The Most Recommended Places To Stay When Exploring Mykonos, Greece

When traveling to Mykonos, it’s not enough that you have a list of the top attractions in Mykonos, you should also make sure that you have a place to stay in throughout your whole vacation. There are several options for your Mykonos accommodation which should meet your budget, needs, and requirements.

If you are traveling with a group of friends and are on a budget, the hostels in Mykonos will be an ideal choice. Because most hostels on the island are already equipped with the essential facilities for your comfort, booking in a hostel in Mykonos will prove to be very practical given the fact that the island is Greece’s most expensive place to be (along with Santorini).

For a more customized, private, and personalized accommodation, apartments in Mykonos will be a very good choice as this option provides a more homey feeling. Mykonos offers you a number of choices in key areas on the island to make choosing easier and more convenient.

On the other hand, Mykonos is also surrounded by hotels that are all ready to give you the luxury, comfort, and hospitality you need to relax on the island. Hotels in Mykonos range from 1-star to 5-star hotels to give you a better choice whether you want to save or splurge. Most of these hotels may be quite pricey but the service they provide is worth every Euro you spend.

These accommodation options guaranteed to make your stay on the island even more enjoyable!


Hostels in Mykonos are ideal for those traveling with a group. Not only is it relatively cheaper (considering the island is one of the two most expensive islands in Greece, along with Santorini), this option is also very convenient and practical for those who will just be having a short stay in Mykonos. Below is a list some of the favorite and top-rated hostels in the island:

Orpheus Rooms

Agiou Artemiou, Niohori, Mýkonos City 84600

Features rooms with bathroom (shower), fridge, plasma TV, hairdryer, and kettle for coffee and tea. It also offers free transport to the port/airport. The room starts at 43 Euros per night.

Paraga Beach Hostel

Paraga Beach, Mykonos, Mikonos 846 00

Considering the very high cost of living in Mykonos, this hostel offers a relatively cheaper night rate at 20 Euros a night. Its location right on Paraga Beach makes it an ideal place to stay in for beach lovers.

This hostel has 3 kinds of accommodation with beds: the dorms, beach cabins, and bungalows. The dorms/hostel can accommodate 6 to 8 people – perfect for groups!

Andriani’s Guest House

School of Fine Arts, Mikonos 846 00

Guesthouse situated in a small hill over the island’s School of Fine Arts. The rate starts at 47 Euros per night.

Damianos Mykonos Hostel

Drossopezoula [Chora Mykonos Town, Mikonos 846 00

A hospitable complex located in proximity to Chora and Mykonos Port which makes it close to many of the island’s shopping and entertainment venues. The nightly rate starts at 50 Euros.

Villa Vasilis

On the crossing Airport-Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00

Located 15 minutes walk from Mykonos Town (Chora), this hostel is close to the island’s Paradise Beach. It is close to many of the favorite nightspots in Mykonos. All rooms have air-conditioning, a private shower, and a kitchen with cooking facilities. The room rate starts at 31.21 Euros per night.

If you want to explore Mykonos without spending too much on accommodation, these Mykonos hostels will prove to be a very convenient and economical choice.


Hotels in Mykonos offer another Mykonos accommodation for an enjoyable vacation on the famous Greek island. Although more expensive than Mykonos hostels, hotels in the island offer more comfort and luxury. The following are some of your hotel options in the island with contact and rate information:


Mykonos Town

+30 22890 27366-7

Rate: 60 to 190 €

This 4-Star small hotel is a 10-minute walk to the heart of the capital. Aside from its elegant rooms with free access to the internet, it also has a swimming pool for a more relaxing experience. Among its room amenities are air-conditioning, fridge, satellite TV, safe deposit, and a big bathroom equipped with a bathtub. Buffet breakfast is served in its breakfast area.


Mykonos Town

+30 22890 28980-1

Rate: 99 to 440 €

Mykonos’ first luxury boutique hotel, Harmony is a 4-star hotel situated by the sea; on the island’s old port. The hotel’s structure is an example of local folk architecture. Among its facilities include free tea and coffee, CD player, air-condition, satellite TV, safe box, and minibar. Its junior suites have a jacuzzi, designer bathroom cosmetics, slippers, and bathrobes. Among the key features of its hotel rooms are its private balconies and breathtaking sea view.


Agioi Apostoloi – Platys Gialos

+30 22890-23801

Rate: 45 to 160 €

This traditional and friendly hospitable complex, situated in a quiet area not far from the capital of the island, offers class A accommodation. Its traditional rooms are in accordance with Cycladic architecture which is hard not to appreciate. Its room facilities include a good view of the sea, a veranda, central heating, air conditions, TV, shower, and bathtub among others. It has an area for parking your cars and free transport from/to the hotel.



+30 22890 71420

Rate: 100 to 260 €

This 3-Star boutique hotel aims to meet the highest accommodation standards on the island. It provides personalized services and romantic facilities perfect for couples. All the rooms in this hotel are fully equipped and are elegantly decorated in tones of green, light blue, and white. Its built-in king-size beds and fabulous bathrooms will make your stay more comfortable.

Saint John

Agios Ioannis

Rate: 120 to 3500 €

This summer resort was built especially for those who want the best for their travel in Mykonos. It’s a 5-Star deluxe complex featuring superior rooms and suites which are all spacious and comfortable enough to give you a luxurious and comfortable experience. The hotels have an in-house spa center (the Aphrodite Spa Center), restaurants and bars to give you everything you need in one roof. If you are up for a splurge in Mykonos, this is one hotel you should not miss.

These are just a few of the many hotels in Mykonos. Explore Mykonos comfortably and stylishly by booking in one of the island’s hotels.


Another option you can have for your Mykonos Accommodation is renting an apartment. Unlike hostels in Mykonos, apartments in Mykonos allow you to personalize and customize your accommodation on the island. Although pricier than hostels, apartments enable you to have a more homey experience. Below are a few of the convenient apartments in Mykonos:

Apostolis Windmill Studios and Apartments

Agios Lazaros (Glastros)

TEL: +30 22890-24606

Located 3km from Chora and just a few minutes’ walks from Psarou and Plati-Yialos, the famous beaches in Mykonos, this hospitality complex feature rooms and studios that are fully equipped. Each unit in the complex has a kitchenette, air-condition, TV, parking, and veranda. The windmill house also offers you a good view of the sea. Rates range from 40 to 120 €.

Constantina Zorz Xydakis

Mykonos Town

TEL: +30 22890-22730

Situated at the heart of Mykonos Town, the apartments of Constantita Zorz Xydakis is very spacious. Its charm is brought by its Mykonian decor that makes you feel truly welcomed in the beautiful island. It can accommodate 2-5 persons with its two levels, where the upper level is for bedroom. The rate starts from 25 to 110 €.


Mykonos Town

TEL: +30 22890-25023

The apartments of Marietta’s lies on the western side of Mykonos, at the heart of the island’s capital. Its location brings it close to the shops, public transport, and restaurants on the island. The apartments can accommodate 2-4 persons and are fully equipped and furnished with everything you need for a comfortable stay (e.g. kitchen with over and necessary utensils). The nightly rate is from 40 to 180 €.

Panormos Village Mykonos


TEL: +30 22890-25182

This family-owned village is located directly on the sea from in Mykonos’ north coast. Its studios and apartments are fully equipped with a sea view, central heating, balcony, veranda, satellite TV and a safe box. Each unit also comes with a kitchen, refrigerator, shower, and wireless internet access for FREE. The standard apartment can accommodate up to 4 persons. In addition to its comfortable facilities is a pool everyone can enjoy and take a relaxing dip in. The apartment rate ranges from 35 to 260 €.

Villa Vasilis Mykonos


TEL: +30 22890-22806

Villa Vasilis has 10 apartment units available for those who are looking for more personalized accommodation on the island. It lies on the main street of the islands famous beaches, Paradise and Paraga. It only takes 15 minutes to walk to get to Mykonos Town. All units offer a nice sea view. Its kitchen is equipped with cooking facilities; it also has a minibar, colored TV, and a living room.


Mykonos Town

TEL: +30 22890-23396

This ideal holiday destination features a traditional architecture that will give you a truly – Mykonos feel. Each unit has a good view of the sea, thanks to its spacious terrace. Its amenities include LCD TV, DVD, wifi access, and a minibar.

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