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Stockholm’s Interesting Culture And Entertainment That Will Make You Come Back For More

Things to do

Stockholm offers various attractions to visit, adventures to experience, and activities to do. The city is full of rich environment and friendly people who are always glad to welcome tourists and friends. Make sure to stay longer for you to experience more fascinating things the city has in store for you.  If you are finished strolling around some of the best tourist destinations, here are more things to do to maximize your stay.

Stockholm Architecture. Discover the rich architecture of the city. It has a history that dates back to the 13th century and maybe even longer. The buildings in Stockholm are characterized by its unique location between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. Most major buildings in Stockholm are mainly designed by influences from abroad. When foreign architects were recruited to build the city during 1600 and 1700 and in recent period’s Swedish architects often drew on their inspiration from their study tours to Europe, in the 20th century, particularly in the USA.
Many of the buildings in Stockholm are treasures of ancient history which simply cannot be experienced in any other part of the world.  There are also churches in Stockholm dating back to the thirteenth century which many tourists enjoy not only for the sense of history they show but also the awe that they inspire as visitors gaze up at them and wonder how such magnificent buildings were created without the advantages of today’s modern technology. 

Stockholm Festival.  Stockholm offers plenty of fun events and festivals all summer.  These events are usually held at the Old Town (Gamla Stan), Kungsträdgården, Skansen or Djurgården.  Joining these festivals is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the unique Swedish culture and tradition. You may also want to discover a modern twist of all these events since the festival scene in Stockholm continues to diversify each year.

Stockholm Restaurants. Stockholm the Swedish capital is a cool Nordic beauty with a dramatic backyard. Scandinavia’s most regal, cutting-edge, and intriguing city is sitting astride 14 islands on the sparkling waters of Lake Mälaren. No wonder Stockholm is the place to be if you want to try out fishy delights, examples of which are gravlax which is a dry-cured salmon. Herring and trout also star on menus in smart restaurants around Stureplan and Kungsträdgården. There are several restaurants in the Stockholm area with both Swedish/Scandinavian and international cuisine that should be noted for great dining.

Stockholm Nightlife. The night scene here in Stockholm is quite good, with lots of really beautiful people. The various Stockholm districts abound in meeting places like pubs, cafés, and club-style restaurants with different profiles depending on age group and musical preference.
The night is usually started early by going to the local cafes and restaurants. Wherever you are in the city and regardless of whether you prefer Swedish, international, ethnic, or a fusion of all of these you can be sure that you would really eat well.  If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to try out the cafés in Stockholm. Cafés are also very well catered for in Stockholm, with a huge number of good restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and cafés, many with an ethnic flavor.

There are a lot more things to do in Stockholm. Let us go further into details of descriptions and facts of the places where you can possibly go with your kids, and of places to shop or to see museums, attractions and architecture, restaurants, and where Portuguese food and cuisine are served on the other sections of this travel guide.


More than 700 years old, the city of Stockholm has surely built some of the best museums in the world. They even have around 80 museums and attractions wherein you can really see the city’s rich history.

Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm was the world’s first open-air museum. It is a living, working Sweden of the 1900s and hosts events, festivals, and celebrations across a large area dotted with farm building, mills, ‘olde worlde’ shops and a stunning wooden church. There are some 160 buildings here that have been brought in from various parts of the country to form a society of the times. Skansen also has a zoo that features elk, wolves, lynx and brown bears.

Vasa Warship Museum
Vasa Museum in Stockholm is one of the museums that should not be missed. Built around the Vasa, the world’s only surviving 17th-century ship and the story of her rescue is as dramatic as her sinking; all captured in stunning detail at this finest of museums. The museum tells the story of how she was built, how and why she sunk and how she was lifted from the murky depths of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm and then perfectly preserved for future generations to admire.

Naturhistoriska Museet
Known as the mother of all Stockholm’s museums, it is housed in an imposing building out by the University of Stockholm and its mission is to: “offer knowledge about nature and man’s surroundings. We wish to make it as exciting as possible. We want to add to your knowledge by providing experiences”. This it does superbly well through its eight permanent exhibitions, starting with “4 1/2 billion years – the history of Earth and Life”, through to: “Treasure of the earth’s interior.”  The museum also has satellite exhibitions of events and experiences around these. Children visiting the museum also find the museums Cosmonova as a very thrilling experience, which is part of Naturhistoriska. What happens is that you sit back on your seat and it tilts in synch with giant film images that are projected on to a projection dome high above you. The effect is amazing and gives a heightened dimension of brightness, realism, and sharpness. Examples of these films are “Dinosaurs Alive”, “Mummies” and “Cosmic Voyage”.
Tourists can even avail of their Stockholm card that offers: Free admission to 80 museums and attractions, free travel by public transport, Free trip on the Royal Canal tour (April-Dec), Free bicycle sightseeing in English (summer), Bonus offers like discounts on sightseeing tours with the bus companies Stockholm Panorama and Open Top Tours, and discounts on boat trips to Sigtuna, Skokloster and Drottningholm, and a Free guide book. This card is valid once per museum or attraction and is valid for 1-5 days depending on the price.


Architecture in Stockholm has a history that dates back to the 13th century and maybe even longer. The buildings in Stockholm are characterized by its unique location between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. Most major buildings in Stockholm are mainly designed by influences from abroad. When foreign architects were recruited to build the city during 1600 and 1700 and in recent period’s Swedish architects often drew on their inspiration from their study tours to Europe, in the 20th century, particularly in the USA.
Many of the buildings in Stockholm are treasures of ancient history which simply cannot be experienced in any other part of the world.  There are also churches in Stockholm dating back to the thirteenth century which many tourists enjoy not only for the sense of history they show but also the awe that they inspire as visitors gaze up at them and wonder how such magnificent buildings were created without the advantages of today’s modern technology.
There are also museums that exhibit the art of building, as well as the planning of building which is located on Skeppsholmen.

Architectural Museum (Artitekuturmuseet)
The Architectural Museum was opened in combining a modern museum and a photography museum. It displays documents and publications related to architecture in general, as well as documents related to the architecture and city planning of Sweden after the 19th century.
There is free admission for those under the age of 19. You’ll find a restaurant, a café and an espresso bar in The Swedish Museum of Architecture with the same opening hours as the museums.
Address: Skeppsholmen
Tel: +46 8-587 27 000
Fax: +46 8-587 270 70
Email: info@arkitekturmuseet.se
Still, the best way for visitors to experience the architecture of Stockholm is to get out on foot, walk around and look up at the skyline. The best of which are found in Gamla Stan neighborhood and has the greatest number of historic buildings in one place.


Sweden’s capital and largest city Stockholm is the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. With this, this city is where many of the country’s biggest and brashest festivals are held. The city offers a lot of different festivals every month which can be searched online by tourists who want to visit the city and experience one of their many festivals.

Stockholm Jazz Festival
One of Sweden’s oldest festivals, this festival takes place at Skeppsholmen every July. This was established in 1980, and is an annual jazz festival in Sweden and is a major summer event of Stockholm which has several venues across the city. Its main venue is on Skeppsholmen and has a very unique backdrop of the Stockholm harbor which is why it is regarded as the distinguishing mark of the festival since long had a status as the soul of the festival. There is also a Stockholm Jazzathon which starts July 11th and is streamed live on stockholmjazzathon.com as a part of the Stockholm Jazz Festival.

Stockholm Pride
Stockholm Pride is an annual Stockholm in the last week of July. This is the largest Pride event in the Nordic countries and always ends with a parade. In 2007, 50 000 people marched with the parade and about 500,000 watched.
This celebration normally starts with lectures and exhibitions all over the city on the Monday of the week. Pride House is the festival’s cultural center; it is packed with seminars, workshops, exhibitions, film, and other performances. Every Wednesday is the grand opening of the closed of Pride Park which is the festival arena for tens of thousands of people; here tourists can find organization stalls, stages, shops, and other attractions. It is open Wednesday through Sunday and every afternoon and evening a wide variety of famous artists and shows appear on the main stage. Outside the official Pride Park, there is also a green and leafy area where people join up, drink, listen to the music and party along in the warm summer night.
Stockholm also has a lot more annual events and festivals that take place every year. Some of which are the Stockholm Marathon which takes place on a Saturday in early June each year, the Nobel Banquet takes place at Stockholm City Hall every year on December 10 and in the winter months, the outdoor ice skating rink in the Kungsträdgarden is the place to be and is always busy, regularly featuring live music and hot snacks.


Stockholm has plenty of theaters to pick from before you take in one of the wonderful shows in Stockholm. You’ll have many choices to go to if you wish to extend the evening after having a casual or fancy dinner. There are a lot of performances that will be showing when you’re in Stockholm, so get your tickets early as they do tend to sell out quickly and enjoy a night at one of Stockholm’s theaters.

Royal Dramatic Theatre
The Royal Dramatic Theatre was founded in 1788 and is Sweden’s national stage for “spoken drama”. Around one thousand shows are put on annually on the theatre’s eight running stages. The theatre was built by the architect Fredrik Lilljekvist. Famous artists like Carl Milles and Carl Larsson were involved in making the decorations, and some of the interior decorations were made by Prince Eugen. The theatre also has an acting school, which is Dramatens elevskola, that produced many actors and directors who became famous. The school was split off as a separate institution in 1967.
Location: Nybroplan, Stockholm

Royal Swedish Opera
Kungliga Operan or The Royal Opera is Sweden’s national stage for opera and ballet. The opera company was founded by King Gustav III and its first performance, “Thetis and Phelée” with Carl Stenborg and Elisabeth Olin, was given on January 18, 1773; this was the first native-speaking opera performed in Sweden.
Location: Gustav Adolfs Torq 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 46-8-791-4300

Stockholm City Theatre
Stockholms stads theater or Stockholm City Theatre is Sweden’s most popular theatre stage. It was created in 1956 but the first performance was delayed until 1960. Stockholm City Theatre is situated in the heart of Stockholm, in the building commonly known as Kulturhuset; the large lighted glass building at Sergels Torg or Sergel’s Square, near the Sergel fountain and the Stockholm City roundabout. Kulturhuset is one of Stockholm’s most popular public buildings and, besides the theatre, also includes small cafés, book shops, a bar and a restaurant, a library, various exhibitions, public debates, lectures, book signings, a small medieval museum, and workshops. The theatre is Sweden’s most popular stage and the theatre with the highest bookings as well as the constant competitor to the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Stockholm City Theatre produces 30-40 productions a year on nine stages.


Stockholm the Swedish capital is a cool Nordic beauty with a dramatic backyard. Scandinavia’s most regal, cutting-edge and intriguing city is sitting astride 14 islands on the sparkling waters of Lake Mälaren. No wonder Stockholm is the place to be if you want to try out fishy delights, examples of which are gravlax which is a dry-cured salmon. Herring and trout also star on menus in smart restaurants around Stureplan and Kungsträdgården. There are several restaurants in the Stockholm area with both Swedish/Scandinavian and international cuisine that should be noted for great dining.

Wedholms Fisk. High ceilings, large windows, and tasteful modern paintings from the owner’s personal collection create a spacious, sophisticated space. Noted for its fresh seafood dishes, Wedholms Fisk is appropriately set by a bay in Stockholm’s center. The traditional Swedish cuisine, which consists almost exclusively of seafood, is simple but outstanding. The menu is divided by fish type, with a number of dish options for each type of fish.
Address: Nybrokajen 17, City, Stockholm, 111 48
Phone: 08/6117874
Location: Norrmalm

Fredsgatan 12 (F12). With 15 years under its belt, Fredsgatan 12 is a modern classic.  Set within the high-ceilinged interior of the Royal Academy of Arts, this is one of Stockholm’s premier restaurants. The decor is sophisticated and hip, even nightclubs and the kind of uncluttered minimalism you’d expect at a fashionable venue. The guests are an invigorating blend of people from politics, finance, and culture and of course foodies. The focus is on innovative international cuisine with unusual flavor combinations guaranteed to surprise any pleasure-hungry diner. The levels of ambition and creativity are still on top. Here you can experience first-class, innovative food in a crisp, stylish and relaxed setting.
Address: Fredsgatan 12 11152 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)08-24 80 52
Website URL: www.f12.se

Gondolen. The restaurant features a large dining room with classy Swedish, and international, cuisine, and has a very popular cocktail lounge. By far, this is Stockholm’s most spectacular views because it is suspended high above the entrance of Stockholm’s port.
Address: Stadsgården 6 10465 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-641 70 90
Website URL: www.eriks.se

Frantzén/Lindeberg. Simple modernity reaches an art form at this tiny restaurant, which opened its doors on a cold January day in 2008. This compact restaurant in the medieval Old Town is this year’s trendiest and most talked-about hotspot. For foodies who like to push the boundaries, dinner here is a spectacular show, full of surprises and humor. Dishes include mindblowing creations such as lightly seared hand-dived scallops with hay ashes and burned bread pudding, and knuckle of farm pork cooked in its own fat for three days.
Address: Lilla Nygatan 21 11128 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-20 85 80
Website URL: www.frantzen-lindeberg.com
There are an estimated 1,500 restaurants and bars in Stockholm alone, so you’ll have plenty of choices. So just go around the city and enjoy a great dining experience in Stockholm.

Swedish Cuisine

A city surrounded by water on almost all sides, Swedes have really grown to love seafood, especially salmon, which is typically smoked, marinated, or cured with dill and salt. Another popular catch is Herring, which is prepared in just as many ways and is often eaten alongside bread, cheese, and eggs for breakfast. Many other kinds of seafood are also enjoyed by locals in this city.
Swede’s also has traditional dishes which are a century or less, and are still a very important part of Swedish everyday meals. Even though, modern-day Swedish cuisine has already adopted many international dishes. The most renowned Swedish culinary tradition known internationally is the smörgåsbord and, including well known Swedish dishes such as gravlax and meatballs.

This once referred to tasteless porridge and another gruel but has come to represent savory stews, roasts, and various types of seafood. This is no comparison with other European cuisines even though it is only simple traditional Swedish home cooking but it is anything but ordinary.

The Swedish smörgåsbord is a number of small hot and cold dishes served buffet-style. Literally meaning as “bread and butter table”, the term has become world-famous, representing a collection of various foods, presented all at once. The traditional Swedish smörgåsbord commonly includes herring, smoked eel, roast beef, jellied fish, boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam, Janssons frestelse or Jansson’s temptation, a layered potato dish containing onions and cream, this is then topped with anchovies, and köttbulla or Swedish meatballs, which has won worldwide acclaim.
There are several restaurants in the Stockholm area with both Swedish is Scandinavian that should be noted for great dining an example of which is.

Mathias Dahlgren
This place has been given two Michelin stars since its very opening. The place has a very elegant and modern dining room in comparison to the food which is simple, but is artistically rendered and is dubbed as local food or “natural cuisine” by Dahlgren’s. if you want to try out a taste of the local delicacies, this place won’t really disappoint you.
Address: Grand Hotel, S Blasieholmshamen 6, Stockholm, 103 27
Phone: 08/6793584
Website: www.mathiasdahlgren.com

Swedish cuisine also has regional distinctions aside from its international differences. The popular dish in the far north is Pitepalt a pork-filled potato dumpling. The Southern region favors pytt I Panna which is a fried dish made from diced potatoes and meat or ham, served with egg. While the east coast’s most important food is strömming, a small, silvery Baltic herring. The only similarity in any of the three locations is that no meal is complete without the accompaniment of Swedish rye bread.


If you want to join the stylish Swedes on a night out in Stockholm, you won’t have any trouble finding somewhere to start as the city boasts a great variety of bars. Stockholm offers a scene that really lives, seven nights a week, year in, year out. In this respect, Stockholm has very little competition from anywhere north of Paris and London.

Icebar Stockholm by Icehotel
The planet’s first permanent ice bar, made of ice from the world-famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Lapland. Everything except the liquids in the drinks is made of ice, and the temperature is kept at a constant 23 degrees Fahrenheit.


Vasaplan 4 11120 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-505 635 20
Website URL: www.absoluticebar.com


The bar at the stylish 1900 restaurant is the epitome of Scandinavian chic. Located in the very centre of Stockholm, on Regeringsgatan, both bar and restaurant celebrates the flavours of the region. Flavors are clean and fresh with a distinctly Swedish tilt with pine, elderflower, grass and apple all used as key ingredients. In addition to cocktails they also serve a great selection of Swedish organic beers to a sophisticated and style-minded crowd.

Address: Regeringsgatan 66, Stockholm.
Telephone: 0046 8 20 60 10

Vampire Lounge
In your fancy Count Dracula, check out this bar which serves up a huge selection of cocktails including the abovementioned Count and others with names like Vampire’s Blood, Crossfire, At Stake and Vlad the Impaler. Non-alcoholic tipples are also available. On top of its cool collection of cocktails and awesome underground interior, Vampire Lounge also provides plenty of entertainment including live DJs.
Location: Östgötagatan 41.

Akkurat is Sweden’s most famous, and arguably best, specialist beer bar. It’s to be found in the Södermalm district, south of the Gamla Stan. Inside, it’s pretty spacious and there have been some noble attempts to make it cozy and pub-like, but disguising the architecture totally is an impossible task. What is really important though much more so than the slightly dodgy décor is the beer selection to be found in this pub.
Location: Hornsgatan 18,118 20 Stockholm
Tel. 08 – 644 0015
Website: https://www.akkurat.se/
Whether you’re yearning for a cocktail in a relaxed piano bar, cold schnapps in a glass of ice or an authentic Swedish beer in an authentic Swedish pub, the atmosphere here in Stockholm is great.


Sweden’s capital Stockholm has a hot nightlife and offers great nightclubs. In Stockholm, clubbers are spoiled with the number of choices of bars around the city. Particularly bars are concentrated around Stureplan in the city center. Other hotspots include the boulevards of Kungsgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan and the area around Kungsträdgården. On Friday and Saturday nights, most clubs are open until three, and sometimes even up to five in the morning.

Situated in the heart of Stureplan this is Stockholm’s biggest club. This club also has an array of bars and dance floors you can choose from, each with its own music style.
Address: Sturegatan 4 11435 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-545 076 10
Website URL: www.sturecompagniet.se

Café Opera
This recently renovated club is housed in magnificent interior spaces in the Opera House, adjacent to the equally famous Operakällaren restaurant. This is one of the coolest places to party and meet people.
Address: Karl XII:s torg 11147 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-676 58 07
Website URL: www.cafeopera.se

Grodan Cocktail Club
It is a relatively small club with an international spirit and high musical standards. Grodan is also a trendy restaurant and club in the city’s more exclusive neighborhood. From the luxurious restaurant, you can later go downstairs and listen to mostly house music in a modern setting.
Address: Grev Turegatan 16 11446 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8- 679 61 00
Website URL: www.grodan.se

Club Kharma
Known as the most visited and most famous nightclub in Stockholm, Club Kharma in Stockholm has a mixed crowd with lots of vibes. Inside the club, the exotic allure of the Orient is combined with the calm order of Scandinavian cool. With different club events, special parties and club entertainment, Club Kharma offers lots of action all year round. Club Kharma is open from 10 pm until 3 am Tuesday through Saturday. Stockholm’s popular club remains closed Sunday nights and Monday nights, though.
Location: Sturegatan 10 in Stockholm
Phone:  +46 8 662 0465
Enjoy the night and make it one of your most unforgettable experiences. Have fun, enjoy, party, meet new people and immerse yourself in Stockholm’s exciting nightlife.


Stockholm is known as a leading design center in both contemporary and traditional designs which makes for the city’s exciting shopping scene. Whether you’re a tourist in town or a local of Stockholm on the hunting for hot deals is an exciting experience.
The City area is home to department stores Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), Åhléns and PUB. NK stands out as the premier Swedish department store, but these days is a franchise store with an enormous range of men and all types of clothing, Swedish and international design, household objects, etc. This is where the upper classes of Stockholm go to do their shopping.

NK is the short name for The Nordiska Kompaniet. Steeped in tradition, NK is Stockholm’s most luxurious department store, established in 1902. This store has Swedish and international fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, crystal, ceramics, design, fine foods and much more. There are also several areas that serve coffee, pastries, and lunch menu items. The supermarket on the lower-ground floor also has an excellent selection of Swedish and international produce which tourists must try.
Address: Regeringsgatan/Hamngatan
Website: www.nk.se

This is the main branch of Sweden’s best-known department store. Sweden’s largest department store, with competitive prices for clothing, design, media, beauty and much more. There is a large, diverse grocery store in the basement that sells ready-made vegetarian foods, while the 4th floor is home to a dreamy day spa.
Address: Klarabergsgatan 50
Website: www.ahlens.com
Phone: 08 676 60 00
The name of the store is short for Paul U Bergström which was founded in 1882. This has six restaurants, an Internet cafe and a lot of shops you will find all you need at the PUB. They even have a media department with the best selection of DVD movies in Stockholm.
Address: Drottninggatan
Phone: +46 8 789 19 30
Website: https://www.pub.se/

Södermalm will bewitch you with its mix of fashion, design, new and second-hand clothes and accessories and general ‘hey, chill out’ attitude. Shopping in this area wouldn’t really bother your conscience with their eco and organic products. Here you’ll also find the products of the new elite of Swedish fashion in the area known locally as ‘SoFo’ or south of Folkkungagatan.
Östermalm is the most exclusive district in Stockholm. The area is home to exclusive international labels, side by side with high-class Scandinavian design in fashion and decor. This area has the major luxury goods brands and boutiques that are clustered around Birger Jarlsgatan, Biblioteksgatan, Nybrogatan, Östermalmstorg, and Stureplan. Global brands Louis Vuitton, Armani, Boss, Guess, Gucci, and many others, as well as Swedish brands J Lindberg, Anna Holtblad, Filippa K, Peak, and Northface are all here.
Tourists can also look around the city and find a lot of exceptional souvenirs that are worth taking home or hunt for treasures in the cities museum shops.


Stockholm is known as easy access to beautiful nature with its stunning waterside walks and outdoor jogging tracks. They also have a long and proud tradition of a wide range of organized sports activities, with many popular competitions taking place each year. Stockholm has large sports arenas boasting the latest in technology, swimming pools, ice-rinks, outdoor athletic tracks, football courts, horse riding venues and even facilities for the disabled.
The city was the one who hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics, other than this Stockholm also hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics Equestrian Games. Stockholm also hosted all but one of the Nordic Games, a winter multi-sport event that predated the Winter Olympics.

Djurgårdens IF
Djurgårdens Idrottsförening is a sports club with several departments, located in Stockholm. This was founded in 1891 by a group of young athletes living on the royal island Djurgården in central Stockholm. This is one of Sweden’s most successful sports clubs in the 20th and 21st centuries. Today, ice hockey and football are the most popular departments, with 16 and 11 Swedish national championship titles respectively. This club has also won 418 Swedish championships through 2011. Other popular departments in this sports club are bandy, handball, and floorball.

Allmänna Idrottsklubben
This was founded in 1891 in central Stockholm. Known as The General Sports Club in the city, and is usually referred to as just AIK or Gnaget, is one of the largest and oldest sports clubs in Scandinavia. The club’s achievements include Swedish championship titles in the following sports: football, ice hockey, bandy, handball, floorball, bowling, badminton, athletics, and many other sports as well as Wimbledon championships and French Open in tennis.
Location: Solna

Hammarby IF
Formed in 1889 as Hammarby Roddförening or Hammarby Boat Club, the name was changed in 1897 to Hammarby Idrottsförening for many of the club’s athletes were then engaging in more sports than just rowing. Owing to its geographical location in a formerly less affluent district of Stockholm, Hammarby has historically been regarded as a club with a mainly working-class fan base.
Stockholm is has been the major venue of spectator sports in Sweden. Especially soccer and ice hockey which are the two most popular spectator sports in Sweden, and Stockholm has world-class teams in both. So in visiting Stockholm, watching a game can also be very worthwhile.


Stockholm has a huge selection of gyms as well as other fantastic sport and leisure facilities that are good selections in both geographical terms and also with regards to opening hours. They have 15 fitness centers inside the Stockholm region but more fitness facilities are underway.

S.A.T.S Sports Club (Regeringsgatan)
SATS is the Nordic region’s leading fitness chain, with 97 wholly-owned fitness centers. SATS is often a giant among gyms, with 38 gyms in the Stockholm region, in order that they are almost in every corner, they have even a gym in the airport. This SATS gym is also greatly recommended by the locals of Stockholm.
address: Regeringsgatan 47 111 56 Stockholm Sweden
Web Site: https://www.satssportsclub.com
Phone Number:+46 (0) 8 791 22 30

Centralbadet (Drottninggatan)
A great fitness center with a well equipped gym. For working out, this fitness center has cardio, weights, personal training, and a swimming pool. You can also chill out there with their 3 kinds of sauna, Jacuzzi and a thermal pool, Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology. There is also a sun terrace on the roof during summer and a bar and a la carte menu.
Address: Drottninggatan 88 11136 Stockholm Sweden
Web Site: https://www.centralbadet.se
Phone Number: +46 (0) 8 545 213 00

Delta Gym
One of the best Swedish gyms for bodybuilders recommended for a gym visit by more than one Swedish bodybuilder. They have a clean and modern gym with a fantastic array of equipment personal training is available and there is also a studio for classes. There is also massage available and an excellent selection of proteins and supplements for sale at a small bar area.
Address: Hälsingegatan 5 113 23 Stockholm.
Web Site: https://www.deltagym.com
Phone Number: +46 (0) 8 30 86 52

Metropolis (Stureplan)
This is an outstanding central gym, for working out they have weights, cardio, personal training, and classes. They also offer free towels when you’re working out.
Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 36 11145 Stockholm Sweden
Web Site: https://www.metropolisgym.se/
Phone Number: +46 (0) 8 611 35 05
Picking a gym or fitness center is really hard with the number of choices in the area. But, if you are unable to decide on which place to go you might also want to try the local wall climbing places in Stockholm which is another fun way of burning some calories.


Stockholm is one of the world’s leading centers of music. Their music scene has produced and inspired artists for many years and a number of groups have launched their world tours in Stockholm. It all began with ABBA, the first Swedish group to achieve international success in the 1970s. They proved that it was possible to export Swedish pop music abroad. Sweden is the third-largest exporter of music today after the US and Great Britain. Swedish music industry exports about SEK 3.3 billion a year and 90 percent of this industry is located in Stockholm.
Stockholm has become something of a music hub in Scandinavia, being home to video producers such as Jonas Åkerlund, the Internet music seller Boxman and EMA Telstar, the largest event producer in Scandinavia. There are approximately 40 recording studios in Stockholm, including the renowned Cheiron studios where Max Martin produces recordings for global stars such as Britney Spears. Fashionable Stockholm attracts artists from the whole world. To name a recent example, Back Street Boys produced their latest release in Stockholm.
Stockholm offers a wealth of musical and theatrical events. One popular pastime is to enjoy concerts, opera, and theatre performed in concerts held in settings typical of the period in which the music was originally performed. Stockholm’s amusement parks and gardens feature performances by many popular Swedish and internationally renowned artists throughout the summer.

Stockholm International Jazz & Blues Festival
Established in 1980, is an annual jazz festival in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a major summer event of Stockholm and it is spread over several venues across the city. Here, world-renowned artists and groups from Sweden and abroad are coming to Stockholm every July to appear in the Stockholm International Jazz & Blues Festival. With five days of jazz, blues, soul, and Latin, the festival attracts a larger audience each year.
Where the Action Is
The name is taken from a song from The Hellacopter’s second album Payin’ the Dues which was where the action is or WTAI. This was once a tour featuring Swedish rock bands that toured throughout Sweden between 2004 and 2006. Among these were high profiled Swedish bands and artists such as The Hellacopters, The Hives, The Ark, Moneybrother and many others. But this festival started in 2007 when the tour took a hiatus and then came back in 2008 as a one day festival in Stora Skuggan, Stockholm.


When planning to live in Stockholm, you also have to consider the city’s education system if you are considering going to school and of course, learn Swedish. Here’s an overview of Schools in Stockholm.
Stockholm offers lots of excellent schools for an ex-pat. Public education is free of charge for every resident living in Stockholm and free adult education is provided as well.

Education in Stockholm starts at an early age. Kids under the age of 6 attend preschool. The city offers daycare services. It also caters for children who need special attention. The government provides free pre-school and family daycare for children of working or studying parents while living in Stockholm. This benefit goes with unemployed parents or on parental leave. They can avail of the 15 hours of pre-schooling for their children from the age of one year onwards.
It is mandatory to go to school for children above 7 years old in the city. The government offers to provide for their education. Expat parents can also avail of this benefit for their children. You can decide on which school to attend to and make use of the best education Sweden has to offer. You can enroll your child at the local school. You can also select among 220 primary and secondary schools throughout the city.

Stockholm caters to upper secondary education at 28 public schools and 45 independent schools. Municipal upper secondary schools have 16 national programs, 15 special programs, individual programs, and IB programs. If you are a parent of a child who has special educational needs or learning disabilities, there are upper secondary schools and programs catering to your needs.
You can also choose to send your child to one of the international schools to ease the transition into their new life in Stockholm. You can choose among different international schools like the British International Primary School, Kungsholmen’s Upper Secondary School, Sigtuna School. The International School Stockholm, The International School Nacka., and Vittraskolorna / Vittra Schools. www.internations.org

The City For Kids

There are loads of things to see and do for kids here in Stockholm. There are also a lot of games and amusements for children of all ages. Furthermore, many of these attractions are available free of charge, or at very low prices. That is why families traveling with children find Stockholm a particularly convenient and enjoyable place for a vacation.
Special children’s areas and playrooms are often available at hotels, department stores and other large establishments in the city of Stockholm. Nearly all restaurants or cafés also offer child menus, high chairs and food/bottle warming options, many of which offer self-serve microwaves and nappy changing stations. Everywhere in Stockholm, you’ll find parks and playgrounds, swimming and sports facilities for children of all ages. Public transport is also designed to accommodate children and prams, children under 12 years old also enjoy free travel on buses and the underground at weekends.
One of the absolutely top spots for kids visiting Stockholm is Skansen. This place is more devoted to its open-air museum purpose, it is also better known as a zoo by local parents and children.

The Skansen open-air museum was founded in 1891 and is still one of the major top ten attractions in Stockholm. Here, tourists can find some 150 farmsteads assembled here which are from all over Sweden. Nordic animals can be found at the Zoo, “Mini-Skansen” and summer concerts are also held there.
Location: Djurgårdsslätten 49-51 115 21 Stockholm, Sverige
Phone: 08-442 80 00
Website: skansen.se‎
There are also many indoor play centers in Stockholm that should prove useful when you need somewhere to take your children when the weather is poor.

Barnens Djungel
In this 1000 sq playground is a well-stocked cafeteria. This play center offers large size play equipment, like a bouncy castle, a jungle cave with a cinema and a jungle shop with toys. This place is very suitable for children 0-12 years of age.
Location: Arlanda stad, Norrort
Phone: 08-594 401 11
There are also fun and exciting historic amusement parks like Gröna Lund, the Aquaria water museum and Junibacken where you will find different beloved characters from Astrid Lindgren’s and other fairytale worlds. There are also cultural centers that cater specifically for children examples of which are the Kulturhuset or the House of Culture and Moderna Museet or the Modern Museum. These centers offer libraries, theatres, exhibits, workshops, and playgrounds for kids.


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