Tenerife Will Give You The Best Experience About Culture and Entertainment

As part of Spain and the Canary Islands, Tenerife is an island that is one of a kind. Visiting it will give you an experience you can hardly forget. From its beautiful top attractions to its rich and diverse culture, you will see why the island is frequented by many tourists all over the world.

Learn about history and discover how it came to be. You will be fascinated with its long and colorful past that simply adds to its uniqueness and character. Its top attractions will give you a glimpse of what awaits you in Tenerife. Check out the places that visitors explore the most and find out some of the island’s wonders.

Know when to be in Tenerife the best – and make the most of your stay in the island! Learn about weather to prepare you with your vacation or read on some basic information to allow you to navigate the island with ease and convenience. The facts and numbers to remember would come handy whether you are in an emergency or simply want to get a direction.

Aside from the attractions and the information to remember, find out about the people in Tenerife, too. See a list of famous personalities who came from the island.

These are just some of the things that will help you appreciate and enjoy the island of Tenerife more.


If you are fascinated with museums and are up to learning something new, then Tenerife, Spain museums would surely interest you. Many of the island’s museums and art centers feature collections that take you to the heritage and history as well as the Canary Islands, so it would be so much fun exploring them. Here are some of the island’s top museums:

Museum of the History of Tenerife

Address: Calle San Agustin, 22, 38201 San Cristobal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Phone: +34 922 82 59 49

Situated in La Laguna, the museum takes tourists to the city’s cultural, economic, institutional, and social development of the island from the 15th century to the 20th century.

Museum of Nature and Man

Hours: Wednesday hours 9:00 am–8:00 pm 

Address: Calle Fuente Morales, s/n, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Phone: +34 922 53 58 16

Featuring Canary Islands’ natural exhibits, the museum, which is located in Santa Cruz, is a world preference when it comes to mummy preservation. It is composed of three other museums: The Canarian Institute of Bioanthropology, The Architectural Museum of Tenerife, and The Museum of Natural Sciences.

Museum of Science and the Cosmos

Address: Calle Vía Láctea, s/n, 38205 San Cristobal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Phone: +34 922 31 52 65

Also in La Laguna, the museum is located adjacent to the Instituto de Astrofísica. It is here where those who are interested in the principles and laws of nature should go.

Museo Casa del Vino (House of Wine Museum)

Address: Calle San Simón, 49, 38360 El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Phone: +34 922 57 25 35

Also known as La Baranda, the museum is an estate house during the 17th Century. Now owned by the Tenerife Town Council, it now holds a wide collection of the island’s quality wines.

Tenerife museums are just a part of what makes the island’s culture interesting and worth visiting. Visit one or two – if not all – from this list of museums to get a glimpse of the island’s beautiful and colorful culture.

Art Galleries

Tenerife is not just a perfect destination for nature lovers; it is for art lovers as well. So if the arts are something that fascinates you, you might want to consider dropping by some of the island’s art galleries. Here are to name a few:

La Recova Arts Centre

Address: Plaza Isla de la Madera

Tel: 922 27 07 70

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00 hours

Opened in 1992, this art gallery which holds different art exhibitions all year round. This is where the City School of Graphic Arts is also headquartered.

Municipal Museum of Fine Arts

Address: Calle Jose Murphy, 12 (Plaza del Principe), Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Tel: 922 244 358

Locally known as the Museo de Bellas Artes, this art gallery is also among Tenerife’s important art galleries. It has 14 rooms which hold a collection of various paintings and sculptures from the 18th and 19th Centuries like that of Madrid’s Prado Museum. Works of Canary Islands painters like Cristobal Hernandez de QuintanaGonzalez MendezGaspar de QuevedoJuan de MirandaSuredaBonninPedro GonzalezValentin SanzAlfaro, Guezala, and Oscar Dominguez among others are also hung in the establishment.

Centro de Fotografía Isla de Tenerife

Address: Plaza Isla de la Madera, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Tel: 922 290 735

For photo enthusiasts, the Centro de Fotografía Isla de Tenerife or the Island of Tenerife Photographic Center, located in Santa Cruz as well, features exhibitions from some of the island’s top photographers. Each year it holds the FotoNoviembre which is an exhibition looked forward to by many photo lovers.

These three art galleries in Tenerife will make an art lover’s vacation in Tenerife more interesting – and even if you are not an enthusiast, the collections featured in the exhibitions will make you appreciate the craft and genius of the artists behind it.


Tenerife, Spain maintained to keep its own flavor in architecture despite the influence of some major European architectural trends. Its pastel-colored houses that are common throughout the Canary Islands manifest how the island retained its own architectural taste.

If you want to get a glimpse of some of the island’s best manor houses, then the ones found in La Laguna and La Orotava are the places to be. Its traditional balconies and interior patios make those houses stand out among the other abodes in Tenerife. They are characterized by their simple façades and lattices that are wooden. Inside, its sash windows and customary chairs add up to the house’s uniqueness and beauty. Counters and benches, water pumps, and still stills are just among the elements to be seen in a typical Tenerife manor patio.

The island’s government buildings and churches, on the other hand, were built in accordance with Tenerife’s changing style over centuries. The Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción was Tenerife’s first church. It was constructed in 1502 and has already undergone several renovations. Its elements are of the plateresque and Gothic style. The Catedral is another prominent church in Tenerife for its architecture. It was completely rebuilt in 1913 and is characterized by its fine baroque retable dedicated to Virgen Delos Remedios.

In recent years several governments have launched the development of architectural projects. Some may be ostentatious, but many were designed by renowned architects. An example of this is the Plaza de Espana (in Santa Cruz) remodeling by Herzog & de Meuron who are Swiss architects.

Architecture in Tenerife may not be as grand and as fabulous as there is in bigger metropolitan cities of Spain. Nonetheless, this adds the personality and uniqueness of the island.


Tenerife, Spain is largely a Roman Catholic community. Its beautiful and interesting churches are manifestations of how to devote the island is to their religion. Here are a few of them:

Cathedral of La Laguna

Also known as the Cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, this Catholic cathedral is known to be among the most important temples of the Canary Islands. Erected in 1915, the church lies in San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Here lie the remains of the city’s conqueror and founder, Alonso Fernandez de Lugo. In 1999, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Basilica of Candelaria

The image of the Virgin of Candelaria is found here in the Basilica of Candelaria. With a neoclassical style, the church is visited by the parishioners daily for their devotion to the Virgin. The construction of the church dates back in 1959 as a former hermitage. It is among the many interesting architectures in Tenerife.

The Church of the Conception of La Laguna

Also known as Iglesia de la Concepción de La Laguna, the Church of the Concepcion of La Laguna is among Tenerife’s oldest buildings. Alonso Fernández de Lugo was the one who ordered its construction and is now recognized as a National Historic Monument. Many consider the church almost like a twin of Santa Cruz’ Church of the Conception.

Principal Parish of Saint James the Great

Tenerife’s first Christian church after the Castilian forces’ conquest, the Principal Parish of Saint James the Great was dedicated to the saint because the conquest was put incompletion on the feast day of the saint in 1496 (July 25).

Aside from the four, La Orotava’s Church of the ConceptionSanto Domingo, and San Agustín churches are also included in Tenerife’s important churches.

Whether or not you are a Roman Catholic, the churches in the island will give you much appreciation not just of the structures’ architecture, but more importantly, the religiosity and culture of the locals in Tenerife and the whole Canary Islands.

Parks and Gardens

Known the top attractions, tourists who want to spend leisure time in some of the city’s parks and gardens will surely not be disappointed. While the island’s southern part is remarkable for its gorgeous beaches, the northern part will give you a picturesque glimpse of the island with its wide range of flora and fauna.

The following are just some of Tenerife’s major parks and gardens:

La Granja Park

Locally known as Parque de la GranjaLa Granja Park is located in Santa Cruz. The 16-acre park is second of the capital city’s major parks. Since the 1970s, the park has already featured a vast array of flowers and plants. Visit the park whenever you want as La Granja Park is open permanently and for free!

García Sanabria Park

García Sanabria Park or the Parque García Sanabria is considered as the island’s version of Central Park in New York. With 70,000 square meters of flora, the park also highlights an open-air exhibition of sculptures with works from 1974 called the “Sculpture in the Street”. It was opened in the 1920s and has since then been a famous destination for those simply want to relax, breath fresh air, and spend quality time with their families.

Botanical Gardens

Located in Puerto de la Cruz, the Botanical Gardens is a manifestation of the country’s ambitious conquest and colonization. The increased territorial holdings of Spain have brought various products like plants, herbs, and spices from their colonies to the mainland. With so many tropical and subtropical zones in Spain, the need to find a place for their location – to cultivate plant species from various regions – arose. And so in the Botanical Gardens of Tenerife, one can find plant species that are even rare throughout Spain.

Visit the park from 9:00 in the morning up to 7:00 in the evening.

Teide National Park

Located at the heart of the island, the park has a lot of natural attractions to look forward to. Among the things to see in the park is the volcanic crater that expands up to 16km in width. During summer, tourists and locals alike flock the park to experience its beauty.

The parks and gardens in Tenerife are just little proofs of the island’s natural wonders. Visiting any of these places will bring you closer to nature as well as to the Canarian island. Go to experience these beautiful parks and gardens!


Tenerife, Spain is home to over 600 restaurants. If you are someone who loves to try various delicacies, then the island can give you a seemingly endless choice! However, if it is your first time visiting Tenerife, the Canarian restaurants are where you should be heading as the Canary Islands has its own taste and flavor that is hard to find elsewhere. Here are a few of these restaurants:


Calle Imeldo Seris 25, Santa Cruz

+34 922 242 540

This attractive restaurant is located in the island’s urban zone. Its naked rustic decor adds to its natural yet elegant appeal to various age groups. It is known for its elite wine offerings as well as its market-fresh cuisine.

Las Aguas

Gran Hotel Bahia Del Duque, Avenida de Bruselas S/N, Costa Adeje, 38660

+34 922 746 932

Offering Canarian delicacies often described by many as “outstanding”, this restaurant serves dishes with VIP class. Among the favorites here are the slow-cooked lamb with mint and the Canary pork belly with chestnut cream.

Irache Gara

On the road to Vera de Erques, Near Guia de Isora, Vera de Erques

+34 922 857025

This restaurant is known for its authentic rustic delicacies. It specializes in grilled meats and other local cuisines. If you are a serious carnivore, this restaurant is for you.

Las Goteras

C/ La Gorrina 12, Tejina de Guia

+34 922 857056

Offering one of the best steaks in Tenerife, this Canarian restaurant will give you hardcore meat experience. Try its flaming sausages and fried goat’s cheese with coriander sauce.

El Monasterio

La Montaneta, Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz

+34 922 340707

An old Monastery, this restaurant blossomed into one of the island’s favorite eating venues, particularly for Canarian delicacies. Its specialty is fondues of all types – from cheese to fish to meat.

Sabor Canario

C/ Carrera Escultor Estevez 17-23, La Orotava, 38300

This courtyard eatery is located in one of Tenerife’s prettiest towns, La Orotava. It lies in an old Canarian mansion which dates back in 1585. Serving local dishes, this restaurant will give you a good feel of the island’s history and culture.

These restaurants will not fail to make you feel welcome in the city. So do not miss a chance to visit any one of them.


One of the things that tourists should not miss when in Tenerife is the food. With over 600 restaurants all over the island, dining experience would sure be unforgettable in Tenerife! Tenerife weather, the beautiful beaches, and rich history all add up to its interesting gastronomy. Thus, dining on the island is something to look forward to. Aside from the Canarian restaurants, Tenerife also has a number of international restaurants worth the visit. Some of them are the following:

Bianco Ristorante


1st-floor Commercial Centre Safari, Avenida Las Americas, Playa de las Americas, Playa de las Americas, 38660

+34 922 788 697

The restaurant’s name may mean “white” in Italian but this does not mean of it being bland. In fact, nothing is bland about it. Its stylish white interior is added with bold colors and some quirky lighting to add some character to its interior.

La Cupula


Hotel Jardines de Nivaria, Calle Paris s/n, Playa de Fanabe, Costa Adeje, 38660

This French restaurant promises a gastronomic feast. This elegant and spacious venue boasts its fusion of French and Canarian dishes.

Roy’s Pizza and Indian Tandoori


CC Teide Local 3 San Eugenio Alto, San Eugenio Alto

+34 922 714 183

The strong character of Indian delicacies and the unique taste of Canarian food makes this restaurant exciting for adventurous patrons.

Empire Restaurant


1st-floor Commercial Centre Safari, Avenida Las Americas, Playa de las Americas, Playa de las Americas, 38660

+34 922 789 971

Catering to those with an international palate, this restaurant specializes in chops, sausages, puddings, and steaks.

Thai Botanico


1st-floor Commercial Centre Safari, Avenida Las Americas, Playa de las Americas, Playa de las Americas, 38660

+34 922 797 759

This restaurant showcases exquisite Thai gourmet that would make customers want to come back over again. Its dishes which combine herbs and spices, of which Thai delicacies are known for, with Canarian taste, produce a perfect international taste.


Food lovers who will visit Tenerife, Spain would surely not be disappointed with what the island has to offer. With mostly made from scratch, Tenerife’s simple cuisines are all bursting with flavor!

Among its famous cuisines is the papas arrugadas which literally means wrinkled potatoes. Done by simply cooking small potatoes – still with their skins on – in salted water, the dish is then served with a sauce known to the island as “mojo”.

A combination of various spices and herbs such as saffron, thyme, oregano, bay leaf, paprika, basil, and cumin, mojo is no doubt an essential part of every food scene in Tenerife. So don’t wonder if you notice every restaurants and household in the city have their own mojo recipes.

Aside from mojo, another essential ingredient to a Tenerife cuisine is gofio canario. A locally produced flour, gofio canario is produced by grinding sweet corn that is roasted and other toasted grains. Nutritious and delicious, the flour can be added to almost any food – from desserts to coffees to sausages and stews!

Other Delicacies

Tenerife cuisines reflect the island’s North African, Portuguese and Spanish influences. Aside from the delicacies mentioned above, the island is also known for its puchero Canario, which is a filling stew made of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cabbage, beef, and pork. Another favorite dish in the island is the papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), which is prepared simply by boiling potatoes in water with salt. This food can be likened to mashed potatoes as it is served accompanying other delicacies.

As part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife cuisines feature a unique blend of the island’s traditional foods and its international influences. Many of these dishes are served in Canarian restaurants – so order one while in the city. If you have time though, you can also try to prepare them yourself to give you hands-on experience cooking on the island.


Aside from photos and memories, items bought from Tenerife would definitely make great souvenirs. And if it’s souvenirs you are looking for, the island has many markets to cater to your shopping needs. Here are some of them:

African Market

Located in Santa Cruz, Mercado Nuestra Senora de Africa or African Market is famous throughout the island. It showcases about 300 stalls selling a wide range of fresh local produce. To get the best of the vegetables and fruits sold though, you must come as early as possible.

Happy Days Car Boot Market

The Happy Days Car Boot Market in Costa del Silencio takes place every first Sunday of the month. The proceeds of the market go to K9, which is a sanctuary for abandoned dogs. As a car boot market, expect to get a lot of second-hand Tenerife shopping items such as books, shoes, clothes, and more!

Guaza Sunday Market

Guaza Sunday Market is relatively new on the island. Here, you can rummage a wide array of second-hand bits at very cheap prices.

Los Abrigos Night Market

A little market, Los Abrigos Night Market is held at Los Abrigos’ square – fronting its church – every Tuesday. Although there aren’t many stalls to check, the market still offers a number of interesting pieces, like silver jewelry and some clothes for the holidays.

Golf Del Sur Market

Located near the new marina, Golf Del Sur Market has already become famous for many market-goers. Open every Friday morning, the market features several interesting stalls that are worth the visit if you are staying in or near Golf del Sur.

Torviscas Market and Los Cristianos

Two of the biggest markets in South Tenerife, Torviscas, which is open on Saturdays and Los Cristianos open on Sundays, are always busy as it provides a lot of nice bargains. Its many stalls provide a wide array of goods that include clothes, souvenirs, books, fabrics, and sometimes, even property!

With a lot of markets in Tenerife, picking for souvenirs would sure be easy.

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