The Lifestyle And Nightlife In Mallorca

In the past years, Mallorca has become a promising venue for concerts and a famous destination for select international artists to visit and perform live. Throughout the year (especially during summers), Mallorca’s Town Halls organize concerts for festivals, where they usually invite world-class performers. For a huge crowd mostly during festivals, presentations are held in auditoriums, theatres, and towns’ squares, while cafés, clubs, and bars are the more intimate venue to enjoy music.

Classical Music

Rather perfect weather, magnificent backdrop, majestic venues, and skilled musicians, Mallorca house everything to compliment a wonderful classical music experience. If you are a classical music aficionado, you must know that there are some classical music festivals held on the island annually. Every august, the Monastery of Valldemossa hosts the Chopin Festival that features performances by promising musicians and celebrated classical artists. There are also four classical music concerts held around the weekends of September and October in the chapel of Santa Caterina d’Alexandria, in the port of Soller. Plus an international Classical Music Festival is held in the town of Pollença, in the Santo Domingo Cloister.

Jazz Music

Do you want to see Jazz music live before your very eyes? Visit Mallorca, where numerous Jazz Festivals throughout the year (especially in summer) is presented. The island also homes some excellent Jazz musicians, as a result many venues on the island are available to listen to incredible live jazz music. The best jazz clubs/bars are the following: Blue Jazz Club on the Hotel Saratoga’s top floor in the old town near Avenue Jaime III, Bluesville Bar in La Llonja, behind the Passeig Born and Jazz Voyeur Club in La Lonja.
Traditional Folk Music

If you want to know about a place’s culture and background, you should try to listen to their traditional folk music. Although Mallorca’s music scene today has emerged into a more cosmopolitan, international trend, it still boasts its traditional allure. Throughout the island, Mallorca’s traditional folk music and dance are still performed with matching traditional dress. If you want to watch excellent traditional presentations, you shouldn’t miss San Pedro’s Andratx Festivals from mid-June to mid-July. Street parties, traditional folk dance, and music, open-air cinema and fireworks are some of the things the small town of Andratx offers during the festival.


Mallorca’s gift of wonderful Mediterranean Sea and magnificent Sierra Tramuntana offers the perfect holiday destination. And do you know what could make it extra perfect? A company of good people and food! On the other hand, if you are worried because your company or even you to be a picky eater, the island has a solution for that. The island’s bars, cafes and restaurants offer a wide variety of food, from traditional (Mallorcan and Spanish), Mediterranean, Asian (like Japanese), Grande (or Haute) to fusion cuisines, that could surely make your mouth drool.

Michelin Star Restaurants
As for 2012, according to the Michelin Guide, the 5 best restaurants on the island include:
Chef Gerhard Schwaiger’s Tristán in Puerto Portals offers innovative cuisine which combines technical mastery with the quality of the product and some unique introductions on the menu.

Es Fum ( located in 5-star St Regis Mardavall hotel) offers creative international style cuisine in an elegant classic but current line ambient.

Chef Joseph Sauerschell’s Es Racó d’Es Teix (located in in a charming stone house in Deia) prepares a creative cuisine with fine care of all the details

Jardín (located in Port d’ Alcúdia) services signature dishes that show high technical levels of the Chef Zaranda (located in Llucmajor)
this restaurant produces cuisine that revolves around various menus.

Palma’s Restaurants

Aside from Mallorca’s coastline, which is sprinkled with great restaurants and the magnificent Sierra Tramuntana, which makes a romantic backdrop to countryside dining, the capital city of the island, Palma de Mallorca is a foodie’s paradise. There are a number of restaurants that caters world-class cuisines and service. For the sake of naming a few, here’s the following:

Tomeu Martí’s Arume Sushi Bar – offers Japanese-Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

Misa Braseria – presents exciting cuisine of Mediterranean influences.

Famous British chef Marc Fosh’s Simply Fosh – produces Mediterranean cuisine which highlights creating simple but imaginative dishes using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

Tasca de Blanquerna – serves one of the best regional Spanish cuisines.

Mallorcan Cuisine

The food choice in Mallorca is wide with all types of cuisine available from one restaurant to the other. Along with the enchanting island full of breathtaking beaches around the coast are excellent beach restaurants that offer high-quality cuisine cooked by chefs who originate from all over the world. On the other hand, right in the heart of the island, lingering culinary collection is still available and highly in demand. Due to the number of conquerors who have ruled Mallorca over the years, and the different cultures which have been established by them, it is interesting to see the legacy and influences of the different cultures mixed in the culinary collection that exists on the island today. Two of the most famous cuisines in the island are the following:

Ensaimada is a sweet, spiral-shaped pastry made with flour, eggs, milk, sugar, yeast and pork lard (or saim where the name ensaimada comes from). The traditional ensaimada is made in the plain dough, with no filling. Over the past few years, a variety of fillings were included, some of the most popular fillings are the Cabello de ángel (pumpkin jam) and custard cream. Today this pastry can be eaten in almost all bakeries, bars and cafés in the Balearic Islands especially in Mallorca. On the island, this pastry had been part of all celebrations and become a delicacy for breakfast that is perfect with a cup of coffee.

Sobrassada is Mallorca’s traditional and most famous sausage made from ground pork, salt, paprika and other spices. The sausage is cured in skins and matured slowly and carefully using methods which have been passed down from generation to generation. It is prepared in the lengthy but festive rites that still mark the autumn and winter pig slaughter in Mallorca. And since the climate of the island during autumn have high humidity and mild cold, air-drying of sausage is the best during this season. Sobrassada can be eaten raw, spread on toast and sprinkled with honey or mixed in pasta sauces and risottos.


Mallorca is a highly popular island for holiday destination that continues to attract its fair share of visitors each year. Aside from the wonderful sceneries and historical architectures, one of the many things this island offer is their lively nightlife. Actually, a lot of visitors venture to the island solely for this reason. The island’s nightlife offers something for everyone, no matter what your age group or preference is. Whether you prefer to attend international to local concerts, experience Nits a la Fresca with the locals, watch world-class shows in theaters, socialize in bars, party till dawn in busy clubs or simply chill-out with your friends on one of the many chic cafes.

Here is a short list of some what-to-do in Mallorca at night:

Attend Concerts

Every year, Mallorca manages to attract famous international artists to perform live in one of its many venues including Palma Arena, Palma Auditorium, ONO (football) stadium, and in other venues scattered across the island. The local music scene is also worth checking out. You can catch them in most bars in the island.

Enjoy Nits a la Fresca

The capital city of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca comes extra lively every summer nights. The locals host outdoor cultural events under the direction of “Nits a la Fresca” (Cool Nights). Nits a la Fresca intend to enjoy the serene nights of summer filled with outdoor cultural events including dance, music, movie, story-telling, circus, etc. Parc de la Mar, in front of the cathedral is where the projection takes place.

Watch Shows in Theater

Mallorca offers world-class entertainment in the form of several famous shows. Apart from the well-known Pirates Show that has entertained spectators for almost 30 years, another amazing show that you should not miss is Come Fly with Me. The show promises an unforgettable night at the Globo Balear Theatre (Gran Casino Theatre) as world-class acrobatics bring to life the legendary music of Frank Sinatra and other great hits of the swing era.

For additional information about Mallorca Nightlife, see Mallorca Bars and Mallorca Clubs.


Mallorca has long been a top destination for tourists in search of sun, beach, and great parties. For quite a time now, the island offers a great nightlife, with cool bars where you can have a few drinks, enjoy the atmosphere and have a good time. In other words, this is the place you want to hang out. Below are two of the many famous bars in Mallorca.

Agua Bar
Address: Carrer Jaume Ferrer, 6, 07012 Palma de Mallorca / Phone:+34 676 30 65 31

Said to be the best music bar in Palma, Agua is one of the coolest places to hang out in Mallorca. The bar is found in the heart of the old town in La Llonja and stays open until late. The place is distinct for its indie, classic, 70’s, 80’s and/or 90’s tunes and atmosphere. They offer a full variety of spirits, from Kronenbourg 1664 on tap, bottled beers and Guinness™ to excellent wine selections.

Agua is also known for its flip night on Mondays, before 10:30 you just order your drink, they will toss a coin, and if you guess the side of the coin correctly it’s on the house! Every Thursday evening the bar has its famous ladies night, where ladies can enjoy free wine and cava between 7 pm to 10:30 pm, and 50% off for all other drinks. Then every Sunday night is open mic night, where you can unleash your talent. In addition to that, on the first Saturday of every month is charity Saturday, where they donate 50c for every drink served to a different worthy charity.

Woody+ Bar
Open until 3 am from Sunday to Thursday and 4 am Friday and Saturday

Right at the western end of Passeig Maritim in the Can Barbara marina area is a really great late opening DJ bar. Woody+ is a smarter-looking, sexy bar, with a wonderful terrace overlooking the marina. The terrace also acts as a restaurant where you can have a meal before jumping into the central bar or a perfect place to finish the evening off. On the other hand, the bar has a Moorish interior, with fancy colored mosaic glass light fixtures, and arched ceilings. The large central bar means you won’t have to wait too long for your next drink with a piece of lively music from the DJ’s decks situated above the bar. Open until 3 am from Sunday to Thursday and 4 am Friday and Saturday.


Mallorca at night is definitely the place to see and be seen. For an island, it’s amazing that the nightlife offered would seem to have no end, with plenty of stylish and glamorous clubs scattered around. Here, you can enjoy rubbing shoulders with the rich and famousgood music, lively crowd, interesting decor, excellent ambiance, and a variety of world-class cocktails available. Dress to impress and go club-hopping so you can choose the club that can match your taste.

Abraxas Nightclub

Abraxas is a glamorous looking club located on the Passeig Maritim, and next to the cool enclave of Can Barbara.

Address: Av del Notario Alemán, 26, 07181 Calvia, Magaluf (Mallorca) / Phone: +34 971 13 12 00

Right by the harbor in Port Andratx, in the southwest of Mallorca, Barracuda is a long-established club that features both national and international DJ’s

BCM Planet Dance

BCM Planet Dance, one of the most popular clubs in Mallorca and hosts some of the best-known names in the dance music world, BCM in Magaluf.

Luna Nightclub
Open Hours: 10 pm to 3.30 am (11 pm to 6 am on Friday & Saturday

Overlooking the seafront on Placa del Vapor, just off the Passeig Maritim, Luna (used to be Art Deco) is one of the big clubs that plays Latin and Spanish disco tunes and where customers dress to impress.

Pacha Nightclub

Built into a cliff in Son Caliu in Palmanova, Pacha is a club spread over three floors that offer funk and chill-out music, where crowds gather to dance until dawn.

RIU Palace

Situated next to Playa de Palma, RIU Palace has four bars with a dance floor big enough to accommodate a huge partying crowd.

Tito’s Nightclub

The most popular nightclub in Palma is Tito’s, which was established way back in the 1950s when it used to showcase Hollywood’s finest such as Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli. These days, the club continues to draw local and international crowd due to its picturistic view of the Mediterranean Sea and performers (famous DJs, acrobats, and dancers) that it features.


Mallorca is full of many markets, souvenir shops, and popular shops selling a wide range of products. From fresh fruit and vegetables, handicrafts, designer handbags and shoes to jewelry, you’ll find everything on the island. You can find markets in every town and village, with a focus on local goods, such as fruit, vegetables, and local handicrafts. There are also numerous shopping centers on the beachfront and harbors, selling beach mats, espadrilles (Mallorca’s traditional footwear) and sunblock.

Designer Shopping

Shopping on Mallorca can be a carefree and pleasant outing. The island’s finest shopping centers are found in the capital Palma, where you can find stores and boutiques selling fashionable and designer bags, shoes, clothes, etc. Looking for trendy apparel and designer labels? Palma house world’s top brands (Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and a lot more) and famous Spanish brands (Custo, Desigual, Uterqüe, and Zara). Most of the prestigious shopping streets are found in the center of the town on Avenida Jaume III and Passeig des Born.

Souvenir Shopping

Do you want to purchase souvenirs and local Mallorcan products for your friends and relatives or something to remain you of your amazing experience in the mesmerizing island of Mallorca? Mallorca has a large number of small, interesting shops that offer various souvenir items from food and beverages (hierbas, wines, sobrassada and ensaimada, the island’s favorite pastry), different handicrafts (leather and footwear (espradille), baskets, blown glasses, ceramics and potteries, hand-painted plates, wooden bowls, laces, and embroidery )to jewelry (the island’s famous high-quality simulated pearls).

You can visit:

Olivar (Area: Plaza Olivar, 4, 07002 Palma, Illes Balears)
Santa Catalina (Area: Plaça Navegació, s/n, 07013 Palma de Mallorca)
Vidrios Gordiola (Area: Carretera Palma-Manacor, KM 16, 07210 Algaida, Mallorca)

Vidrios Gordiola and a lot more, especially along holiday resorts, beachfront and harbors.
You can also visit Carrer del Olms (Olmos), La Rambla (Ramblas), Plaza Mayor and/or other back streets in Palma, where most shops in these streets are market stalls owned by independent retailers and sellers of different handicrafts and other local products.


With relatively pleasant weather and stunning sceneries, Mallorca continues to attract many tourists to come and enjoy different activities. One of the famous things to do in Mallorca is participating in sports and other outdoor activities while on vacation. Actually, a lot of sports enthusiasts from different countries come to participate in the huge amount of sports available on the island.

1. Cycling
Cycling is a very popular sport in Mallorca that provides an enjoyable way to discover the Mallorcan countryside. There are also many interesting trails from the island’s wild mountain terrain to winding coastal paths. And if you don’t have a bike with you, several places to hire a bicycle on the island are available and usually inexpensive. The island also organizes the international race for professional cyclists, the Vuelta a Mallorca, which is held every February, the first day of which includes a circuit race around the streets of Palma.

2. Football
Football is the most popular sport not only Mallorca but around the world. So if you’re interested in combining your vacation with football, you will find plenty of opportunities in school grounds, playgrounds, public pitches and along the beach. Once you start, you will find many willing bystanders to join in the fun. And if you more interested in being a professional, everybody from 6 to 18 years old is invited to join the holiday camp of Rudi Völler in Cala Millor where former German professionals will train and hone your skills.

3. Golf

Golf is another major sport in Mallorca and there are a number of golf courses on the island. Set in the perfect climate and beautiful surroundings, some of these amazing golf courses offer the golf-enthusiast an opportunity to tee off while on vacation. They also provide excellent facilities while equipment is available for hire. And if you want to start learning this sport, lessons can be arranged as long as you book in advance. A tip though, the golf courses can be a bit crowded during the peak season so e golf-lovers should try to hit the course as early as possible.


Mallorca has a number of excellent selections of gyms that are scattered across it. This large island is also said to house some of the finest spa and fitness facilities among the Balearic Islands and has the largest number of wellness facilities in Spain. So if you are planning to visit this beautiful island, you can surely find a gym according to your taste. Some of the state-of-the-art gyms that lay around the island are the following:

Fitness First – Gym
Phone: +34 971 70 79 90

Situated in Porto Pi commercial center, Fitness First – Gym is the Mallorcan branch of one of the world’s largest fitness clubs. Aside from its impressive selections of equipment that you need for a great work out, this fitness center has friendly and competent staff that are willing to help you. The center also has its own hair salon, saunas, steam baths and solariums adjoining the wood-paneled luxurious changing rooms. By the way, they also serve complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks that are available all day. Its’ weekly schedule of classes includes abdominals, body balance, spinning, and yoga.

Zunray School of Yoga & Personal Development
Address: Carrer Sant Feliu 17, Garajes 8 y 9   ;  07012 Palma de Mallorca / Phone: +34 971 723 183

Zunray is a relaxing center that offers 120 square meters of open space with radiant natural light, located in the center of Palma de Mallorca on Calle de Can Brondo 6. It has an indoor terrace where students can escape from the noisy and vibrant city streets while sipping a soothing Pukka tea or enjoy a delicious fresh-squeezed fruit juice. The center is the perfect location to join yoga lessons for beginners, Vinyasa, Anusara Yoga Flow and Ashtanga Yoga. Apart from the calming and inspiring environment, you will find capable staff and professionals offering classes and special courses that will assist you while you are having your lessons here.

Other gyms that are known to offer first-rate service and facilities in the island include:

Calypso Sport & Wellness, situated on the north coast of the island in the Port of Alcudia, the Balearic Islands / Phone:+34 971 89 25 78 / Open Hours: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm every day and close every Sunday

Coliseum Fitness – Gym, located in the center of Palma on Paseo
Address: Passeig de Mallorca, 26, 07012 Palma de Mallorca / Phone: +34 971 71 72 73

Gimnàs Olimpic – Gym, in the north of Palma (Estacions)
Phone: +34 971 75 39 09 / Open Hours: 7 am – 11:30 pm (Monday to Friday, reduced hours Saturday, closed Sunday

Gymnapolis, in Soller
Address: Camí d’es Camp de sa Mar, 63, 07100 Sóller / Phone:+34 971 63 41 51

Illes Centro de Wellness, throughout the island: three in Palma (Aragon, Central, and Dona), and in Inca, Marratxí, Rapinya and Santa Ponsa

Mega Sports Centre, located to the northwest of Palma, next to the Son Moix Polideportivo and the Municipal Stadium
Address: Carrer dels Fertilitzants, 8, 07011 Palma de Mallorca / Phone:+34 971 76 34 34 / Open Hours: 7 am – 11 pm every Monday to Friday & 8 am – 10 pm every Saturday and Sunday

NORD esport, in Pollenca
Address: Carrer de Cecili Metel, 6, 07460 Pollença / Phone:+34 971 53 11 45

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