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Quick Fitness Training in Berlin

It is not difficult to stay fit and healthy in Berlin. Berliners are known for their conscious effort to keep their bodies in top shape. That is why there are many Berlin fitness centers and outdoor sports areas that you can enjoy.

Here are some of the places you can visit and activities you can do to stay fit and strong while you’re in Berlin.

If you are in Berlin for a business trip and too busy to go to several places it is best if you can choose a hotel with gym facilities.  There are plenty of hotels in the city with such amenities.

Hotels with gym facilities offer quick fitness training.  You can also simply use their gym equipment before you go to your appointments.

Berlin Fitness Clubs

You can easily find a fitness center or gym in the center of Berlin.  Most of these fitness and training centers will allow you to use their facilities at a very affordable price.

Some fitness centers can also offer fitness training classes.  This service is ideal if you are going to stay in Berlin for several weeks.  However, if you are just visiting for a few days, the gym’s training circuit, weights, and aerobic areas are best for you.

The best thing is some of Berlin’s fitness centers can offer spas, steam rooms, and sauna areas.  There are also gyms that offer Olympic sized swimming pool facilities.

Pleasurable Jog around the City

One of the best outdoor activities you can do in Berlin is jogging.  It is best if you can schedule your jogging or walking routine in the early morning.  You will be able to meet Berliners and few tourists who are health buffs like you.

There are running and walking routes around Berlin.  They are specifically designed so you can see Berlin’s famous landmarks and sites while jogging.  So when you jog around Berlin, you can also enjoy its attractions and famous destinations.

Trip outside the City
Berlin is just a few minutes away from the countryside.  You will be able to quickly enjoy the country atmosphere of suburban Berlin if you take a short trip outside the city.

There are horse riding tracks, golf courses, and biking areas just outside the city gates.  These places offer fabulous opportunities for you to see the countryside and enjoy the outdoors.

There are lots of Berlin fitness centers to enjoy so you can stay healthy and fit while visiting the city.  You can also enjoy outdoor activities which can provide good opportunities for you to see many places and meet new friends.


There are tons of Berlin gyms and fitness centers that can serve your fitness training needs.  Berliners are very health conscious that is why it is not difficult for you to find a suitable Berlin gym and fitness center.
So here are some valuable tips you might find useful if you are looking for a place to flex your muscles while you are in Berlin.

Berlin Gym Categories
There are two categories of Berlin gyms.  The first type requires you to have a regular gym membership so you can enjoy the equipment, coaching, and other services.  These gyms are ideal if you will stay in Berlin for longer periods or if you are going to live in the city.

Other gyms will simply allow you to use their facilities such as weights and training equipment on a daily basis.  Such gyms are best if you are simply touring the city for a few days or weeks.  These types of Berlin gyms will allow you to keep your fitness training while you are on vacation.

Berlin Gyms for Visitors

The best place where you can enjoy temporary access to gym facilities is your hotel.  Make sure though that your hotel has gym facilities.  You will just simply pay for a day’s use of the gym or include the charges in your hotel bills.

For example, the Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin has a state of the gym facilities.  It also has spas and steam rooms where you can relax after your weight training.  Most centrally located hotels in Berlin have gym equipment on their premises.

You can also try McFit which is an affordable gym with several branches in the city.  They will allow you to use their gym services for a 3-month membership.

Membership Gyms
If you will stay in Berlin for a year or longer, then it is easier to find a gym that can meet your fitness training needs.

You can try Holmes Place on Gendarmenmarkt.  You can enjoy excellent coaching and state of the art equipment from this gym.  You need a 12-month membership though to enjoy the service of the gym and this is quite pricey.

If you are looking for a less expensive gym membership, then you can try Axxel City Fitness located near Buelowstr.  This gym also has less crowded exercise areas and they offer a spa, sauna, and coaching services.
There are still lots of Berlin gyms that can meet your fitness training needs.  Whether you’re just visiting the city or staying for good, Berlin is a health buff’s paradise because of the hundreds of gyms available for you.


Berlin yoga centers and meditative healing facilities are well known for their excellent services and effective techniques.  If you are deep into alternative medicines and healing practices, then you will not miss your sessions while in Berlin.

You can, in fact, visit Berlin for the sole purpose of attending formal classes in its yoga training centers.  There are yoga universities in the city as well as yoga houses that can teach you the higher levels of yoga techniques.

So here’s some information that can help you if you are looking for excellent yoga facilities in Berlin.

Formal Berlin Yoga Centers

If you want a comprehensive lesson on holistic medicine and meditative healing practices, then you can take advantage of the services and courses offered by Weg Der Mitte.

Weg Der Mitte means the Middle Way and is famous around the world.  This institution runs the European College of Yoga.  You will be able to learn basic and advanced yoga techniques at Weg Der Mitte.

You can also try the services of Deutsch Akademie fur Traditionelles Yoga.  This is a combination of wellness houses and yoga schools.

You can learn and participate in different yoga sessions such as Hatha-YogaAyurveda, and Yoga-Nidra to name just a few.  You can spend a week here or up to one year if you want to completely understand the inner spirituality of yoga.

Short-term Berlin Yoga Centers
If you just want to relax and enjoy inner peace for a day, then there are several Berlin yoga centers that can serve you.  Such health and wellness yoga centers are ideal if you are just staying in Berlin for a few days.

Head off to Rykestrasse in central Berlin and you will never miss the Ayurveda Wellness Center.  This yoga center can offer meditative healing for you as well as spa and sauna facilities.

You can also try Cosmo Yoga facilities located at Kurfuerstendamm.  Just like the Ayurverda, you can enjoy complete yoga sessions here as well as steam rooms, friendly staff, and yoga courses.

Hiring Yoga Instructors
If you want personalized service, simply contact a yoga instructor that can teach you basic techniques.  The yoga centers above can be your best sources of information if you want a personal trainer.  You can also use the online listings for Berlin yoga instructors to get personalized meditative healing sessions.

Enjoying holistic treatment while you’re on vacation is possible because there are numerous Berlin yoga centers and schools that can serve your needs.


Berlin is one of the few cities in Europe that can offer you great outdoor activities.  There are tons of Berlin biking areas, the majority are located in the  parks.  In fact, the city streets of Berlin have a special lane for bikers making it possible to have a cardio-fit tour of the city.

Here are some tips you might find useful so you can enjoy luxurious biking while you are in Berlin.
Rent a bike in Berlin

The city is very serious about biking that is why you can easily find a bike rental in Berlin.  Just to go to any Metro station and there is surely a bike stand that offers different types of bikes for you to use.
You can also find bike rental listings on the Internet.  Only in Berlin can you find a robust bike rental industry and they advertise it on the net.  Simply reserve a bike and pick it up when you arrive at the city.

Best Places to Enjoy Berlin Bike Riding
If you want thlesome serious biking tour, then you can take advantage of the services offered by famous rental operators such as Fahradstation.  This bike rental service has several branches in and around Berlin.
You can participate in its guided Berlin biking tours which can take you all the way to Potsdam.  If you like, some tours can bring you to several suburban lakes located in the eastern section of Berlin.  Make sure though to reserve a spot in these tours because lots of tourists participate in such activities.
However, if you want to be on your own, just pick up a bike and start circling the main streets of Berlin. The places around Gadachtniskirche have blue bike lanes and there are famous attractions there.
You can also head off to Museum Island located in the eastern part of Berlin. It is very easy to navigate these areas because the streets of Berlin are fairly flat and there are no steep inclines to traverse.


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