Planning A Trip To Mykonos? Here Are More Reasons For You To Visit And When To Go

A famed cosmopolitan destination among the many islands in Greece, Mykonos has a reputation of having the country’s most sophisticated nightlife. That said; do not be surprised if it is also its most expensive city.

Year after year, Mykonos attracts thousands of visitors coming from various parts of the world, especially during summer. If you are not fond of the crowd, this factor may help you consider when to visit Mykonos the best.

Mykonos is filled with fantastic landscapes and villages picturesque enough to mesmerize you. Top Mykonos attractions will also include its beautiful sandy beaches that are considered to have one of the clearest and cleanest seas in the Cycladic islands.

With an area of just about 85 square kilometers, there are about 10,000 people of Mykonos. These people are all ready to welcome everybody with their warm hospitality and welcoming smiles.

The stony and hilly landscape of Mykonos has made it famous in several Greek mythologies, including that of Hercules fighting the Giants, which makes Mykonos history more than interesting.

As in most islands in the Cyclades, Mykonos weather is mostly bright and sunny, particularly from April to August. It has very few springs and lots of suns.

These are just a few Mykonos information you’d need to know when visiting the city. Browse over for more details and city guides.


A short stay in Mykonos may get you wanting more, but if this is all the time you got to spend on the Greek island, you just have to be sure to make the most of your stay.

If you only have a weekend in Mykonos for instance, you have to make sure to carefully plot your activities. It would be wise to focus on quality time on the island rather than quantity – that is, going from one attraction to another as this will prove to be very time-consuming.

long weekend in Mykonos will give you a longer time – although not much still – to explore more of the top attractions in Mykonos. You will have more quality time dipping in the clear waters of its beautiful beaches or take a visit to some of its museums and appreciating the fascinating collections each of its offers.

For those who are lucky enough to spend a week in Mykonos, you’ll get the chance to really take your time appreciating and experiencing the offerings of this Greek island. However, this would also mean to get your wallets ready as each day spent in Mykonos does not come cheap. And if you still have extra time and money, why don’t you go for a day trip to Mykonos and check out its neighboring islands?

So what if you only have a short stay in Mykonos? With careful planning of your itinerary, you’ll get to experience the best of the island much like those who have a longer time to stay.


Although Mykonos is one of the smallest islands in the Cyclades, it is definitely one of the most famous and favorite tourist destinations – thanks to its beautiful natural attractions and breathtaking sights. A weekend on the island will thus prove to be an enjoyable one whether you spend it alone or with someone. However, you will need to really plan how you can maximize your stay on this Greek island given your limited time to stay.

For the perfect Mykonos weekend, it will be better to spend quality time in one of its many attractions than be in a hurry going from one place to another. You can go spend a day or two in Chora or savor its beautiful beaches for the whole weekend.

  • Chora
    Also known as Mykonos Town, Chora is the island’s capital and port town. Every year, the town attracts thousands of tourists because of its amazing sights, which include its narrow whitewashed streets and numerous chapels and little churches. The houses here are an attraction themselves, with tiny balconies, colorful windows, and Lilliput yards surrounded with pots of basilicum and bougainvillea.
  • Beaches
    Mykonos is blessed with breathtaking golden sandy beaches and clear waters. With its beautiful sunshine and favorable weather, the island offers tourists with beaches that cater to every mood and taste – from nudist to party people, families, and couples.

For beaches with the best sand, the south shore beaches in Mykonos are your best option. Other than the sand, the beaches here are also protected from the local Cycladic wind also called Meltemi. If you are not fond of crowds, the best time to visit the beaches on the island is during the morning since people start to flock the beaches in the afternoon. However, if you prefer to dip in the sea in the afternoon but are still not too happy with a lot of people, the beaches on the north coast will be favorable as they are less developed but just as beautiful.

When visiting Mykonos for a very limited time, like the weekend, it is better to savor your time in the city and not worry about hurrying to just be everywhere on the island. Quality time in Mykonos is about enjoying its breathtaking attractions slowly.

Long Weekend

If you are in Mykonos for a long weekend, then get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. As part of the Cyclades group of islands, Mykonos offers tourists with a lot of scenes and activities you will definitely enjoy. For this relatively short stay on the island, you can either go educational or laid-back. For educational, you can visit a few of the museums in Mykonos; for a laid-back vacation, you can take a dip in the island’s beaches.


Mykonos is home to a number of interesting museums ideal for those who are craving for new knowledge. Among the famous museums on the island are:

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos – situated near the quay and was built in 1902. Showcases house pottery from Delos, grave stales, jewelry and figurines from Rhenia, and funerary statues.

Archaeological Museum of Delos – built-in 1904, features graves and funerary statues from the 7th to 1st Century BC, figurines, potteries, mosaics, and jewelry.

Aegean Maritime Museum – a non-profit institution founded in 1983. It contains a rich collection from the history of Greek maritime. Ancient vessels and nautical instruments are showcased here.

Folklore Museum – founded in 1958 and situated in Castro, features a large collection of locks and keys, old measures and weights, plates, old oil lamps, and more.


Because of its beautiful weather all-year-round, the beaches in Mykonos are great long weekend option destinations as well. Some of the well-loved beaches in Mykonos are:

Plati Gialos – one of the most-frequented beaches on the island. It is surrounded by several hotels and restaurants.

Psarou Beach – located 5km from Chora. It is a sandy beach with various facilities for water sports.

Agios Ioannis – considered one of the most beautiful in southwest Mykonos. Beach provides a good view of Delos Island.

Make your long weekend in Mykonos memorable with these options.


Beautiful and breathtaking. These are just a few words to describe Mykonos. And if you are to spend a week on the island, then be prepared for an experience you will never forget! To help you experience Mykonos to the fullest though, here are some points you need to consider:


Mykonos, along with Santorini, is the most expensive island in Greece. A 500 Euros budget for a week will be enough when you are going to Skopelos, Kos, and Skiathos, but not in Mykonos! Each day on the island, you can allot 100 Euros to spend for your food and tours – but this does not cover your accommodation yet as the cheapest hotel on the island can cost about 80 Euros per night.

Getting out at night in Mykonos for nightlife whilst definitely fun is very expensive. The bigger clubs can charge at 10 Euros at the very least, and this just for the entrance! A more realistic budget for a week in Mykonos is 1000 Euros.


You will have a handful of the top Mykonos attractions to choose from. But to save you time – and money – going from one place to another, choose those that are in proximity to one another. For instance, you can explore the landmarks and sights in Chora. This capital of the island has a lot of interesting things to enjoy which include its tiny streets and colorful houses. You can also visit its museums – there’s a lot in town – or take a dip in its beaches. The latter is one of the many points of pride of Mykonos, especially because it is blessed with favorable weather all year round.

Making a comprehensive itinerary of your planned Mykonos activities will give so much convenience for your week-long stay on the island.

A week in Mykonos may be pricey but with careful planning, you’ll realize the island is worth every cent you spend.

Day Trip

Mykonos is among Greece’s most popular islands. Each year, tourists flock the beaches on the island and enjoy the wild parties of its nightlife. While all these are true, it is also true that the island is quite pricey. Thus, it is just apt to really make the most of your stay on the island. When you are in to explore Mykonos, you will surely be tempted to check out its neighboring islands as well for a day trip. Here are four of them:

  • Andros
    Andros is just 2 hours and 15 minutes away from Mykonos via ferry for 14.50 Euros per person. This island is the northernmost island in the Cyclades, it is famous for its magnificent mountainous scenery. Aside from hiking its trails, you can also take a dip in its unspoiled beach here during your day trip and enjoy the traditional meal offerings in their taverna.
  • Sifnos
    A famous summer destination, this island also boasts of traditions white-washed houses, churches, museums, sandy beaches, and many other natural resources. Sifnos is also great for some hiking. A ferry from Mykonos goes to the island at 8:25 AM and costs about 15 Euros per person.
  • Paros
    Paros is also well-known among locals and foreigners. Its charming villages, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking sights will make a lovely choice for an unforgettable day trip. To reach the island, you can take a ferry for 16.50 Euros per person. The ride usually takes 40 minutes. Paros is ideal for couples who are up for a romantic day trip. One of the interesting things to stop by here is the Church with 100 doors.
  • Delos
    Just 3.5km from Mykonos, Delos can be reached through ferry for about 45 minutes. Myth has it that the island is where the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis were born. Delos boasts of the Mycenaean period remains which will be very interesting to history buffs. The historical site on the island is open from 8:30 AM to 3 PM. You can explore Delos by yourself or you can also hire a guide to help you around the island for your day trip.

Your day trip in Mykonos will give you more meaningful experience on the island as you get to also appreciate some of the other islands that Greece is proud of.

When To Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is generally a seasonal destination. The said; expect your experience in the city to vary from one season to another. Many tourists though opt to explore the wonders and attractions of the island from July through August because of summer. If you are thinking about meeting people from different parts of the world, this could be the best time to visit Mykonos. However, you would need to book your trips months earlier because these months are considered the peak season on the island.

If you are not so enthusiastic about bumping into strangers in the streets of Mykonos though, you may choose to schedule your trip on months other than this. The months of May through June offer a relaxed and pleasant Mykonos; the weather is equally sublime and is also perfect to stroll around its beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking landmarks.

The months from December through March are the coldest times on island. Many would consider these months to be the least-likable months in terms of strolling around the island. But of course, because it is off-season, there are fewer tourists visiting the top attractions in Mykonos, thus, you’ll get a chance to experience its amazing longer.

The best time to visit Mykonos is relative. With proper planning, the right information, and fun companion, you’ll see Mykonos is easy to enjoy regardless of the time and season.

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