all come to Krakowska in droves. Whether visiting or living in Cracow, everyone seems to make their way here at some point. Situated adjacent to the main train station in Old Town, the huge state of the art shopping haven boasts no less than 270 stores offering a wide variety of high street and designer fashion items, souvenirs, handicrafts, and electronic gadgets.

M1 Shopping Center – Located at Aleja Pokoju 67, Cracow. With just 42,000 square meters and around 90 shops, M1 is relatively small to its illustrious mega-space competitors, but this accessible shopping center has the advantage of attracting shoppers looking for specific items at specialist stores.


More commonly known as Poland’s cultural capital than its sporting one, Cracow can also boast a fine sporting reputation and some decent facilities for those who like to keep active.

Sporting traditions are also an important part of Cracow’s history. The city is home to two of Poland’s oldest football clubs: Cracovia and Wisla. But Cracow takes part in more than just football, there are also cycling racesvolleyball and basketball tournaments, and even kayaking and ballooning competitions. Football, basketball, ice hockey and volleyball are probably the most favorite sports of Cracow, both to play and watch.

There are a number of places to play tennis and squash, as well as a whole variety of fitness centers and gyms for enthusiasts. There are also numerous cycling paths by the river, which also double up as routes for joggers, rollerblades, and skaters. Other sporting activities that Cracow offers tourists and locals alike include golf, horseback riding, go-carting, shooting, adventure sports, and every drinker’s favorite sport: billiards.

Cycling – Cracow’s Planty, pedestrian-friendly center and riverbanks all lend themselves to cycling, so unless there are actually several centimeters of snow on the ground you can expect to see Cracovians shuttling from place to place on two wheels. Hire a bike from one of the many outlets around the city, or from the Bike One self-service stands. There are established cycle routes around the city and further afield, offering easy rides to beauty spots such as Tyniec.

Horseback Riding – Due to the Polish love of the outdoors and the typical beauty of the countryside, horseback riding has long been a popular pastime in Poland. There are many options for tourists wanting to explore the Polish landscape on horseback, with stables open to tourists, both close to the city and further afield. A tourist who will not want to stray too far from Cracow should head to the Cracow Golf and Country Club, which offers excellent facilities set in 160 hectares of beautiful countryside, while those willing to travel a little farther should head for the Beskid Wyspowy Mountains, where several stables offer riding trails around the high peaks and dense forests of this amazing place.

Tennis – In Cracow, tennis is much less elitist than golf or even squash. The young give it a try as any other recreational sport; the middle-aged take it up as an alternative to other outdoor activities. Sure, as elsewhere, tennis in Cracow has also a legion of enthusiasts, age eight to eighty, eager to spend on the court a couple of hours quite possibly every day.


There are many gyms and fitness centers in Cracow, all are at a very reasonable priced and have quality modern equipment. A visit to the Gym in Cracow will let you look and feel your best, so you can enjoy your healthy lifestyle while enjoying the beautiful city of Cracow. If you are looking to get in shape in Cracow, then you have come to the right place.

Modern gyms have become a fixture in the city even though fitness activities are part of everyday routine for few Cracow residents. It is easy to find downtown places nearly as well as any health club in the US. Workout lovers seeking the latest top of the line equipment may be disappointed but the typical fitness center in Cracow provides all the usual facilities for calorie burn or bodybuilding.

Fitness Platinium – Located in Lea 213, Krowodrza, Cracow. In search of the ideal fitness club, Platinium owners visited plenty of such places, both in Poland and abroad. Platinum fitness club in Cracow was established, and it is one of the most successful in Poland. The Platinium is equipped with most modern sport, art cardio equipment and star track gym appliances. With all the benefits plus competent and well-trained staff you can be sure to be in good hands when striving for good health and outstanding body. Platinum offers high-quality training, friendly service, modern interior, and equipment.

Mlyn Fitness Club – Located at Przemysłowa 4, Cracow. Mlyn gym was originally designed as a dance exercise center, but also offers other alternative kinds of fitness including yoga and exercise balls. It is the nicest fitness center in Cracow. If you are more acquainted with pumping iron for your exercise routine, Mlyn Gym also accommodates for that as well with a fully-equipped fitness center where friendly and qualified instructors are on hand for advice and assistance. It is very new and has high-quality training, friendly service, modern interior, and equipment.

Pure Fitness Club – Located at Podgórska 34, Cracow. Situated in the modern Galeria Kazimierz on Podgorska Street, Pure fitness club is the ideal place for tourists to Cracow wanting to keep in touch with their exercise routine. Pure Fitness is a stylish gym which is fully equipped with state of the art fitness equipment to meet all your exercise needs. The employees are all fully qualified instructors; most of them speak English and will assist you with machines and training advice.

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