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Restaurants In Berlin: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Local Specialties

Your trip to Berlin would not be complete if you don’t get a taste of Berlin dining. Food is certainly something you can enjoy 24 hours a day in Berlin. You can even get something to fill your tummy at 3 or 5 in the morning.
Berlin dining is quite exciting because you have a choice among a variety of international cuisines served in various restaurants. Of course, you’ll definitely enjoy trying out the local specialties.

You will find Berlin dining delightful. That’s because you will see that every type of budget has room in the city. You can go for fine Berlin dining. You can also have a taste of the street Berlin dining and enjoy the bustle on the streets.

International Cuisines in Berlin
If you suddenly get a craving for Italian or Chinese cuisine, there’s certainly a restaurant to serve you. That’s the beauty of Berlin dining. You can even have Swedish and French dishes in the city.
If you want American dishes, there’s Nola’s to serve you. Aapka serves Indian dishes while Ganymed Brasserie serves French dishes. And if it’s Australian dishes you want, there’s Restaurant Riehmers for you.

Try the Berlin Cuisine
Since you are in Berlin, why don’t try the Berlin cuisine too. There are dozens of restaurants offering them from fine dining to fast food choices.

One thing you should try is the Boulette which goes well with a mug of Berliner Weisse. You could also take a snack of Bratwurst in a bun. Or perhaps you’d want to take it the Berlin traditional way, the Currywurst.

Cafés in Berlin
If you are a tourist, you should try to enjoy the true atmosphere of Berlin, where else but in the streets. There are a number of cafes lined in the streets where you can get a taste of Berlin dining. You also get to enjoy coffee while seated along the street free to feel and to observe the Berlin streets happenings.
Like the rest of Europe, Berlin is also full of bistros and art cafes. You can enjoy the feel of olden Europe. But you also get a feel of modern Berlin through the Internet cafes that are populating the city. If you want to keep in touch with some people at home, you can do so while enjoying Berlin dining the modern style.

Beer Gardens
The beer gardens are not to be missed. You can sit under some lime trees or under chest nut trees and enjoy beer along Berlin streets. You can laze away the afternoon to rest after a whole morning of shopping and sightseeing.

German Cuisine

If you want an adventure, you should include trying out German cuisine during your vacation. What could be so exciting than trying out new food? It would certainly complete the set of stories you will tell your friends when go back home.
While German cuisine is popularly about meat, you’d be surprised how varied it can be and quite exciting too.

Start with Breakfast
You could start with sausage. Why not, after all sausages is a very popular part of the German cuisine. Do you know that there are actually more than 1500 kinds of sausages in Germany?

If you want a typical breakfast in Germany, it’s actually as simple as bread with jam or marmalade. Then egg is usually a part as well as strong coffee or tea.

Where the German cuisine becomes unique is in the variety of cheeses that will be offered to you. You will also have a choice of deli meats such as salted hams, salami and other kinds of hams. You should also try the different kinds of meat-based spreads while in Germany.

Regional Specialties

Depending on your location in Germany, there are many different dishes to try out. For example, you can try the Dresdner Stollen while in the states Bremen, Thueringen, and the Saxonian states. You will love this holiday fruit cake especially if you have a sweet tooth.
You can also try another cake, the Blechkuchen. Then there’s Welfenspeise to try as well. It is a vanilla flavored dessert that has wine.
Among the specialties in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig Holstein are Helgolander Krabbensalat and Soeier. You can also try a fruit soup, Rote Gruetze. If you like meat balls, you should try Bulletten.

More of German Cuisine
For side dishes, you have a choice between noodles and potatoes. While French fries may be safe, you should try the Spatzle.

Among the sausages, Bratwurst is a must try. Your trip to Germany would not be complete without trying it out. It is usually grilled or it could be cooked with beer or broth. With potatoes and sauerkraut, you will certainly enjoy Bratwurst.

Sauerkraut is actually finely sliced and fermented cabbage. It is a popular side dish which can be eaten either hot or cold.

If you like steak, Schwenker is the dish for you. It is a pork steak which is typically cooked with onions and other spices.

You can also try a dish of rabbit. It’s known as Hasenpfeffer, which is a wine or vinegar flavored stew.
Another dish you should order is the Saumagen. This is a dish made of spiced pork or beef cooked together with onions and carrots cooked inside a pig’s stomach.

Beer in Germany
German beer is sold everywhere. You would have a choice among many kinds of beers around the country.  Beers mixed with cola and other juices are also popular. You should at least try Radler a beer mixed with apple juice or lemonade


If there is something you’d never run out of, it is Berlin restaurants. You should really enjoy dining in Berlin to make the most of you trip to the city. While fine dining is abound, street food is also a must try since Berlin restaurants run from fine dining to fast food.

Alt Luxemburg
This restaurant comes highly recommended. You should try out their honey-glazed duck breast. Or perhaps, you could order the Brandenburg duck with pineapple chutney while enjoying the elegant, cozy and even romantic ambiance. These are only among the German cuisine Alt Luxemburg serves. Reservations are required though so you should book before heading there.

If you want to go to somewhere trendy and stylish, this is the restaurant to go to. Again reservations are required but it will be worth it when you get to taste the venison with foie gras and ravioli. You would also enjoy its sleek interiors while you’re having your lunch or dinner.

If you want to enjoy a nice meal at the courtyard, this is the restaurant for you. You would also enjoy its refreshing contemporary interiors. Of course, since food is the reason for your visit you should try something like aspic of suckling pig which is usually served with sauerkraut. You could also order a leg of lamb with some braised vegetables.

This restaurant is inside the Mandala Hotel. While seated in nice Donghia chairs under great alabaster lamps, you would definitely enjoy the budget gourmet lunch you’ll get in one of the most elegant dining rooms in the city.

Café Wintergarten im Literaturhaus
If you want a leisurely meal either for breakfast or even an afternoon snack, this Art Nouveau villa is the ideal place for it. This is where the artists and the bookworms gather so have a meal with them and enjoy the laidback atmosphere.

Curry 36
If you want the best currywurst you should fall in line with the other people who want it too. That’s because Curry 36 has a lot of customers waiting to be served around the clock. But do not worry because service is swift in this snack bar.

How about getting into one of this family-run chain? You should try their clay-pot braised leg of lamb and have loaves of kuver with it. It is sesame flat bread which the signature of this place.
Of course, there are many more Berlin restaurants around. The streets are certainly full of many dishes and snacks worth trying. So you should just enjoy them and be adventurous in trying each one out. It would surely make your vacation more fun and memorable.


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