The ‘When To Go’ And ‘Reasons To Visit’ Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba holds a lot of history, when you go on a sightseeing tour on Cordoba’s top tourist spots, be captivated by its wonderful sceneries, great views, and historical landmarks. Your Cordoba vacation would never be complete without a tour on Cordoba’s finest sites.

Mezquita / Cordoba CathedralMezquita Mosque, Cordoba, Spain in España

Go down on a spiritual journey on Cordoba’s grandest and most beautiful mosque. The Mezquita was constructed by the late Moors during their occupation on Cordoba. You can easily find it for it is located upright at the heart of the city. Don’t be confused with the name; the Cordoba Cathedral is also a mosque. It was said so that after the Christians chased the Moors off the city, they were awestruck by the mosque’s elegance that they were reluctant to tear it down. So instead of destroying it, they built a cathedral within its walls.

Alcazár de Los Reyes Cristianos

Christopher Columbus himself walked the gardens of this fine vicinity. It was here that he requested the funds for his voyage all over the world. The gardens of Alcazar serve as a memorabilia of this fine event. The building founded now was formerly where the Inquisition dwell. In the present time, it hosts Cordoba’s finest mosaic collection.


Cordoba has a lot of spiritual quarters from past history that is preserved until today. When you walk the length of the streets where the old Jewish quarters lie, it is where you will see a few of the remaining synagogues of Spain. Only three stands in the present and Cordoba is proud to own it.

Plaza del Potro

The old square of Cordoba is a special place, even now, it is still a preferred place to hang out and socialize. It is a pleasant place for afternoon strolls or even just for drinking coffee.

Plaza de la Corredera

The ayuntamiento of the present town square is busy and always teeming with life. It has undergone a couple of reconstructions and now it holds a Roman amphitheater, a bullring for those who want to witness an actual bullfight and it is also the Time Square of Cordoba where people flock to celebrate important fiestas and occasions. It is also where they countdown the seconds to New Year. Amongst its quaint architecture, it is also a shopping and bazaar site where you can make great deals and find souvenirs for your Cordoba expedition.

Weekend in Cordoba

Although not as cosmopolitan and as vigorous as bigger Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid, tourists will find that a weekend in Cordoba will be filled with a lot of learning and memorable experience.

Once the Islamic empire’s cultural, political, and intellectual capital, Moorish influence is still apparent in many of Cordoba’s plazas and patios. If you want to explore the heart of the city’s history though, then Juderia should be one of your Cordoba destinations. The original Jewish quarter has been declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. It will also meet all your cultural, gastronomic, and sleeping needs in the city.

The Best Weekend to Visit

Since you only have the weekend to visit Cordoba, it is best to set it during the time where tourists are few and the weather is good. You may want to avoid visiting the city during the summer. Aside from getting squeezed by throngs of tourists, you would not want to risk passing out in the city’s 40C heat.

What to Do

Having a limited time to explore the city, it is important to include in your itinerary the best sights and highlights of Cordoba. Surely, you wouldn’t want to spend your weekend in Cordoba exploring the facilities and amenities in your hotel or spend the day sleeping and reading magazines.

Make sure you do not miss to include Mezquita in your to-visit spots. Third of the world’s largest mosques, the structure took two centuries to be completed. Dominating Juderia, Mezquita is a monumental architecture. With a Renaissance cathedral within its walls, tourists will be in awe – and probably startled – with the contrast of two religious styles in one roof.

When you’re done exploring the architectural beauty, go make a stop at the Plaza del Potro. With historic structures, such as the 15th-century inn Posada del Potro and Museo de Bellas Artes, the place will be a good venue to take a pause in the afternoon.

At night, never miss an evening of flamenco presentation in the city. Being Cordoba’s heart of cultural repertoire, your stay in the city will be incomplete without catching this entertaining presentation.

What to Eat

When you are in a new place, the local food is something to look forward to. In Cordoba, tapas should be on top of your “food list”. Try the original recipe or enjoy its variations. Have it on your breakfast or lunch, and you sure will get a real Cordoba meal!

Weekends may just be not enough to fully explore and experience Cordoba, but making sure that you make the most out of it, then you would have no problem enjoying your short stay.

Long Weekend in Cordoba

Have the luxury of a long weekend in Cordoba? Then you are in for an adventure exploring this magnificent and unique city.

A city of moderate size, Cordoba promises a stay full of things to see, food to taste, and lifestyle to experience. Here are some of the things that you should not miss when visiting the city:

The Architectural Sites

Cordoba’s heyday began during the 8th century, following the Moorish conquest. It was at this time when about 300 mosques and a large number of public buildings and palaces were built in the city. This huge number of architectural sites is enough to rival the beauty and splendors of Baghdad, Damascus, and Constantinople. Thus, when in Cordoba these structures should be on top of your to-visit list. Check out the Mezquita, one of the world’s largest mosques, or the churches of Torre Fortaleza de la Calahorra and Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos. The best thing about touring these sites is that aside from getting a glimpse of the city’s pride, they are for you to see for free.

The Lifestyle and Culture

Known for its colorful and rich culture, tourists will have a great time experiencing the Cordoban lifestyle. Do not forego to get a taste of the city’s best tapas, or order its characteristic dish, salmorejo which is a soup made from “puréed tomato, garlic, vinegar, and bread.” At night, never miss an opportunity to catch a flamenco performance or dance with its beat yourself.

A long weekend in Cordoba is an ideal opportunity to get to know the city and embrace its offerings.

Holidays in Cordoba

Your holiday trip to Cordoba, Spain will truly be one like no other. The city is packed with a very rich history and culture offers every tourist a rich travel experience.

Historical Monuments

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Cordoba is the Mezquita. It is the third-largest mosque in the entire world. It was at one point a place for worship for Muslims and at another point serves as a place for worship for Christians. Aside from the religious marvel that it is, it also draws tourists due to its architectural marvel.

The Synagogue is another monument in Cordoba that you shouldn’t miss. It is among the three best-preserved synagogues in Spain. After being used for religious purposes, it functioned as many other things. It was once a hospital and also became a school. Now it is considered as a National Monument.


Aside from religious and traditional festivals like the Carnival, Holy Week celebration and the May Crosses which you also shouldn’t miss, there are other festivals in Cordoba that you should also check out.

The Nights of Charm in Cordoba is held every July and August. It is packed with dance, music and theatre festivals. Flamenco nights and cinematic shows are also available for this two-month celebration.

Also during the month of July, the annual Guitar Festival is celebrated. It is one of the most anticipated summer events in Cordoba. Two areas are covered during this whole month and that is the Training Programme in which musical courses and guitar making courses are available, and the Programme of Major Concerts and Shows in which different performances are showcased in different venues of the city.

When to Visit Cordoba?

Cordoba is considered as one of the best places to visit in Southern Spain. From its rich history and architecture to its abundance of tourist spots and festivals it surely would be a place that will make your trip a most memorable one.

A Place for Everyone
You would never run out of places to see in Cordoba. If you like visiting historical sites, there is a lot to choose from. Among the many historical places in Cordoba, the Palacio de Viana is one that you shouldn’t miss. It is a National Monument that welcomes more than seventy thousand visitors to its doors every year.

For the nature lover, there are also a number of places where you could spend your time when in the city. Alcazar Gardens is one of these places. Its lush garden includes a walkway adorned with tall green plants with a fish pond at the center, different varieties of botanical species and several water fountains that are spread all over the place.

The city also has a lot of places to go where you can witness its rich architecture. One of the best places to visit is the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Originally, the building was erected as a Christian Visigothic Church. When Cordoba was conquered by the Arabs, it was converted into a mosque and underwent a lot of restorations. Now, it has been turned back again into a church and is known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. The giant arches that have columns that are made of marble, onyx, jasper, and granite are what the structure is most known for.

Festive Celebrations
Cordoba is also home to a lot of festivals that keep the town alive and busy all year round. The month of May though is the most visited time of the year as it is when three of the many festivals in Cordoba are celebrated. The Crosses of May Festival which happens at the start of May lasts up to four days. It is a competition for the best adorned and the best flower decorated cross. During this time tourists will be able to see beautifully decorated crosses placed in squares and streets of the city.

Busy Nightlife
The city’s dynamic nightlife is another thing to any tourist can enjoy when in Cordoba. Nightspots that showcase Flamenco dance performances and bars that serve the local wine are some of the places to visit during nighttime.

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