The Ways Around Miami Without Getting Lost

The City of Miami, lovingly known as the “Magic City”, is continuing to grow extremely, changing itself into one of the most well-known vacation spots and places to live. In Miami, people work, live and have fun with, all while experiencing a high lifestyle. Centrally located in a busy city area provided with eye-catching attractions, awesome beaches, museums, botanical gardens, and multiple touring opportunities, Miami is truly an outstanding destination to travel.

Traveling in Miami is a real treat with an abundance of places to see and things to do. The city’s cultural diversity and warmth are yet another reason to visit. Miami certainly has earned the reputation of fulfilling all types of traveler’s vacation requirements with its considerable outstanding attractions for all ages and tastes.

However, when you take a travel to Miami, make sure you carry list outs of hotel reservations, car hire reservations, and other important papers relevant to your stay, especially if you made them online.

Finding a way around Miami is an integral part of the Miami travel information. One needs to get well known with the working of the numbering system in the city. All the four quadrants namely northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest meet up at Miami Avenue and Flagler Street. Roads in Miami run diagonally from northwest to southeast. However, the same program may not be followed in other districts namely Hialeah, Miami Beach, and Coral Gables. Moreover to this, even metered can switch diagonally. So, the best choice for the tourists is to obtain a specific map of the town and follow the route passing past through the significant roadways and keep on asking direction often and as soon as possible; it is better to consult cab drivers or officers for the purpose.

Always carry adequate money when roaming Miami. Although you can use your bank card, it is prudent to pay in cash whenever you can, especially in smaller shops. Also, keep your passport or a valid identification handy with you at all times.

Just keep in mind that if it seems to be essential or if you see yourself wanting something at one point or another during your remain in Miami, don’t think twice to bring it.


The City of Miami has a well-organized system of transportation which allows locals and tourists to move from place to place without a problem. Public transportation is the best way to experience Miami firsthand. The city has a lot of transport systems to choose from.

There are many different ways of getting around the city of Miami and the city is provided by a variety of bus companies, train lines, and taxi companies. There are many tourist areas in the city and these districts are best traversed on foot. Getting to and from different places in the city, however, is best attained through more practical modes of transport.

Miami Buses

Miami is served by a complex and reliable commuter bus system. Most of Miami’s buses and bus routes have been enhanced in recent years making travel around the city even easier.

Miami Monorail

The city is also provided by an elevated rail system called the Metrorail. This rail system can be used to get to and from most points in the city. With over 20 Metrorail stations, the Miami Metrorail operates from Dadeland Station South to Palmetto Station crossing major places of the City of Miami such as Coral Gables, Downtown, and Hialeah.

Miami Metromover

Miami is home to the interesting Metromover, a “people mover” system that transports commuters traveling from train stations, the central business district, the Government Center and some of the areas downtown. The Metromover is free and convenient when getting around in downtown. This is the best way of seeing the place without spending too much effort. There are 20 Metromover stations about 2 blocks apart, and they are excellent for attending games at the arena or merely promenading through Bayside Marketplace, a well known Miami attraction.

Miami Taxi Cabs

There are also many taxi cab companies managing in the city and it is easy to hail a cab in most parts of the city. Miami taxi cabs are found everywhere prepared to provide transport services to and from any location. They are available throughout the City of Miami with only a hand wave or a telephone call. There are also several car hire companies founded throughout the city for tourists who wish to travel around the city at their own pace.

Miami Car Rentals

Car rentals in Miami have a wide range of vehicles which makes transportation easy and enjoyable. You can lease a car for 1 day or for a whole 30 days.


Traveling by train is one of the best and most convenient ways of getting around in Miami. Miami is served by the Amtrak operated Silver Service which provides trips to and from Miami from various vacation spots around the U.S.

Traveling by train gives you the opportunity to explore the United States country on your vacation to Miami without having to fear about your car.

Amtrak offers the only passenger train service to Miami on its Silver Service trains, running along the East Coast and picking up passengers at a selection of stops.


Traveling by train within the city is simple and affordable. The MetroRail, an elevated train that operates across the city, serves Miami’s locals and tourists looking to travel by train. Metrorail serves downtown Miami and expands west side to Hialeah and south to Kendall, a suburb southwest of the city. MetroRail has over 20 stations all over the city and has begun development on MetroRail’s new Orange Line, a train expansion project designed to service Miami’s northern areas. The new Orange Line is planned to start the operations in the year 2012.

The MetroRail operates trains to many important tourist spots in the city. There are MetroRail Stations in the Miami shopping district, the downtown area, the art gallery section, malls, and other important locations. It is possible to get from one point in the city to any other point in getting the train along with short strolls and bus trips.

Miami Tri-Rail

For flight terminal service you can take Tri-Rail, a commuter rail service with 19 stations throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Tourists will also discover that there are several Tri-Rail trains operating in Miami. These trains also make a per hour basis trip to many places outside Miami in Florida like Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Tri-Rail Trains usually arrive and depart on an hourly basis except during Saturdays and Sundays where trains come and go at two-hour intervals.


Miami-Dade County became the world’s first community to have a people mover connected to a rail system. Another practical choice for tourists traveling in Miami is to take the Metromover, a people moving train system offering Miami’s downtown places. Metromover consists of individual motorized cars that run on top of the elevated track. Metromover is attached to the MetroRail and allows tourists to switch around the city with ease. The Metromover also provides tourists a great view of Miami’s ever-changing skyline.


Metro Bus – Metro bus offers countywide service from Miami Beach to West Miami-Dade and from the Middle Keys to Broward Boulevard. All buses are wheelchair accessible. Metrobus attaches with Metrorail and Metro-mover. It serves all of the popular places of Greater Miami linking the Miami International Airport and the beaches. It is also conveniently connected with Metrorail stops. The Miami-Dade County public transportation system provides daily countywide service, with over 900 buses. The lines which travel the roads of Miami Beach, such as the famous Collins Avenue and Indian Creek Road, are excellent for getting between the northern places of Bal Harbor and Sunny Isles and the areas in South Beach. More than 90 Metrobus routes travel about 29 million miles per year using over 800 bus lines. Several routes work 24 hours a day.

Bus Lines

There are many different kinds of bus lines in any given city. Because of that, you should know what type of bus you need to be getting and which one, in particular, to take otherwise you will get lost.

  • Route – This map the streets within a city taken by a shuttle, bus, or other transit vehicle. It also marks the stops they make.
  • Charter – You can rent a charter bus from a company and set a schedule with them to take a travel with a large group of people to one particular area or ire them to take your group on a tour. Because you will be in a large group of people, the price will be cheaper toward each person if divided.
  • Ticket – Some bus lines need you to buy a ticket at the station before entering into a bus while others will just have you pay upon entering the bus.
  • Express – An express bus line may take the same route as a regular public transportation bus, but it won’t make as many stops. Because of this, it is faster than other bus lines. They also do things such as taking the freeway for faster transport times.
  • Timetable – This is a schedule of instances that a bus will be at a stop to pick up or drop off passengers. Bus lines will leave from a station and proceed on their route according to their timetable until the day is over.
  • School Bus – Schools will usually have a busing system to carry students who live within a certain distance to and from school. The driver usually checks for bus passes upon entering. School buses are colored differently from public buses and also come in small sizes sometimes, so it is simple to tell the difference.


If you will be traveling to Miami by plane, you have a choice of two major airports. Travelers from every part of the earth are always searching for the best deals for flights to Miami; cheap flights to Miami as well as discounted, last minute flights to Miami in a bid to have allowances for the rest of the vacation.

Depending on where you are, airlines and travel agents are able to offer cheap flights to Miami which are subject to the seasons and availability. Naturally, a flight will be the best way to travel there, due to the great airport near Miami that provides you with close proximity to everything the city has to offer. Travelers and tourists are attracted to book into inexpensive and last minute flights to Miami mainly for the white sandy beaches along with great shopping and exotic restaurants.

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, and find out which offers the most affordable flights.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is the third busiest airport in the U.S. Miami International Airport (MIA) welcomes more than 35 million passengers annually through nearly 100 carriers.

Advantages: Served by all major airlines, Direct flights offered from most major cities, Central area makes it a shorter trip to your hotel.

Disadvantages: Very busy and crowded – anticipate gridlock, Hard to find your way around if you are not well known with it, Served by few discount carriers.

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is a smaller airport, located about 40 minutes south of MIA.

Advantages: Less busy and crowded, Served by several discount employees such as JetBlue and Heart, which offer bargain fares.

Disadvantages: Served by a smaller number of airlines, Less direct flights available, The travel to Miami can take 40-50 mins, thus higher taxi costs.

Tourists and travelers also recommend planning ahead and make early reservations for budget and cheap accommodations, along with the cheap flights to Miami especially during the peak season. There is so much to do in Miami for tourists like; family vacation attractions, family vacation outdoors, sightseeing on vacation, dining, and nightlife. Miami flights offer travelers a chance to completely enjoy their vacation to Miami.

American Airlines

This long-running, reputable airline has been around for decades, and for excellent reason, they seem to go out of their way to offer the best service they can to their customers.

Jet Blue

Those of you with tighter budgets than most would do well to work with JetBlue, which is a relatively new commercial airline that focuses on low-cost flying.

Spirit Airlines

Another great low-cost alternative to consider is Spirit Airlines, which is also a relatively new airline that focuses on budget-conscious flights.


However, when it comes to low-cost carriers, you won’t get bigger than Southwest Airlines. Active for the past thirty years, it’s taken the concept of making traveling by air cheaper and improved it to research.


Now, when you don’t want to choose a specific airline, you might want to compare all of them to see which one has the rong>better deal.

Car Rental

If you are planning to visit Miami, you may have to rent a car because of the big distances between the different places. When in Miami for more than a day or two and particularly if you plan to do any day trips, the best way to get around can be to hire a car rental.

Most visitors and tourists would use the airport’s car rental companies at either Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale Airport. The convenience of renting a car in Miami at the airport is considerable and helps you save a lot of time. You can pick up the car right at the airport with the convenience to drop it off at the same place before getting your flight back home.

There are some advantages to car rental in Miami.

Independent of public transport, you will not have to struggle to get around the city, a city in which the public transportation system is not as good as many European cities.

Time-saving – make stops where you want to go, at any time and for as long as you desire; sticking to your own trip schedule rather than that of public transportation.

There are many providers who offer car rental in Miami and they offer different kinds of vehicles, and you can easily find a rental car to suit your needs. Some of the well-known car rental companies operating in Miami include Alamo, Avis, Hertz, ACE, Alamo, National, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Enterprise, National Car Rental and Advantage.

To rent a car in the City of Miami is required to have car insurance; in case that your own insurance coverage would not be transferable, you can buy it with the Miami rental car company at an affordable price.

Car rentals services in Miami offer a large fleet of cars, SUVs, 15 Passenger Vans, luxury, and exotic cars, minivans, pickup trucks, specialty cars and many more. They are intended to provide tourists with the best-equipped cars for business or leisure.

There are car rentals services in Miami offering specialty cars and vehicles that come equipped with drivers for tourists and travelers who wish to have a pleasant and comfortable, hassle-free trip. These drivers are well-trained and possess valid driving licenses and pleasant personalities. They are more than well-versed with the street circumstances in Miami and most, if not all of the major tourist attractions in and around Miami.

Car rental in Miami doesn’t have to be expensive and cost much, just make sure you find a cheap place to book your Car rental and have the convenience you deserve in your Miami Vacation or trip. After all, you don’t come to Miami every day.

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