Never Miss The Dining Experience In Kiev, Ukraine

People of Kiev love to eat. The city boasts hundreds of restaurants that serve various traditional and international cuisines. The restaurant scene in the city is so alive that Simply Kiev guarantees you will be able to find restaurants that serve the food of your choice. Here are some of our highly recommended restaurants in the Ukrainian capital:


Avalon. This restaurant gives every guest feelings of coziness, delight, and luxury. It offers more than 20 kinds of fish, cooked according to your preference. You have a wide choice of shellfish.

Dixieland. Located near the downtown and practically hidden in the shade of old poplars, this restaurant has been considered as one of the most fashionable restaurants in Kiev. The sophisticated menu has exotic motifs and offers the best of classic and modern cooking.

Grand Plaza. This very versatile restaurant has a warm and friendly environment, bursting with authentic Ukrainian hospitality. You will be offered a large menu including a variety of dishes to suit every discerning taste buds.

L’amour. As the name suggests this restaurant is the perfect place to take your loved one for a romantic date. The interior is designed following the design of an 18th-century French castle. It serves fine wines from different countries and is managed by a trained sommelier. There is also a large selection of old champagne.

Shafran. This is one of the first Kiev restaurants with an authentic Middle East atmosphere. It has a rich Uzbek interior with couches, marquees, and a private VIP hookah room. This restaurant will give you a complete experience dining experience, providing elegant, comfortable, and almost perfect service.

SSSR. This establishment is divided into a number of thematic zones that correspond to the geographic regions of the former Soviet Union. The restaurant not only preserves the immediate history but also offers locals and visitors the delicious food of the former Soviet republic.

Tequila House. It has two halls and one small private room, with pastel shades of old Mexico dominating the color scheme. It will give you an authentic Mexican experience with colorful ponchos and sombreros, horse blankets, hot peppers, and original photos adorning the walls. This gives a warm, sunny carnival environment all year round.

Tsentral. The menu caters for all tastes. It offers classical cooking with a leaning towards fresh local vegetables and fish in season. It also serves various traditional Ukrainian cuisine like herring with potatoes and pickled onions, stuffed pike with horseradish, Kiev Chicken, Ukrainian borsch, and many more.

Walter’s. This establishment has gained a very good reputation for really nice homemade cuisine. It also has a wonderful interior design and good friendly service. Walter often functions as a venue for interesting local and international events.

Ukrainian Cuisine

You won’t starve in Kiev. Today the city boasts restaurants that serve various cuisines and offer their customers style and comfort. Whether you are looking for traditional Ukrainian cuisine or classical Italian and French cuisines, you will find the best restaurants in the city. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are available throughout the city center.

There is a lot more to Ukrainian dish than porridge and beet soup. The wealth of animals and plants raised in the city accounts for a rich diet. Despite the foreign influences from Asia and Europe, there is something unique and original about the way locals transform food into the cuisine.

Kiev dishes show a refined simplicity based on delicious combinations of smoked, fresh, and pickled ingredients. Dishes may contain a number of ingredients and uncommon combinations, like shuba salad that combines beets and pickled herring. Food is neither bland nor highly spiced, but seasoned to perfection.

Borshch is Ukraine’s national dish, even appearing on the menus of Italian and Chinese restaurants in the city. This soup has also been adopted by some countries in Europe. The many versions of this beet-based soup served throughout Kiev reflect the individuality as well as the ingenuity of its people. A regular borshch contains around 20 different ingredients – this depends on the region as well as the cook’s personal preference. Often, the availability of ingredients also depends on the season.

Bread is the mainstay of Kiev people\s diet. In fact, Ukraine holds its reputation as Europe’s breadbasket. Honore de Balzac, the French writer who stayed in Ukraine for four years, listed almost 80 different ways of preparing bread.

Another staple is kasha (porridge in Britain and mush in America). Salads are very common in Kiev, but most are not lettuce-based. Instead, cooked, preserved, and fresh vegetables may be mixed with cheese, meat, or fish.

Try kvas for n authentic Ukrainian drink. It is a slightly sweet non-alcoholic beverage that has a wheat-like taste. You can get one from giant tanks on wheels throughout the city, especially during the summer season.

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