Skiing Tips: What Every Beginner Should Know

Here are some tips, particularly for those who are just beginning to ski:

–    As a beginner, the best tip is that you should enjoy yourself.  The important thing is that you have fun while you are skiing.
–    Do not be overconfident when it comes to your skiing skills.   Maintain a balance between your safety and the level of challenge you want to have.
–    Get some lessons.  Nothing beats getting instructions and hands-on practice with a knowledgeable skier.  You will learn more quickly when you have a qualified instructor.  Also, check out the ski resort first.  These should be equipped with beginner terrain.
–    Get the right equipment.  You are only as good as your equipment.  If you can’t afford to make a substantial investment towards a good set of ski equipment, you can always rent from one of the local ski shops in the ski resort.
–    Dress right.   Clothe yourself in layers so that the cold cannot get to you.  Also, use clothing with the right materials – use water-resistant, waterproof, or wind-resistant clothing.  Avoid cotton, as this can result in your getting wet and cold.  Make sure you have your goggles, mittens, gloves, a headband or a hat.  Also, don’t forget your ski socks, neck gaiter, lip balm, and sunscreen.
–    Don’t drink and ski.  Or, if you do drink, keep it at a minimum.  Drink lots of water instead.  Take care that you do not get dehydrated.  Drinking lots of water is important, especially if you are a beginner, as your muscles will have to do a lot of work for the first time.
–    Be prepared for eventualities.  Something unexpected is bound to crop up so you have to keep that in mind when you go out to ski.
–    When using chairlifts, remember the following: put your lift ticket where it’s visible, check that you have all your equipment, make sure your skis are pointed up as the chairlift moves.  When getting on the chairlift, hold your poles in one hand, leaving one hand free to hold on to the chair.  The safety bar should also remain down while you are seated.  When you alight, get to the side so that you are not in the way for other chairlift passengers.
–    Find a ski resort that offers a good package.  This invariably includes ski lessons, chairlift tickets, accommodations, and other offers that will complete your ski trip.  There are resorts that offer a “learn-to-ski” package for beginners.
–    Make sure you packed the right things.  When packing ski clothing, a good tip for you to follow would be to pack according to the order you would put on your ski clothing.  That way, you are less likely to forget anything.


They say that one hour of skiing lessons is better than spending one week learning to ski all by your lonesome.  What is key is that you choose the ski lessons and instructor that will best suit you.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when looking for someone to give you ski lessons:
–    Consider your needs and your budget.  Naturally, private lessons will cost more, but you will have the instructor concentrating on you.  If you can get lessons as a group, these are cheaper, if you are comfortable learning with a group.  Even cheaper still would be to get a lesson package, rather than paying for these one lesson at a time.  Another tip to keep in mind is that sometimes (especially during the off-peak season), classes may not be filled up during the mid-week.  This means that you get private lessons for the price of a group lesson.
–    When looking at the cost of the lessons, check to see what the package includes, how long the lessons are, and who the instructors are.  You should know if you have enough time to apply the things you have learned.  Your instructors should also be certified so that you are assured of quality teaching.  You may be tempted to get instruction from friends who already know how to ski so that you can save up on fees.  However, you may not get to learn the right technique.  It is important to have a solid foundation when it comes to technique, as this will stand you in good stead for the next level of learning.
–    Experienced skiers can also learn new things, moves and techniques, so ski lessons are not limited to beginners.
–    When looking for lessons for children, you should check to see whether the lessons are age appropriate.  It should also be held at a bunny slope so that it is safer for your kids.
–    When getting into the lesson, you should remember that instructors have different teaching styles.  So feel free to select an instructor which has a better fir to your personality.  Look for a ski instructor that is able to engage your interest and help you have fun as you learn.
–    During the ski season, you will find that the ski lessons can be filled up sooner than you know.  So, to make sure that you are on the list, try signing up for lessons via the internet.
–    Don’t get overconfident.  Try to get an objective look at your abilities as possible and don’t take more than you can chew.  Don’t try for a level that doesn’t match your skills.  Look for lessons that will be a good fit to what you already know.  That way, you can make the most out of your lessons.

If You Are On A Budget

Debunk the notion that skiing is a sport only for the rich.   A great ski holiday need not be that expensive.  You can go skiing on a shoestring budget if you are canny enough to find the right ski vacation packages.

Of course, skiing will cost you more than other sports. This is because it requires a lot of things – lessons, equipment, accommodations, extra clothing, ski passes, insurance and so much more.  However, this does not mean that you have to close that bank account for you to indulge in the sport.

Do some shopping around so that you can see what the ski resorts can offer in terms of ski vacation packages that will suit your budget, as well as your needs.  You can choose to have simpler accommodations, be prepared to give up some of the perks and creature comforts you would want and also make your own travel arrangements.  You may also have to deal with inconveniences such as long ski lift queues and driving to your destination of choice.  If you are prepared to make these sacrifices, then you can save up and not exceed your budget.  When hunting for a place to eat, look for restaurants that serve big portions, so that if you are traveling with a companion, you can share with the meal.

One thing you can do is to go skiing off-season.  Not only will you enjoy great prices, you will have the benefits one gets when skiing off-peak – shorter queues on ski lifts, better deals for skiing lessons and equipment rentals and cheaper rates for accommodations.

The most budget-friendly ski resorts are now to be found in eastern Europe.  Mind you, the best time to go to Europe would be during winter time, when ticket prices are at a low.  In Bulgaria, the best place to go on the cheap would be Bansko.  There are low-priced restaurants, decent but very affordable accommodations, plus an ski terrain with excellent promise.  Indeed, the skiing there is quite good, although not as great as skiing in the Alps or the Pyrenees.  Another option would be Courchevel, in France.  Do some research to find the best deals in the area and also go for some cheap eats, as there are many to be had here.  There are even places where you could get some free munchies, if you are creative enough to find them.

Other great budget options can be found in Cervinia, Italy (where you can opt to ski opposite the Swiss side), Brides-les-Bains in France (where the majestic background does not cost an arm and a leg), Lake Tahoe in the United States (where there are plenty of great skiing packages, just be careful that you don’t blow all of your budget at the casino), Flaine in France (where the view is not that great, but the cost of childhood and intermediate skiing is very reasonable) and so many more.

So go on, ski your heart out without the steep price tag.  Remember, the only steep thing budget-minded persons are looking for would be the slopes.

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