Rome Is Inviting You Over: Reasons To Travel And When It Is Best To Plan A Trip

It is only in Rome where you can buy grapes at a market several centuries old, sip a good cappuccino at a café facing the magnificent Pantheon, and see the Pope – in one morning. No other tourist destination comes close to Rome’s mix of grand history, spectacular art, and lively street life.

Rome is becoming more modern

Home to around 3 million people, the Italian capital virtually busts at the seams. For decades, Rome was entirely about Centro Storico, where a bulk of its most fabled landmarks has stood for many centuries. Today, brimming with Baroque palaces, postcard relics, as well as luxury hotels, hip bars, and clubs, international restaurants, Rome’s “Disneyfication” is underway.

Rome has improved its shopping scene

Shopaholics have more reasons to celebrate as Rome’s shopping scene has become more exuberant. In fact, three huge shopping complexes opened in the span of only two years in the city. Porta di Roma has 250 stores while Centro Commerciale Leonardo and Roma Est both have 200 stores.

Rome is now more commuter-friendly

Rome is also now a more commuter-friendly city. The Italian capital is building a third subway line to be completed in 2015. This new line will cover major parts of Rome’s historic center, including Largo Argentina and Piazza Venezia. Commuters traveling aboveground are also benefitted by ATAC’s (the city’s public bus transport company) addition of GPS monitors to track waiting times and distances.

Rome is becoming more multicultural

The Eternal City is going multi-cultural. Just visit the Esquilino neighborhood to see how diverse Rome is becoming. The neighborhood was once known for its spice market, and now it is fast transforming into a multicultural stomping ground. Finding a local shopkeeper or an authentic Roman restaurant is hard to find in this area as Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and African eateries have moved in.

Rome is going green

Importantly, the Eternal City has joined the bandwagon and is going green. In an effort to raise environmental awareness and promote a greener way of life, the city government and Italy’s Ministry for the Environment built seven new stations where bicycles, scooters, and cars run by electricity can recharge their batteries. All in all, there are now 11 recharging stations in the city. You can find them close to Rome’s historic city center: Via Appia Nuova (San Giovanni), Piazza Mastai (Trastevere), Viale Europa (EUR), and Piazza Cola di Rienzo (St. Peter’s).

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When to Visit Rome?

A lot of people who love to travel do not usually worry about the best time to go to Rome.  These people just know perfectly when to go to Rome.  However, for most people whose traveling experience is not as extensive as the others, the need to know the perfect time to go and visit Rome is essential.

So, when is really the right time to go to Rome?

If you are someone who loves to travel to unwind and have fun, the relaxing mood of Rome and the wonderful sceneries are perfect for you. You are able to find the perfect serene environment that can bring inner peace and solitude.

So, the question about when to go to Rome basically depends on the purpose of your travel.  General travelers who usually look for fun, enjoyment, and leisure during their travel prefer going to Rome during the hot summer days.

Rome, being a city with a Mediterranean climate, has the best hot summer days to offer.  During this season, there are just so many things that you can do and explore. Specifically, as a traveler, you can:

1.    Appreciate fully the sands in the beaches. If you are the type of person who loves the waters, then summer is the perfect time to go to Rome.  Rome has fabulous and fascinating beaches with pristine sands that you can play with.  You are guaranteed to enjoy your trip with your family or friends with the friendly and warm welcome of the people on the beach.

2.    Get the chance to visit the great structures and architectures of Rome.  Rome is known to be the perfect dwelling of great and monumental buildings and infrastructures both the ancient and the modern ones. The Colosseum of Rome is one of the perfectly built old architecture that Rome possesses.  You can get to enjoy great historical facts about Rome when you get the chance to visit this attraction.

3.    Enjoy the great natural sceneries in Rome.  When you go to Rome during the summer days, you will see very green forests and vineyards that are very relaxing in the eye.  Rome has a properly conserved natural resource that you can only enjoy during the summertime when they are all green and flowery.

4.    Enjoy the hot rays of the sun in Rome. When you live in a cold country the rays of the sun is what you desire the most. Rome is a perfect city that you can visit because of the tropical days that it can offer during the summertime.

When to go to Rome is never a difficult question to answer. In fact, it is not the usual question to ask when going to Rome because Rome is a place where you can make the utmost exploration without considering the season or time to visit the place.

Top Attractions

One of the best tourist destinations in the world is Rome.  This famous city of Italy is known for its famous Rome attractions.  If you visit Italy, you would likely want to have a glimpse of what Italy, specifically Rome, can offer.  Rome is a beautiful city in the European region that can offer so many great attractions that you would surely enjoy.

When you visit Rome, you will surely be amazed by how these tourist spots have been neatly preserved and conserved for the coming generations.  The beauty of these Roman artifacts remains to be the wonderful resource of Italy and the world.  In order to appreciate the Rome attractions better let us have a clearer glimpse of what they are and what they represent in world history.

This is considered the largest building structure in Rome where great histories of Italy reside.  When you visit this Rome attraction, you can have a clearer perspective of how Romans are passionate about large structures and architectures.

The Great Colosseum of Rome

This is considered the largest building structure in Rome where great histories of Italy reside.  When you visit this Rome attraction, you can have a clearer perspective of how Romans are passionate about large structures and architectures.

This attraction in Rome is where you can possibly strengthen your spiritual and Christian ties within yourself.  The St. Peter’s Basilica is the landmark of Rome that spells much about the involvement of the country in propagating Christianity in the city.

The Trevi Fountain

This is believed to be the most beautiful fountain structure that Rome has ever built.  If you are a firm believer in customs and traditions, the Trevi Fountain is said to be bringing good luck and allows you to come back to Rome should you toss a coin on the fountain.   When you visit this tourist spot of Rome, you will be met by several other foreigners who are also wishing for some good luck in their life.

The Spanish Square of Rome

When you come and visit Rome, you cannot miss taking a look at this tourist destination.  The Spanish Square has the Spanish Steps which is the dwelling place of most common people in Italy.

This is also considered the meeting place of all people who just want to relax and unwind. This attraction in Rome is significant to more Spanish people because this was one time considered Spanish territory.  The place gives you an air of relaxed and happy mood.

Rome’s attractions are bountiful and plenty.  When you plan to make Italy as your prime destination, you cannot afford to miss all the other attractions and spots that Rome has specifically the EURJaniculumPantheon and a lot more.  You have to make sure though that you create the perfect itinerary prior to your visit to this country.  It works best if you have a tour plan to carry with you.

Short Stay

No matter which part of the world it is that you are planning to visit, your travel arrangements will never be complete without creating an itinerary.

When visiting the city of Rome, it is a must for you to visit our “Rome Itineraries” section. This is where you can read about what to do and what to see when visiting the Eternal City.

The section is also full of information about the recommended hotels where you can stay, off-the-beaten tracks in the city which will let you soak in a bit of the non-touristy spots, where you can grab a good dinner or lounge for a gelato break – just about every bit information that you need to know when soaking in the beauty of the city.

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