Mykonos, Greece: Its Culture And Entertainment That Will Make You Fall In Love

As one of Greece’s top tourist destinations, Mykonos serves its visitors not only with its top attractions but also with numerous things to do.

For one, tourists can enjoy visiting the Museums in Mykonos. Because Greece is noted for its very rich history, you can expect to see a wide range of interesting collections in the island’s museums. Every visit to each museum will give you a better understanding of Mykonos’ culture and way of life.

Stopping by and taking a picture of the architecture in Mykonos will also be a good thing to do on the Greek island. There is a number of breathtaking architecture in Mykonos that will really mesmerize you and make your visit worthwhile. On the other hand, if you are fond of celebrations, Mykonos festivals will be a good event to take part in. The festivities on the island will also bring a better understanding of Mykonos culture.

Hungry? The restaurants in Mykonos will fill you in with its sumptuous and delicious offerings of Greek cuisine. At night, the Mykonos nightlife will give you an experience you can never forget.

There are also shopping options in Mykonos that will excite the shopaholics. Shopping in Mykonos will be a different experience for anyone. Other things to do in Mykonos include those for athletic individuals with its sports and fitness options; the theaters and music in Mykonos will be a good thing to do for art lovers.

If you are traveling with kids, Mykonos for kids will provide you with family-friendly ideas. And if you are in a budget – because Mykonos is one expensive island – you can always try the free things to do in Mykonos.


Mykonos is known for its rich history and culture. If you are interested in understanding the island’s past better, visiting the museums in Mykonos will be a good thing to do. Below are some of the museums in Mykonos with their unique collections:

Archaeological Museum Mykonos

Hafenpromenade, Hora, Mykonos, Greece

One of the most popular cultural attractions in Mykonos, this museum was built in 1902 primarily to preserve the vestiges that were recovered from “Purification Pit”; these vestiges were said to date back from 426-425 BC.

This museum is also notable for its elegant architecture – thanks to its designer, Alexandros Lykakis. The museums also house vases from the Hellenistic period.

Aegean Maritime Museum of Mykonos

Tria Pigadia, Mykonos, Greece

This museum opened in 1985 mainly to “present and study” the Greek nautical tradition’s history. It is headquartered in a traditional Cycladic building at the island’s capital. Among its exhibits are the ship models that date from the early Minoan period until the start of the 20th century. It also showcases rare engravings, maps, and historic shipping documents. There is also a library in the museum which houses about 5000 rare books.

Lena’s Museum

Tria Pigadia, Mykonos, Greece

A 19th century, middle class, Mykonian house, this museum is named after its last owner, Lena Skrivanou. It stands in Tria Pigadia in Mykonos Town. The house is complete with furnishings along with a spacious drawing room, two courtyards, two bedrooms, and a dovecote. This house will give you a glimpse of the middle-class life on the island a hundred years ago.

Agricultural Museum

Agiou Ioannou, Mykonos, Greece

This museum showcases an open-air setting. It allows visitors to explore the Windmills that are all in perfect working order. Its miller’s house has a vast collection of agricultural tools, which include a wine press and a threshing floor. During mid-September, visitors are allowed to take part in the celebration of its grape harvest.

Folk Art Museum

Kastro, Mykonos, Greece

This charming cultural museum is headquartered within the house of a sea captain in the 18th century. It has a large collection of eclectic artifacts, which include old musical instruments, historical furnishings, photographs, and ceramics. It also has an exhibit of etchings, paintings, and vessels from the past. The admission to this museum is free, which makes it even more enjoyable to visit.

These are just a few of the museums in Mykonos. Do drop by on them and get to experience the unique offerings of the island.


The architecture in Mykonos is mainly influenced by the Cyclades region. Known for having a Mediterranean climate, the island’s architecture was made to adapt with the intense and extended sun exposure, strong winds, high humidity levels, and long period without rain. Thus, the traditional Cycladic houses mostly have cubic shapes and flat roofs for protection from the strong winds of the Cycladic region. The northern sides of the houses all have small openings to eliminate humidity and thermal loads. Its stone walls help achieve cooling, while its white-washed walls reduce the absorption of heat from its walls.

If you explore the alleys and streets in Mykonos, you will also notice how the number of houses is distributed according to the direction and exposure of the winds – and this isn’t coincidental at all! The houses’ different heights, ledges, interior yards, recesses, and the various types of semi-open spaces and entrances are not for mere aesthetics only.

Mykonos architecture possesses the typical characteristics of Cycladic architecture. Its houses stand like “a cluster of white grapes” with tiny strokes of color. These cube-like houses feature smooth asymmetrical shape on the corners of the structure.

Aside from the houses, Mykonos’ votive chapels also make up the island’s interesting architecture. Some of these chapels are even declared historical monuments. On the other hand, the windmills, which once were a strong component of the island’s economic prosperity, have also become an important landmark of Mykonos.

The Paraportiani, which was also declared an important monument on the island, is also a distinctive architectural structure in Mykonos. Its name comes from its location – next to the small northwest gate called the ‘paraporti‘.

As you go and travel to Mykonos, you will learn that these structures are all better insight than in words.


All year round, various feasts and religious festivals take place in Mykonos, Greece, most of which in celebration of the feast day of the island’s many churches. During these great festivities, bountiful sumptuous food and wine are served, while dances and music events take place all night long.

One of the best times to come to the city is during summer. Aside from the warm and sunny weather (that allows you to do a lot of stroll in the beach), summer in Mykonos also offers a wide variety of art exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances. Organized by the island’s municipality, these events often bring together many artists coming from all over the world, which would make a visit to the island during these days truly enjoyable.

Two of the main celebrations often looked forward to by locals and tourists alike are the Greek Orthodox Easter during April and the Feast of the Assumption in August. In September, the feast of the grape harvest also takes place. During this time, tourists on the island can get a taste of the delicious grapes in Mykonos – which include wine-tasting too!

Taking part in Mykonos festivals is surely one thing to add in your things-to-do list in Mykonos. Most of these events can be enjoyed for free, thus, given Mykonos pricey lifestyle; these events will significantly cut off your expenses while experiencing the best of the island.

So whether you have a short stay or a long weekend in Mykonos, participating in the island’s festivities will already give you a better understanding of this Greek island’s culture and way of life.


The food in Mykonos, Greece is another reason to enjoy the visit on this island of the Cyclades Group. Marked with a distinctive taste and presentation, the island’s gastronomy is something worth tasting for. Below is a list of restaurants in Mykonos you might want to visit:

Aqua Taverna

Little Venice, Mykonos Town


Located in Little Venice, this restaurant boasts of its ideal location right by the sea. It offers a good view of the windmills, which thus provide it with a romantic and serene setting. One of the favorites here is its spaghetti with lemon, Parmigiano cheese, and olive oil. Its lobster pasta, risotto, and steamed mussels are also a hit among customers. Price of the main course range from 18€-35€.


Garden Kalogera St. (behind Alpha Bank on Matoyanni St.), Mykonos Town


This restaurant is one of the island’s posh restaurants. Its lovely private garden and intimate interior give it a romantic ambiance, perfect for couples and honeymooners. Its octopus in white sauce and stuffed lamb are among the favorites here.


On the road to Ano Mera, Mykonos Town


Danielle’s is a classy restaurant that combines the Mediterranean cuisine with traditional Greek island dishes. It is known for its sumptuous range of pasta dishes as well as fresh salads. The main courses here range 25€-40€.


Above Panachra Church, Mykonos Town


This is one of the oldest restaurants in the island’s capital. For over 30 years, the restaurant has already developed a reputation for serving really good Mediterranean dishes. The tables here are clustered around its courtyard pool, where diners can make a splash upon their arrival. It is known around town for serving some of the best fish and lamb dishes. Unlike the three restaurants above, Edem is considerably affordable, with its main course price only for about 8€-30€.

El Greco

Plateia Tria Pigadia, Mykonos Town


Serving traditional recipes from various parts of Greece, this restaurant is known for its eclectic menu, which includes boudeto – shellfish-and-monkfish stewed in the wine-and-tomato sauce. This restaurant has been on the island since the 1960s. With prices of the main courses ranging from 9€-30€, it is also considered one of the affordable restaurants in Mykonos standards.


Psarou Beach, Psarou


Although a bit pricey, N’Ammos still attracts a lot of diners with its casual elegant setting by the beachfront. As one of Mykonos’ finest restaurants, N’Ammos guarantees to fill even the most critical diners. Among its highlights are its marinated anchovies, spicy Mykonian meatballs, T-bone steaks, and fresh fish.

Greek Cuisines

The top attractions in Mykonos aren’t the only things you would be looking forward to when visiting this beautiful Greek island; its Greek cuisines, too!

Based on colorful and flavorful foods with high nutrients and low animal fats, the Greek diet is a perfect manifestation of a healthy traditional Mediterranean eating. Below are some of the common compositions of Greek cuisines:

Grain-based foods

For thousands of years now, wheat has been a staple in Greece. Many bread varieties in the country use wheat, including, peasant and pita bread. Bulgur and pasta are other wheat-based foods famous among Greeks. The first is made from cracked whole wheat and is often eaten to accompany hearty stews, salads, or soups; the latter was introduced by the Italians.

Nuts and legumes

Lentils, split peas, lima beans, and chickpeas are just some of the favorite legumes used in traditional Greek dishes. The people in Mykonos eat them either whole in soups, salads, pilafs, and stews, or pureed to be used as a dip and spread.

Olive oil and olives

Olives have been part of Greek cooking since ancient times. The virgin olive oil, which is often used in most Greek dishes, came from the first cold pressing of olives. This golden-green oil is also used as a dip for crusty bread. Aside from oil, olives are also eaten as a whole by the people in Mykonos. The plump kalamata olive is usually added in salads and stews to be eaten as a whole.

Vegetables, fruits, and seasonings

Because Greek is famous for its warm climate, growing fruits and vegetables in the country are ideal. For vegetarians and health buffs, Greek cuisines will be a haven for you as the fruits and vegetables in the country come in abundant amounts. In fact, the myriad of flavorful and colorful vegetables is already a fundamental part of Greek cuisine. Garlic, zucchini, eggplant, onions, fennel, cabbage, wild greens called Horta, and lettuce is just a few vegetables and flavorings often seen in Greek delicacies.

Fruits in Greece are eaten fresh or preserved thru drying. Some of the favorite preserved fruits in Greece are grapes, apricots, cherries, dates, figs, plums, and pears.

For seasonings, the Greeks often use cilantro, mint, sea salt, cinnamon, oregano, dill, and flat-leaf parsley to add flavor to their dishes.

Desserts and beverages

For dessert, the Greeks love fresh and dried fruitsPastries and other rich desserts are usually preserved for special occasions (during birthdays or anniversaries).

Unlike other countries, where wine is reserved for special occasions, this beverage is consumed regularly in the country. Beer and ouzo (aniseed-flavored spirit) are two of the favorite alcoholic beverages in Greece as well; while strong black coffee for non-alcoholic drinks.

The food in Mykonos will surely keep you full and satisfied as you explore the island.

Mykonos For Kids

Mykonos may be known for its lively nightspots and wild nightlife, but with creativity, research, and resourcefulness, you’ll find that there are a number of things that the family – with kids – can enjoy in this Greek island.

In the morning, you can take your kids to explore the island‘s capital, Chora. They will be delighted to see the town’s picturesque Windmills which served as a remembrance of the island’s wheat and bread production many years ago. The Little Venice will also provide a breathtaking sight for the kids with its relaxing view of the sea. You can also enjoy a walk to the small alleys in the island while taking a snapshot of its unique and colorful houses.

If your kids are up for some educational trips, you can also tour them around the various museums in Mykonos. Bring them for a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos and let them see interesting collections of jewelry, figurines, funerary statues, and pottery which date thousands of years ago. If your kids are interested in ships, you can also take them to the Aegean Maritime Museum, where they can take a look at a wide range of nautical instruments and ancient vessels.

Of course, kids love the beach! And if it’s the beach they want, Mykonos will not be a disappointment. Blessed with beautiful Mediterranean weather, Mykonos beaches will a great place for the kids to dip in the cool waters or bathe under the sun. Some of the favorite beaches in Mykonos are Plati GialosPsarou BeachAgios Ioannis, and Megali Ammos. Aside from taking a bath, you and your family can also enjoy beach sports and activities like doing sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, and many more!

For families with kids who love Greek mythology and have a longer time to stay on the island, you can go have a day tour in Delos. Located not far from Mykonos (just a few minutes away via ferry), Delos features ruins from Ancient Greek. It is said to be the birthplace of twin gods, Artemis and Apollo. The sights on this island are ideal for those who want to do some educational adventure.

Although the nightlife of Mykonos is not for kids, you can always treat them to a good Mykonos restaurant and have them taste some of the island’s hearty and healthy Greek cuisines for dinner.

There surely are a lot of things that you and your kids can enjoy in Mykonos. So bring them to the island and let them experience the beauty and offerings of Mykonos.


Mykonos nightlife is another reason why the island is one of the most frequented places in Greece. Often put in comparison to Ibiza, the nightlife in Mykonos has a wide range of offerings, entertainment-wise. Whether you are a male or female; straight or gay, the fun and excitement in Mykonos’ nightlife will make your vacation more unforgettable.

The party options in Mykonos nightlife are as plenty as the choices in daytime activities. Although drinks in Mykonos clubs and Mykonos bars are expensive (nothing less than 9€), this does not mean for you not to have a good drink on the island at night. In fact, if you are a little more resourceful, you’ll find a way to lessen your drink expenses in Mykonos – say, buying your drink earlier in supermarkets!

Aside from the party venues, there are also fashion shops, small supermarkets, boutiques, and jewelers on the island that closes until 1 AM to give you more time to enjoy your shopping experience. And for the oldies – or even those who are just not a fan of late-night parties, there are countless restaurants in Mykonos that serve sumptuous delicacies for dinner you can forget about your diet!

To find out the best place to party in Mykonos, check out our list of the clubs and bars on the island from the link above.

Party animal or not, there is always something that everyone can enjoy in Mykonos at night. So after an exhaustive day exploring the top attractions in Mykonos, have time to let loose and be yourself in Mykonos nightlife.


Yes, Mykonos is one of Greek’s most expensive islands, but this should not hinder tourists – in a budget or not – to have a great time on this beautiful Greek island. Aside from the daytime activities, the night activities in Mykonos are also wide-ranging. One of these options is to have a good drink while partying at some of the island’s favorite bars listed below.

Pierros Bar

This legendary gay bar is known to host some of the island’s fanciful parties, especially during the summer. Located in Matoyanni Street, this bar was founded by Andreas Koutsoukos, a local of Mykonos, and Pierro Aversa, an Italian-American painter. This bar boasts of a classy ambiance, thanks to its interiors that were tastefully done. For years now, the bar has been a favorite hangout spot among designers, artists, and supermodels coming from around the world. Other than the good drinks they serve, Pierros also provide drag shows and great music for entertainment. This exclusive bar is worth the visit – if you have the budget.


One of the island’s most famous bars, Scandinavian hosts night long parties perfect for the party animals. This bar is also among the oldest bars in Mykonos. Built-in 1978, Scandinavian has two open-air service areas (ideal for those who smoke), an outdoor veranda, and a huge dance floor. For those who want more personalized service, the club also has a VIP room. The bar’s fanciful cocktails are made more enjoyable with its warm and friendly atmosphere.


Located in Little Venice’s seafront, Caprice offers a picturesque view of the town while enjoying a good drink they serve. Whilst the party in Little Venice starts at noon, the one in Caprice happens all day long. Its bohemian interiors and relaxing music are ideal for those who simply want to chill out with their friends or loved ones. Peak seasons, particularly the summer, makes the bar get a little more crowded yet this would not make the fun in the bar any less. You can choose from its wide array of exotic cocktails and have a good time in this bar.

De Stijl

Small it may be, but this bar is often regarded as the coolest bar in Mykonos, especially among the locals. It is situated in the wine cellars of Antonopoulos in Mykonos Town. This bar is a favorite among the fashionable Greeks and the foreign crowd. It opens from 10 in the evening and remains so until the last customer leaves.


This bar is one of the popular bars on the island. Its unique ambiance brought by its bohemian wall paintings and lampshades makes it an interesting place to enjoy a chat with pals. Among the popular drink choices in this bar are Margaritas, Mojitos, and Bloody Mary.

These are just a few of the bars in Mykonos for an enjoyable nightlife on the island.


The bars in Mykonos aren’t the only nightlife options on the island. For party animals, you will be pleased to learn that this high-end Greek island also showcases a good number of clubs offering a great nightlife experience. Some of them are the following:

Cavo Paradiso

Located in Paradise Beach, this club is one of the island’s hottest party venues – and this isn’t just in Greece, but in the world as well! Cavo attracts locals and tourists alike like a flower to a bee, thanks to its beautiful location on top of a hill.

Getting there may be quite a challenge, but reaching it, you’ll find all the effort is worth it. You will be mesmerized with the picturesque view of the cliffs and the ocean in this club.

Its huge dance floor consists of different seating areas and podiums to make you fall your hair down carelessly. With a full-sized swimming pool – shaped in the form of the island! – Cavo is definitely Mykonos‘ largest club.

La Notte

This popular music bar has been a rendezvous among those who want to party all night long. Its stylish decoration suits its trendy and extravagant ambiance – perfect for the holidaymakers. Each night, a live Greek band playing the latest Greek music will keep its customers pumped up all throughout the night. One of the club’s highlights is its waitress bringing brightly colored flowers to every table.


Situated in Mykonos Town’s taxi square, this club is another addition to the island’s growing and vibrant gay nightlife scene. Its interior, composed of blues, pinks, and purples, easily tells you its target customers. For a relaxing drinking experience, it also has a terrace. And if it’s drinking you want, this club also has a wide and impressive list of drinks and spirits.

Space Dance

This club is one of the biggest in Mykonos. It is known for its wild and big parties, with an interesting line of drinks and other exotic beverages.  Space Dance is famous among the youth mainly for its terrific ambiance and atmosphere.

Mykonos nightlife is as colorful as its ‘day life’. If you thought you’ve had enough exciting experience exploring it during the day, you would definitely have more of it at night. These nightlife options will make your short stay on the island a no-sleeping adventure!


Shopping in Mykonos will be a pleasure for those with enough money to spend as there are simply a lot of places to shop in the Greek island! Whether you are a jewelry lover or a wine enthusiast, an art collector, or simply one looking for souvenirs to bring home, there are a lot of shopping options in Mykonos.


For those who fancy glittering and shimmering pieces, Mykonos has got a number of shops to serve you with your interest. Among these are Gofas, Ilias Lalaounis, Marquise, and Naomi F in Mykonos Town.

Gofas is one of the most popular names among jewelers in Mykonos. It has been on the island for five decades already and has thus been a trusted name for premium and exclusive jewelry brands. Ilias Lalaounis, on the other hand, is known for its classic Greek jewelry designs, including 3000 pieces designed by Lalounis who was an ace jeweler in Mykonos.

Marquise is a family-run business established in the 1930s. It is one of the island’s high-end jewelry shops Its jewelry pieces stand out for its archaic designs, which include handcrafted bracelets and necklaces set in 18 and 22 karat gold.

A Mykonian local, Naomi F is one of the island’s pride jewelers. She has a degree in fashion design from Veloudakis, Athens. Her jewelry pieces are distinct for its unique feminine tones.


Wine lovers should head to Cava Stamboulis. This family-run liquor store established in 1980 is located in Ano Mera in Mykonos Town. This shop is known to be among the top distributors of wine and other liquor beverages in many hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and bars in Mykonos. Aside from local wine, Cava Stamboulis also has a collection of many popular Greek and international wine labels.

Art Galleries

Mykonos will not disappoint art lovers either with its various shops catering to this specific market. Elizas, Minima, Pinelies, and Rarity are four of the many art galleries on the island.

Elizas is located in Mykonos Town’s Mavrogeni Street. Aside from the artwork, it also sells a variety of handcrafted items as well as jewelry. Minima, on the other hand, is a two-floor building in Goumenio Square. It was founded in 1997 to showcase contemporary Greek art pieces. As it welcomes foreign artists too, this gallery serves as a platform for budding artists to showcase their works too. Rarity Gallery in Kalogera Street also showcases the work of contemporary artists from Greece and other parts of the world. Its main objects are sculptures and paintings, which make it great for those looking for something to hang on their walls.

For those who want to furnish their homes with creative decors, Pinelies should be the shop for you. For almost decades, the shop has already decorated many of the houses, restaurants, stores, and villas on the island. It has a good range of interesting art workpieces, metal creations, and crafty furniture pieces. The imported art pieces from China are just a few of the popular items offered in this shop.

Shopping in Mykonos will surely be a worthwhile experience!


With favorable Mediterranean weather, Mykonos is also a perfect destination for active tourists. And if it’s sports you want, the sunny beaches on the island should be where you should be heading. Among these activities are the following:

Wakeboard, waterski, wake surf, and wakeskate

Expert or not, the beaches in Mykonos offer an ideal place to try these water sports. With the anticipation of the many tourists on the island to try the water sports in Mykonos, a number of professional instructors are just around the beaches to offer their expertise. These water sports are ideal for all ages and skill levels.

Scuba diving

It will definitely be hard to get out of the water when in Mykonos. Scuba diving on the island, for instance, will be an ideal activity to try given the rich resources of Mykonos’ waters. Scuba diving courses are offered in this high-end Greek island for beginners. It costs around 450 € for advanced open water dive and 350 € for rescue dive. Certified divers can enjoy a dive in the waters for 60 € for a single dive.

Diving in Mykonos will be like diving into the island’s ancient history as you will get a glimpse of the traces not just from ancient Greece but from the Roman Empire as well.

Horseback Riding

Although water sports are the most preferred sports on the island, there are also ‘land’ sports in Mykonos that everyone can enjoy. Horseback riding is one of these. Here, horseback riders will get to discover the island in a different way – with the scenic countryside, little donkey paths, and hillside trails. Unlike other sports, horseback riding in Mykonos does not require previous experience as the well-trained horses on the island are as hospitable as the locals.

There simply are a lot of things to do in Mykonos; sports on the island are just among them.


From sports to shopping, the list of things to do in Mykonos does not stop! For health buffs, there are also a number of fitness centers on the Greek island that can help you stay fit and healthy whilst experiencing the best that Mykonos has to offer. Here are some of them:

Neptune Fitness Center

Hotel Kivotos

+30 22890 24094

Combining comfort and energy, Neptune Fitness Center showcases stylish state-of-the-art facilities for your fitness needs. This fitness center probably has all the gym equipment you’d need to tone up your body.

Right after the gym, you can also head to the hotel’s yoga classes to get a more holistic fitness experience. The Yoga classes of Kivotos are overlooking the entrancing sea of the island to better induce relaxation of the mind and body. This experience is good for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Elixir Fitness Gallery

Mykonos Blu

+30 22890 27900

Housed in a hotel located in one of the island’s top beaches, Psarou, this boutique spa offers you enough space to stretch your body while expanding your mind to “regain a sense of balance”. This fitness gallery has a fitness room with cardio equipment and Cybex, a sauna, private massage rooms, loungers, and changing facilities equipped with private lockers. Its full range of spa treatments will give you a truly relaxing experience.


Belvedere Hotel

+30 22890 25122

The hotel gym/fitness center assures guests with fitness facilities they’d need to stay fit and sexy without leaving the hotel premises anymore. Reflecting on the tranquility of the island, the fitness center’s roof is designed with bougainvillea to give it a feel of being outdoor in Mykonos. The fitness center has a stretching area, a cardiovascular equipment area, and a strength equipment area.

If you’ll notice most, if not all, of these fitness facilities, are all housed inside a hotel on the island. This is mainly because most hotels in Mykonos value the time and convenience of their guests they do not want them to go out anymore to be fit. Besides, given the sky-high prices of hotel accommodations in Mykonos, a fitness center would make the payment worth it.


Theaters in Mykonos can be seen in two ways: one from a historical perspective, the other in a modern view.

Historical Theaters

Historically, the theaters in Mykonos serve as a manifestation of Ancient Greece’s rich and glorious past. These theaters come in the form of ruins to give you just a glimpse of a picture of what the island is thousands of years ago. However, if you want to take a look at these ruins, you will have to travel by ferry for about 30 minutes to reach the neighboring island of Delos.

Delos is a favorite day tour activity among tourists not just for its scenic views but also for its rich historical offerings. Myths have it that the island is the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, the twin children of Zeus. Further south of Delos is the Theater Quarter, a great classical theater with a capacity of 5,000 spectators. This ancient theater is one of the few structures on the island built entirely in marble. Its construction dates back in 314 BC and was said to have taken 70 years to be completed.

The east of the theater is called the House of the Dolphins as it features a fine mosaic depicting the sea creatures. At the center of the theater is the orchestra which, according to a study to a study of the University of Athens, is the brightest point of the Mediterranean. The southeast end of the ruins contains sanctuaries of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Modern Theaters

At present, theaters in Mykonos serve as a venue to gather people, locals and tourists alike and show films for everyone to enjoy.

Among the favorite modern theaters in Mykonos is Cine Manto which is an outdoor cinema often flocked by crowds of people during the summer. Cine Manto is located at the heart of Mykonos Town. It lies at a vast garden surrounded by pine trees, cacti, and palm trees. In this open theater, moviegoers can enjoy watching the latest movie productions under the sky surrounded by bright stars.

To further enjoy the movie experience, people can also find cafes and snack bars.

The theaters in Mykonos will be a pleasurable activity to add to your to-do list in Mykonos.


Mykonos music depicts that of Greece – diverse and celebrated, so much as its history. Greek music is separated into two parts, that of Greek traditional music and that of the Byzantine. These types of music have existed for thousands of years already and have continuously developed along with the country’s language. The music in Greece is noted to have a number of similarities with that of Cyprus. It has been a significant part of the Hellenic culture.


The history of Greek music extends in ancient Greece and has later been influenced by the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Since then, Greek music has taken into a diverse history – from the Cretan Renaissance up to modern times.

Folk Music

Folk music in Greece is known as DhimotikaTwo musical movements make up the Greek folk traditions: A critic and Klepthtic songs. The first came from the 9th-century akrites of the Byzantine Empire, while the other from the klephtic music just before the Greek Revolution.

Klephtic music is monophonic and is distinguished for having no harmonic accompaniment.

Below are some of the popular folk songs in the Greek islands:


A general term denoting the folk songs in the Aegean Islands, Nisiótika is one of the common folk music in Mykonos. “Song from Ikaria” is one of its famous types.


This traditional dance type originated in the Aegean Island, Ikaria. This used to be a slow dance, and then later became a quick dance to suit modern times.


Greek music would not be complete without the instruments. One of the dominant instruments in Greek music is the Cretan Lyra, which is a three-stringed bowed instrument. This instrument is often accompanied by laouto, which is like a combination of an oud and a lute.

Early pop songs

Pop Greek music is heavily influenced by popular Italian music dating from the early 19th century. The most successful songs in the late 19th century were those that belong to the Athenian serenades. In the early part of the 10th century, American and European music have made influences Greek music as well. Greek composers began composing songs to the tunes of samba, waltz, swing, bolero, and tango among others.

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