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The 5 Secrets About Moving To Athens Only A Handful Of People Know

Athens is one beautiful, magnificent, and mesmerizing city that many people from all over the world choose to stay longer than a week in Athens. In fact, many of them opt to become not only tourists in the capital of Greece but as expatriates. However, becoming an Athens expatriate is not as easy as packing your bags, get a place, and start your day. It needs a lot of planning, preparation, and more study of the city.

One thing to research about is the real estate in Athens. Being the capital of Greece with a very rich and long history, investing on a property, particularly on beaches or near the main attractions, in the city will be very wise.

Athens at nightIn addition to the real estate in Athens, one should also learn about how living in Athens is. If you are considering a long stay here, it would be best to get yourself immersed already to the way of life of the Athenians, which would of course include the cost of living in the city.

When already done researching about the real estate and living in Athens, you might also want to start learning about moving in Athens. What do you need to prepare, what do you need to find out, and what you need to bring with you are just a few of the things that you should think about. It would also help if you also find out if there are moving companies in Athens for a stress-free move.

Aside from a place to live in, it is also important to read about getting jobs in Athens. Finding a living in the city will help you get through your expenses in the Greek capital. If you, however, are in the city to study, then get yourself started researching about what it is to study in Athens. Read about the top universities in the city as well as tips and guide of being a student of Athens.

These are just a few considerations to make when planning to be an expatriate in Athens. When there, you would realize these points may just be the tip of the iceberg, but at least good ones to start your life as an expatriate.

Moving to Athens

Moving to Athens? Before doing so, it would be good to do your research about the city first. More than knowing about the history of Athens, moving to the city would mean having to know the present way of life of the Greek capital. While it’s good to learn about the top attractions in Athens, this would not hold so much significance once you already make your move.

So what are the things you need to prepare for your move? Here’s a list:

A place to live in – there may be a lot of available apartments and houses in Athens but not all of them may be suitable for your purpose in living in the city (e.g. studying or working in Athens). Among the favorite residence areas are Rafina and Kifissia. These areas can be very expensive to live in but the peace and quiet it gives will be appreciated by those who want to avoid the chaos in the central city.Welcome to Greece!

Map – unlike spending a week in Athens, living in the city would require you to really get yourself familiar with every street in the city. The map will be an essential tool for this. You can start by familiarizing how to get to and from your school or office, then to and to and from important places, such as markets, malls, grocery, hospitals, etc.

Amenities – if you are just getting started with your life in Athens, knowing where to get your amenities, such as gas/electricity, water, and telephone will be an important thing to find out. The electricity provider of Athens (and throughout Greece) is the Public Power Corporation. Power cuts do normally occur in the city, so do not be really surprised. For water, the largest company operating in the country’s water market is the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company, while the city’s main telecommunication company is the Hellenic Telecommunications Organizations.

The language – Greek is not an easy language to learn. Thus, before moving to Athens, this is one of the things that you should take primary consideration. Not only will learning Greek be convenient in working or studying in the city, more importantly, learning the language will help give you a less-stressful stay.

Yourself – more than everything and anything there is to prepare, it’s yourself you should get ready the most. Athens is a wonderful and magical city, but moving to it will pose bigger challenges as far as culture and lifestyle is concern, and this is something you should prepare yourself of.
Moving to a new place is often times an exciting endeavor to take, however, it must not be taken without enough research and care

Living in Athens

Living in Athens as an expatriate will be a tempting option to many tourists as the city does not just boast of a long history (one of the longest in the world) and beautiful attractions, it also has a laid back and relaxing setting ideal to live in. The city’s stable economy which contributed to its ranking in the Worldwide Quality-of-Life Index adds to the city’s magnet.

As a major European city, living in Athens is unexpectedly expensive – but not as much as those in bigger European metropolis. Although the salary of an average Athenian is relatively lower than those living in bigger cities in Europe, it is all put together in good use because the people in the city experience a quality standard of life.

Housing Costs Athens

There are a number of available apartments and houses in Athens ideal for expatriates. Those located in the central part of the city are quite affordable; however, the setting may be quite chaotic for those looking for some quite time. Houses in Athens neighborhoods far from its central part are ideal for those eying for a peaceful place to live in but they do not come cheap.

Food and Drinks in Athens

Compared to other EU cities, food and drinks in Athens is cheaper. On average, the Athenians spend about 60 Euros a month on his/her food and beverages. Grocery too is relatively inexpensive since there are several farms and provinces in proximity to the city which makes supplies easier to acquire. Wheat and barley are staple in every Athenian meal; so are tomato, okra, onions, eggplant and olives.

Clothing in Athens

As a metropolitan city, Athens is updated as far as styles and trends in fashion are concern. Over the years, the fashion industry in the city has grown to stabilize and has already even engaged to exporting clothes to various cities worldwide. Clothes and other apparel in Athens, particularly those locally manufactured, are sold at affordable price. However, accessories such as bags, hats, and jewellery come a bit pricey as the Athenians believe the materials they use for these things are of better quality.

Living in Athens, as in other cities in Europe, would not have an easy transition without better preparation and careful planning. Like anything, this should be thought about carefully.


Many would probably say that the world as we know it would’ve been a different one without the culture of ancient Greece. And this is a valid argument. As the birthplace of democracy and Western Civilization, much of today’s concepts and ideas were taken from Greece. With many of the world’s famous architects, artists, poets, and philosophers born here, it is just apt for you to entrust your education in its capital, Athens.

Many students from all over the world come to Athens not just to see the top Athens attractions or get a glimpse of the city’s rich history. More than that, they also come to the city for its renowned universities to study. Some of the famous universities in Athens are Athens University of Economics and Business in Patision Street, Athens School of Fine Arts which is among the country’s premier art school, and Panteion University of Economics and Political Sciences which is popular among those who want to get a career in business and even in politics among others.

For those who decide to study in the city though, certain factors need to be thought about first. Among these are the place to live in Athens and the language barrier.

There are many accommodation places in Athens ideal for students. There are service apartments that are affordable enough and houses for those who can afford. Of the two, apartments are a practical choice as most of them are situated near universities and educational institutions in Athens. They are easily accessible with any public transport as well, including trains in Athens and buses in Athens.

As far as language is concern, learning Greek is essential when studying in the city mainly because most of the schools do use the language as medium of teaching. Not getting yourself familiar with the language would simply hamper your learning in the city. Additionally, there are many Athens language school for you to enroll in so there is just no excuse not to immerse yourself with the language.

Whether you want to study politics, philosophy, sciences, and art history, your educational experience in Athens would be like no other!


Hunting for jobs in Athens would not be hard for resourceful expatriates. Being one of Greece’s biggest cities, there are a number of job opportunities that awaits those who intend to stay in the city for long, especially for young foreigners. Athens bars for instance, particularly those located in the tourist areas, are always in the lookout for staff that can speak the language of tourists. However, if tending bars and waiting tables isn’t your cup of tea, here are some information you might have to consider first:

First, your nationality will affect the legality of your getting a job in Athens. If you are a European citizen, legally working in Athens – and even all throughout Greece – will not be a problem as these people are given the privilege to work legally here. For non-EU citizens, this would mean otherwise, even for short-term and part-time positions. You will not have to worry though if you land yourself with major international companies in the city as these companies will be the one to assist you with all the legalities working in Athens.

Part-time or short-term jobs (e.g. summer jobs) are offered in places where employers do not intend to pay full share of their employees’ taxes. Thus, if you are thinking about applying to such jobs, you must carefully think about the consequences you have to face. One of these is getting the risk of being sent home and denied of entry, not just in the city but in Greece as well.

Job competition in Athens is quite high. When thinking of finding job, you must consider that you will be ‘fighting’ for the position against many other nationalities, including Polish, Romanians, and Albanians. If you want to give yourself an edge, try to get a job-placement agency for a less stressful ‘hunting’.

Jobs in Athens will help you get through living in the city as an expatriate, so do be patient with your quest to finding one.

Real Estate

Athens is one of the cities in Europe where many consider real estate as a wise investment. The city does not just have many beautiful properties available that are worth spending on, business-minded people also see a lot of real estate opportunities here as the cost of living is relatively lower than many other European cities.

A bustling metropolis, Athens has long been a favorite holiday destination for many people from all over the globe. Its abundant sunshine and classic setting has lured those who intend for a weekend in Athens only to buy or rent a property for long-term use.

Most of the Athenians live in apartments. If you want to live just like them, the city has an excellent selection of condominiums that are affordable. Among the favorites of property hunters are those located in Nea Smyrni which is located on the southern part of the city. The adjoining neighborhoods of Mets and Pangrati are residential districts preferred by many people as well for its charming setting and inexpensive prices. If you are ready to splurge and are not afraid to spend, go take those that are overlooking top Athens attractions.

Buying Houses and Apartments

There are many affordable apartments in central Athens. For those living a busy life in the city, this would be an ideal option to easily reach your destination. However, if you prefer a more quiet setting and away from all the bustle of the central city, choose properties in Kifissia, which is a prestigious area known for its relaxing and calming atmosphere. Of course, you should expect houses here can come quite pricey as compared to apartments in the central area.

The process for purchasing a property in Athens usually includes depositing 10-30% of the amount of the property after signing a purchase agreement. The sale should be completed in a month or less. This transaction is often handled by a notary who is expected to charge 2% of the property value as payment for their service.

Real Estate Agents

For less hassle and stress purchase, you might consider getting a real estate agent in Athens. There are many real estate agents in the city, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. To guarantee safe purchase, carefully pick your agent and make sure that they are from a trusted company. It would also help if you select a travel agent who speaks in English to avoid misunderstanding.

Like other things in Athens, real estate properties in the city require a lot of research and thinking, but whatever and wherever you choose to stay in the city, it will be worth the price you pay.


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