Some of the Top Golf Holidays

Golf has become a more popular sport over the years. It was thought to be played only by celebrities and privileged, a place for business people to talk business and seal deals. But golf has evolved and is now a pastime for many groups of people. These days, people of all ages and gender enjoy playing the sport, with golf clubs all throughout America and Europe providing affordable golf schools.

If you and your family or friends enjoy a round of golf, why don’t you take a holiday getaway to either refine your skills or just to have fun competing with your friends? A breakaway doesn’t always mean getting a nice tan on the beach or exploring some exotic destinations. It can also mean striking a golf ball while getting some fresh air. Most golf resorts feature family facilities, allowing you to spend more quality time with your family.

In the past few years, an increasing number of travel companies have been including budget golf holidays in their travel packages. They’ve come to realize the growing demand for customized traveling and introduced destinations such as Ireland, Wales, or the Canary Islands to the attention of golfers and enthusiasts all over the world.

Today, you have a wide range of choices if you want to have a cheap holiday that includes playing rounds of golf. More recently, countries such as Turkey, Scotland, and England have been added to the list of affordable golf holidays. Portugal also has the lovely Balearic Islands and the famous Algarve resort.

You can find some of the most exciting destinations in the coastal regions of Spain. It is in fact your surest bet for budget golf holidays. The most popular destinations for golfers there are the coastal cities of Costa Brava in Catalunya, Granada in Andalusia, and Costa de Sol in Malaga. Specialized travel companies offer unique holiday packages that tourists are sure to love. For one, Costa Brava offers a wide range of golf courses that cater to the need of every golfer.

Of course, there are also holiday destinations in the United States and Australia that are popular among budget golfers. Ireland, South Africa, Japan, and South Korea also have some affordable locations worth checking out.

As the number of cheap holiday golf destinations keeps on increasing, serious golfers and travelers are more drawn into these great opportunities. You can now select exactly where to go, not to mention choose specific golf courses. You can even participate in golf competitions if you’re the competitive type.

We suggest you seek the help of a travel agency. It will take on the entire responsibility for you. It will arrange your accommodations, flights, and transfers. All you have to do is pack your bags and golf equipment, and enjoy a holiday that you’ll never forget.

On a Budget

There are many affordable golf resorts out there for those looking forward to a wonderful holiday and play some rounds of golf while enjoying their getaway. Many of these golf resorts offer an extensive list of benefits, such as the ones provided by luxury hotels and top class restaurants. But you don’t have to spend your life savings just to experience these perks. You just have to do your research and find a golf resort that will suit your preference and budget.

Of course, you’ll pay more to play golf than other sports, such as basketball, football, and tennis. This sport requires a lot of stuff – equipment (clubs, balls, bags, and more), extra clothing, accommodations, lessons, and so much more. But this doesn’t mean you have to suck your bank account dry just to indulge in this fascinating sport.

While comparing various resorts, make sure that you take into account all the available options. Many of them provide modest to luxury services, but you’ll always find the right accommodation for you. If you’re thinking about your budget and do not need all the frills luxury resorts offer, then stay away from these resorts as they will suck your wallet and cards dry.

But if you’re an expert researcher, you’ll find budget accommodations that have spas, work out rooms, and fine restaurants. You’ll also find resorts that provide more than just simple rooms with stunning views.

For most golf enthusiasts, the point of staying at a cheap golf resort is not just about what the resort itself can provide, but the golfing experience it can offer you. This is something that you need to consider when comparing one budget golf resort to the other. The good news is that resorts and hotels are competing so hard to give you affordable packages.

So forget the myth that golf is a sport reserved only for the privileged. A memorable golf experience does not have to be that pricey. You can play a round of golf on a very tight budget if you’re clever enough to discover the right golf vacation packages.


Do you dream to play golf in luxury and fashion? Top class golf resorts promise you an experience of a lifetime. They offer many perks such as excellent accommodation and dining options and upscale amenities to pamper you after a round of golf.

There are many luxury golf resorts around the world that anyone with unlimited budget can take advantage of. Consider staying at a resort instead of a hotel room if you plan to play a few rounds of golf and want to enjoy everything that is available in them. England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, and Japan all have golf resorts that cater to those who can really afford. You’ll find high-end luxury golf resorts throughout the United States. The most popular ones are located in astonishing destinations like Hawaii, Florida, Nevada, and Alaska.

There are many benefits of availing of a higher end golf resort. It will give you access to the top quality championship courses in the area. A lot of these locations book tee times months in advance. By having a package that includes a lavish resort, you’ll get in on the greens as part of the travel package. Know what these resorts will help you do in order to book your tee times. Included also is a service where you’ll be transported to and from the course.

Yet, everything is not all about the green. In fact, many luxury resorts are more than just hotels. Most offer deluxe rooms, packed with facilities and services that you’ll surely love. Some offer amazing perks to visitors that stay there, such as top class shops and restaurants, saunas and spas. This is not to mention stuff like fitness workout rooms, pools, and full service.

Some golf resorts even double as beach resorts, giving you a wonderful view and a nice beach front accommodation. You may have come to enjoy few rounds of golf, but high-class golf resorts do more than just give you access to the lovely courses.

When you spend your golf holiday mainly to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, make sure to relax and pamper yourself. More than likely, you can find something for your children to do for you to rest easy on the greens.

Best Golf Resorts

For many golfers and enthusiasts all they need is their local golf course to enjoy the sport. Other people may want to explore further to gain experience. Some see the ones featured on TV coverage of tournaments and plan to o there one day. While it is difficult to book tee times on many of these golf courses, you can always choose from a lot of courses. Below are some of the best golf resorts rated by experts.

Old Course Hotel at St. Andrews (Scotland)

The Old Course’s claim to fame is its being the birthplace of golf; The Dukes, a championship course, is also situated at St. Andrews. Guests at the famous Old Course Hotel can get guaranteed tee times at either the Old Course of The Dukes. It also provides numerous therapeutic features like color therapy (chromatherapy) baths, Japanese steam rooms, and hydrotherapy pools to help you calm yourself before or after the game.

Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba (Brazil)

The Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba is an island itself, with golfers flying in all the way from Sao Paolo. The trip, however, is definitely worth it since crystalline seas, white sandy beaches, and blue skies provide the stunning setting for your rounds of golf. The golf course is not the only world class attraction here, but also the surrounding waters well known for deep sea fishing with marlins and swordfish swimming in the area.

Pinehurst Resort (North Carolina)

This resort is a very famous American golf resorts. Many championships have been played here since its 1895 opening. Since then eight golf courses have been constructed at the resorts and a wealth of other luxury features like a relaxing spa, 24 tennis courts, and a number of water sports on the lake.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler (British Columbia)

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler itself is located at the foot of the gorgeous ice capped mountains. Streams trickle through the resort and a variety of remarkable birdlife like Ospreys and Golden Eagles circling above. Situated in a mountainous region, the area is ideal for a truly challenging course that includes uneven courses and rocky outcroppings to test even the most experienced golfer.

Four Seasons Resort (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica is one of those holiday destinations that almost has it all: good food, stunning sights, exciting activities, and welcoming people. Golfers will also love this country for its great golf resorts, including the Four Seasons Resort, where the scenic views from the cliff top tees will overwhelm the visitors. But this course is not a walk in the park. The occasional monkey, streams, and deep ravines pose challenges but playing a round of golf is simply breathtaking.

With the Family

One of the major dilemmas of golfers and enthusiasts is that their families see the sport as an addiction that keeps a family member out for many hours every weekend. If you’ve been dreaming of a golf vacation, how can you achieve this without disappointing your family? Well, take heart. There are many family golf resorts out there that give fun times for the family.

Having family tee times is increasingly becoming a trend. Golf resorts for families have a variety of holiday packages, with most of them functioning similar to the all-inclusive resorts. They take care of your golfing needs from booking for tee times, transportation to the golf links, to green fees. Some resorts give a 50% off, while others offer free green fees.

Family golf resorts are very kid friendly, providing a number of facilities and activities to keep the kids happy. Look for ones that offer golf clinics for kids – who knows, you just might be nursing a young Tiger Woods. These resorts generally offer free lessons and they get to play on 18-hole championship courses.

Apart from golf, some family resorts also offer activities such as skating, swimming, trapeze, tennis, gaming zones, nature camps, and many other activities. Some also provide nursery, nanny services, or crèche facility.

Here are some stuff that you should consider when choosing a family golf resort: It should have great golf facilities, give a fun outing for the family, and offer a variety of activities and attractions to satisfy the interests of your family, especially the kids. Look also for one that has great spa and dining facilities.

Family golf resorts are becoming more and more popular largely because of the convenience and because it is a nice way to get your kids and spouse involved in your passion. It strengthens the important concept of family togetherness. As they say, a family that plays together stays together.

Golf in Summer

Are you a beginner or intermediate golfer? Does a relaxing stroll on a green, lush summer course make you feel heavenly? Summer is near, but how’s your preparation? Have you modified your system? Do you already have the golf set that suits the season, your skills, and your budget in the first place

Most golf courses in the world are more clayey than of any other denomination of soil, which means that the sport is somewhat not the same at all seasons. So if you are very good in playing golf during winter does not mean you will do great in the coming summer season. But many players have mastered playing the game in all seasons of the year.

One major failing of the beginner and moderate golfers, who give little or no thought to details, is that they rarely consider the question of modifying their methods to accommodate themselves to varying conditions.

On dry inland and seaside greens, little change of system is needed. So long as you keep to the fairway, the golf ball sits up for you with a certain nobleness of bearing, and you can execute the stroke slightly different in the summer as in the winter.

The habitue of clayey golf courses leads a more diverting life. If you would want to sustain the standard of your overall game throughout the year, you must learn certain shots at the onset of the damp days, which you must set aside when the summer season comes. Therefore, you must have your winter golf methods and summer methods.

Choosing your clubs when starting out in the game or improving your skills can be very tricky since there are numerous variations of styles available on the market today. You can choose from irons, drivers, hybrids, woods, wedges, and putters. It is crucial that when trying to improve your game during summer, you must use a set of quality golf clubs. Of course, this does not mean that you must select from the best sets out there. It simply means you need quality equipment at affordable prices. If you want to enjoy golf in summer, and if you want to have your own equipment, buying second hand sets is your surest bet to save money.

Golf in Winter

Most golf courses in the world today have more clay composition than any other soil denomination. This means that the sport more and more people come to love is somewhat not the same at all periods of the year. So if you are very good in playing golf during summer does not mean you will also do great in the coming winter season. But many players have mastered playing the game in all seasons of the year.

One of the major shortcomings of the beginner and intermediate golfers, who give little or no thought to details, is that they barely consider the question of changing their styles and methods to accommodate themselves to varying climatic conditions.

If you would want to sustain the standard of your overall game throughout the year, you must learn certain shots at the onset of the dry and hot days, which you must set aside when the winter season comes. Therefore, you must have your winter golf methods and summer methods.

Tee shots are the same all over the world. So the tee shot in the United States is also the tee shot in the United Kingdom or South Korea. But on a clayey golf course the second shot in August is usually a proposition completely unlike that which presents itself in the month of November. So in order to do well in winter, you must appreciate and allow for the differences in the run of the golf ball, an elementary matter that speaks for itself.

What a lot of golfers, professionals and beginners alike, do not realize is the need of altering their principles in a number of important respects when the golf course becomes heavy. They often follow the methods that somehow prove highly profitable during the dry season, and arrive at the conclusion that golf during winter is an abomination, bearable only because it is so much better to play golf during this period than playing no golf at all.

However, by considering the altered circumstances, you can possibly achieve a number of good rounds on clammy turf. Remember, the point is not to aim in ordinary ways to obtain the same shots through the green as you would attempt in the dry season.

Choosing your own golf equipment when starting out in the game or improving your skills can be very tricky since there are numerous variations of styles available on the market today, especially if you have very limited budget But you can purchase quality golf sets during winter since most online stores are getting rid of old stock to replace it with the newest equipment for the busy summer season.

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