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London Is A Great Place To Explore While Staying At These Recommended Places

London Apartments

If you are willing to shell out some fortune, there are five-star London accommodation in store for you. Whether you plan on spending a short weekend vacation or a longer stay for business affairs, London offers you many choices of apartments, youth hostels, and bread and breakfast or budget hotels.


If you are in a tight budget and planning to stay longer in London, one great option is flat-share. Also, if a youth hostel is not your type, flat-share could be perfect for you. This will save you a great deal of money and give you the opportunity to mingle with interesting new people. Making new friends in London could be fun. You can explore the city and experience the London nightlife with them. Flat-shares in the city are perfect for students and other young people, as well as business people always in transit.

Youth hostels

While it tends to be an expensive city, London is friendly to visitors with limited budget. In fact, it is filled with budget accommodations like youth hostels. No need to panic, as youth hostels today have a much higher standard than ever before. This type of accommodation is an excellent alternative when you are staying in the city for a long weekend and spending your money on something else.

Youth hostels in London will also give you the opportunity to meet young people from different parts of the globe. What’s more, you can also avail of a student discount. Just secure a students ID card to save money.

Bed and breakfast

If you are after something run by a family, nice and cosy, choose a bed and breakfast or budget hotel in London. Such London accommodation type is a bit more costly than youth hostels, But much less expensive than top-class hotels. Additionally, bed and breakfast is much more private than a youth hostel and a warmer and kinder atmosphere than many hotels. A bed and breakfast accommodation is ideal for a short visit in the city.

Five-star hotels

If you want to stay London for a day or two, but want to take full advantage of all kinds of luxuries during your stay, then check in at a 5-star hotel by all means. The city boasts of some of the worlds top hotel accommodations and you will not regret staying in one as it will make your stay in a luxury London accommodation an unforgettable one.

Cheap London Hotels

When one conjures up images of London, famed landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey are often the first to come to mind. Along with the royal family, bustling streets and shops, and the host of different cultural interest points, there is plenty to see and do in the capital city of England. While London often has a reputation of being an expensive destination in Europe, there are fortunately several inexpensive accommodation options in this incredible metropolis. No matter what neighbourhood you find yourself in, the many cheap hotels in London ensure you’ll find suitable lodgings at a decent price.

Home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, Westminster is arguably the busiest part of London. Walk to Buckingham Palace or take a tour through the Houses of Parliament. Budget accommodation in the area includes The Wellington, a tasteful Victorian-style hotel featuring beautiful views of neighbouring Vincent Square. Conveniently located close to Victoria Station, The Wellington is at the centre of all the action.

If you are looking to spend some time amongst the most affluent residents of the city, look no further than posh Kensington. Hit the shops on Kensington High Street, or spend some time browsing through the many free museums of South Kensington, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National History Museum. For lodging options, you may wish to consider The Paramount Hotel, a gorgeous Victorian townhouse. Conveniently located near the many museums and monuments of Kensington, The Paramount Hotel features a newly-refurbished interior and many modern amenities at low costs.

For those looking to experience an authentic taste of London, Marylebone is a great area to visit. Primarily a residential neighbourhood in central London, Marylebone is home to many well-known celebrities and areas such as Hyde Park. The Georgian Hotel provides inexpensive accommodations in the area, and is located within walking distance of shopping destinations like Baker Street and Oxford Street. Laundry facilities are also provided.

Bloomsbury is noted for its open spaces and gardens, and is a great option for a quieter trip to London. Cheap accommodation options includes the modern The Staunton Hotel. The gorgeous Georgian townhouse offers a delicious breakfast for visitors, and is centrally-located, close to Covent Garden and the British Museum.

No matter what draws you to London, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time there! Furthermore, finding comfortable London accommodation on a budget couldn’t be easier!


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