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Reasons And When To Visit St. Petersburg, Russia? Here’s A Travel Tip For You

St. Petersburg, Russia

Next to Moscow, St. Petersburg is second to Russia’s largest cities. A major cultural hub of Europe, the city is an important port in the country, especially in the Baltic Sea. It is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world offering a mixed travel experience: vigorous and wild nightlife, lavish architecture, rich cultural traditions, and extraordinary history.

St. Petersburg is one of the few cities in the globe that offers an intriguing mood that goes with its stunning attractions. It is often referred to as the City of Tsars as well as the Venice of Amsterdam.

A creation of Peter the Great three centuries ago, St. Petersburg was envisioned to be the Russian tzar’s “window on Europe” – and this has been apparent in its setting which combines Russia’s fascinating heritage and Europe’s distinct outlook.

Get to know St. Petersburg more! Read about some basic information about the city, including its one-of-a-kind history and customs. Know when to explore St. Petersburg best, as well as where to be by browsing over details on some of its top attractions.  Enjoy the city more by getting to know its people – ordinary or otherwise.

Let this website guide you to your travel in this magnificent Russian city – St. Petersburg.

Short Stay

With the attractions and sights in St Petersburg, a short stay in the city may just not be enough to explore it. However, if this is all that you’ve got to be in Russia’s second-largest city, you just have to make sure to make the most of your visit to this beautiful and spectacular city. – And this is where proper planning comes in.

For a weekend in St Petersburg, it is important to plan for compact activities; meaning, something that would not make you go from one far place to another. It would be great not to miss in your list some of the city’s most famous attractions, such as the Hermitage Museum.

A long weekend in the city allows you to check out more of St Petersburg. Although not that much still, but compared to a mere weekend in the city, this gives you a chance to add more places to visit in your itinerary.

Compared to just a weekend or long weekend in the city, a week in St Petersburg promises of a better and bigger experience. With so much more to visit during this course of time, a whole week in the city will allow you to appreciate and embrace the many offerings of St Petersburg.

There are indeed a lot of things that tourists can do in the City of Tsars even for those who intend to only make a short stay in the city. It may just be a weekend, a long weekend, a whole week (or even just a day!), but with proper planning, there is no reason not to fall in love in St Petersburg.


Weekend in St. Petersburg may be short but this is already enough to get a good view of the city’s top attractions. This is a list of the places that you can check out during this short-visit in Russia’s second-largest city:

Hermitage Museum

Ranking in the world’s major museums, the Hermitage Museum has a collection of nearly 3 million art pieces ranging from the Antique world to the Western European art, Primitive culture, and of course, Russian culture. This museum is a must-see place when you are in St. Petersburg so take a time to visit it despite your tight schedule in the city.

Tsarskoe Selo

Previously called the Town of Pushkin, this park complex and palace used to be the residence of Catherine the Great. It is located 25 km going to the south of the city. Here, one can also tour around the Lyceum which was once attended by Alexander Pushkin, the Great Russian poet.

Yusupov Palace

Representing a rare combination of being a temple of art and an architectural monument, the Yusupov Palace was erected in 1830. It was owned by the Yusupov family with apartments opened for the public to see. The palace became a remarkable structure due to the assassination of Grigory Rasputin.

Aside from stopping by these famous structures your weekend in St Petersburg can also include a boat tour in its canals and rivers. At night, you can visit its party venues, including its dance clubs and pubs to complete your tour.

Long Weekend

Whether you only have a day or two in St. Petersburg, every visit is worth the plan. For a long weekend in the city, it is important to make your itinerary short but fun – meaning, list down places and activities that are enough for you to really appreciate its beauty.

Begin your listing with the important landmarks and attractions in the city. Research about St. Petersburg’s must-see destinations including their locations. It is important to take note of where these sights are situated to help you plan about how much time you can allot to visit each.

Do not fail to visit some of the city’s prided attractions such as its museums and palaces. The Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum, and the Central Naval Museum are just three of the most frequented museums in town. The Winter and Summer Palaces (both part of the Hermitage Museum), Yusupov Palace, Marble Palace, Vladimir Palace, and the St. Michael’s castle only names a few of the over 20 palaces and castles in St. Petersburg.

But the museums and palaces are not the only attractions in the city. Its religious sites, parks, and gardens would also take your breaths away.

At night, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner at one of St. Petersburg’s restaurants where you can get a taste of the city’s top delicacies, then head to some of its party venues to experience nightlife in this Russian city.

Although short, there is a wide array of activities that you can choose from in St. Petersburg (of course this also depends on the time of your visit to the city).


Planning to spend a week in St Petersburg? Then this is your chance to visit many of its famous attractions. While a mere weekend in the city limits the places that you can explore in the City of Tsars, a week is already enough to experience the most of St Petersburg.

Below are 5 places to include in your week-long exploration in St Petersburg:

Catherine Palace

Painted in gold and white, this palace is dedicated to Catherine I. Enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and gardens in this 1400-acre palace. Aside from its outdoor views, there are also several art pieces worth-seeing inside.

State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

Russia’s top museum, the State Hermitage Museum is also recognized throughout the world having one of those with the largest collections. With about 3 million art pieces, a day in the museum would not be enough to take a look at all its showcases.

Smolny Cathedral

The baroque-style architecture features a very attractive interior which makes it a favorite destination for many tourists. Most St Petersburg tour services include a visit to this cathedral. Many concerts and other events are also being held here.

Yusupov Palace

Although the city has a number of attractions, there aren’t many places in St Petersburg with a history like that of the Yusupov Palace. As the place where the murder of Rasputin, Russia’s mad monk, took place, the palace also offers a number of interesting views.

Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fortress

Being the very first structure ever built in St Petersburg makes the Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fortress worth visiting! The fortress gives you a glimpse of breathtaking landscapes while the cathedral features exquisite chandeliers and elaborate décor.

A week in St Petersburg gives you enough time to enjoy the city, so make the most out of it!

When to Visit St. Petersburg?

Snow covers Russia for most of the year. In the months of May and September, flurries are usually seen in two of the country’s largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Januarys are milder due to global warming, but nonetheless, the overall temperature is still lower and thus colder. Understandably, Mays and Septembers see the lesser crowd in the streets of St. Petersburg as well as lower accommodation rates.

Summers are most favored by tourists as the perfect time to visit the city. During this time, sunsets linger and the temperature is balmy. During this time, nightlife in the city goes at its peak and people can party even until 3 am without noticing it. Open concerts and festivals are the top choices of activities every summer while dancing companies and operas on seasons otherwise.

Decembers are the best time to experience a winter wonderland in St. Petersburg. Here, tourists can enjoy skate-skiing around the frozen Gulf of Finland and even just skate along with the frozen ponds in the city. The downside of going to St. Petersburg on a winter though is that, aside from filling your suitcase with sweaters, most of the outdoor sites and palaces in the city close during this time.

Basically, the best time to be in St. Petersburg depends on the activities you are planning to do in the city. So make that itinerary first and see if it is better for summer, winter, or on other seasons.

Top Attractions

As to be expected in one of Russia’s important cities, St. Petersburg boasts of a number of attractions that will surely delight tourists of all ages. It is recognized by UNESCO to have a World Heritage Site through the Historic Centre of St Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments. This site includes 36 historical architectural complexes and about 4000 individual monuments.

To date, St. Petersburg has a total of 45 galleries and exhibition venues, 221 museums, and 2000 libraries.

Among the top tourist destinations in the city are the following:

State Hermitage Museum

Museum buffs should not miss this particular Russian attraction. Known to be one of the world’s oldest museums, the State Hermitage Museum was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764. With nearly 3 million pieces comprising its historic collections, the museum is easily included being also among the world’s largest museums.

The State Hermitage Museum occupies six buildings in the Palace Embankment. It includes the Winter Palace which is the former home of Russian emperors, the Museum of Porcelain and the Menshikov Palace.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress used to be the location of one of the country’s famous historical prisons, thus, making it an interesting place to visit while in the city. Do not miss to take a stop at the Peter and Paul Cathedral as well as the Prison Museum.

Catherine Palace

Located at Tsarskoe Selo, the Catherine Palace also called the Summer Palace will captivate tourists with its parks, gardens, and guest houses. Painted in blue and gold, the palace will give its visitors a picture of how the country’s royalty once lived as every inch and corner of the palace speaks of luxury.

Bronze Horseman Statue

The famous Bronze Horseman has already been a part of the country’s culture and a symbol of the city. It is a statue of Peter the Great (the city’s founder) sitting astride his horse. The statue is said to be a representation of the Russian tzar’s impact on the country’s idea of greatness. The Bronze Horseman is a product of Alexander Pushkin’s brilliance.

With the numbers stated above, these places show just a bit of the many attractions tourists can expect in St. Petersburg. This is enough to give you an idea of how to plan your exploration in this magnificent city. And yes, with a wide number of sights and landmarks in the city, planning your itinerary is certainly a must to make the most of your visit.


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