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Minsk: A Place For Learning And Living

Minsk is one, if not the most beautiful cities in the world to live. Although it is not the first choice by many, it is still a new alternative for someone who seeks a new city to live in. With its relatively low crime rate, your safety is surely secure.

Minsk has a warm summer humid continental climate (Koppen Dfb), owing to its location between the strong influence of the moist air of the Atlantic Ocean and the dry air of the Eurasian landmass. Its weather is, however, unstable and tends to change often. The average January temperature is −6.1 °C (21.0 °F), while the average July temperature is 17.8 °C (64.0 °F). The air is often moist, with humidity levels at 80–90%, especially during the cold season.

Minsk has an extensive public transport system. Passengers are served by 8 tramway lines, over 70 trolleybus lines, and over 100 bus lines. Trams were the first public transport used in Minsk. Public buses have been used in Minsk since 1924, and trolleybuses since 1952. All public transport is operated by Minsktrans, a government-owned and -funded transport not-for-profit company.

The city offers a variety of apartments to stay depending on your period of stay and the number of people you are with.  A 3-room apartment in Minsk, Kolas square costs 100$ per day; while a two-room apartment located on the central railway station costs 80$ per day. Lastly, prepare 60$ for a one day stay in a one-apartment at Bedy str. 29 near the Nekrasov and Surganov streets.

With this knowledge and along with extensive preparations, living in Minsk will be a lot easier.


Are you are a tourist in Minsk who eventually loves the city and consider moving in permanently? Or you just want to explore more the city’s beauty. But before you move to a new city and its new environs, there are few things to know and consider first.

Minsk is the capital and largest city in Belarus. It is the economic capital of Belarus, and it has developed industrial and services sectors. The overall cost of living rank in Minsk is 185 out of 300 global locations, which equates it with low cost of living locations.

Learning the language
Communication in whatever context is very important. Obviously, the city’s main language is Belarusian, Russian. So for an ex-pat who has no knowledge of speaking the language, it would be a lot harder to communicate or converse with the locals. It would be best to learn the fundamental Belarusian language prior to moving, this of course through a series of lessons.

A place to live
One of the most essential things you need to have is shelter. Now, this depends on your need and the financial aspect should be taken into careful consideration as well. There are plenty of apartments and houses to rent in the city. Prices differ from each, depending on the location, the size, and its amenities. But for convenience purposes, rent a place near to your workplace or the place you frequently go to. It is also very important to be in a comfortable neighborhood.

You are now equipped with the essential information you need regarding the city.

Real Estate

The real estate market in Minsk offers fairly reasonable prices for its clients. Apartments are commonplace to stay for tourists and ex-pats, most of the apartments charge daily but contractual negotiation for long term stay. Options from three-room to one-room apartments are available.

Unlike Minsk’s hotels, some apartments charge no extra fees for foreigners renting apartments. Also, because of “Minsk’s Foreigner Hotel Tax”, renting an apartment is often more than half the cost of staying in one of Minsk’s centrally located hotels. Your private life will be only yours in our apartments.

Some of the apartments are located in the very center of Minsk, in the neighborhoods rich insights, distinguished architectural complexes as well as shopping, entertainment, the best restaurants, cafes, and bars.

These real estate agents can assist you in searching for the perfect place suited for you

Belarus Rent
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Email: info@vip-flat.eu

VIP Minsk
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Email: vipminsk2@gmail.com


Minsk is the biggest city in Belarus, so searching for a job or run a business won’t give much of a pain. Employment is also high in agriculture, manufacturing sales, trading goods, and education. But before you can land a job or run a business in Minsk, you first need to know the important employment law of the city.

If you’re planning to run a business in Belarus, It’s important to know about all aspects of employment law. As an initial step, it’s a good idea to find a local lawyer in Belarus who can help you understand the employment regulations and keep you up to date on any changes.

Employment contracts can be drawn up for:

  • An indefinite term
  • A fixed-term (not more than 5 years)
  • A fixed-term for a specific piece of work seasonally
  • A temporary period to cover absence
  • Termination of contracts in Belarus

An employment contract can be terminated in the following circumstances:

If both parties agree

  • If initiated by one party
  • If initiated by a third party (usually when external factors make continued employment relations impossible)
  • Dismissal in Belarus – the regulations

Employment law protects employees by restricting the grounds on which an employer can dismiss staff.

Businesses are free to set their wages. However, the vast majority of enterprises retain some element of state control; within the state sector, wages are structured under the tariff system.


Minsk will not get behind with regard to some of the best schools, universities, and colleges in the world. It has hundreds of schools to choose from for students who want to study abroad. In fact, Minsk is the major educational center of Belarus. It has about 500 kindergartens, 258 schools, 28 further education colleges, and 36 higher education institutions, including 12 major national universities.

Here are two of some higher educational establishments

Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus
It is the leading higher educational establishment in a national education system and head establishment of education in the system of training, retraining and in-service training of the personnel in the management sphere. The Academy was established in 1991 and it acquired the status of a presidential institution in 1995. In the structure of Academy three institutes: the Institute of Administrative Personnel has three departments. Institute of Civil Service has also three departments and Research Institute of the Theory and Practice of Public Administration.

Belarusian State University
Major Belarusian universal university was founded in 1921. In 2006, it had 15 major departments (Applied Mathematics and Informatics; Biology; Chemistry; Geography; Economics; International Relations; Journalism; History; Humanitarian Sciences; Law; Mechanics and Mathematics; Philology; Philosophy and Social Sciences; Physics; Radiophysics and Electronics). It also included 5 R&D institutes, 24 Research Centres, 114 R&D laboratories. The University employs over 2,400 lecturers and 1,000 research fellows; 1,900 of these hold Ph.D. or Dr. Sc. degrees. There are 16,000 undergraduate students at the university, as well as over 700 Ph.D. students.

Obtain your dream of having a college diploma with Minsk’s prestigious universities and colleges.

Learn Russian

Whenever you are traveling to a foreign city, it is always good to pack a number of local phrases that might help you with your travel. You will never know when you will need it.

In Minsk, although you will find a number of locals that know how to speak English, the majority of the locals-only converse in their local tongue, Russian. It will be really good for you to learn a few Russian phrases before you travel to the city. You’ll find various sites that offer to teach you how to speak Russian, so you could always go online to learn a thing or two.

You will find that the best way to learn a new language though is to learn it in the city itself. Packed with a few Russian phrases, it might be good to learn a few more in the city itself.

When you are in Minsk, there will be a lot of teachers who can teach you important phrases that you will find helpful in your daily goings-on. You will also have a lot of locals to talk to just to practice your Russian. And best of all, you get to appreciate the language as you learn the culture that comes with the language.

Language School

A good language school and the beautiful city from which the language originated, these are the recipes you need to best learn a new language. When you learn a new language although you can conveniently learn it just through the Internet, through books and audio-books or CDs, it is never the same as actually learning it at the place where it is widely spoken. If you learn to speak the language in the city where it is home to, you get to appreciate not only the language but also the culture of the city. Not to mention you will have lots of opportunities to improve your training. There are local shows on TV to watch, local programs on the radio that you can listen to and of course locals to speak with to help you with your training.

If you want to learn how to speak Belarusian or Russian, the best place to learn it is in Minsk. There are various language centers that offer language courses to teach you how to speak Russian. There are even schools and universities that offer these.

The Belarus State Economic University is one of these schools. The university has a 3-month program that is from April to July of every year. They have classes for groups and also for individuals and there are different levels to choose from. Other universities that offer language courses are Minks State Linguistic University and Belarusian State University.


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