Taking A Trip To Tallinn, Estonia: When To Go and The Reasons Why

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Visitors to the country of Estonia will find Tallinn city to be a nice place to visit. This capital city of Estonia to be the largest city in the country. The city of Tallinn is situated on the banks of the Gulf of Finland. Located about 80 miles south of Helsinki, east of Stockholm and west of Saint Peters burg, on the northern coast of Estonia. Tallinn visitors will be able to find a city which is modern and ancient at the same time. Here, you will be able to combine the pleasures of sightseeing with shopping at department stores, fashion boutiques, and shopping centers. You can choose to dine in restaurants that cater to both local and international cuisine. Besides these pleasures, there are parks where you can relax during the day and at night you have a selection of nightclubs and bars where you can unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

As Tallinn is divided into the old town and the outside of the old town, you must work their way through the city for each section. In the Old town, you will have a wide selection of places to visit. Some of these are the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Cathedral of St Mary or Toomkirik, Raekoda or the Town Hall which is now the Tallinn City Museum. You can also visit the All-Linn or the Lower Town, which is now one of the busiest shopping areas of Tallinn.

Once you have explored the inside of the Old town you should look at some of the places that found in the outer wall of the Old City. However, the outside of the Old City you can see the Tallinn Zoo, which is home to the world’s best collections of mountain goats and sheep. Of
course, the sight of other nature that you will be able to see in Tallinn is the Soomaa National Park which is about 100 km south of Tallinn.

This park is famous for its rejuvenating qualities of the swamps and bogs which can be found here. You might get a recommendation to try to swim at this park because it is part of the rejuvenation technique. Another park you would like to see during your visit to Tallinn is the National Park of Lahemaa.

By exploring the city of Tallinn you will begin to see the many other places which will you can explore. Each of these unique locations will provide a fabulous vacation experience to remember. To enjoy these wonders for your next vacation choose Tallinn place to visit.

When to Visit Tallinn?

Our Travel Guide to Tallinn contains details of major events and attractions of this picturesque city and explains the modern transportation system, as well as a wealth of useful information for your stay in Tallinn an enjoyable experience. The best time to visit Tallinn is during the summer, as it is also high season for tourists.

When visiting in Tallinn, it is almost certain that no matter what time of year the trip is done, it is not going to be hot there. Tallinn is definitely not known for having hot summers. Summer, however, is the most common time of year for tourists to visit.

The best time to visit Tallinn is in late spring-summer and early fall. Winters are cold and daylight hours are very few. Tallinn has a northern European climate, with cold winters, warm summers, and cool wet springs and autumns. August and September are when the cultural scene perks up in a frenzy of drinking beer, dancing and music festivals.

The best time to travel to Tallinn is in April and May when spring weather is nice and cozy. The summer months while they are the warmest, wettest and also freezes in winter with only a few hours of daylight and snow clogged the streets. Tallinn is a cold place. For someone who enjoys skating or ice fishing, Tallinn in the winter can be a great place to visit. Its winters can get very cold, but thanks to the North Atlantic Gulf Stream the summers remain quite mild.

Do not cancel a winter holiday in Tallinn. However, it is better to go when it is coldest there, with the greatest chance of snow, since this view would see Tallinn at its most magical. Although the snowy winter can also be beautiful, with lots of lights, candles, and warm inviting hotels and restaurants. But keep in mind, that while November and December would be milder, or it may be raining, and as you are prepared the cold weather is better than being wet.

December is the ideal time to visit Tallinn, as the forthcoming Christmas offers many interesting activities for visitors. Among other things, visitors find the Christmas markets, concerts, church services and workshops that awaited for them in Tallinn.

The long hours of June allow all the time needed to explore the city in all its fullness and find the hidden treasures in the old city, as is easily explored on foot.

Take a visit and bring yourself back in time at Tallinn Old city.

Top Attractions

A city full of history and rich cultural heritage, Tallinn is a tourist paradise and a great place to explore on foot or by bus. Nicknamed ‘mini Prague, the beautiful cobblestone streets of Old Town are the perfect place to start discovering the city. The city’s pride and joy is undoubtedly its medieval Old Town, but equally charming is the Kadriorg district, a throwback to the era when the country was ruled by the Russian tsars. Other areas of Tallinn are perfect for those who want to get a glimpse of the Soviet-era life, or simply want to spend time outdoors.

Kadriorg Palace and Park
Located at Weizenbergi Street 37. The beautiful pink baroque Kadriorg Palace was the summer residence of Russian Tsar, Peter 1, and now stands proudly in the center of its namesake seaside resort suburb of Tallinn, where the streets are filled with stately homes and summer estates. The palace is also the venue for concerts and theater performances, lectures and receptions. The park surrounding the palace is a popular recreation spot for visitors and residents alike, consisting of gardens, symmetrical Swan Lake, meadows and woodland paths. This is a top of the line building and top art museum. https://www.aviastar.org/travel/estonia/kadriorg.html

Tallinn Botanical Gardens
Located at Kloostrimetsa tee 52. Covers 110 hectares and contains more than 8,000 species of plants. The flora comes from all over the world, appears in botanical gardens, greenhouses, open fields, and thematic gardens. In summer a stroll through the rose garden is a necessity, but the wide, lush greenhouses make this a popular destination throughout the year. Here you can find everything from bananas to decorative house plants. A nature trail traverses the different habitats.

Tallinn City Museum
Located at Vene 17, Tallinn. The Tallinn City Museum offers a lucid and comprehensive history of this historic city. Housed in a 14th-century building, its exhibits cover the German and Soviet times, and beyond independence, with some fascinating photos. Also temporary exhibitions of art.

Town Hall Square
The Town Hall Square (Raekoja Plats) consists of many buildings that have a unique colored gable roof. When you are looking for a preserved piece of history, Town Hall Square would be the first place to look. Surrounded by merchant houses, and in summer, packed of coffee tables, it is a natural magnet for tourists. You will find many places to eat and many cafes are crowded with tourists. Open-air concerts are held here in summer.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Located at Lossi plats 10 Tallinn. Dominating the hill Toompea, the striking Orthodox cathedral is topped by memorable black onion domes. The truth is that you can not miss this building because it is floating over the city. It was built in the style of Neo-Byzantine. It is known for being one of the largest cathedral churches found in the world. https://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/fpage/explore/churches/newwin-place/print/id-307

Holy Spirit Church
Located at Pühavaimu 2, Tallinn, just off the Town Hall Square, white church with an octagonal tower. This is a really wonderful structure and looks great both inside and outside. The detailed clock painted on its facade is the oldest public clock in Tallinn, which dates back to the seventeenth century. However, do not miss the carved wood interior that includes such treasures as a unique 15th-century altar.

Short Stay

Sometimes life is hard. What you need is a Short Break to Tallinn to get away from everything. So if you fancy city break or just need a short weekend getaway, Tallinn is the perfect break for you. Tallinn is a beautiful and compact city. Tallinn is easy to walk on foot, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes. The city is unique with its great mix of historical sites and ultra-modern styles.

A young and vibrant city

By heading in Tallinn, where you will discover a young city with much to offer, adjusting for a weekend will be a challenge, but having a challenge well worth it. Although popular with young people coming to try its vibrant nightlife and culture with style, you will find a city on the edge of the gap between East and West.

Your getaway cheap in Tallinn has to take in the wonderful Old Town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings from the 15th century, the terracotta roofs and spectacular wide market square. Walking through the cobbled streets gives you a real idea of ​​the old energy that the city began on its way to fame.

The City galleries and museums are definitely worth a visit. Make a trip to the Gothic church of St. Olav to admire the charm that once given all the buildings in Tallinn. After that take a walk around the remains of the city wall, a great way to see the changes that the city has been through the years. Modern design connoisseurs need not be disappointed, a number of exciting new buildings and bars are home to the elegant, young, and jet-set of Tallinn.

Tallinn is an approach to land, unpretentious nightlife characterized by a growing number of approachable and friendly bars and pubs. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised not only by the nature of the genuine hospitality of the locals but also cheap prices for drinking and dining out. Tallinn Short breaks should also explore its royal palaces that dot the landscape.

A wide range of accommodation offered in Tallinn with old boutique hotels to modern and affordable hotels are all available. Depending on your budget you can find some offers of the big city break to Tallinn, with deals that include flights and hotels, best for those after a weekend budget. Many low-cost airlines flying to Tallinn to search around for the best deals for your short stay. However, the city face changes between winter and summer, which is also to consider offers that to arrive in spring and autumn to take the city when it’s quieter.


If you are planning a week break in hotels in Tallinn, you might be wondering where the best places to visit are. The capital of Estonia is full of historical and cultural attractions, so plan your visit before you get there to make sure you can fit it all in.

You will find a number of budget hotels throughout the area, so decide where you stay to be around to places you would like to take in.

A must-see during any Tallinn holiday is Freedom Square. The open area is an important part of the heritage of Estonia and has long been a national symbol. Reconstruction was completed in 2009 and the square is now a trendy area where locals gather and often make it an ideal place to chat with friends.

Another major attraction for visitors to the city is the Kadriorg Art Museum, located in the Kadriorg Palace. The building is a beautiful example of baroque architecture and was built in 1718 by Peter the Great for his wife, Catherine I. Walking through the manicured gardens and step inside to see the paintings of ages 16th, 17th and 18th centuries together with the sculptures of the same ages.

To experience the history of the city, take a step back in time with a visit to St Catherine’s Passage. The narrow walkway is one of the most picturesque places you will find in Tallinn with its medieval appearance and small shops where you can watch craftsmen at work blowing glass, making blankets, hats, and jewelry.

Delve deeper into history by calling in at St Olav’s Church and Tower. The 13th-century structure once had a 159-meter high tower that stood high on the horizon, but unfortunately led to the building catching fire on several occasions after being hit by lightning. The tower has been replaced with an equally impressive 124-meters steeple.

And before returning home, be sure to take a look at what remains of the walls surrounding the city. The current scheme dates back to the 14th century, with about two kilometers from the original wall still stands today. There are plenty of other attractions to take during your trip, so make time for Toompea Castle, Town Hall Square and the Cathedral of St. Mary the Virgin. Tallinn’s medieval core is extremely well preserved and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s compact enough so that most sights can be seen on foot without getting lost.


Tallinn is a little charming town that offers a great choice for a single weekend. Old Town of Tallinn is within its medieval walls, making it very easy to walk around and explore. Tallinn’s nightlife is fantastic with a wide range and variety of pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, and dance clubs around. It remains a great value and a high level of service that makes Tallinn an attractive destination weekend break.

Places to Visit for the Weekend

Take time to stroll and watch the impressive medieval buildings as you hear the reassuring click of cobbled streets under your feet. The Old Town should be your first target. You start from Viru Gate, the entrance to the Old City and head to the square where you should see the Raekoda (City Hall). Further explore the Lower City, with its dazzling array of bars and nightclubs. Be sure to check out the Toompea and the Parliament of Estonia, along with the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Tallinn Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Estonia.

Tallinn is not only incredibly beautiful but it is full of shops and trendy restaurants that make an ideal combination. Allow at least a day to see everything. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants to choose from on and around the busy Raekoja plats. Then, of course, there’s always the option of fast food.

Beach Time in Tallinn is great because Tallinn has an impressive collection of beaches and lakes. Head on over to Stroomi Beach in Northern Tallinn or Harku lake in West Tallinn. Go towards Kakumae Beach which shares a consensus as being one of the cleanest beaches in all of Estonia.

If you take into the countryside, there is a spectacular array of wildlife, including exotic animals such as elk, foxes, and lynx. Get on your wild and pleasant side with the Tallinn Zoo and the Tallinn Botanical Gardens for your venture out. Estonia Zoo has about 5,000 animals of the gems of Arctic-like Polar bears to warm temperature animal kind that lounges in the waters, such as crocodiles and monkeys. Tallinn Botanic Garden comes with more than 7000 plants which specified in the intricate patterns inside and out.

If you are in Tallinn in April, check out the festival Jazzkaar which is a celebration of jazz music from local and international destinations throughout all the restaurants and dance halls of Tallinn.

Day Trip

It would be a shame to travel in Tallinn, and not being able to take at least a day trip and enjoy the views. This side of Tallinn is the most beautiful place to spend your day. The beautiful parks, much along with the seaside and history mix with nature.

Because Estonia itself is slightly larger than Tallinn, might be a good idea to leave the city for a change. One of the least populated countries in Europe, Estonia has large tracts of apparently empty land, with forests covering much of the country.

Things to See in a Day Trip –
Exploring a day trip to the city of Tallinn is extremely exciting. Discover the Kadriorg Park, the most notable park artwork in Estonia. The park was originally nearly 100 hectares in size, but not preserved in its entirety. Here you can have your friends or family for a picnic. Or maybe having some time to feel the relaxation by resting or walking from different times.

Tallinn’s old town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, and much of the architecture within the walls of the medieval city is strong. The old town is charming and very much intact. The towers offer great views into or out of the city. One of the best views of the city is from the church tower of St. Olaf, one of the first buildings within the city walls from the port.

Toompea technically a separate area of ​​the Old City, it is in a limestone hill overlooking the rest of the city with the former governor’s palace. The west side of town, close to the walls of the old city under Toompea’s ramparts, is a beautiful city park with rolling hills and water.

If you want to get a sense of Estonia, you really should visit Tartu. While the center of Tallinn is the business and government of the country, Tartu has a more intellectual and cultural to feel. Try also to go to Saku, the most popular brand of beer in Estonia. It began as a manor brewery, survived nationalization and state ownership, and is now a center of the modern brewing facility.

Tallinn has a wide variety of places to eat if you’re hungry. There are also places to play off the medieval character of the Old City and serve “Ye Olde Feast” type meals, with waitresses serving.

Tallinn is the perfect day trip, this charming old town area was a great change of pace.

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