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Never Get Lost In Budapest Again.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is becoming a favorite vacation spot for tourists. It welcomes 20 million tourists each year. It has something for everybody: a vibrant nightlife, historical and cultural spots, and green parks. The city is even coined as a “Little Paris.”

You will also not run out of places to visit and sights to see in the city. You will find most of the city’s attractions on Castle Hill in Buda and in the downtown part of Pest. Yes Buda and Pest are two of the city’s districts.

Among the lovely places that you can visit on these two districts are Royal Palace, which is the most popular tourist spot found on Caste Hill; Fisherma’s Bastion; various museums like Aquincum, an open-air museum, the Music MuseumMilitary Museum and even a Pharmacy MuseumSt. Stephen’s Basilica; and The State Opera House.

One attraction that is a must-see is the Andrássy út Boulevard in the district of Pest. It has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Aside from these attractions there are also a lot of things to do in this vibrant city. As Budapest is known as a popular spa city, you will find a lot of “baths” all over the city. This custom can actually be traced to their Turkish ancestry. Going to the baths is a thing that is not to miss when in Budapest. You can also witness the various festivals that are celebrated like the Sziget Festival and Spring Festival.

This huge city has a lot in store for every tourist, you are surely to enjoy your vacation with all the options you can choose from. You can even experience all of it and visit all of the attractions and take part in all the activities. For sure you are in for a most memorable trip.


If you are a traveler who would like to do away with the chaos of street traffic and would want to enjoy the green scenery of a city while travelling, then the train is the best choice for you when in Budapest. Traveling from one place to another may be a hassle if you are caught in the hustle and bustle of the city. It will surely be the downside to your day. On the other hand, if you are enjoying a commute in a relaxed ride on a train with a magnificent view of the city then it might even be the highlight of your day.

If this is what you want then you are in for a treat when you go to Budapest. The city has three main stations: Keleti Station, on the eastern part of the city; Nyugati Station, on the western part; and Deli Station, located on the southern part of Budapest. The city is connected by the MAV which is a Hungarian Railways Company that is operating in the entire city of Hungary. This system even runs out of city trips to surrounding European cities.

So you can now just relax as you go to the next town and the next destination of choice. Onboard the train you can just sit back and enjoy the view. If you’ve been around the city a lot, then this can be a way to be in a different scenery and also get a chance to appreciate a different side of Budapest. You can even have time to sleep in and get charged up for the next line up of activities stored for you. When you wake up you will be well rested and you’ve arrived at the next stop for your vacation ready to spend a whole day out again.


When traveling in a foreign city, it is also good to try out their public transportation and not just resort to taxis and car rentals. You will really be given a taste of the city you are visiting if you get to experience how the locals do it. When in Budapest, it will also be good to try out the bus. There are a lot that you can get from this experience. You get to interact with other passengers, you get to see the city in a different way and the best part is you get to spend less for this means of transportation and get to save up.

Riding a bus may be confusing for a first timer though especially in a foreign city. You don’t know the routes and you are not familiar with the stops. You may not be even understand the names on the buses and the directions that are printed on the buses. Fear not, though you don’t know how to speak Hungarian you will be able to understand the directions posted on bus stops as there are English translations that can be found below it. But if everything is still confusing, you could always just ask.

If however you are one of those travelers that are not keen to asking people for directions, then you can just do your research, read up about this and know everything that you can before your trip.

The good thing about Budapest though is that their buses’ numbering system are easy to follow so you really won’t be that lost even if it’s just your first time. And there are even another type of bus that they call the trolley-bus which run through Pest. What’s great about it is one of their routes is along the City Park and the Andrássy út so you’ll be able to see the magnificent views of the city. So, prepare yourself for a unique experience and get on that city bus.


Travelling through plane is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. Though the travel service pretty much takes care of everything when you travel by plane, it still would do you good if you knew a little about the flight details of your next trip.

Ferihegy or Budapest International Airport is Hungary’s biggest airport and it is just 16km away from the city center. It has two terminals: Ferihegy-1 which is the smaller one that is used by smaller airlines and Ferihegy-2 the more spacious terminal that carries all destinations in the Schengen Area. Hungary’s flag airline carrier is the MALEV and it carries flights from Asia, the Middle EastNorth Africa and all countries in Europe.

Now, you’ve just landed on Ferihegy airport. How will you get to the city center and to your place of stay? Easy. There are a lot of transport options for airport transfer. You can just take your pick on whatever one suites you. If you want to go by taxi, then you would take the Fotaxi. This is the sole legal taxi operator at the Ferihegy airport. The system is you get a quote to your destination before you even get into the vehicle, this way you will know what you need to pay in order to be taken there. Then you only pay when you’ve arrived, of course. For a less expensive option, you can try the minibus. There is an minibus service at the airport that takes passengers from Ferihegy that will be going on the same route, then they take you wherever you need to go. You may even call service if you need to go from the city to the airport. It’s like a car pool that you just can call when you need to go somewhere.

There are also much cheaper alternatives than the taxi and minibus and there are the through the railway or by bus.

So you have faster commute, more convenient way of travel and numerous airport transfer options. Travelling by flight to Budapest is probably the best option for travel. And the best part: During the Budapest Winter Invitation of MALEV airlines which is from December to March, they offer discounted flight fares to Budapest from international destinations and they even give hotel discounts from partner companies.

Car Rental

If you are one of those travelers that don’t like to get mixed up in the hassle of using public transport, then car rental surely is the answer for you. When in Budapest expect a highly effective car rental service. You also have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to use car companies that are known internationally, then you can try Avis, EuropCar, Budget, Hertz, and Fox Autoret. There are also local car companies that you can use that will give you the same excellent service. The Avalon Rent a Car and the Group 4 Rent are some examples of these.

Before getting a car to drive around Budapest in, you need to know the city’s driving rules. You don’t want to be caught by authorities just because you weren’t aware that it was prohibited in the city. Remember that “Ignorance of the law excuses no man.”

Like in all cities, drinking under the influence is highly prohibited. Even if you just had a glass of wine, your license will be taken. You must also remember to be on the right side of the street when driving in Budapest and you must always have your seatbelt on. And this is not just for the law, it’s for your own safety too.

One important thing to remember is that you must get an e-vignette or an e-sticker for your vehicle if you are going to use one of the city’s motorways. Before it used to be actual stickers that you put on your windshield, but now you can just register the car on a computer system. The e-vignette is for the highway toll. In Budapest like in the whole of Hungary, each motorway is considered as a toll road.

So if you are already above 21 years old and have had your license for a year, then you can opt for a car rental and just drive yourself around Budapest and not have to endure waiting in line to buy the tickets and waiting for the bus to arrive. You don’t even need an international driver’s license.


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