The Best Nightlife Experience Right In The Heart Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a busy city that it rarely sleeps. Spanish folks do their daily grind at a much later time of the day compared to the rest of the world. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see night clubs still empty shortly after midnight and if people party from one in the morning till six. At least they have a siesta as a power nap.

Nightlife in this city will have you choosing from the variety of pubs and clubs that appeals to your taste and budget. For under €20, you can turn your night into one memorable experience. You can also go a little bit extravagant with over €50 if you want to make the most out of your Barcelona night tour.

Depending on the mood and the type of fun you want to engage in, Barcelona nightlife has two categories you may choose from. You have the bars and the clubs. The delineation of these two is a bit thin since there are some night clubs that can serve a double function like concert halls, while some bars may have a small dance floor with disc jockeys. Some restaurants are also known to be nocturnal hotspots.

A place for everything and everything in its place they say. For instance, you have places like the “xampanyerías” for champagne and cava, “cerveserías” for beers, “bodegas” for wine, and “cotelerías” for swanky cocktails. If it’s a drink you want, a nightlife locale will be glad to serve you a glass or two.


Barcelona nightlife has busy lights. It is not surprising that bars and pubs have mushroomed to cater to different themes that may appeal to different tastes as well as budgets. So get rid of those dull and boring feelings by cruising around the city for that bar of your choice.

Local hangouts

On your night adventures around the city, you might bump into local bars where you will meet some people in Barcelona playing cards. They might throw that funny look at you when you walk in but do remember that getting accepted in these joints would mean an integration among the locals. You may also check out those Irish/ English pubs with bar staff speaking in English. These local pubs have their own ambiance and you may find their quiz nights, language exchanges and live gigs to be most interesting.

Where to wander

Customer preference is a priority in this city of booze and buzz as bars tend to outdo each other in terms of comfortableness, expressiveness, and uniqueness. Walk along with the Gothic and Born districts and step into the Raval and Gracia for those very special little surprises that you’ll return for. Port Olympic is the place for people who prefer a mad pub crawl and who have some cash stashed for spending. There are also bars there that pose as clubs and offer expensive drinks.


Most of the bars and pubs have put up an outdoor terrace but a surcharge is usually added to the drinks ordered. Some establishments may have a “pay upon order” policy, but most bars let the customers settle the bill before they leave the place. It is important to take note of how many drinks you have ordered because some bars have been notorious to “accidentally” ask payment charges for a few extra drinks that weren’t ordered. Foreigners are the common victim of this modus. You may tip the bar staff, but it is not required.

Here are a few of the bars in the city:

Dry Martini Bar (Address: C/ Aribau 162-166 08036 Barcelona / Phone: (+34) 93 217 5072 / Open: Mon – Fri 1pm – 2.30am; Sat 6.30pm – 3am / Metro: Diagonal)

Dry Martini Bar is famous for its, well, dry martini drinks! Whether stirred or shaken, this popular drink, to which the bar was named after, is just one of the reasons why many patrons crowd this bar every night. The perfect bar for the grown-ups, Dry Martini Bar also serves other cocktails that cost from €10 up.

Premier (Address:Provença 236 / Phone: (+34) 93 532 1650 / Open: Tues – Sat 6pm – 2.30am / Metro: Diagonal)

This small cocktail bar is located at the heart of L’Eixample. It is popular among the yuppies or those in their late 20s and early 30s group because of its cozy yet cool setting. Aside from serving good cocktails and other drinks, this bar also caters for several occasions.

Espit Chupitos (Address: C. Aribau, 77 08036 Barcelona / Phone: (+34) 699 773 674 / Metro: Universitat)

In English, “Chupitos” means “shot”; and this is exactly what Espit Chupitos is – a shot bar. With over 500 shots to choose from, customers are in for a treat in this bar! Some shots are named pretty straightforward, the others are somehow teasing for you to find out yourself. Each shot costs only €2, so it’s definitely friendly to the pocket.

7Sins Bar (Address: c/ Muntaner 7 / Phone: (+34) 93 453 6445 / Metro: Universitat)

Elegant yet informal, 7Sins Bar boasts of its line of premium gins and popular rums and spirits. It also has a variety of “sinful” cocktails that would make your visit to this bar even more exciting. Other than the drinks, this bar also serves succulent hamburgers and tasty Sirloin steaks.

Miramelindo (Address: Passeig del Born, 15 / Phone: +34 933 10 37 27 /Open: Mon-Sun 8pm – 2.30am /Transit: Barcelona-Estacio de Franca)

This emblematic bar is characterized by its colonial style in the neighborhood of La Ribera. It’s signature mojito features mint, rum, and lime mixed to a Cuban rhythm. They also serve strawberry mojito, Caipirinha which is a “Brasilian classic served up Barcelona style”, and the Virgil Fruit Cocktail which is a “mixture of fresh seasonal fruits served without alcohol”.


Nightlife in Barcelona is quite a sight with its hip, trendy and spectacular crowd. Socialites, celebrities and self-proclaimed ‘beautiful people’ flock the city’s night clubs.


Price varies among clubs in the city. Entrance fees may be pegged according to tonight or to gimmicks set by the club o tot who’s playing for that night. Free entrances are also common for club-goers arriving early enough (around one in the morning) but there’s a possibility that no other people might be interested in a party in those clubs. The party happens an hour past midnight and goes on until the sun rises.


You would expect some flyer people handing out flyers to people of Barcelona walking around the club areas. There are also flyers available in shops, bars and cafes and these ad materials usually entitle a would-be clubber a free drink, 2 for 1 drinks, or free entrance. Flyer people can also be seen all over Barcelona including down the Ramblas and in the Barri Gotic area.

Popular Barcelona clubs

A list of a few better-known clubs in the city is provided below. These joints usually implement a strict dress code so it’s advisable that clubbers are dressed accordingly.

Razzmatazz (Address: C/ Almogavers, 122 / Phone: +34 933 20 82 00 / Open: Fri-Sat 01:00 – 05:00 / Transit: Bogatell / Entrance: 12 euros (+ a drink))

Razzmatazz spells the music history of the city. It is one of Barcelona’s leading nightlife entertainment. Located in the city’s industrial landscape, this club’s facade is an icon in itself. A huge venue, this club has five different spaces for an everyday party.

Moog (Address: Arc de Teatre, 3 / Phone: +34 933 19 17 89 / Open: Daily 24:00 – 05:00 / Transit: Drassanes / Entrance: 10 euros (w/o drink))

This is the perfect place to listen to and dance to the tune of techno music. This club may quite be noisy with its heavy music, but definitely, the people are friendly!

Moog is popular when it comes to techno music, but aside from it, there are also many other clubs in the city that play the music. Click here for a list of some other techno clubs in Barcelona.

Elephant (Address: Passeig Tillers, 1 / Phone: +34 933 34 02 58 / Open: Thur – Sat 11.30pm – 5am / Transit: Palau Reial)

This discotheque pub is located in the stylish suburb of Pedralbes. It is housed in an old house trendily converted to be an elegant and relaxed club. It is relaxingly subdued that you can enjoy dancing in its thronged dance floor or a chat on its outdoor terrace. The noise is quite bearable, thanks to the neighborhood who signed a petition to make it so!

CDLC (Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 32 / Phone: +34 934 53 64 45 / Open: Mon-Sun 12pm – 3am / Transit: Universitat)

This high-end club features a “posh and exotic interior”. Its casual sea terrace will make chatting with friends over a good view will make every experience in this club even more delightful. At night, the party scene heats on with different themes each night.

Club Catwalk (Address: Ramón Trias Fargas, 2 / Tel: +34 932 21 61 61 / Open: Tues 12pm – 6am, Wed-Sat 10.30pm – 6am, Sun 10.30pm – 12am / Transit: Pg Marítim)

This club is perfect for dance maniacs as it highlights two dance spots. One located upstairs which plays R’n’B and hip-hop and downstairs which play ear-splitting electronic sounds courtesy of its resident DJs. This club is a favorite of the young and hip crowd.

Techno Clubs

Aside from Club Moog, Barcelona also has a number of clubs that cater to techno/electronic music fans. A few of them are the following:

Row 14 (Address: Autovia Castelldefels C31, Km 186,1 Viladecans / Phone: +34 936 591 744 / Transit: Autovia de Castelldefels – Km. 12.7)

A favorite of local clubbers, this club is known for its after-hour scenes. It has a huge indoor space and two terraces making it Barcelona’s answer to superclubs in Ibiza. Sunday morning parties in this club are worth-attending especially for party maniacs.

Macarena (Address: Calle Nou de Sant Francesc, 5, 08002 / Transit: Drassanes (Green Line, L3))

Macarena is less than 10 minutes walk from Las Ramblas. It boasts of having the city’s best sound systems. The club’s dancefloor can accommodate 300 people.

BeCool (Address: Plaça de Joan Llongueras, 5 / Phone +34 933 620 413 / Transit: Hospital Clínic (L5))

This mid-sized club has two dance floors that play techno, oop, underground, and indie music. It has a reputation for being one of Barcelona’s famous underground music venues.

Factory Club (Address: Carrer dels Escudellers 5 / Phone: +34 933 016 289 / Transit: Liceu L3 or Drassanes L3)

Factory Club is a popular techno club in Barrio Gotico. It is a spacious club that can accommodate up to 800 people. Its DJs play plenty of good music along with underground vibes. Because this club is often frequented by local clubbers, you may need to reserve for a visit. Dress code is casual so you won’t have to worry about what to wear.

Nitsa Club (Address: Carrer de Nou de la Rambla, 113 / Phone: +34 933 010 090 / Transit: Parallel L3)

Aside from techno and electronic music, this club also plays indie, house, pop, and rock. If you’re lucky, you can also catch live performances and DJ sessions in this club. For schedules and tickets, you can visit the club’s official website for information.


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