Madrid Keeps Welcoming Visitors: A Travel Guide

What does it take for you to have the perfect holiday?  Whether you’re a designer-suitcase kind of a traveler or a backpacker, there is no way that you should miss all the fun, culture, music, food, and everything else that the city of Madrid has to offer.

Madrid is a good example of the new meets the old setting; where its 17th-century chapels in its narrow cobbled lanes border the city’s gleaming skyscrapers and modern boulevards. Aside from the structures, modern Madrid’s culture is also a picture of diversity; where one will see the locals revel in the sport of bullfighting, which is centuries old already, then enjoy sushi after.

With this in mind, you can expect a lot of things to see and experience in this Spanish city, such as the following:

Breathtaking attractions

As mentioned, Madrid’s structures are the new-meets-the-old type. So whether you are interested to get a glimpse of the city’s past or would want to marvel at its modernization, the top attractions in Madrid will not disappoint. And if these are not enough, the attractions in the city do not stop the structures alone. You will find its natural landscapes and sites to be worth the visit as well. Visit these attractions and find out why more and more people from all over the world come to visit this beautiful city.

Sumptuous delicacies

There is a wide range of restaurants in Madrid to choose from that even deciding where to have dinner in the city would be met with many different options. Hop from one restaurant to another to enjoy the many sumptuous delicacies in the city. Go for tapas or indulge yourself in the local delicacy called cocido – Madrid’s lamb and vegetable stew.

Vigorous nightlife

Nocturnals will find Madrid an ideal place to be, thanks to its lively nightlife. From pubs to dance clubs to discos, there’s more than one for everyone to choose from! Whatever type of crowd you are in or budget you have for some night fun, the nightlife choices in Madrid do not seem to end. For night persons, Madrid nightlife is paradise.

Spain Visa

Is it a sampling of the tapas with the local brew when you go bar hopping until dawn? Is it the laid back attitude of the people of Madrid, also known as the Madrileños, which is living to work, instead of working to live? Or is it the sense of history behind the castillanas?

These and more are the variety of reasons why the city of Madrid has grown to be loved by both the travelers from around the world, as well as the locals themselves. As the largest city and capital of Spain, Madrid has 1,001 delights to offer.

Here, we will take a look at everything that you need to know about Madrid: which places to visit, what other wonders the city has to offer, with a few travel tips interspersed for good measure.

All About Madrid

“Like wine that gets better with age.”

If you have been a visitor to Madrid in the past, this is exactly the impression that you will get when you back to the city for the second, third or fourth time. Now that there are hardly any constructions in Madrid, you will get an unobstructed view of the city which is a pleasant mixture of the old and the new.

Whether it’s the Madrid nightlife that you’re looking forward to or the rich sense of history which is associated with the Spanish culture, you will get exactly a fix of whatever it is that you need because the city has plenty to offer of each.

Madrid Travel Itinerary, Anyone?

So, aside from partying with the Madrileños in tapas bars, what other items should you tick off from your Madrid itinerary? Pay a visit to one of the many astonishing art galleries; participate in one of the many Madrid festivals which are held year-round; go on a food feast and sample the local delicacies; experience a night of culture and the arts; go shopping; see an authentic bullfight, visit one of the many Madrid parks – the possibilities of the places to go, sites to visits and experiences to feel are practically endless!

What You Need to Remember about Madrid

Be warned, though. The partying attitude of the Madrileños is quite infectious. You may need to psyche yourself up to go back to the real world once your holiday in Madrid is finished. Otherwise, you would definitely want to schedule a trip back to the city and its people that surely would have already captured your heart.

Explore Madrid

The Spanish capital almost has it all: a rich and interesting history, gorgeous architecture, delicious cuisine, warm and welcoming people, and numerous attractions. But before you pack your bags and fly to Madrid, you must first come up with a good travel plan.

Visiting Madrid may drive you crazy because of the numerous attractions that will overwhelm you. So planning your trip well is always a good idea to avoid all hassles such as arriving at the wrong hotel, offending locals due to cultural differences, waiting forever for public transport, and getting lost in translation. Hassles are part of the experience, but they can spoil the fun sometimes.

Planning your trip well ahead of time will let you maximize your stay and enjoy all the activities you do. For example, getting familiar with city transportation will make your travel efficient. Transport by bus and metro is frequent and extremely efficient. Another good thing about city transportation is that there are more and more facilities especially for travelers with disabilities.

Despite the fact that Madrid has about 6 million people, and traffic congestion is as terrible as in any megacity, Madrid is a surprisingly easy and relaxing place to get around in. So careful planning is the key to an enjoyable holiday. And coming up with a sound itinerary will make every day a fun-packed day.

We design this Planning Your Trip section to help you plan your travel to the beautiful Spanish capital and make the most of your vacation time. From airports and metro stations to find budget accommodation and staying safe.


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