Starting A Life In Miami? What You Need To Know

Living in Miami absolutely has so much to offer, not to mention the vibrant tropical weather. Miami is both a wonderful and mystifying place to live. It is an inviting place that attracts not only tourists and vacationers from around the world but many are just falling in love and decide to stay and call it home.

People arriving from other places within the United States quickly learn that Latin American has great influences on this city, this makes it unlike any other city in the United States.

If you are young and single, there is no greater city to live in Miami. Beautiful people, admirable weather, nonstop nightlife and an abiding breeze of tourists make this the best part of the country if you are bare of any significant responsibility or morals. People in your demographic are absolutely the only sane people who should ever consider moving here.

As a young person with no responsibility and a single professional is highly recommended by living in Miami, Miami may prove to be a perfect place for you to live. Provided you a comfortable with the culture shock, you may find the lifestyle here perfectly fitted to your social agenda. If you have money, you can get a place in South Beach or Brickell and really take advantage of the best Miami has to offer. But even if your budget is slightly smaller, you can still find a decent place to live in an exciting part of town.

Miami has an advantage of restaurants, Cuban food, Latin American culture, beaches, nightlife, models, and places to hang out and different people to see and meet. For married people who have kids, experts recommend considering places such as Kendall, Coral Gables, and Pinecrest. Pinecrest has a reputation for having the best public schools in the Miami area and therefore is very conducive for kids who are going to start schooling. Living in Miami is about having all of the excitement of living in an international city

Living in Miami is about having all of the excitement of living in an International city. Miami holds more nationalities than one can imagine if you live elsewhere in the United States. Living in Miami is like living in a great melting pot of cultures, and this is a very appropriate venue to learn different languages as well as different traditions and ways of doing things.


Expatriate moving to Miami will find a truly Latin American city that influences both the USA and the rest of the world. The culture that the Latin American based communities bring to the city has created an ultra-hip, edgy, and young character.

Miami is also the traditional beach vacation getaway in much of the country. This infuses the economy with travel and leisure money and results in an assortment of activities, restaurants, and nightlife. All of these dynamics are set against the backdrop of some of the poorest communities in the country. This has negative results in all neighborhoods and on the city government’s spending.

Expatriate moving to Miami should anticipate a unique combination of cultures and a city caught up in both beach luxury and international business. People have many reasons for moving to Miami such as the sunny skies, diverse culture and interesting job opportunities. Moving or relocating to Miami within the city can be a stressful experience. You will have to look for a place that best suits your needs.


Most likely, your first concern is choosing a place to live or stay. Whether you plan to rent an apartment or purchase a magnificent house, your search for housing is probably best started by choosing a community.


The system of transportation in Miami is satisfactory. Underground railways, trains, and buses is available. If you are going to drive, you will need to obtain a Florida driver’s license and Florida tags for your vehicle.


There are a few other miscellaneous items you’ll need to deal with the various offices of government. It is also your civic obligation to register to vote in Florida. You have probably already heard that the State of Florida has no income tax. However, if you own a significant amount of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or similar assets, you may be subject to the state intangibles tax.


In South Florida, your electric power will be provided by Florida Power & Light. They provide an online system for opening or reopening your electric service account. Water service is provided by the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department.


Miami has one of the best education systems among all cities of the United States. Miami’s home to a lot of educational institutions. Miami is home to the fourth-largest public school district in the nation, several major universities and some of the region’s finest education resources.


Miami is the most populated city of Florida state in the United States. Miami Florida is the largest area in Southern Florida.

Miami may have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, but it’s not impossible to find a job. At Miami job fair you will find top organizations or companies that have the highest standards of diversity in the work environment.

Miami is home to some of the world’s largest companies. Marriott International, Florida University, and Wachovia are some of the town’s largest companies. They offer employment in a wide range of Miamis community.

If you are looking for a job in Miami, the city provides you a lot of job opportunities. Miami has a large selection of job openings. Jobs in Miami range from computer jobs, airport jobs, accounting jobs, nursing jobs, warehouse jobs, government jobs, part-time jobs, engineering jobs, marketing jobs, finance jobs, hotel jobs, teaching jobs, public relation job, health care job and so on. To acquire this work usually some type of college or technical training is required. These jobs pay a higher than average rate. These jobs average incomes are $30,000 to $60,000 a year.

The average income for employment in Miami is $23,000 a year. The average household income for a family in Miami is around $25,000. This is one of the lowest rates in the country. The average population does not even have a high school diploma.

Sales jobs in Miami make up about 22% of the job data. These jobs are simpler to acquire. They have schedules that are less desirable.

Food Service jobs make up 22%. Working at any type of foodservice location is very well-known. Management related jobs are 21% of the job industry in Miami. Managers are always in need. These have good pay around $60,000 to $80,000.

Miamis largest producing Job opportunity is in the tourism field. This category makes up 35% of the job data.

The Miamis job market is on the rise. Despite the decrease in the nation’s economy and the recent drop in the stock market, jobs are still readily available. Companies are always looking for employees to satisfy there struggling business needs.

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